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Twitter with all its sponsored trolls and fake accs, was messy.

But during #diganariots #EasterAttacks, covid and #SriLankaProtests, the platform’s role in realtime news dissemination was incomparable. We saw how often our media was informed by citizens.
#RIPTwitter #SriLanka
For example, Lankan journalists/citizens were able to report and provide visual content of instances of #PoliceBrutalityLK and crackdown by the Army, during the #Aragalaya

This is mostly true for the region as a whole. From #Myanmarcoup to #IranProtests2022
Not to mention so many other communities here ranging from tech to gaming to academic to corporates etc etc.

It’s unimaginable how a completely clueless manchild #spacekaren is able to fuck things up this badly for millions of people around the world, just because he has money.
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397 organizations signed a letter urging IFIs to repurpose funds into Covid assistance for border communities and prisoners in #Burma. See our press release: and the full letter for more: #Altsean #Myanmar #Covid19 #MyanmarCoup
These funds were supposed to go to the democratically elected gov't in 2020 for #Covid relief and frozen after the coup, leaving hundreds of millions unspent. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #SaveMyanmar #Pandemic #NUG
Vulnerable communities urgently need #aid against #covid19. The junta is persecuting health workers and preventing medical distribution to those who need it most. #Burma #Myanmar #HumanRights #ICRC #NGO
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#Thread |

Since its independence, #India has seen and largely welcomed waves of #Refugees and migrants fleeing persecution and conflict in neigbhouring nations

#WorldRefugeeDay #IndiaNarrative

@RomeshNadir Image
#Theme2021 is 'Together we heal, learn and shine'

From the refugees of #IndoPak partition who were automatically the citizens of newly independent India to recent influx due to #MyanmarCoup, #India has been following this theme since millenia

#IndiaNarrative @ipacglobal @dhume
In 1959, when @DalaiLama along with more than 100,000 followers were forced to flee #Tibet, India opened its doors for Tibetian #Refugees fleeing #ChinesePersecution

#IndiaNarrative #worldrefugeeday2021

@DossierTibet Image
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#Myanmar is NOT becoming 'like Syria' and is not 'descending into chaos'

No doubt, Myanmar is facing a catastrophic emergency of immense proportions and requires urgent support.


#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #May4coup #MyanmarCoup
Myanmar is NOT taking in thousands of 'foreign fighters' from Afghanistan or other protracted int'l war zones.

Myanmar is NOT seeing millions of dollars of funding handed to all sides of the conflict by regional and global powers, nor international Islamist networks
Myanmar is NOT being taken over by ISIS

Myanmar is NOT prone to sectarian violence between communities (despite a few elite-orchestrated anti-Islamic attacks in '12-13 and '16-17).

Myanmar has almost NEVER seen communities of different ethnicities fight each other directly.
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As NE States welcome Myanmar residents fleeing military crackdown, MHA reiterates that State governments have no powers to grant “refugee status to any foreigner” and India is not a signatory to the United Nations Refugee Convention. #MyanmarCoup…
India and Myanmar share 1,643 km border and people on either side have familial ties.
A Free Movement Regime exists under which every member of the hill tribes, who is either a citizen of India or Myanmar and who is resident of any area within 16 km on either side can cross the border with a border pass issued by the authorities and can stay up to 2 weeks/visit.
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While I strongly support #R2PforMyanmar ASAP, I believe there's much vital work that the #CivilDisobedienceMovement could be doing now that it isn't doing, namely, waging a fierce & effective propaganda campaign to accelerate defections from #MyanmarPolice & #Tatmadaw 1/n
The ideas I'll be presenting don't originate w/ me, an American w/o #Burma-related expertise, but are derived from the work & imagination of Burmese like @Rangoon_Film & @JusticeMyanmar along w/ a seminal interview done by @mrattkthu w/ a #Tatmadaw defector, Nyi Thura. 2/n
This interview hasn't gotten nearly the attn it deserves. With the help of @PhyoBurmaMade, who kindly translated the entire interview for a rando American (😄thank you!🙏), I'll begin by identifying what strike me as valuable points from that @mrattkthu interview 3/n
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If US half-heartedly act to overthrow Myanmar Junta in 2021, Beijing will fill in the gap wherever US pulls back. China will fulfill its ambitions in Indian Ocean as the western Myanmar is basically the back door exit to the ocean.
Beijing will have no problem building...
a military base in Andaman Sea; will have easy and cheap as well as unlimited supply from Myanmar's vast offshore fuel platforms as Junta will have to kiss China's ass. World's biggest meth lab will easily be built in border areas as the political unrest continues.
US should exercise its power in maintaining a democracy government in Myanmar to check and balance China's influence in geopolitical sense. It's low-cost-high-gain stategy for the American interest both in national security front and in power game with China.
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Have you heard of Emerging Towns and Cities Singapore Ltd (ETC)?🧐 Its a #Singapore-based developer & lead investor in Golden City. Golden City complex is built on land controlled by #Myanmar military. It channels millions of $$ to office of Quartermaster General of the army 😲
ETC channels their biz through shell companies, with additional investment flowing from 4 biz incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and whose ownership is hidden. Golden City is ETC’s sole real estate development 1/
Golden Land Real Estate Development, & Nature Link Co. Ltd., the Myanmar-based project partners of ETC, signed a lease agreement w/ Quartermaster General’s office in 2013, back when military's Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) governed the country 2/
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Interesting facts #MyanmarCoup-#India
~Current Myanmar Army General Min Aung Hlaing ws to retire in July this yr. He's 65.
Reminds me of the drama around #Bajwa's extension.
Few within Myanmar Army r NOT happy abt Hlaing's extension, jst like it happened in P@k Army.
What makes this man interesting--is his stand agnst R0hingy@. He pushed 'em out.
~Within 16 days of coup massive Myitsone dam project hs bn revived. Was suspended in 2017.
CHEENI company hd been lobbying for it.
It ws suspended due to the environmental impact it can cause.
Military says Aung San Suu Kyi hd 6 walkie-talkie sets, which wr not licensed. Documents show it was for her bodyguards. Possible!
Bt there are also walkie talkies which have a range of upto 35miles (56Km).
So did she really fear for her life?
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We need to seriously stop fabricating baseless rumours that Chinese soldiers are in #Myanmar. They are not and they will not be. Outside observers claiming anything else is senseless, irresponsible and dangerous.

