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There's been an explosion of new knowledge on the T cell response to #SARSCoV2 today, filling in big gaps. Overall very reassuring
@Nature… by @Anto_Berto @bertoletti_lab
@ScienceMagazine… by @Penn_IFI
both reviewed in prior posts
Back to the @nature paper is the intriguing connection to animal coronaviruses (specifically response to nsp7) for cross-reactivity, which expands that of common cold coronavirus (also previously noted) and raises questions about past animal-> human transmission
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Teamwork... This ought to rattle some cages...

1) RaTG13 is incapable of binding to a bat or a pangolin (no binding observed), and is less than 1/1000 the affinity to humans than CoV2 and less than 1/300 the affinity than SARS. It is incapable of forming an infection in humans— Image
2) most logical explanation is that RaTG13 is CoV2 with the Spike RBD swapped out in a desperate attempt by Shi to distance herself and her lab from the origin. The RBM itself is in an orphaned Amplicon and a TSS amplicon, both not touching any of the S1 inserts, Image
3) which is likely the product of an attenyation experiment.
Two: the proposed O-linked glycans downstream of the FCS, do not exist.…
This difference, that between software prediction and experimental result,
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Just published @nature on T cell response to #SARSCoV2:
All 36 recovered patients had CD4 and CD8 responses to nucleocapsid protein, and SARSCoV1 had cross-reactive T cells, along with uninfected.…
This important work comes in wake of the preprint this week on waning antibodies and it's especially encouraging to see the extensive T cell activation vs #SARSCoV2 ImageImage
You can see that fortunately the T cell response to #SARSCoV2 resembles and overlaps with SARSCoV1 and unlike the common cold coronaviruses
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(1/3) Study of 2 hairstylists with #COVID19. Both wore masks at work, as did clients. No cases were reported among their 139 clients (67 of whom tested negative). In contrast, all family contacts of one hairstylist tested positive. Good evidence for masks.…
(2/3) The study does have some limitations (as detailed in the paper), and it's possible some cases were missed. Nonetheless, it strongly suggests masks can help prevent transmission of #SARSCoV2. One hairstylist wore a cotton mask, the other a cotton mask or surgical mask.
(3/3) Of 104 interviewed clients, most wore a cotton mask (47%) or surgical mask (46%). Five wore a N95 respirator (5%). This suggests that cotton and surgical masks are effective when used by the general public, even though these types of masks do not offer complete protection.
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Our paper about #SARSCoV2-specific #tcell immunity in cases of #COVID19 and #SARS, and uninfected controls is now out, peer-reviewed and published in @nature!…

3 take-home messages:
1) Infection with #SARSCoV2 induces virus-specific T cells

2) Patients recovered from #SARS 17 years ago still possess virus-specific memory T cells displaying cross-reactivity to #SARSCoV2
(2/5) Image
3) Over 50% of donors with no infection or contact with SARSCoV1/2 harbor expandable T cells cross-reactive to #SARSCoV2 likely induced by contact or infection with other #coronavirus strains
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It's time for a quick thread on the @WHO @Worldometers and @JohnsHopkins dataset that underpins the whole #covid19 #pandemic

Where does it come from and is it even real?
I presume that the average person thinks that "real time data" is just there, ready to be seen across the whole world.

Hospitals and laboratories don't work like that.

So how does it work?
So the individual goes along and gets a test. That means a swab is put in the nose, put into a medium then eventually transported to the lab.

