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Let's substantiate a worldwide blood collecting, blood-in-masonry infusing, tax-exempt-charity abusing, golfplaying, conflict-zone terrorizing, Epstein-recruitment-method using and human child sex trafficking military cabal with essential ties to the Clintons.
#GolfGate #DynCorp
We are going to Vegas for Map Reading ... keep that in mind.
#DynCorp #GolfGate #PirateGate #CEMEX #LearnToReadTheMap #Qanon
Let's also include #TripleCanopy, #Academi and #XeServices as well.
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just incase you all forgot Pizza gate James Alefantis Instagram posts logged #CometPingPong #pizzagate…
inside comet ping pong hidden camera
connection between child trafficking and child protective services CPS…
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I hate to have to share what our Task Force team found...and there's much more than you even can imagine. Please research everything here and post what you find using these hashtags: #ProjectRedDrop and #Adrenochrome and whatever other hashtags you feel are appropriate.
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#Cinler ve #insanlar

Enerjisel/Bedensiz varliklar

Maddesel/Bedenli varliklar

Mor renkten Kirmizi'ya cesitli IRK'lardan olusur

Siyah/Sari/Beyaz gibi cesitli IRK'lara sahiptir


Cinler (Enerji)
insanlar(madde) etkilesim halindedir

Birtakim Kriterler cercevesinde
insanlarin ve canlilarin Gruplar halinde
Kategorize edildigi bir tür SINIF'landirma sistemidir

Siyah IRK
Sari IRK gibi

Cinlerde bu Kategori Renkler üzerinden yapilir.
Yesil Cinler
Kirmizi Cinler
MorÖtesi Cinleri gibi

#Frekans #Titresim
Einstein'in formülüne göre,
Cinler ve insanlar sürekli etkilesim icinde yasarlar.

Dunyamiza dört bir yandan gelen ISIKlar var

Cansiz enerjidir,Soyuttur ama vardir.

Buna #Foton deniyor (Bilgi Paketcikleri)
Fotonlar Gunesten gelir Image
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I thought there was something weird about that cough....

Oh, @JoeBIden....

Does #adrenochrome show up on a drug test..?
Joe doesn't want to find out.
And moderator Chris Wallace's father - '60 Minutes' MIKE WALLACE - was on Epstein's flight logs.
No wonder he was protecting @JoeBiden !
Is his father involved in the #HumanTrafficking business, too?
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THE ICE CREAM IN @JoeBiden's tweet before the debate!
#adrenochrome !
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I would like to draw particular attention to something I find very interesting. The Cambridge’s have been the only British royals to resume royal duties- being seen in public, they’re NOT promoting BLM or pushing for Americans to vote blue. Also I see no masks 😊 ImageImageImageImage
They resumed their engagements as early as June 19th!! While Ellen, Tom Hanks, George Soros, Kimmel & Clinton have been in hiding, these two have been showing their faces for the past 3 months. What do we get?! VMA’s with literally all of our celebrities faces covered 🤨🤨 fishy ImageImageImageImage
Pay close attention to how normal they look. No red skin like those on Epstein’s Flight Log. Never had the bruised left eye. No weird rashes or symptoms of Kuru. Absolutely no signs of #adrenochrome withdrawal. Much like our president... the only other figure in public so much!! ImageImageImageImage
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YOU and your FELLOW EVIL GHOULS -- @johnpodesta --will PAY DEARLY for what you've done to the children.

#HumanTraffickingIsReal Image
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Why are the INMATES of a JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER - ages 6- 12 - having their #adrenochrome QUALITY GRADED?
"Cust. Locat."..?
And assigned a future "Due to Disposal Date" via "Suic."..?

