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A long time ago, there was a man named Abimelech. He decided he should be the king and ruler over everyone and everything...


#SundayThoughts #SundayMorning
The first thing Abimelech did was to convince some very powerful men to give him a little bit of money.

So little they would hardly notice, but just enough for Abimelech to...


#SundayThoughts #SundayMorning
Hire the right men to help Abimelech become king.

With the money given to Abimelech he set out to “hire worthless and reckless men...”

Only men of this type would do.


#SundayThoughts #SundayMorning
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With the help of a great artist @PBManning, we have put together a children’s book for the times. Welp, you found a dead guy Is based on basic disaster training where you assess, address and move forward.
#thread #Covid_19 #SundayMorning
In the book we have added the extra step of resource management by showing you how to mark and make areas safer. By doing this, you can reduce your exposure to danger points and increase your lifespan.
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Today in pulp I look back at the Witchploitation explosion of the late 1960s: black magic, bare bottoms and terrible, terrible curtains!

Come this way... #SundayMorning
Mainstream occult magazines and books had been around since late Victorian times. These were mostly about spiritualism, with perhaps a bit of magic thrown in.
But it was the writings of Aleister Crowley in English and Maria de Naglowska in French and Russian that first popularised the idea of 'sex magick' in the 20th century - the use of sexual energy and ritual to achieve mystical outcomes.
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This #SundayMorning I'm asking you to commit to saving a life by staying home. Here's what that means:

No restaurants
No playdates
No parties
No travel

Join me in committing to stay home for the next two weeks to show we can #FlattenTheCurve
(2) Yesterday my timeline was filled with alarming scenes of crowded airports and anecdotal accounts of people packed into bars for St. Patrick's Day.

We know for every person infected with the virus, 2.5 more people become infected with COVID-19.…
(3) We know that thousands if not millions of folks walking around in public right now are asymptomatic silent killers. They carry the virus & contribute to its spread.

For millions of elderly & immune-compromised, this carelessness is a death sentence.…
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So, we share a beautiful #SundayMorning during which we need to #StayTheFHome, hm?

Here's an idea - let's roleplay Vampire The Masquerade. Together. Here.

I will storytell, you can participate from your couches, everyone will have a chance to affect the story.

Rules below.
1. Story chapters will appear every 30 minutes.
2. You can reply to each chapter with what you would do.
3. The most liked reply means this is what our character does. I'm ready for your shenigans.
4. In case of a draw, I pick.

We start in 30 minutes. Sounds good, #vamily? :)
Let's begin.

You're used to wake up to the rays of sun. You keep forgetting to fix your blinds, or you just pretend you do, too lazy to act, only quietly regretting it each morning.

Today is different, though. As you wake up, the only thing that greets you is darkness. (cont.)
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BUT OF COURSE someone in Trump's orbit is profiting off the #coronavirus.

Exhibit A: Joshua Kushner (Jared's brother) & CEO of OSCAR Health. 1/

#AMJoy @JoyAnnReid #SundayMorning #COVIDー19 #CoronaVirusUpdates #StayHome
Trump rejected the test kits already developed by the #WHO (made in Germany) instead insisting they be made domestically -- which delayed availability.

These kits have serious sensitivity flaws and a 10% margin of error -- quite large given the population at risk. #COVIDー19
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This #SundayMorning we're asking why the President, who swore an oath to defend & protect Americans, is using government resources to wage war & intimidate his own people.

Shouldn't these resources be deployed to assist with COVID-19 instead?
(2) COVID-19 is a public health emergency & it requires all hands on deck in every government agency. Instead, Trump is funneling precious resources into a racist immigration agenda.

Just 3 days ago 500 more ICE agents were deployed to sanctuary cities.…
(3) It's not just boots on the ground that are being squandered. It's funding. The Trump administration continues to raid the coffers of the Pentagon.

These funds are allocated to support the very folks we'll need during an emergency- the National Guard.…
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What Pence said on MTP this am @ coronavirus: Re Trump's strategy: “The president has made it clear that this is a whole of government approach. It's the reason why we've actually expanded our taskforce. I'll have one of the most renowned experts in infectious diseases literally
2-"joining my staff in the West Wing tomorrow. We're going to bring the best scientific minds, experts together, and we're going to, we’re going to work every day to, to contain this disease, to treat those that are contracted. And I'm very confident we're ready, and I know,
3-"and I know that we’ll get through this.” Re closing schools: "Those are decisions that governors in consultation with local health officials will make as they deem that necessary. But other than in areas where there are individuals that have been infected with the coronavirus,
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(1/7) Good #SundayMorning! This week’s #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth is focused on sharing the facts about #COVID19 and stopping the spread of rumors. More via @CDCgov:…
@CDCgov (2/7) Diseases can make anyone sick regardless of their race or ethnicity. People of Asian descent, including Chinese Americans, are not more likely to get COVID19 than any other American.
@CDCgov (3/7) #COVID19 is a serious disease, but for the general public the immediate health risk is considered low. Learn more about prevention steps here:…
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#BBC has unleashed 11minutes Documentry using extreme cruel Tamil words & says" Muslins death cry all over,Hindus killing chanting JaiShreeRam"
Anchor is Vivekananda-I don't how can he even utter such lies without heart!
If u r a nationalist & understand tamil
U can't digest this documentary!
How @rsprasad is allowing such biased channel that spreads Hate to survive