Someone in the lab puts it into a machine and in most cases a PCR test is done.
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Credible case reports of #SARSCoV2 reinfections have started to emerge, in contrast to earlier reports that were certainly just persistent PCR+s. It's important to document these and studying such cases in large numbers will inform our understanding of SARS2 immunity. However
it does not mean that recovering from #COVID19 confers no protection. With any infection or vaccine, some subset of individuals are not going to develop lasting immunity. For example, the best vaccine we have, the measles vaccine is ~95% effective. That's great! Yet, if we
vaccinate 30 million people (approx # of US SARS2 infections) against measles, we'd expect up to 1.5 million susceptible to a measles infection. I think everyone agrees recovery from #SARSCoV2 isn't as "good" as a measles vaccine, so it makes sense that some people
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Fair enough. Three reasons why this hypothesis has no merit:

1. We don't know yet for long infection by #SARSCoV2 protects from reinfection, but there has been no established case of reinfection to date. Thus, most serious cases cannot be reinfections.
2. ADE (antigenic sin) is an exceptional outcome of two successive infections by a different lineage of the same pathogen. It happens because the immune system still targets the first pathogen. There is not enough diversity in #SARSCoV2 at this stage for ADE to happen.
3. The likelihood of reinfection with #SARSCoV2 will increase with time. If reinfection were already happening now, then morbidity and mortality would be highest now. Yet, we observe the opposite pattern.
3/4 Image
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Facciamo il punto di quanto si sa fino ad ora sulla base di recenti studi
Vi anticipo le conclusioni: non c’è differenza fra bambini ed adulti, né come trasmissione né come suscettibilità ed è importante sottolineare che >
la trasmissione del virus può avvenire sia da bambino a bambino che da bambino ad adulto e viceversa
Tutte le persone, qualsiasi sia la loro età, sono a rischio. Se vogliamo superare questa crisi (i tempi non saranno brevi) dobbiamo continuare a testare e tracciare per impedire >
la trasmissione del virus e dovremmo costruire infrastrutture protettive in ogni luogo comunitario, ospedali, uffici, fabbriche e soprattutto scuole.
Rendere le scuole più sicure per i bambini e gli insegnanti e non trasformarle in potenziali focolai
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📍UPDATE on airborne—newest aerosol study (CDC journal) indicates that coronavirus is persistent and stable up to 16 hours in the air! Typical air exchange every 20 min to 4 hrs, depending on ventilation. But up to 16 hours is worrisome (HT @kprather88)
3) Example of likely poor ventilation in an at home daycare: 1 asymptomatic child ➡️ led to a #SARSCoV2 outbreak that infected 16 people in 4 families!
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J'hésitais à faire un thread sur le port du #masque dans le cadre de la #Covid19. L'actualité a fini de me convaincre, c'est parti !

Pourquoi les recommandations actuelles ne sont plus les mêmes qu'en janvier ? Installez vous confortablement, ça va être un peu long.

Il y a des pays dans lesquels la question du port du masque est devenue très politique (coucou les États-Unis). Mais au-delà de la communication des différents dirigeants, les recommandations des autorités sanitaires ont changé, à l'échelle internationale.

Ce n'est pas une preuve d'incompétence. C'est la conséquence logique d'un changement de l'état des connaissances sur un virus qu'on a commencé à étudier il y a seulement quelques mois.
Changer d'avis pour s'adapter aux données est parfaitement normal.

