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1⃣ #Reacher on Amazon Prime Video
Arrested for a homicide he didn’t commit, Reacher sets out to find who really did the crime. Whoever’s behind it picked the wrong guy to take the fall because Reacher is almost super-human…
2⃣ Suspicion on AppleTV+
One of the most acclaimed Isareli series of the past few years was False Flag; now here’s the American remake. Uma Thurman stars as a New York businesswoman whose son is kidnapped from an upmarket hotel
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Finished #Yellowjackets - Am I missing something here? Because the framing it set up for Jackie to be the 'mean girl' but I absolutely empathize with Jackie and think that Shauna is a horrible friend and person. (Minor spoilers in thread but the finale was 4 days ago 🤷‍♂️)
There's a sort of lazy trope in TV that the viewer is supposed to dislike the "popular mean girl" but by all accounts Jackie wasn't any more cruel or petty than anybody else. Just popular and a good team captain
At least Jackie #Yellowjackets was her authentic self obnoxious or not. Shauna is the passive aggressive parasite who blames her popular friend for her own inability to find herself. In fact, I think Shauna is probably the real villain of the show
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Time for a #Yellowjackets catch up binge! I'm four episodes behind.
"What happened to the last person who held you hostage?"

"They lived happily ever after."

Natalie was cold as ice with that cop and I would feel bad for him except he's a cop.
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It started with a small plane crash in the woods and became a national obsession. #Yellowjackets, which ends its first season on Sunday, has become a north star for TV viewers since it premiered on @Showtime in November.…
Part survival drama, part witchy mystery, it follows the members of a girls high school soccer team — and, 25 years later, the grown-up survivors — who get stranded in the wilderness for 18 months after their aircraft goes down on the way to a tournament.…
The show has been lauded for its captivating mystery, as well as its portrayal of memory and trauma.

A therapist breaks down how a pivotal moment in episode 9 perfectly captures PTSD ⬇️…
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Ok, I'm officially declaring myself obsessed with #Yellowjackets. Like everyone in the movie Don't Look Up, I'm burying myself in entertainment while the world burns. At least this show is worthy.
I love seeing those amazingly talented 90s actresses get to be deeply complicated leads in a meaty story that's not about men. But I also love seeing the young actresses be just as good and getting this kind of work at the beginning of their careers! So much hope.
I love seeing what entertainment can be when it's not about what gets men off. At all. It's soooo incredibly rich and gripping and meaningful on infinite levels. What if ALL entertainment were this free to explore the whole human condition??
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#Yellowjackets Lisa & Akilah are written horribly. I'm used to black characters in these majority white shows being written in ways that don't resemble black people anywhere at anytime. But the lack of depth and development for a couple who take up so much screentime is horrible
Even in 2022 "prestige tv" tokenism is still present. You have a happily married black lesbian couple, where Taissa is running for office...And NO discussion of race, gender of sexuality? She doesn't meet w/ local LGBTQA groups? Or Black organizations? It's ludicrous
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Obsessed with YELLOWJACKETS. Of course a Lord of the Flies esque situation with teenage girls would lead to the perfect mix of drama, angst and horror.
Also this show is coming for SUCCESSION's belt for the best opening credits on tv #Yellowjackets
Love the 90s-heavy soundtrack of the show. Been listening to old favs of Portishead, Hole, PJ Harvey since I started watching #Yellowjackets
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@PouvoirDAchats1 is the most influential profile: 29.721 tweets from the 3rd of December and 4.395 in the last 4 days. Only today almost 1000 #tweets & #Retweeet! He is tweeting in ways that are similar to a political bot or a political spam account. ImageImage
This is today activity of the most influential profile of #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes Image
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What Trump doesn't appear to realize (as he was tweeting that the French were chanting for him today), is that before too long, this will be what the streets in the US look like if the legislature doesn't protect Mueller/get Trump out.
2-I believe that this is what we called 'rioting in the streets' back in the 60s..."This tax hike seemed to the group, which gathered followers mostly through social media, the last insult of metropolitan Paris to rural France, and they began protesting and blockading highways
3-"across the country. Last week, the protests reached Paris, where the gilets jaunes—or, by most reports, members of the largely rural group aided by extreme leftists and even more extreme rightists, both prepped for street battle—rioted on the Champs Élysées, vandalized the
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A 3rd weekend of nationwide protests in France by the #YellowVests movement, largely made up of working-class people angry about a planned increase in fuel taxes, left burned cars & smashed store windows in several of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Paris
“The Yellow Vests Will Triumph”
“Macron Quit”
“Topple the Bourgeoisie"
“We Cut Off Heads for Less Than This”
“May 1968, December 2018”

"The graffiti [on the Arc de Triomphe] seemed to target Macron, who has been described as the “president of the rich.”
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