The average & rural Tamilian who has no knowledge about Hindi/English believes this is 100% true.

They were shown doors during the
IG period & begged for return to create this havoc
Can @AmitShah @amitmalviya @PMOIndia punish them from revoking there operations!
Says "see how Mosque has been burnt & a Muslin was stabbed to death & wife, kids crying!How Muslins r chased away from their homes & running away"
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DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney on the Obama administration, terrorism in America found dead
Islamic Saturation: Warning for America
#SaturdayThoughts #WWG1WGA
RIP Philip Haney Shot and Killed
Haney exposed terrorists groups in U.S. and Obama Admin ordered him to scrub names of terrorists in the U.S. We could have saved lives! God Bless Haney🙏
#SaturdayThoughts #WWG1WGA
Obama shut down Holy Land Case against terrorists operating in the U.S.
The Council on American–Islamic Relations(CAIR)
Islamic Society of North America(ISNA)
North American Islamic Trust(NAIT)
👉MB infiltration in U.S. Gov
Full Video
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When Trump was acquited by a GOP Senate of sycophants who admitted his guilt, it should have been the match that set off a tinderbox of fury among the American people.

This #SundayMorning we're asking why citizens didn't stand up and protest. Where is our revolution?
(2) First off, as I've addressed in previous threads, it's hard for the US to engage in mass protests because of basic geography

Our biggest city isn't the capitol & urban centers are pockets of dense population that are vast distances from one another

(3) We haven't had sustained mass protests in decades. Someone else fights & dies in our wars in places we can't locate on a map.

We have the appearance of equality in theory if not in practice. We live in a wealthy country where success seems possible.…
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This #SundayMorning, Graham announced an official channel to receive Biden dirt from Guiliani and launder it through the justice department.

We have just one question. What can we do to stop Barr and slow the advance of American kleptocracy?

(2) The short answer is not much.

William Barr has been cutting his teeth on shoring up executive power since the 80s and now that he's in the position to change the balance of power in our democracy, he's going to do just that.…
(3) Barr's weaponization of the Attorney General's office means the power of that office now resides in the Presidency and not in the hands of the people.

His sole purpose is not to ensure justice but to protect the consolidation of executive power.…
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New Zealand Government Scholarships 2020/2021 for study in New Zealand (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline:Friday 28 February 2020, 12.00 pm NZ Time.
New Zealand offers scholarships to eligible citizens from developing countries to study abroad at a New Zealand education
institution or university or at a Pacific university.

NZDS are funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme, the New Zealand Government’s overseas aid and development programme. They are managed by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).

New Zealand
Scholarships are available to citizens of these countries in Africa:

Eligible African countries:
Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Djibouti, Egypt, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia
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This #SundayMorning we're asking how Dems, independents & progressives can come together to defeat Trump & the GOP.

In my opinion, we can start by recognizing that every Dem candidate brings something positive & unique to the table.

Let's break it down by candidate.
(2) First, we'll start with Joe Biden. There are a couple reasons Joe leads national polls, including the strong support he enjoys from the black community who see him as an Obama surrogate.

Biden also has the foreign policy chops to salvage America's reputation abroad.
(3) Bernie Sanders has a dedicated fan base who see him as the face of Medicare For All. He's one of the few candidates who still endorse M4A in its entirety.

Sanders also enjoys support from younger voters without degrees making under 50K a year, typically Trump's base.
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Follow the Pen👀 Trap Set?
Bolton's Book: The Room Where it Happened
Looking Deeper
George Washington's, (childhood friend) was Spymaster agent 711-his alias name was 'John Bolton'. He was Military Intelligence appointed to put a secret spy ring together, dubbed "The Culper Ring" #SaturdayMorning
Bolton Book-The Room Where it Happens is the name of a song in a musical called Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton was a Rothschild agent who helped create the First National Bank=FED
Why did Bolton title his book after a song in Hamilton
Here's where things get really interesting...
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MSM coming-BIG WAY.
We see all.
We hear all.
CONSPIRACY push coming.
Tweet above is Q Post 529.
529 is on the jet in the video.
It's also the date of birth of this man. 👇

#TheGreatAwakening #TheStorm #WakeUpAmerica #SundayThoughts #DarkToLight #Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QArmy #SundayMotivation
"It is week two" -> Impeachment 👈
"Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS)" -> Emails 👈
Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) -> 'arresting' & Assistant Attorney General 👈

Video 1:56 -> Q Post 156
++ (R0thschiId targeted) 👈

#TheGreatAwakening #QArmy #WWG1WGA #Qanon
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This #SundayMorning, we're asking what the point of these impeachment proceedings are. Trump's lawyers lie, CJR doesn't enforce the rules. Why participate in the sham if it won't change anything?