#HumanTrafickingIsReal #SaveOurChildren
These are their CUSTOMERS. Image
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They're not into THAT kind of "pizza".
They like theirs 4 years old with #adrenochrome
Still don't think #pizzagatelsreal ?
#KarinaBelenoff is Chief Protocol Officer for Bohemian Grove.
#JohnnyGosch #PaulBonnaci #CremationOfCareCeremony
#SaveOurChildren Image
More on Bellenoffs -…

Isn't there a Bellenoff on the list..?
@chrissyteigen @johnlegend
I found some of those 60,000 tweets you deleted....
Thought your followers might like to see them.
Why would you defend these people?
They are SICK! Image
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Post & Archives Part 12 Image
Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Unconstitutional Orders
Organizations that should never have influence over decisions:
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Siyah Göz Tarikati
Cocuk Ticareti
Organ #Mafya'si

Devlet Baskanlari

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Milyonlarca KAYIP COCUK Anisina

Küreselci SAPIK TARIKAT'cilarin

Tam isim Listesi..👇👇


John Brennan
Huma Abeden

Bill&Mellinda Gates
Mike Pence

Andrew McCabe
Barack Obama

James Clapper
Antony Fauci

Baba-Ogul Bush Ailesi

Dick Cheney
James Baker ImageImage
Hilary ve Bill Clinton
James Comey

Eric Holder

John Kerry
Loretta Lynch

John Podesta
Tony Podesta ImageImage
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Yeni gelen bilgilere göre,
yakin bir zamanda
#Epstein'in virjinyadaki Özel Pedofili Adasinin
müsterileri arasinda yer alan bircok ünlü siyasetci ve isimler hakkinda
Tutuklama karari baslatilmasi bekleniyor.

Bunlardan biri de ELON MUSK

Hatirlayanlar bilir,
Epstein'in özel adasina gidenler arasinda,
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Elon Musk gibi isimler yer aliyordu.

Bill Gates;
Adadaki Özel Laoboratuvar'da
Cocuk ve Kadinlar üzerinde
Cesitli #ASI ve ilaclar icin
gercek deney ve arastirmalar yapip
#Finans saglamisti Image
Pedofili Adasinda;
#Adrenochrome üretimi
#Cocuk ve #Kadin ticareti
#illegal Laboratuvar arastirmalari gibi,
korkunc deneylerin yapildigi tespit edilmis
FBI tarafindan baskin düzenlenmisti
Gelen yeni bilgilere göre
Adada Yeralti-yerüstü birer tane
#TAPINAK oldugu yönünde ImageImage
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Angela Merkel'in titremesini görmüssünüzdür.

bunun Elektromanyetik frekans saldirisi oldugunu söyler.

ama degil

Hitler'in kizi olan Merkel,
ayni zamanda Küreselci Tarikat üyesidir.
Yani küreselcidir

Kontrol disi titremek
kahkaha atmak
donuk bakislar vs
Bircok ünlü siyasetci ve sanatci gibi,
Hilary Clinton ve esi Bill clinton da,
Ayni Tarikatin üyeleridir

Ani kahkaha krizleri
beklenmedik Ruhsal degisimler
Aglama krizleri
Tüm bunlar
Tedavisi olmayan Nörolojik bir hastaligin belirtileridir;
Kuru/Cannibalizm Hastaligi;
En belirgin semptomlardan biri olan
Vücudun Kontrolsüz Titremesinden dolayi
"Fore" kelimesinden türetilen Kuria/Guria=Titremek'ten almistir

Kuru hastaligina yakalananlarin
ani kahkahalar atmasindan dolayi,
"Gülme HAstaligi" olarak bilinir Image
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Oxidation of Epinephrine to #Adrenochrome by Cetyltrimethylammonium Dichromate: A Mechanistic Study……

The #Adrenochrome Bust You Never Heard About ... Image
"Everyone in the #ChildTrafficking business is in full-blown panic"



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After researching the pedophile symbolism/messages in #ToyStory, I decided to re-examine more Pixar films including Monster’s Inc.

Monster’s Inc is a movie that is clearly depicting adrenochrome harvesting. The symbolism in this movie puts Toy Story’s to shame.

Firstly what caught my eye throughout this movie were the amount of #ToyStory references. On the left is Andy’s room from Toy Story, on the right is a camouflage background for Randall - a monster that terrorizes a little girl who is a main character named Boo.

#PizzaGate ImageImage
Is it a coincidence that Randall practices on Andy’s wallpaper? No, Boo and Andy are from the same generation… notice Boo’s Jessie doll from Toy Story. This is disturbing since there is now a Pizza Planet and child harvesting (adrenochrome) connection.