#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #myanmarcoup
Some thoughts - thread 1/10 Image
I understand that people in Myanmar are afraid and that media restriction and secrecy on side of the Tatmadaw is aiding this kind of fake news. There's a reason why "rumour" has such a prominent place in Myanmar politics after decades of dictatorship. I can't blame them. 2/10
However, these fears are not only baseless but dangerous: The Tatmadaw has enough soldiers to brutally suppress protests. No need for a few Chinese foot soldiers. More importantly the Tatmadaw is the most anti-Chinese institution in the country and would never agree to that 3/10
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Please read [thread]
ညက အင်တာနက်ဖြတ်တယ် ထူးထူးခြားခြားအရင်ညတွေလိုမဟုတ်ပဲ ဘာမှမကြားရဖူး။
မဖြတ်ခင်မှာ စစ်ကားတွေနဲ့ပြည်သူတွေအေးချမ်းစေရန်ဆောင်ရွက်ပေးနေပါတယ်ဆိုတာလိုက်အော်ထားတယ်။
ဒီကနေ့ ဆန္ဒပြရာနေရာမှာ စစ်တပ်တွေဆွဲထားပြီး ဘာမှမထိပါဘူးဆိုတာမျိုးလုပ်ပြနေတယ်။
ဒါဟာ တမျိုးတဖုံပုံစံပြောင်းပြီး ဝါဒဖြန့်ပြီး ကမ္ဘာကိုတမျိုးပြချင်တာဖြစ်ကောင်းဖြစ်နိုင်တယ်။ သူတို့ကြောင့် ငြိမ်းချမ်းသွားသလိုမျိုး credit ယူတဲ့ပုံဖြစ်နိုင်တယ်။
အဲ့တော့ ဆန္ဒထုတ်ဖော်သူတွေ တတ်နိုင်သမျှ သူတို့နဲ့ ဝေးဝေးမှာပြကြပါ။ သူတို့ အကွက်တွေထဲမဝင်ပါစေနဲ့။
Attention ယူတာတွေလျော့လို့ရပါပြီ။ ကမ္ဘာကလဲ တော်တော်သိနေကြပါပြီ။ အဲ့တော့ အရေးကြီးတာတွေကိုရှေ့တန်း ပြန်တင်ကြပါ။
မဆိုင်တာတွေဆွဲမထည့်ကြပါနဲ့။ အထူးသဖြင့် ပုံမှန်မှာအချိန်မှာတောင် sensitive ဖြစ်တဲံ့လူမျိုးရေး၊ ဘာသာရေးလုံးဝ မပါပါစေနဲ့။ 3/9
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As ppl peacefully protest in front of Central Bank of #Myanmar, urging employees to join #CivildisobenienceMovement, here's ways to prevent generals from gaining access to country’s foreign assets & using int banking system to maintain their violent rule 👉🏼
We call on int. community & biz to immediately take the following 4 actions:

1️⃣Locate & freeze #Myanmar’s billions of dollars in foreign reserves so they cannot be embezzled by generals or siphoned off to bankroll their brutal regime #Myanmarcoup #CivilDisobdienceMovement
2️⃣Suspend all business with military-controlled banks in Myanmar. This also means ensuring these banks cannot continue to use the SWIFT communication network #Feb15Coup #CivilDisobedienceMovementMyanmar #Myanmarcoup
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Is #Myanmar military using @Telenor_mm to spy on activists? In a @bistandsaktuelt investigation, Telenor refused to answer questions on whether the military has access to user data. See the story in Norwegian 👉 1/ #CivilDisobedienceMovement #keepiton #CDN
.@TelenorGroup refused to answer questions on whether the company will even disclose if they receive a directive or a request from #Myanmar authorities for access to user data. This puts #CivilDisobedienceMovement activists + journalists at risk, whose lives are on the line 2/
B4 #MyanmarCoup in Dec, #Telenor disclosed "the gov intends to be able to directly access each operator and ISP’s systems w/o case-by-case approval." They warned of "misuse & breach of customers’ human rights". Why are they not being transparent now? 👉 3/
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I interviewed one of the regime's so-called "thugs" in 2011.

He was a Kachin teenager who had gotten into a drunken fight in Myitkyina and was then sentenced to prison.

#Myanmar #Myanmarcoup #myanmarmilitarycoup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
In 2011, while the Myanmar Army was struggling to fight combined forces of KNU, DKBA and KNU/KNLA-PC...

...the military government began transporting prisoners from across the country to the southeast so they could be forced to porter military equipment.…
He was one of these prisoners. He was hit by a DKBA bullet in the shoulder and hip, before managing to flee across enemy lines and give himself up.

They realised he was not the enemy and so he was allowed to live. He eventually found his way to Mae Tao clinic, Mae Sot, Thailand
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The ends the #Myanmar regime is going to to incite fear and chaos are unprecedented & shocking.

Thugs are being dropped in neighbourhoods throughout Yangon to set fires, start fights and cause disturbance.

#Myanmarcoup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #MyanmarPoliceBrutality
Police are being given powers in public writing to arrest anyone and act without permission of local administrators.

Those administrators (with bands of local people banging pots and pans) are having to take justice in their own hands and apprehend thugs to protect citizens.
The thugs are often on drugs and, after being apprehended, are admitting that they have been paid significant sums of cash to commit these acts. Some are still carrying their prison release forms from yesterday
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Military government announces release of 23, 369 prisoners.

This could pose threats to protestors and to public safety.

Yet another return to the old junta playbook.

#Myanmarcoup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #MyanmarPoliceBrutality
They could be making space for protestors

Myanmar's 42 prisons, 5 detentions centres and 48 labour camps are vastly overcrowded. In June 2019, there were 85,000 prisoners despite official capacity of just 72,000.

Lack of detention centres means prisons often used before trial.
This risks public safety and increasing crime rates

Myanmar does not have a parole system or meaningful rehabilitation services for prisoners.

