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In the endothelium,selective impairment of insulin-mediated NO production may contribute to the development of #hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, atherogenesis, insulin resistance. NO induces vasodilation and inhibits platelet aggregation, vascular smooth muscle cell growth
Angiotensin #Ang2 inhibits insulin-mediated PI3K pathway activation, thereby impairing endothelial NO production and Glut-4 translocation in insulin-sensitive tissues, which results in vascular and systemic insulin resistance, respectively.
On the other hand, Ang II enhances insulin-mediated activation of the mitogen-activated protein kinase (#MAPK) pathway, which leads to vasoconstriction and pathologic vascular cellular growth.
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❤️💉💉Changes 🖤

"Our group has been using the PLUS Cardiac Test
(GD Biosciences, Inc, Irvine, CA) a clinically validated measurement of multiple protein biomarkers which generates a score PREDICTING the 5 YEAR RISK of a
NEW Acute CORONARY Syndrome (ACS)

💔! >
Elevation above the norm increases the PULS score, while decreases below the norm lowers the PULS score. The SCORE HAS BEEN MEASURED every 3-6 months in our patient population FOR 8 YEARS.
Recently, with the advent of the mRNA COVID vaxxines by Moderna and Pfizer>
These changes resulted in an INCREASE of the PULS score from 11% 5 yr ACS risk to a


At the time of this report, these CHANGES PERSIST
for at least 2.5 months post second dose💉>
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It's Friday November 19, 2021

Millions around the world are dead from a
pathogen released from a CCP bioweapons lab doing Gain of Function research, with U.S. funds and data
directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH.>
The spike protein of that pathogen is also what
is produced by millions of 💉with a gene therapy
fast-tracked by Fauci.>
#SpikeProtein #toxin #LabLeak #GoF #WarpedSpeed #BeagleGate #AIDSOrphans #FuckFauciFriday #FFF
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If Long Covid is a medley, what is it's refrain?

Causes: viral persistence, viral debris, overactive immune system autoimmunity.
Conditions: mast cell activation, metabolic disfunction, dysautonomia, STICKY BLOOD

Spike Protein's S1 subunit is a very STRONG ANTIGENIC>
stimulus causing a polyclonal B cell antibody response. These autoantibodies target many organs, and the endothelium: the inner lining of the blood vessels.
The endothelium becomes inflamed, this further stimulates excess antibody production.
This becomes a CHRONIC condition,>
of microclots. These clots are made of extremely dense fibrin, hard and resistant to lysis by heparin, with hyper-activated platelets, and THICKENING THE ENDOTHELIUM. All of this leads to reduced O2 and nutrients in cells all over the body.
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Shiver in My Bones

👇is U of Alberta's research paper; it is key to understanding what the SarsCoV2 spike protein (virus or vaxx) is doing in the body.
When considered w/ Moderna's own research about WHERE the LNP is carrying the mRNA to express that spike, it's interesting. 1/9
Immature red blood cells (HSPCs) reside in the bone marrow. They can't carry oxygen like mature RBC's, but they do have a nucleus, so they can be infected by a virus in order replicate. All that would be required for that replication is the ACE2 receptor.
Spike has a high affinity binding with ACE2 receptor and co-receptor TMPRSS.
The U of A team found that immature RBC's express these receptors. This leads to increased infection, and serious disease, as he explains in this sub-thread
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Vaxxine induced enhancement, autoimmune disease, VITT, pericarditis, myocarditis, cancer, accelerated aging, senescence, neurodegeneration.
The #LNP and #SpikeProtein in the 💉are toxic.
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With A Little Help From My Friends

"If you’re a Covid case in Chertow’s emerging pathogens lab, you’re not there for treatment; you’re the subject of an autopsy.
The man died at the hospital, tested NEGATIVE. for SC2, so he doesn’t fit the definition of a COVID-RELATED fatality>
He succumbed to viral MYOCARDITIS, or inflammation of the heart muscle. Chertow’s sleuthing points to the CORONAVIRUS as the culprit">…
Vaxxine Induced Enhanced Disease