I've got one answer for you.
Cognitive dissonance.
(2) When we talk about shifting deeply held belief systems or changing people's minds, we have to introduce cognitive dissonance.
It’s the concept that when faced with information that causes friction to the infallibility of our beliefs, we make 1 of 2 choices...
(3) We either embrace comforting lies or accept unpleasant truths. Either we invest in theories that shore up our beliefs, however fantastic (see QAnon), or we come to terms with the idea that what we believe isn’t true.
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The purpose of the "European Army" is not to defend Europe.
It is to oppress Europeans as the EU becomes increasingly impoverished under the yoke of the Globalists & take what Macron is doing to the #GiletsJaunes to the next level.

Frightening 😡😡😡
Truly, very, very, frightening.

EU's Mogherini "we need to merge the military and policing functions."

If you merge the military with the police you have created a Police State.

UK is signed up to the new EU Army, aka "EU Defence Union"

Mogherini confirmed in 2017 that "23 member states have already signed up to the new EU army, aka "EU Defence Union" (including the UK)".

New EU Army & EI2 are scheduled to become fully operational in 2020.

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Good Morning and welcome to church. Thanks for joining us. Today marks the last day of our 21-Day Fasting and Prayer program.

#CHURCHGRA #MyTurnToShine #WinningThroughPrayers #SundayMorning #Unstoppable
Now ministering Pst Clem Imaku
Winning Through Prayers.

Life is a journey, it's not a funfair but warfare. to winning is gaining victory.

#CHURCHGRA #MyTurnToShine #WinningThroughPrayers #SundayMorning #Unstoppable
We are designed to win, the defeat has already been decided before the battle ever began. 1john 4:4

#CHURCHGRA #MyTurnToShine #WinningThroughPrayers #SundayMorning #Unstoppable
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This #SundayMorning we're exploring the story behind the altered National Archives photo and why this is hardly the first and unlikely to be the last time the Trump administration attempts to alter history.

(2) This week, evidence emerged that the National Archives had blurred an image in a women's suffrage exhibit that was critical of Trump.

"Doctoring a commemorative photograph buys right into the notion that it's okay to silence women's voice & actions."…
(3) This is hardly the first time the Trump administration has dabbled in rewriting history by doctoring photos

In fact, it began as early as inauguration when Trump intervened to have a National Parks Service photo altered to reflect a larger crowd size…
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#SundayMorning Working on a piece on practical suggestions for philanthropic professionals on how to shift power through everyday grant-making and monitoring practices. This thread will be a list of resources for anyone who wants to address this topic in their work. #philanthropy
Let's start with this late 2018 piece on why philanthropy is not enough and why it potentially broadens the social divide it's supposedly trying to solve. An important article for any of us who chose to be part of this problematic system.…
Continuing on what 2019 was for the sector - a short piece on @VillanuevaEdgar's "Decolonizing Wealth", a book that kickstarted a public conversation that we all knew was bound make it outside of our institutions one day.…
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The Art of Learning Car Driving in Chennai:

You find a driving school nearby your house and enroll for the classes. The classes for new learners starts around 5am and lasts for 28 days. You wake up early to hit the road in the car you drive for the first time.. (1/n)
That is when you realise that 5 am is not so early when atleast 15 learners await outside the driving school. The school has 3 cars ( mostly Indica / Swift Dzire ) at max each with 4 seating capacity apart from the instructor. If you are lucky enough, the instructor calls (2/n)..
.. you by name and hands out the card with your attendance sheet and asks to get in. The instructor is usually a long-time cab-driver or a retired public bus driver in their late 40's. The on-ward journey is for 1km and then its your turn and the comes your turn (3/n)..
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On the last #SundayMorning of 2019, I thought I'd take a look back at the most popular tweets and threads from this year.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates

What were we focused on in 2019?
(2) Our most popular thread of 2019 explored why the resistance in America doesn't look more like the streets of Hong Kong and what that does and doesn't say about our country.

(3) Another popular thread in 2019 sought the answer to the continued lack of action on gun control and laid it squarely at the feet of a GOP controlled Senate.

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