When prisoners are released, it is not based on good behaviour or an assessment of their ability to return to non-criminal life
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အခုဖြစ်နေတဲ့ အခက်အခဲတွေကို ဘယ်လိုမှတ်တမ်းတင်မလဲ (ဓါတ်ပုံဖြစ်စေ၊ ဗီဒီယိုဖြစ်စေ) 👇
Escalating crisis as people standup to #MyanmarCoup. It's critical to document repression. Here's how to do it with phone. #WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar #HearTheVoiceOfMyanmar #CivilDisobedienceMovement ImageImageImageImage
More detail on making #Video of #MyanmarCoup actions stronger as evidence (Burmese). Follow @WITNESS_Asia for + info #WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar
Full guide PDF… Image
အဖွဲ့တစ်ဖွဲ့အဖြစ်ဆန္ဒပြရိုက်ကူးဖို့ဘယ်လို If you are #filming #MyanmarCoup think how to do as team: this simple infographic provides guidance on documenting #protests -->… Follow @WITNESS_Asia for + info
#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #HearTheVoiceOfMyanmar Image
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1. I did this y’day on #illegality of #Myanmarcoup & why elected MPs are legal representatives of Myanmar people. Just seen this notice in y'day's Global New Light of Myanmar:-…. Yet another effort by junta to gaslight people. Let me tell you why. (THREAD)
A day after coup so-called State Administrative Council issued order purporting to appoint new UEC… Will explain why this ‘new’ UEC not only invalidly appointed but also does not have legal power to do things like invalidating letters of accreditation (2)
As I explained yesterday and @MelissaACrouch wrote here:-… ex-General Myint Swe is not a lawfully elected Acting President because substantive & procedural requirements under section 73 are not met. (3)
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A thread on #Myanmarcoup & legal aspects. As we know, the army stayed a coup the morning a new Parliament was set to convene on Feb 1. They released a statement announcing a one year state of emergency (SOE) (THREAD)
The document was signed by VP ex-General Myint Swe, as ‘Acting President’. The SOE was declared under sections 417 and 418 of the constitution drafted by the military #Myanmarcoup #Myanmar #Burma (2)
Well, I’ve spoken to constitutional experts on Myanmar, both in and out of the country, and they have all said the SOE declaration is "completely illegal". For the sake of their safety I'm keeping them anonymous but I'm going to relay what they have told me (3)
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THREAD: Internet in Myanmar and the role of social media for the pro-democracy movement. We know the military has severely disrupted internet service in Myanmar – for a second time – since its Feb 1 coup. Data and graph by @netblocks 1/6 #HearTheVoiceOfMyanmar Image
The internet may be down in Myanmar. But the pro-democracy movement is being widely followed by Burmese diaspora especially in neighbouring countries. The following hashtags are trending 2/6 #MyanmarCoup #MyanmarCivilMovement #HearTheVoiceOfMyanmar #SaveMyanmar #FightForDemocracy
“The world is watching.” London-based firm @netblocks has been closely tracking the internet disruptions in Myanmar. Director @atoker explains how the internet shutdown has been enforced – mostly through intimidation and pressure on service providers. 3/6
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From District 12, a coal-mining district that is the poorest, least populated & smallest district in Panem to…

DYK: the Hunger Games salute has spread across parts of #Asia as a symbol of pro-#democracy protest.
#Myanmar #Thailand #HongKong
Giving them the three fingers.

Why are protestors in #Myanmar 🇲🇲 doing #TheHungerGames three-finger salute? The back story here:…
@Gizmodo | @paleofuture reports.
#Katniss #Asia ImageImageImageImage
#Myanmar 🇲🇲 #MyanmarCoup

Factory workers raise three-finger salutes to protest the military takeover. Video: via @FrontierMM ht @poppymcp
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This is actually big news and devastating for the KNU. It is also very illustrative of the state of the peace process under ASSK as well as what might come for EAOs and peace in #Myanmar more generally. #MyanmarCoup

Apologies, short thread again 1/5…
Mahn Nyein Maung (MNM) has also been called Burma's Papillon for his "miraculous" escape from the high security prison on Coco Island aka “Burma's Devil's Island” He was then imprisoned again in Insein and released with the KNU ceasefire in 2012 after which he returned to KNU 2/5
I interviewed MNM in 2013 when he insisted that then semi-military administration of U Thein Sein (former Tatmadaw General) was a peace-loving government that the KNU should trust. Needless to say not everyone in the KNU agreed, especially with rampaging ceasefire capitalism 3/5
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What's Happened In #Rakhine since the #MyanmarCoup?
[Thread 1/7]

From our sources @RestlessBeings we understand that a major PR drive by the military has taken place in #Rakhine state today, particularly targeted at the #Rohingya population

What's Happened In #Rakhine since the #MyanmarCoup?
[Thread 2/7]

In #Sittwe #Akyab in the #IDP camp of #AungMinglar the Regional Military Commander (believed to be Mying Aung Lwin) visited #Rohingya community leaders for about 45 minutes.

[Thread 3/7]
He went on to explain the 3 main reasons why the #Tatmadaw has taken control:
1. 1 million voters in #Rakhine left off voter lists
2. #NLD violated #Covid19 rules
3. #NLD didn't respond to #military demands of voter lists

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As there is increasing talk about the need to rethink Western donor engagement with #Myanmar, get up to speed with the following open-access article by @schulmanic & me, in which we urged exactly this two years ago:

Some takeaways - 1/6

The article historicises Myanmar's transition of 2011, which demonstrates that Western donors' understanding of the country's transition primarily through the lens of "democratisation" was not only analytically wrong but also politically problematic. 2/6
Operating on this assumption of democratisation, Western donors shifted funds from grassroots networks to militarised state bureaucracies that co-opted peacebuilding and development projects for the purposes of ethnocratic and authoritarian state-building & counterinsurgency. 3/6
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