"But better spike protein antibodies are HORRIBLY maladaptive for future strains and actually the molecular basis for Vaccine Induced Enhanced Disease. Antibodies that DON'T NEUTRALIZE the virus only HELP it.>…
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The experimental #mRNA/DNA drugs do not function like prior #vaccines and do not prevent #COVID infection or transmission; they just temporarily reduce the likelihood of severe #WuFlu outcomes. #VaccineMandates #LetsGoBrandon
"With 99.7% of adults in the Irish county of Waterford having received the COVID shots, they have the highest per-capita case rate of COVID anywhere in the country."
#VaccineMandates #LetsGoBrandon…
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Fuck Fauci Friday

It's Friday November 5, 2021

Millions around the world are dead from a
pathogen released from a CCP bioweapons lab doing Gain of Function research, with U.S. funds and data
directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH.>
The spike protein of that pathogen is also what
is produced in millions 💉'd with a gene therapy
fast-tracked by Fauci.>
#SpikeProtein #toxin #LabLeak #GoF #WarpedSpeed #FuckFauciFriday #FFF
Fauci holds patents on the HIV gene sequences in the spike.>…
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Twitter censored this information about Big Pharma's faulty products. They permanently suspended @DrNaomiWolfe and other for tweeting about this and other data, now all proven true. #CensorshipKILLS #RICO #Time2Sue #DepravedIndifference #Shedding #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Just a Little Bit...


ReCalculate This!

"The study presents FALSELY REASSURING STATISTICS related to the RISK of SPONTANEOUS ABORTION in early pregnancy, since the majority of women in the calculation were exposed to the mRNA💉after the outcome period was defined (20wks👉
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🦠 Imitation of Life 💉

"Similar changes had also been reported in COVID-19 patients, suggesting that VAXXINATION MIMICKED
consistent alterations in hemoglobin A1c, serum sodium and potassium levels, coagulation profiles, and renal functions in healthy volunteers after vaccination with an inactivated SC2💉
Similar changes had also been reported in COVID patients...>
Single-cell mRNA Sequencing of peripheral blood mononuclear cells before and 28 days after the first💉also revealed consistent ALTERATIONS IN GENE EXPRESSION of many different immune cell types. Reduction of CD8+ T cells and increase in classic monocyte contents were exemplary...
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Fuck Fauci Friday

It's Friday October 29, 2021

Millions around the world are dead from a
pathogen released from a CCP bioweapons lab doing Gain of Function research, with U.S. funds and data
directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH.
The spike protein of that pathogen is also what
is produced by millions💉'd with a #toxic gene therapy
fast-tracked by Fauci. Fauci also hold the patents on
the #HIV gene sequences in the spike protein.
#FuckFauciFriday #FFF #WarpedSpeed #GoF #SpikeProtein #toxin #LabLeak #NIH
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🍹 Toxic Cocktail 🍹

Maybe it's the spike protein dysregulating the immune system, leading to coagulopathy and senescence coupled with excess alcohol consumption during the lockdowns?
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Fauci Lied Millions Died

One of the best reasons to understand the extent of NIH's involvement/cover up of GoF research and the lab leak, is to show the extent of government leaders' depravity. These are the people giving us #OperationWarpedSpeed #toxic #SpikeProtein 💉s
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Beyond the Sea

We performed a comprehensive analysis of amino acid usage of more than 0.2 million spike proteins to understand the evolutionary dynamics of the emerging SARSCoV2 pandemic. Earlier studies have identified several mutations in the spike protein (SP)...>
the study categorically analyzed the underlying cause of different kinds of mutations that shaped the evolution of the SP during the ongoing pandemic... variation of hydrophobicity of SP was observed to be the most important factor influencing amino acid changes>
The changing patterns of hydrophobicity of SP over time and influence on the receptor binding affinity provides ...information on the SARSCoV2 interaction with human receptor... results also show that spike proteins have evolved to prefer more hydrophobic residues over time
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Long Long Time

Medical researchers still don’t fully understand what causes the myriad symptoms Long Haulers report after COVID. An April survey involving 6,000 adults, 66% of people who had the disease said they had not returned to their previous health more than 4 weeks later>
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What Does He Do, This Virus You Seek?
First principles, Clarice...
What does he do, this virus you seek?

He kills women...

NO, that is incidental!

What is the first and principal thing he does?
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