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A #Flickr friend of mine heard my cries of frustration and put me onto a means of "training" my followers by eliminating those who weren't commenting and rewarding those who did. My firewall...
...balked at installing the program that I needed to review my 1400 followers behavior, but I managed to find a way to install it nonetheless. When I am done, I will have less than 75 contacts which is a manageable level. If I...
...delete someone who reactivates themself later, I can add them back as they comment or fave my photos. The system is manageable and easy to monitor. All I will need to do is check who faves and comments each day and run the program once a month.
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1. News: GREAT IDEA! President Trump Sparks Firestorm With Suggestion To DELAY ELECTIONS 'Until Vote Can Be Safe' - Thread 7.30.20… @realDonaldTrump
2. News: Civilizational Confidence Is The Key To Preserving And Restoring America -

The revolutionary moment sweeping everything away from us will not ultimately be defeated until we regain our civilizational confidence as Americans.
.… #Patriots
3. News: Peter Schiff: The Fed Doesn't Have Another Rabbit In Its Hat - I think the hat’s empty. There are no more rabbits in there...”

"It’s not about the coronavirus, as many mainstream analysts seem to think." (Video)
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Two years after the attack on #AlAwda (The Return) & #Freedom, medical supplies still not delivered to #Gaza while #FreedomFlotilla boats neglected by #Israeli Occupation Forces…
#Video – Israeli warships approaching ‘Al Awda’ (The Return), July 29, 2018… #FreedomFlotilla to #Gaza
#FreedomFlotilla boat carrying medical supplies for #Gaza hijacked by #Israeli Occupation Forces, July 29, 2018…
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#Justice July 2020 #CSE
#Justice TOPEKA,KA
City Of Topeka Video Producer INDICTED On Federal Child Porn Charges | Another Kansas Man Faces Similar CHARGES In A Separate Case

Travis Bronson, 39, Lawrence

Charles Shepaherd, 76, Bonner Springs

#Justice TAMPA,FL
Convicted Sex Offender SENTENCED For Attempting To Entice A Minor To Engage In Sexual Activity

Richard Stephen Terry

Enticed adult women to allow him to engage in sexual activities with their minor children

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Do you want to get the best out of your appointment with your GP during #covid19? Here are a few tips as to how you can do so & could probably be applied to most GP practices.... #portmarnock #gp 1/7
We are offering #phone 📱& #video 💻consults so decide before calling which doctor you wish to see and how you would like to speak to them. We are doing some face to face consults, these are solely at your doctors discretion and we can arrange one after speaking to you 2/7
If you are going for a video 💻 consult, please ensure you have a good internet connection, a working video and microphone 🎙️ (these are usually 'built in' to devices) A discreet place to talk from also helps! Video consults can be done on most phones, tablets & laptops 3/7
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Un petit extrait d'une #vidéo absolument exceptionnelle de l’INA ! En 1947, dans une émission de René Barjavel, on imagine un appareil de TV portatif ressemblant étrangement à nos smartphones actuels...

#histoire #iphone #technologie
C'était en 1947, dans l’émission d'anticipation "La télévision, œil de demain", conçue par l'écrivain René Barjavel.

La vidéo complète est disponible ici :
Et n'oubliez pas de suivre le compte de l' @Inafr_officiel !
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El presidente acaba de hacer declaraciones graves, que generarán alerta, otra vez.

En su #ConferenciaPresidente, declaró que de serle solicitado por #Venezuela, instruiría que se les venda #gasolina. Esto iría en directa afrenta a las sanciones impuestas por Estados Unidos.
Elevar el nivel de la declaración diciendo que, "no teme a las represalias" es realmente un camino peligroso.

