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At least two more people were killed in #Myanmar overnight, bringing the total number of casualties in the ongoing anti-coup protest to 237, according to @Reuters. #WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar…
“We protest where there are no police or military, then when we hear they’re coming, we disperse quickly,” campaigner Kyaw Min Htike told Reuters from the southern town of Dawei.
“I don’t want to lose a single one of my comrades but we’ll protest any way we can until our revolution prevails.”
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#Mar19Coup #OpCCP

Incidences that happen in Myanmar on March 19, 2021 will be collected in this tweet.

⚠️May contain graphic contents⚠️


Tagline - R2P NOW
📍#Karen State
Tw // loud noise
In MyaWaddy, Karen State, junta cracked down the peaceful sit-in strike by opening fire & using tear gas around 8 AM this morning. Some protesters are arrested.
#Mar19Coup #OpCCP
📍#Bago Region
Powerful Strike of Bago(Pegu). Despite violent crackdowns, night arrest and shot , protests show no sign of fizzling.

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I would like to highlight the crackdown in Myanmar, most people haven’t picked up five important issues in a way to depict the nature of violence. The media tends to focus on the numbers more than the “nature”. @RapporteurUn @SchranerBurgen1 @DrSasa22222 #WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar
These issues are: (1) significant number of #headshots (some chest or neck wounds); (2) #snipers (other points to note: sub machine gun & tear gas from fighter jets in North Okkakapa March 3, & five fighter jets flying over MDL Mar 4, and today Mar 8 in #Myintkyina) @BobRae48
(3) extra judicial executions (there were at least two videos of killing people after arresting them), (4) terrorizing neighbourhoods which is beyond crowd control — e.g shooting at houses and bystanders after dispersing the crowd, & looting food/properties/money at nights, and
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🎥🛑En #Myanmar 🇲🇲 ALERTA ⚠️

🔻Por segundo día se ven escuadrones de cazas de la fuerza aérea sobrevolando los cielos, está vez en Mandalay.

⚠️Ayer mapeamos al menos 62 asesinatos cometidos por golpista, el día más sangriento desde el golpe.

🎥🛑En #Myanmar 🇲🇲

🔻Ayer pudimos visibilizar como las fuerzas de seguridad dispararon con subametralladoras a civiles desarmados ante el silencio de la comunidad internacional.

#Anonymous #OpMyanmar
🛑En #Myanmar 🇲🇲 las protestas contra el golpe continúan, los manifestantes han vuelto a construir barricadas defensivas.

⚠️Atentas a las redes sociales.
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🎥🛑In #Myanmar (Monywa) nuevo ASESINATO

🔻Aquí la POLICIA TERRORISTRA trasladando el cuerpo.

#Anonymous #OpMyanmar

🔻Please stand with us, try all the country and especially UN remark that they are a terrorist organization. #pleasehelpmyanmar

#Anonymous #OpMyanmar
🎥🛑En #Myanmar Policia y militares de la 77⁰ LID soldiers dispersaron manifestación con gases lacrimógenos y pelotas de goma en Yangon al norte de Okkalapa a las 10:30h, al menos 10 detenidos.

🔻Frontier escondido grabo DURA IMAGEN de estos TERRORISTAS.
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THREAD 20 of writing against the 🪖-coup. Because people in #Myanmar need to be heard & the @IntlCrimCourt should know #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar. As the #CivilDisobedienceMovementMyanmar is getting stronger, all people on this list sacrificed their lives for #democracy #March2Coup Image
1. While #FB has partially banned top military accounts and pages (not the businesses), @TikTokSupport needs to immediately react and block the hundreds of accounts by 🪖promoting hate speech and inciting violence there #CivilDisobedienceMovementMyanmar
2. Not only in #Mandalay and #Monywa but also in smaller places people have begun to install self-governing bodies. This is exactly what the #military fears and why they keep kidnapping low- and mid-level state personnel at night: self-governance is powerful! #March2Coup #Myanmar
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Military arresting civilians - 3 Full trucks arrested so far…

#WhatsHappeninginMyanmar #22222Revolution
Sea of people near Central station, 75th St
Protesting in every street, most household participated
Military has the following in position at 84th St:
2 police vehicle
1 prison van
1 Bulldozer
1 Water Cannon
2 Armour Patrol Car
5 military trucks


Nearly the whole city is out protesting in Bago !

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China repeats same narrative and says what’s happening in Myanmar is it’s own internal affair, UN Human Rights Council should contribute to it only by solving problems rather than further complication.
Russia also says it is domestic affair, all these attempts to whip up hype around situation in Myanmar need to cease and it would instead suggests practical assistance not unbridled criticisms; needed to help the interim military gov atm. @UN_HRC
Denmark and EU member states made strong statements against the military coup, demand to allow humanitarian assistance. Denmark minister of foreign affairs says it won’t work with “now illegitimate government”
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Mein Freund Mikis lebt in Myanmar und hat mir am Samstag (06.02.21) ein krassen Lagebericht zum Militärputsch dort gegeben (Thread)
das Militär versucht das Internet in Myanmar zu zensieren, die Burmesen wissen sich aber mit VPN zu helfen #Feb11Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
Update von heute: China hat wohl 5 Flugzeuge mit IT Spezialisten geschickt, die dem Militär helfen sollen das Internet lahmzulegen #Feb11Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
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The list of leaders and politicians arrested by Juntas.
Save Myanmar
@threadreaderapp unrolled plz
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အခုဖြစ်နေတဲ့ အခက်အခဲတွေကို ဘယ်လိုမှတ်တမ်းတင်မလဲ (ဓါတ်ပုံဖြစ်စေ၊ ဗီဒီယိုဖြစ်စေ) 👇
Escalating crisis as people standup to #MyanmarCoup. It's critical to document repression. Here's how to do it with phone. #WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar #HearTheVoiceOfMyanmar #CivilDisobedienceMovement ImageImageImageImage
More detail on making #Video of #MyanmarCoup actions stronger as evidence (Burmese). Follow @WITNESS_Asia for + info #WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar
Full guide PDF… Image
အဖွဲ့တစ်ဖွဲ့အဖြစ်ဆန္ဒပြရိုက်ကူးဖို့ဘယ်လို If you are #filming #MyanmarCoup think how to do as team: this simple infographic provides guidance on documenting #protests -->… Follow @WITNESS_Asia for + info
#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #HearTheVoiceOfMyanmar Image
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You Fucked With The Wrong Generation

Stop Military Government
Stop Military Regime
Respectour Votes
Release Ourleaders

Myanmar, 08/02/21
#WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar Image
Say "No" To Dictatorship

Say "Yes" To BDSM Image
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#Birmanie Ce qu'il faut savoir sur le coup d'Etat (thread) ⬇️
C'est toute la stratégie d'engagement européenne et américaine 🇪🇺🇺🇸 qui vole en éclats - très peu de sanctions malgré le massacre des Rohingyas.

C'est aussi le pari d'Aung San Suu Kyi et ses renoncements qui s'écroule.
Min Aung Hlaing, le chef de l'armée birmane, avait annoncé qu'il respecterait les résultats des élections.

2 mois plus tard, coup d'Etat. La valeur de la parole de l'armée... Image
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