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As addicting as heroin, iron deficiancy is acute in long-term organic #Adrenochrome addicts.

Relapsing episodes of psychosis and loss of cognitive function are also factors of use.

Akin to an alcoholic with DTS, #AdrenochromeWithdrawal can also be fatal.
Severe iron deficiency:

"Dysfunction of nonhemoglobin proteins has deleterious effects. Including muscle dysfunction, pagophagia, dysphagia esophageal webbing, poor scholastic performance, *altered resistance to infection,* and *altered behavior."*


Common symptoms include:

rapid heartbeat
general weakness
shortness of breath
chest pain
lack of energy
pounding in the ears
sore tongue
*cravings for ice, clay or dirt*
brittle nails
hair loss
compromised immune system

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327,969,000 people (at of now) do not have a documented case of #coronavirus in the #UnitedStates . The fact that you know ANY celebrities with this virus is like win ning the lottery! Yet many celebs and politicians are sick. That simply is NOT POSSIBLE #COVIDー19 #WakeUp
Here is what appears to the deal.
Major Hollywood Celebrities, are into.
Pedophilla, Human Trafficking, and a Drug Called Andrenochrome.
A major Sting operation has been taken place. And the hammer is being dropped.
Around 10 high profile celebrities appear to have been
indicted, under house arrest, ankle trackers and have been told to say it's because of Corona as it's in the early stages of the sting operation.
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WHITE RABBITS 🐇, confirmation from Juan O Savin that the Whitehats TAGGED the Adrenochrome with #Corona virus , boom Hollywood , Royalty .... follow the white Rabbit 🐇! #Qnn #QAnon #Adrenochrome
Full video , content @Spaceshot76 THANQ
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Confused about this crazy #COVID19 sickness going around? Trying to make sense of it all?

I think I may have the answer. In usual Trump fashion, this is yet another sting...but it is the biggest sting ever!

Let's star with what we know...

We know the #ChinaVirus was manufactured. This twice scrubbed paper pretty much proves that. H/t to @CodeMonkeyZ for originally posting it:…

Senator Cotton thoughts on it:

Q post #3896 provides crumbs reinforcing the theory.
We know 2 Chinese nationals and one Harvard professor were arrested in connection with the virus. Charges: smuggling out vials of biological research, fraud, fictitious claims, connections to Wuhan University of Technology...

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❓❓Remember when we thought #MelGibson was crazy❓❓

The media trained us well.

Now we see things in a new light.

Re-tweet what he said thread below.

He tried to warn us.

“Hollywood is an institutionalized pedophilia ring.

It is a den of parasites that feasts on the blood of children.

Every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children.”
“Baby blood is so popular in Hollywood it basically operates as a currency of its own.”
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Out of all of these, the only one I’m not 100% about is #Adrenochrome. I’m still 50/50 because I still can’t fathom any human drinking blood like a Vampire. I feel like if the blood sacrifices happened in the past, it would be for a different species who eat humans. Aliens? Help!
The whole, getting high off blood feels like it was pushed by Fear and Loathing and it took off from there. Do we have any hard evidence, or just the circumstantial? Not denying it, I’m just trying to find more sauce to push me one way or the other. This stuff is so sick.
I would find it more believable if they were draining the blood to allow transfusions for the elite at will to stay alive for what seems like forever. It’s the celebrities actually drinking blood. The murder seems plausible cuz they can cover their tracks.
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There is NO BIGGER CONFIRMATION of the #Adrenochrome link than this.
They are slowly giving us the comms, so the masses dont fall over dead of shock.
@Marcela51102751 , our US military is slowly confirming the #Adrenochrome story. (See video above)
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RETWEET: #Adrenochrome Patents expired TODAY


Follow The White Rabbit ⬜️🐰

To make Adrenochrome it has to be harvested...
Follow The White Rabbit ⬜️🐰: Spirit Cooking?

This associates #Adrenochrome to human sacrifice, the Cabal) & Hollywood.