× Desde 2017, #Venezuela está bajo sanciones del gobierno de Estados Unidos, por los vínculos de su gobierno con el narcotráfico y grupos terroristas de Medio Oriente.
Hasta el momento hay un caso ya de investigación por @TheJusticeDept de una empresa mexicana que participó en un intercambio de crudo por insumos alimenticios con Venezuela. Y las recientes embarcaciones de Irán transportando gasolina, que acabaron en el escándalo de Alex Saab.
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Take an #intelligence #History
break! The #photography & #Video evidence of what was left of the #Chinese people after the "People's Liberation Army" committed the #TiananmenSquareMassacre
(link to directory, ++NSFL). Never again. #FreeHongKong…
Fair disclosure: In the 90s I was a "welcomer" for #HongKong students at my uni. Overtly we were 🇨🇦 peer mentors. Really we were defending 🇭🇰 students whom the #Chinese & #Communists clubs targeted for #psychological #Terrorism with #Tiananmen gutter-burger pics & rape threats.
As always, I do my best to withhold my politics while teaching - you can construct your own narrative by critical thinking or you wouldn't bother to engage & educate yourselves about espionage - its methods & manifestations; its history & historiography; its fact & fantasies. Yet
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1. Thead on MKUltra Delta - Manchurian Candidates – MK Ultra Mind Control Assassins… #NWO #illuminati #MindControl #MKUltra #Delta #MKULtraDelta #MKDelta #falseflags
2. I HEAR VOICES: MKUltra? A Worrying Trend Of Mass Shooting Suspects Throughout History Before Committing Horrific Murders… #massshootings #falsefalgs #sleepers #mindcontrol #murders
3. Read Cheryls Book for female delta assassins- Cheryl Beck Illuminati Survivor and Whistlebower… #Cherylhersha #cherylbeck #delta #illuminati #assassins
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Data surfaced by LinkedIn from 20+ million jobs revealed the 15 most in-demand soft & hard skills. The study looked at the skills that are in highest demand (based on hiring rate) relative to the supply of people who have those skills.
The top 5 most in-demand soft skills are:

#1 #Creativity

Connecting dots—that are seemingly unrelated—to generate original, useful solutions is an incredibly valuable skill in every employee, regardless of what industry or country you’re doing business in.
#2 #Persuasion

Persuasion is convincing others to buy into your idea or a different way of doing things to build consensus or make a decision. It’s one of the most powerful communication skills for all employees to have in their skillset.
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En operativo conjunto ente @SSC_CDMX y @PDI_FGJCDMX de la @FiscaliaCDMX fue detenida Diana Karen N, alias “La Negra” o “La Princesa de Tláhuac” en compañía de Carlos Alejandro N, alias el “El Cindy”, quienes forman parte del cartel de Tláhuac de “El Ojos”.
Efectivos de la @SSC_CDMX y la @FiscaliaCDMX cumplimentaron una orden de cateo en un domicilio localizado en la colonia Del Mar, @Alc_Tlahuac, en el que de acuerdo a la investigación se encontraban los principales distribuidores de droga y operadores del Cártel de #Tláhuac.
En dicho inmueble fueron detenidos Diana Karen N, alias La Negra o La Princesa de Tláhuac, y Carlos Alejandro N, alias El Cindy, quienes al parecer son pareja sentimental y reciben órdenes de Miguel Ángel Pérez Ramírez, que se encuentra en un penal de la CdMx. @SSC_CDMX
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The #1 influencer for World Economic Forum/United Nations is resurrected in order to promote "#digitalization for all" as the #FourthIndustrialRevolution brings civil society into it's fold. "Access to #digital #education" prioritized over nutrition, water, & sanitation. #WEF
"Amply, an online attendance-taking system [] to track “impact,” is being piloted through #SmartStart a S. #Africa pre-school franchise.

... financed in part through #UNICEF’s innovation venture capital fund... registered over 3,100 [] as of spring 2018"…
"The tone they use when talking about this lack of “#trust” in the development aid space is steeped in a racist, colonial mindset. The “trust” issue provides cover for their real agenda. Pen & paper methods don’t capture enough #data, & digitized data is what they most desire."
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#COVID19 #Fascism / #Communism has arrived and you expected #Hitler or #Stalin, didn’t you?🤣
Our civil rights are being trampled by lying politicians, cooperating police and military.
Worst part, the public ‘thinks’ it is OK 😁😉

21Day #SouthAfricaLockdown - Police & Army brutilize civilians
Mind you, if the Police & Army were White the whole leftist world would demonstrate shouting "RACISM or FASCISM".
Are black Communist Police & Army allowed to do this?🤔
Status of COVID-19
As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the #UK. Mortality rates are low overall, #COVID19 should no longer be classified as an HCID 🤔…
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1/ The @HiHello team is excited to help take your @zoom_us #video calls to the next level w/personalized backgrounds that show your personal/professional brand & make it easy to exchange contact information!

