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#Referenda conducted in #DPR, #LPR, #Kherson and #Zaporozhye regions are based on the fundamental principle of self-determination contained in the #UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act. 1/5

👉 Read our full comment:… Image
They are the direct result of Kiev’s continued atrocities, discrimination & suppression against 🇷🇺speaking population over past 8 years. 🇺🇦Gov clearly did not represent a large number of 🇷🇺speaking population of Ukraine, did not respect people’s right for self-determination. 2/5
We welcome accession of these regions on the basis of free & democratic processes and international law. Outrageous reaction in the West proves that they are ignoring reality on the ground, want to deny the population the right to make free & informed choice about its future. 3/5
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Thursday 29 September
Day 218 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine and the start of another daily thread.

Quite a lot of late news yesterday. To catch up on what you missed, click and scroll through yesterday's 🧵

Some breaking news to start with and #Sweden says it has found a 4th leak on the Nord Stream pipeline.

Previously 3 leaks were found on the gas link from #Russia to #Germany, caused by sabotage.

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
More threats on neighbours by #Russia

This time the leader of the "A Just Russia.." party targets #Kazakhstan.

Sergey Mironov threatens (military) intervention after "seeing manifestations of #Russophobia..
The persecution of Russian-speaking citizens will inevitably begin"🤡
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Key #Iranian military leaders may be endorsing President Ebrahim #Raisi to succeed Ali #Khamenei as #Iran’s next supreme leader. Here is what happened and why it matters: (1/8)
Senior Iranian military officials published an open letter praising Raisi’s #UN General Assembly address on 9/21. These letters are rare and used by officials to signify their political positions to the wider regime. Some of the #IRGC’s senior commanders signed this letter. (2/8)
These IRGC commanders include a tight circle of senior officers who often influence and intervene in domestic politics to promote their hardline agendas. They have established the IRGC as the most dominant actor in Iran. Read more here: (3/8)…
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JUST IN: Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia said that the UN has assured Moscow that steps are being taken to lift restrictions blocking Russian grain exports, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Saturday. Image
Lavrov said, “In the part of the July 22 agreements that concern Russian grain, the UN Secretary-General pledged to persuade the EU and the US to remove these obstacles.
I met with him the day before yesterday, and he confirmed that there’s still much work ahead to be done… but some promises are being made in that regard.
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#NewYork | Foreign Minister H.H Prince @FaisalbinFarhan met with #Pakistan’s Foreign Minister @BBhuttoZardari on the sidelines of the 77th Session of the #UNGA  .
During the meeting, they discussed the strong Saudi-Pakistani relations and ways to support and enhance them. They also reviewed the most prominent regional and international issues of common interest.
His Highness the Foreign Minister Prince @FaisalbinFarhan affirmed the Kingdom's position in support of the economy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its brotherly people.
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#NewYork | Foreign Minister H.H Prince @FaisalbinFarhan met UN Secretary-General @AntonioGuterres, on the sidelines of the 77th Session of the #UNGA  .
During the meeting, aspects of cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Nations were reviewed, in addition to discussing the latest international developments and efforts to enhance international peace and security.
The Secretary-General @antonioguterres expressed his gratitude for the Kingdom's efforts to achieve a truce between the parties to the crisis in #Yemen, and the Kingdom's continuous efforts to reach a political solution to the Yemeni crisis.
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#NewYork | Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Member of the Council of Ministers, and Envoy for Climate H.E @AdelAljubeir met Under-Secretary-General of the #UN and Executive Director of the #UN’s Environment Programme, @andersen_inger 🇸🇦🇺🇳
During the meeting, they discussed aspects of enhancing cooperation between the two sides, in addition to discussing topics related to the environment and climate change, including the initiatives of #Saudi Green and the Middle East Green.
The two sides also discussed the Kingdom's efforts and international initiatives that will preserve the planet and contribute to sustainable development.
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🎇⚖️PATHBREAKING CLIMATE JUSTICE WIN TODAY! The #UN Human Rights Committee finds that Australia violated its #humanrights obligations by failing to take adequate climate action and requests full remedy for impacted Torres Strait Islanders…
A thread 🧵1/19
2-📌The case is particularly important in the context of an emerging groundswell of judicial victories for #ClimateJustice as it breaks new grounds with regards to the duty of the States to provide remedy in the context of climate-related #LossAndDamage
3-🗣️Let us celebrate the courage and boldness of plaintiffs and lawyers who brought their complaint to the UN after decades of inaction by the Australian government. This case will have ripple effects beyond what one can imagine today.
👏@SMarjanacCE @MferiaTinta @ClientEarth
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Welcome to Thursday's daily thread on #Russia's war.
It's Day 211 of non stop shelling and killing.