Adrenochrome is known as the ‘Fountain of Youth’ Serum

Civilizations were deeply seeded in the process of killing, extracting & consuming Adrenochrome.
Follow The White Rabbit ⬜️🐰

Adrenochrome is as addictive as heroin. Withdrawal symptoms that are far worse than that of alcohol, hardcore drugs, opiate, or benzodiazepine withdrawals.

Video to check out:
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What the hell is up with #Hollywood celebs having hideous meltdowns on social media right now? Anons know. Almost certainly #adrenochrome withdrawals. These people are sick.
Then of course she went full #occult in this desperate bathtub rital like show of #withdrawls commenting that "if the ship goes down we all go down together."
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If everything going on around the world looks and feels like a movie, or reality show maybe that’s because it is?

What makes a movie GOOD?
GREAT actors?

Look at this All Star “A” List cast! Starring the one and only, Tom Hanks

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #COVIDー19 #WitnessRoom
You may remember Tom Hanks from his starring role in The Green Mile.

Plot: “The lives of guards on Death Row are affected by one of their charges: a black man accused of child murder and rape, yet who has a mysterious gift.”

The story was written by Stephen King 👑
From Urban Dictionary: The Green Mile was a short walk prisoners had to walk before facing execution. To say "Walking the Green Mile" was a way to tell other prisoners that you wouldn't be coming back from where the guards were taking you.

Green... where have we seen that color?
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Let’s look at #Disney’s movie #Tangled again.
I suggest you watch it.

#Rapunzel Princess of #Corona

Mother Gothel wasn’t her mother at all but rather, the woman who kidnapped her.
She kept her #Quarantined in a castle far away and didn’t let her have any access to the outside world. She stayed inside and was very creative.

Stay with me, you won’t believe the end!!!
Rapunzel has magical hair that glows when she sings and it contains powers that keep you young. (#Adrenochrome) This is why Mother Gothel kept her. She needed access to her hair or else she’d become old and sick
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As a nation slept, what was going on behind the curtain was unfathomable. #HumanTrafficking #pedophilia #PEDOVORES #Adrenochrome We had no idea.
To the #DeepState & #Pedowood
Your world is about to cave in.
Pedophile Arrests Soar Under Trump: Media Silent…
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❌Celebrities in 𝐐uarantine❌

Open #Thread
to get a glance on the 𝐐uarantined (or not) celebs who are sending comms.
I won't go into details of the comms, just a few hints, 'cause that's a thread on its own.
#QAnon #DeepStateTakedown #ItsHappening #TheStormIsUponUs #Trump
This is David Spade.

Look at the yellow note on his desk:

"Talk to us Tom H"

Ellen DeGeneres

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1)Its been botherin me that all these celebs are gettin that ChinaVirus.

HOW? WHY are THEY getting it?

Its a hassle to go out in public like normal people (food shopping, the gym, dining - they're too famous)...They live in their castles with everything done for them.

So HOW??
2)And then it hit me...its WHO they interact with, specifically bodily fluids.

Prepare yourself, this part is sick, but Q keeps telling us:

"THESE people are SICK"

So how are these isolated idols getting infected if they barely interact with us peons???

It finally clicked...
3)We have a pandemic from a country with poor, and high amounts of trafficked children.

Remember how Hillary tried to have her pal Laura Silsby gobble up those 50 NON-ORPHANS after the Earthquake in Haiti?

(the one where the Clinton Foundation kept 98% of the money raised)
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@Inevitable_ET No surprise at all!! It’s so long over due. He’s a special kind of pos!! I just d#found out about these
@Inevitable_ET @tomhanks #corona = crown (chakra/brain)
#crown = location of pineal
#pineal = 3rd eye (of Horus/Ra)
#Pinealgland = #adrenalizes blood during victim terrorization which is “sacrificially extracted” then consumed/sold for consumption! [discreet crypto site]
@Inevitable_ET @tomhanks THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!!!
“discreet crypto site” [] screenshots (1).
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Only an idea I keep thinking about.
I don't know if that's the case, but it's possible.

We all are waiting for that famous tweet that should come from #POTUS45's account, per #QAnon drop #55: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us."

Cont. >


It must be literal ("Exactly this," wrote #QAnon) but, as everyone knows, as of now it hasn't come yet.