#PizzaGate #MonstersInc ImageImage
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As I was reading some Q posts I stumbled across one that mentions the @Disney film Pinocchio - & how in the film little boys are taken to islands. Q reminds us that their perversions are hidden in plain sight.

And then I started researching a bit further …

Q also mentioned that citizen investigations are necessary for public awareness. So I decided to start investigating more children films and what I found is absolutely disgusting.

A thread on how @Pixar created an era of pedophilia starting with their first ever film #ToyStory:
Let’s start at the beginning. @Pixar’s first ever feature film was in 1995 and it was #ToyStory. Woody the main character in this film (that is literally littered with pedophilia symbols) is no other than ….. TOM HANKS. 👀

The coincidences started before the movie even did …
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Alright so! Since we know that #ChildTrafficking is real and not just a "conspiracy" let's take a look at why 800,000 children a year go missing in the USA yes only the USA, I tried researching a world # but I guess that's impossible due to other countries not even counting.
1/ Starting with this article because it seems to really #WakeUp people a to the evil that is hidden from us by our own MSM…
2/ So the news from other countries will report on things that ours will not! It's a shame that we are only given news on covid and racism! GOD created us in his image we are all equal! This is the video from the article in Iran.
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Bought an apartment related to a heritage that's been hell & 3 consecutive deaths in a very short time…
Veritas branding? Veritas Certification Are they all blackwater offshoots & mercenaries who handle IMF Epstein Maxwell Wexner money laundering issues?
... I must be psychic or something "This is stunning. Blackwater founder Erik Prince worked with Project Veritas to recruit former US & British spies to infiltrate liberal groups & political campaigns“ infiltrated France too #metoo
Blackwater and Dyncorp never got held accountable for anything not even human trafficking. Like Epstein and Maxwell. Because it's same groups.… the IMF is in on it. The roots of this network are far and wide but only thrive with facades. #Adrenochrome tied
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#SaveOurChildren thread going to start out with the information that is easily understood. Sometimes when you are trying to #WakeUpAmerica the only way to do it is open there eyes slowly.…
Video footage of children being brought out of these tankers #WakeUpAmerica how can you call this a "conspiracy" if it in front of your eyes!
Now ask yourself why the American MSM isn't reporting on these things when it is easily available I myself can go straight to it and find it! So your own research if your interested in knowing what is really happening. I know the answers to these questions, the Truth is hidden!
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1 /33
Brad Pitt: “La élite de pedófilos de Hollywood controla toda América” -
#ArrestSoros #ArrestBillGates
#ArrestDrTedros #ArrestFauci
#ArrestGiuseppeConte #ArrestPedroSanchez #ArrestJacindaArdern
🤸‍♀️🤼‍♂️🚶‍♀️🕴️🕺🏃‍♂️🤸‍♀️BOOM 👀 💥 🌏…
El juez Kavanaugh y George Soros. La Corte Suprema dictaminó que las organizaciones afiliadas a la @OpenSociety de #Soros pierden protección de 1A y pueden ser tratadas como amenazas internacionales en los EEUU y en el extranjero.
🤸‍♀️🕺BOOM 👀 💥 🌏…
El #UltraPsicosociópata George Soros semihundido por los Torpedos en su Línea de Flotación la #OpenSociety tilda de “enemigos internos” de Europa a quienes se oponen a la agenda del Nuevo Orden Mundial
#ArrestSoros #ArrestBillGates
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A THREAD: #PredictiveProgramming & #GalacticCodex. Watch these short #HULU ads from 2009. “We’re evil (aliens) and proud of it.” The #GalacticCodex requires those that are evil to tell you in advance what they’re doing to us. Then our silence becomes #Consent. 👀 & R/T👇🏼
Here is another #HULU ad from 2009 that explains they’re destroying our brains, then putting it in a blender and drinking it. It’s pretty obvious they’re mocking everyone. But it’s also a warning, did you see it? #Reptilians are feeding on us, LITERALLY. #TheMoreYouKnow
Wait until you see this #HULU ad. Green eye #Reptilians “We can’t get enough of you”. Also “I can’t wait to see how they all end”. This is in your face #GalacticCodex aka #PredictiveProgramming at work. #AreYouAwakeYet?
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