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(1/4) Study of #SARSCoV2 antibody prevalence in a school community following an outbreak in Chile (the first cluster in the country). 10% of students and 17% of staff tested positive. Of these, 40% of students and 18% of staff were asymptomatic. #COVID19…
(2/4) The index case(s) were thought to be adults in this cluster. The school year had only just begun and the school closed within 2 days of the first cases being detected, demonstrating that #SARSCoV2 can spread rapidly within the school environment.
(3/3) I would not be surprised if some false positives were observed here, and I suspect the correct proportion of asymptomatic cases may actually be a little lower. Nonetheless, it suggests that asymptomatic infections in children are substantial.
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The CDC has a branch that it overseas that is responsible for distributing the reagents that go to each state or testing facility. The reagents can be tailored to light up, or made to give false positives or false negatives. #covid19 #SARSCoV2
If I wanted to create a spike in cases, I would just send reagents that light up to most anything. They even released a news item to state that testing isn’t accurate in case someone investigated the reagents themselves. #covid19 #SARSCoV2
On top of that the whole system is incentivized to report the highest number of cases possible. The testing agencies themselves are reporting results on people that they never tested. #covid19 #SARSCoV2
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🛑Covid 19 hastalığına sebep olan SARS-CoV2 virüsü bildiğimiz gibi vücudumuzda neredeyse tüm dokularımızda oldukça fazla bulunan ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) reseptörüne bağlanıyor.
Göz rengimize, kan grubumuza, boyumuza, cinsiyetimize, hangi hastalıklara yatkın (1)
olduğumuz, yaşam süremiz, hatta psikiyatrik hastalıklarımıza vs sahip olduğumuz genlerimiz karar veriyor. Yani aslında hepimiz ailemizden aldığımız genetik yapımıza göre şekillenmiş durumdayız. Bu genetik yapı tamamen eşsiz, özgün, kişiye özel, benzeri olmayan bir dizilim (2)
içermekte. Yani başka bir bireyde bu DNA diziliminin aynısından asla yok. Tek yumurta ikizlerinde bile genetik farklılıklar bulunuyor; örneğin bir tanesi diğerine göre daha uzun yaşayabiliyor.
#SARSCoV2 virüsünün sebep olduğu #COVID19 hastalığı da ırk, coğrafya, cinsiyet (3)
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Potser els virolegs ambientals (o jo) no hem explicat bé això de #coronavirus i temperatura. Són els virus sensibles a les temperatures d'estiu (i a la insolació i la radiació associada)? Sí. Són els #coronavirus en general i #SARSCoV2 sensibles a temperatures de 30-37ºC o més?
Taxativament sí, no els hi poso els articles; al meu TL els poden trobar. Però, és un procés q necessita el seu TEMPS (hores, dies) i afecta bàsicament a superfícies i fomites i també als exsudats....però les #fomites MAI van ser un vector principal de transmissió de #SARSCoV2...
i els exsudats, les microgotes, no tenen massa temps per patir les condicions ambientals si...som a 30 cm del company/a a la terrassa del bar, o dins; o a una barbacoa, o ens toquem, abracem, i ens exhalem l'un a l'altre...aquí no hi ha temperatures q hi jugui cap paper pq no...
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No, scientists & doctors didn't "lie" to you about #masks.

To think so requires a fundamental misunderstanding of science & public health policy.

Scientific knowledge changes. Public health policy changes with it.

Mask policy is an example.

A thread:

Science is not a body of knowledge. It doesn't *say* anything.

Science is a process.

We propose hypotheses about how something works in the world, then use experiments that try to disprove those hypotheses. If we can't disprove them, we assume them to be true--for now.

The novel #Coronavirus is "novel" because it only emerged in humanity at the end of last year. Obviously, that's not a lot of time to study & understand this virus.

When it first emerged, the science community reasonably inferred it would behave like other coronaviruses...

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I'm often asked, "how long will #COVID last?" Until now I didn't have a clue, but I think it's getting obvious. Pandemics like 1918 flu typically last 2-3 years. That's likely w/ #Covid_19. After that, we'll learn to live with it. #SARSCoV2 won't go away. So, what can expect? 1/3
I expect some semblance of normalcy from #COVID by summer 2022, & gradually learn to live w/ #SARSCoV2. It will still circulate, infect, hospitalize, kill. But we'll live w/ the virus through a combination of natural immunity (some immune memory), better Rx, & vaccine protection.
That scenario seems most likely from considerable historical precedent. But we must be humble in reflecting on this #coronavirus. Mother nature has unleashed a major force that we don't fully understand.
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#COVID19ITALIA - "Ho avuto COVID-19 due mesi fa. Sto ancora scoprendo nuove aree di danno"