#Ukraine needs your help, if you can spare anything, please consider donating to our Fundraiser as we're falling behind the target…
Wednesday was remarkable.

From pathetic Putin's ramblings/partial mobilisation, to the street protests in #Russia, to the prisoner swap deal which saw all 5 Britons released, ending with Zelenskyy's focused and powerful, history-making speech at the #UN

Last night there were big queues at #Russia's southern border with #Georgia.

Presumably men trying to flee before they receive the dreaded call-up to fight in #Ukraine.

Yesterday there were reportedly long queues at the Finnish border and flight tickets selling out.
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"Russia has shamelessly violated the core tenants" of the #UN Charter, @POTUS tells #UNGA.
"Again, just today, President Putin has made overt nuclear threats against Europe," notes @POTUS.
"You cannot seize a nation's territory by force," adds @POTUS at #UNGA.
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We've reached Day 210 of #Russia's 3 day plan to topple #Kyiv.
#Ukraine fights on.

If you want to scroll through yesterday's news, it's here:


The important thing to say is that President Putin is making his delayed (recorded) speech now about the future of the illegal war
Putin announced only a partial mobilisation, which is what I suspected.

So anyone who's on the reserve will be called up due to #Russia's shortage of cannon fodder.
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“Contemporary imperialism is not European or Western” Several strong statements by 🇫🇷President @EmmanuelMacron in his address to the United Nations General Assembly general debate today #UNGA 🇺🇳. Key highlights: 🧵 Image
The address was chiefly directed at the so-called “Global South”, in an attempt to mobilize against 🇷🇺 war on 🇺🇦 and to instill a counter-narrative to that of powers seeking to contest the international order:
Pdt Macron reminded the fundamentals and benefits of the current international order, with the universal nature of the #UN: “at the service of no hegemony or oligarchy”, one that protects hard-fought rights and principles such as “sovereignty, territorial integrity”
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#Russia has no right to a presence in the @UN, neither from a moral standpoint, nor from a purely legalistic perspective. Here is why #unrussiaUN can happen and needs to happen fast THREAD 🧵/1
#Russia has NEVER complied with @UN Charter principles and rules. Maintain peace and security, suppress acts of aggression - this is the opposite of what #Kremlin does /2
#Russia claims to #UN membership through continuity from USSR are groundless. Russia is a successor to the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic, which has never been a UN member. This means Russia should have been voted into @UN under admittance procedure. This never happened /3
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Sunday 18 September, daily thread number 207 covering the news and analysis of #Russia's illegal invasion.

The fundraising to help #Ukraine's army with specific items for winter stands at £900 / €1000 after 2 days which is amazing - please see the pinned tweet if you can help!
A late start today to the thread, but it's been largely quiet in #Ukraine so far this Sunday.

For all yesterday's stories check through yesterday's thread right here:

#SlavaUkraini #StandWithUkraine

In #Kramatorsk a hotel was destroyed by shelling.

#Russians will doubtless claim it was housing #Ukraine soldiers, no way to prove either way in the fog of war, but there are no reported civilian casualties in the city near the frontline in #Donetsk region.

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Sentencing in UN-linked fraud of Jeffrey Saint Clair. His lawyer just said, "There was real affiliation with the UM." Yeah: today's UN hosts, recruits and propagates many frauds: Ng, Ho/CEFC, Cary Yan, all the way to this censoring top…
At sentencing, "Those who paid money wrongly convinced themselves that good would be done." #UN [In DRC, UN is using public's money for UNV posts UN officials trade for sex; @AntonioGuterres won't answer, bans Press, covers up.]
It's ASA St Clair, of the "World Sports Alliance." Judge calls it a scheme to defraud, using the UN. [Note: UN Spox refused to answer written Press questions about this and other UN-linked frauds. Today's UN says, Public be damned.
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Proud to have worked on the #TaiwanPolicyActof2022 and getting it passed through @SenateForeign yesterday! The manager's package [note: diff from intro'ed text] can be found here: [Final text to be posted soon].