Create your #VirtualBackground for #Zoom at
2/ #WorkingFromHome has it's charm, but being able to showcase your brand and identity is still important to many professionals. We've made it easy for any user to do just that with just a few clicks!
3/ If you're already a @HiHello user, simply log in with the same username/password on our web app, choose a background (or upload your own!) and then pick which card you'd like to use on that background. Download and add it as a #VirtualBackground to @zoom_us and you're all set!
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The African Voice in Germany – 22 years of Africa Positive.
She is known in Germany as the “African Voice” and has particularly emerged from public debates forher commitment to a positive view of African countries and her rejection to development Aid. At 19, Veye Tatah moved to Germany to study computer science.
When it came to Africa, the pictures on TV were always the same: starving children, armed rebels. She was shocked when seeing the negative images of Africa in the media.
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...Pause, Ponder and Act

The CoronaVirus Pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of the Human Race. It is showing the thin line between life and death. It has given credence to King Solomon’s biblical admonition, ‘All is vanity’. We are all scared to our bones.
Nobody is sure of what tomorrow, next week, next month or next year have in stock for mankind. The pandemic is no respecter of class; Socio-Political or Economic. Our emphasis is now on life and less on material acquisition.
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#Justice Washington DC ~ 26MAR2020 #Unsealed
Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers Remarks At Press Conference Announcing Criminal Charges Against Venezuelan Officials

Remarks as Prepared


#AGBarr #Remarks #Quotes
⚖️ Nicolás Maduro & CO-CONS [4] ALLEGED conspiracy involving violent terrorist org the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia #FARC to flood the U.S. w/cocaine

Head Constituent Assembly
Director Military Intelligence
Chief Justice Supreme Court
Minister of Defense
#Justice #Unsealed #Venezuela #MaduroNarcoTerrorista
Nicolás Maduro Moros & 14 Current/Ex- Venezuelan Officials Charged With Narco-Terrorism, Corruption, Drug Trafficking & Other Criminal Charges

[alleged] Partnered With the FARC to Use Cocaine as a Weapon

*see chart
*see map
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I know not everyone is a fan of #screentime [feh] for their #kids, but in the face of #CoronaVirus the #KidsMedia world is stepping up.
@bigbadboo Studio is removing the paywall for its #VOD platform @OznozKids. If you're not familiar with it, now's the time to become so, especially if your home speaks more than one language. #Oznoz has 200+ hours of #video content for #children, in 10 languages.
Podcast @wowintheworld is getting activities & resources to #teachers to send home as needed. Their #wowsheet designed by educators can be used with any #Wow episode ( They're also offering free teacher memberships via @FirstBook (…)
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Shame on all humanity to see the suffering of the children of Yemen and continue to keep a defending silence.
It is a disgrace to all humanity to keep watching the children of Yemen in agony and dying from preventable diseases and man-made starvation without trying to
do something about it.

Enough is enough.
Please break the silence if you care.
#SaveYemen 🇾🇪
#StopTheWarOnYemen 🇾🇪
Western mainstream media will never report on these victims.
#Americans will never know that their government's support of the #Saudis is killing innocent children, but Ignorance is never an excuse for such sins.
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@Capezzone @Ettore572 @QRepubblica 🚨#CORONAVIRUS: LE RESPONSABILITÀ DEL #GOVERNO [ notizie, aggiornamenti, ecc...] ⏰intervista del 25.02.2020 all’Avv. @GiuseppePalma78 e Prof. @pbecchi su #byoblu
@Capezzone @Ettore572 @QRepubblica @GiuseppePalma78 @pbecchi Correlazioni 24 FEBBRAIO 2020
“Il #Coronavirus è partito in Cina 🇨🇳 da #Wuhan, tra #GiochiMilitari e #5G fino a 60 Ghz – [PRIMA PARTE – INCHIESTA ESCLUSIVA OASI SANA]
di Maurizio Martucci…
@Capezzone @Ettore572 @QRepubblica @GiuseppePalma78 @pbecchi#Coronavirus, secondo studi ed esperti col #5G c’è ‘ #immunodepressione e non assorbimento d’ossigeno’. Cioè l’identikit del #virus!”
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Det är svårt att föreställa sig om det som sker i Kina. Uppenbarligen samlar de in dissidenter. All internet trafik är spärrad utom de källor som kommer via den kinesiska staten. Det som pågår i Kina angående #Coronavirus är en krigshandling av främmande makt.
Det här viruset är
gjord av människan. Ryssland, Indien, Taiwan vet att viruset innehåller HIV.

Därmed är skiten tillverkad av människan. Det sägs att den slår hårdare mot kinesiska män än mot andra raser, vilket betyder att denna "attack" kommer ej från deras egna led.

Fortsättning följer.
Russian scientists believe America created the Wuhan coronavirus to sabotage China… via @Dimsum Daily
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