But, as many Anons have pointed out, this situation we are in basically worldwide (I live in Italy, you know) really looks like The Storm:

Cont. >


- lockdowns in the U.S.
- lockdowns worldwide
- military official movements (see #DefenderEurope20)
- military unofficial movements: I've seen daily reports from the U.S. and Italy, and many others from other countries
- "continuity of govt" issued in...

Cont. >
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#Adrenochrome + #Covid19 + #5G = #Coronavirus symptoms.
No wonder why the Elite are worried.
Ever since the 1940's the Governments of the world knew that they can use chemicals and microwave frequencies as a lethal or non lethal weapon.

#5G is a microwave based weapons system. This is why the Elite are worried. We know the Frequencies.
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@CowgirlCas22 Dear God! The children!
Adrenochrome sales. Their motto is: "In Blood We Trust"
Sourcing>Trafficking>Harvesting Production>Purchasing>Distribution>Consumption>Revitalization
Shut it down! #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @RealJamesWoods @SecPompeo
@CowgirlCas22 @realDonaldTrump @RealJamesWoods @SecPompeo Adrenochrome & child donors.
I'm sick! Child sacrifice. Satanic ritual abuse. Virgins. The CF is involved because it's a child-trafficking org. Many nonprofit children's foundations traffick. Open borders. Many in our govt worship Satan. #QAnon #Haiti
@CowgirlCas22 @realDonaldTrump @RealJamesWoods @SecPompeo At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street.
First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.
First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.
They will fight but you are ready.
Marker [9].
#TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #WWG1WGA #KAG2020
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Just researching about CERN today as it came up in discussion & this is what I found.
Similarly, jumps off the page as well.
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Adrenochrome cannot exist outside a body b/c it's a chemical transition in the blood. It's liquid epiphany or Metatonin. It can't be shipped or frozen. Labs can't even see it on a slide b/c it dies too fast.

There's a reason dude is anonymous. #QAnon
2) Adrenochrome is real. It's synthesized in the blood when the body thinks it dies. The pineal gland stops producing DMT inhibitors and Metatonin (not melatonin) is theorized to be produced. It's theorized only b/c we can't prove it. It's impossible to pull a sample in time.
3) This is the heart of the vampire stories. It must be drank from the blood b/c the adrenaline in the body has absorbed the essence of DMT (epiphany). The blood has been steeped in it as the victim dies.

See Vlad the Impaler for proof. Royal Fam, too.
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Follow The White 🐰: Is The Is There A Connection between #Wuhan/ #Soros / #Adrenochrome/ #covid19?


Links For Digging:

Soros-owned companies:

Links on #adrenochrome:

NIH Study:
Follow The White 🐰 #Adrenochrome

Buy via @AlibabaGroup:

Info on 3B Scientific

#CoronaVirus w/ A Side Of Soros

Adrenochrome Bust You Never Heard About
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1. Qが ‘白うさぎ’ と言う時…人身売買業者を指す。しかしそれは同時に、セレブのスーパードラッグ ‘アドレノクロム’(←子供の血液が原料) のことを意味する。その分子構造を見ればその理由がわかる…白うさぎにソックリだ
2. 実はコロナウィルスのホットスポットである武漢には、アドレナクロムの製造工場があった。アドレノクロムは生きたまま拷問した状態の子供から収穫する方がより健康効果があるとか…コロナで老人ばかり死んでいるのはまさか、アドレノクロムを摂取するための原料(=子供)を生きたまま確保するため?
3. そういえば、エリートがコロナに感染し隔離される率は一般人の平均よりも異常に高い。単なる憶測にすぎないけどまさか、ホワイトハット(味方の戦闘員)が、とりわけエリートばかりが感染するように武漢工場の最新のアドレノクロム剤にコロナウィルスを混入させたなんて事、ないだろうね?@GenFlynn
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Pink not Red?

That leads us right back to India through Mylan, the EpiPen manufacturer who's product just happens to turn into Pink #Adrenochrome. Yes you read that right.

Any idea on how to transport Adrenochrome undetected through customs? Asking for a friend....


But me thinks she's about as deep-state as they come.

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