Key provisions to highlight (1/🧵):
1) Foreign Military Financing program for Taiwan, first introduced in @SenatorRisch's #TaiwanDeterrenceAct in Nov 2021 & incorporated into TPA. It is a sliding scale that provides $6.5b in grants & $2b in loans over next 5 yrs, contingent on increases in Taiwan's defense spending
2) Regional Contingency Stockpile. Unlike Ukraine, Taiwan must ensure it has the capabilities (both in terms of defensive weapons, protective gear, & medical supplies) on-island from day 1 of a potential contingency. We cannot wait and react after the fact, we must prep now.
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This is Thursday's thread with news, views, analysis on #Russia's unprovoked war in #Ukraine, updated throughout the day.

Day 204 starts with a recap of the main story which broke very late last night:
🇺🇦President Zelenskyy is ok despite a car crash

If you missed that, or just want a recap of Wednesday's news from #Ukraine and beyond, then just click here and scroll at your leisure!

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

The other big story was #Russia's deliberate bombing of a dam, trying to flood #Ukraine's 7th biggest city, #KrivyiRih (RU: #KrivoyRog)

It's the home town of President @ZelenskyyUa
Late in the evening authorities evacuated houses of those living closest to the river.
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US “deeply concerned about reports of attacks along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border,” says @SecBlinken in a statement. “We urge an end to any military hostilities immediately.”
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#RussiaGoesNuclear: Hopefully, journalistic & political discussion of possible disaster at the #ZaporizhzhiaNPP will address the core of the matter: The cause of the catastrophe will be an, under the #NPT, official nuclear-weapon state & #UNSecurityCouncil permanent member. /1
The #RussianFederation will conduct a weaponization of civilian atomic power and high radioactivity in an offensive war of annihilation against #Ukraine - an official non-nuclear weapon state and UN founding member (the #UkrSSR entered the #UN with a separate seat, in 1945). /2
Moscow's hybrid military deployment of Europe's largest atomic station as the equivalent of a neutron bomb is fully intended to result in massive health damages for millions of Ukrainians, and even potentially their mass murder. /3
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#Tigray and the people of Tigray fighting for their are aligned with nobody or for nobody. They are fighting for their own survival and dignity against forces who want them exterminated and vanquished.”, says President of Tigray, Debretsion Gebremichael in an open letter to 1/7
the current President of the #UN Security Council, #France (@franceonu ), and #UNSG @antonioguterres. The letter dated Sept 7, 2022 is the second after the one written on Aug 23, a day before the resumption of the war. It contains elements of cessation of hostilities 2/7
and #peace process citing the first letter how previous processes were “setup to fail”.
If and what the UN’s response to the Aug 23 letter is unknown. Immediate and unconditional lifting of blockade and resumption of services, status quo ante, 3/7
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09/06/2022 #Shymkent

Today we received letters from civil activist, volunteer of the human rights movement #Veritas, political prisoner #Ashtayev Zhanmurat.

In the letters, Zhanmurat addresses the deputies of the #EuropeanParliament,
the Ambassador of the #EuropeanUnion to #Kazakhstan, Kestutis Jankauskas, the Special Representative of the European Union for Central Asia, Teri Hakala, and the #US State Department.

@osce_odihr @oscepa
@rozathun @nnienass @BernardGuettaDE
In his appeal, the activist told how he and his family have been persecuted by the authorities of Kazakhstan since 2019. They want to protect him from society for his active citizenship and criticism of the authorities.
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🧵In less than 2 months, #Myanmar & #Russia met at least 3 times via high-level physical visits. #Military chief now making 2nd trip to Russia with his last one only in mid-July. Attending Eastern Economic Forum, he'll likely engage Russian defence again #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
#Russia's Vladivostok Eastern Economic Forum's aimed at attracting investments into Russia. Unclear if Russian President Putin will attend. Since #Moscow attacked #Ukraine 5 months ago, nations like #US & #EU have introduced/expanded sanctions on Russia #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
Economic sanctions & #RussiaUkraineWar have certainly impacted #Russia. Same goes for #Myanmar where prolonged #militarycoup for over a year has caused many foreign firms to pull out/stop investments & brought economy to its knees… #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
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