Vi invito ad ascoltare Richard Quest, 58 anni, giornalista inglese e un ancorman internazionale della CNN,

oltre che CNN 1/16
Business Editor presso Large, con sede a NYC

"La tosse è tornata, senza preavviso e apparentemente senza motivo, così come la stanchezza. È vero, nessuno dei due è debilitante come quando ho avuto il virus vero e proprio, ma sono tornati. Come molti altri, ora mi 2/16
sto rendendo conto che sto vivendo e soffrendo per la lunga coda di #Covid19. Sono stato contagiato a metà aprile. L'insorgenza dei sintomi è stata molto rapida. All'improvviso mi sono accorto che mi sentivo molto stanco e ho avuto una forte tosse. Ho fatto il test e 3/16
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These autopsy findings from a study of the remains of #COVID19 victims in NYC are HUGELY important and revelatory not just about coronavirus deaths—but also about the damage #SARSCoV2 is possibly leaving in the bodies of survivors.

We’ve known bizarrely excessive blood clotting is a hallmark of #COVID19 since early on.

What this study definitively shows is that the clotting extends beyond large blood vessels and is present even in smaller vessels as well.

Stay with me here...

Not only is the clotting present in smaller blood vessels, the clotting was found in almost EVERY organ the researchers looked at within the autopsies.

Not just the organ or organs thought to relate directly to cause of death, but almost EVERY organ.

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❗️The BEST summary of #COVID__19 I’ve read so far.

#COVID19 is a potentially preventable disease. The relationship between the intensity of public health action and the control of transmission is clear.”… #COVID19Vic
This includes helpful overviews of the pathophysiology, transmission, diagnosis, and treatment of #SARSCoV2 — including a summary of progress and barriers to a vaccine.

#COVID19Vic… @normanswan
“Until an effective vaccine is available, the primary methods to reduce spread are face masks, social distancing, and contact tracing.”

Do your part, Vic. 💪…
#COVID19Vic #melbournelockdown
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Si deve essere dementi per non capire che non avendo una cura, nonostante si siano fatti dei progressi, minimi, nel trattamento dei pazienti infetti da #SARSCoV2 ospedalizzati, non c’è di fatto impatto sulla dinamica epidemica e sul tempo medio dell’infezione. 1/n
Come spiegato più volte, il coefficiente R ha tre componenti, ovvero oltre la durata media dell’infezione, la probabilità di trasmissione da soggetto infetto a suscettibile (p)ed il numero medio di contatti tra infetti e suscettibili (k)
Il primo si riduce usando DPI e 2/
e social distancing, mentre il secondo riducendo la mobilità personale. Oggi questi due sono LE UNICHE due armi che abbiamo per evitare di rivivere di nuovo un incubo per il quale abbiamo già pagato un prezzo drammatico in termini di vite umane (35k vittime) e di 3/
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🔥On demande fréquemment où on en est pour la prise en charge #COVID__19 #COVID19 #SARSCoV2

Pas de traitement spécifique spectaculaire mais importance majeure des soins standards de pneumopathie virale sévère

Voilà une humble mise au point à destination grand public.

2/ On sait maintenant que >95% des cas évoluent favorablement sans traitement
Pr ces formes bénignes importance ttt symptomatique + surveillance notamment si à risque d'aggravation (âge avancé, ATCD médicaux : diabète, obésité, etc.) + information précise…
3/ Pour formes sévères nécessitant hospitalisation, le + important reste le standard de soins d'une pneumonie virale sévère à savoir oxygénothérapie / support ventilatoire à adapter à chaque patient, prévention complications, kiné respi, gestions des atteintes d'organes 2ndaires
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So, we've all been focused on the now, the short-term effects of #SARSCoV2 and the acute health impact of #COVID19, but what are we starting to learn about the long-term effects of this disease? What will it do to us? What are the human & economic costs of long-term sequelae? 1/
We're starting to see complications after initial recovery, which may mean life-long care, adjustments to our lives and the lives of our families even after surviving #COVID19. 2/…
First, the lungs: “Recovery from lung damage takes time...There’s initial injury to the lungs, followed by scarring. Over time, the tissue heals, but it can take 3 months to a year or more for a person’s lung function to return to pre #COVID19 levels.” 3/…
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