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A special NIA court in Mumbai rejected the bail application filed by Anand Teltumbde, who was arrested in connection with Elgar Parishad-Maoist links. The court said the charges against him were prima facie true.

“On the contrary, I have no hesitation to conclude that there is sufficient material to enable the Court to reach to prima facie conclusion that the accusations made against the applicant are prima facie true,” said the Court.
The court also discarded the contention raised by Anand Teltumbde as a ground in his bail application that his educational   qualification and social background, needs to be considered while deciding bail application.
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Implicated on political instructions in a made-up conspiracy. Yes, blame Fadnavis & Co for #StanSwamy institutional murder.

But our Judiciary should hang its head in shame! For rubber-stamping remand requests. Denying bail. Blindly accepting terror charges & not dismissing them.
Rest in peace #FatherStanSwamy, after these months of horrific torture you had to endure. For the crime of speaking up for tribals.

Shame on NIA, Fadnavis & Co, GOI for falsely charging 84-year old Jesuit activist-priest & jailing him and #Judiciary for denying bail repeatedly!
If this does not shake #JudicialConscience, nothing will. #FatherStanSwamy murder by incarceration should, at least now, wake up our Esteemed Hon’ble Lordships.

Fast-track cases and release #SudhaBhardwaj #GautamNavlakha #AnandTeltumbde and others framed in #BhimaKoregaon case!
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#PROFILESOFDISSENT is a series that centers on amplifying stories of courage that are both ordinary and remarkable in India, and their personal and political histories, as a way to reclaim our public spaces
Here is a thread with what we have published so far:
“Above all, there should be dignity and respect in the affairs related to the birth or death of human beings” – a profile of Varavara Rao #ProfilesOfDissent #VaravaraRao…
We need groups organised to fight, they’re the ones who can make a dent” – a profile of Sudha Bharadwaj…
#SudhaBharadwaj #FreePoliticalPrisoners #ProfilesOfDissent
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आनंद तेलतुंबडे यांना अटक-काय आहे वास्तव?
१. आनंद तेलतुंबडे यांना केलेल्या अटकेला कोरेगाव भीमा चा संदर्भ आहे.कोरेगाव भीमा मधील हिंसेला भिडे-एकबोटे जबाबदार होते असा आरोप झाला पण त्याची काडीचीही चौकशी भाजप सरकारने केली नाही
२.एल्गार परिषद,जी वर्णवर्चस्ववादी..(1/8)
पेशवाई पराभूत होण्याचा, २०० वा सोहळा साजरा करण्यासाठी आयोजित केली होती. तिला भाजप सरकारने हिंसेसाठी दोषी धरले.
३. आनंद तेलतुंबडे या परिषदेशी संबंधित नव्हते. उलट त्यांनी त्यावर एक टीकात्मक लेख लिहला होता.
४. कोरेगाव भीमा हिंसा आणि पंतप्रधानांचा हत्या करण्याचा कट,..(2/8)
यासंदर्भात कोणीतरी कोणाला तरी लिहलेल्या पत्रात 'आनंद' म्हणून व्यक्तीचा उल्लेख आहे असे पोलिसांचे म्हणणे आहे. ते 'आनंद' म्हणजे आनंद तेलतुंबडे असा निष्कर्ष पोलिसांनी काढला. याला कसलाही आधार नाही. तेलतुंबडे यांच्या घरातून कसलाही पुरावा पोलिसांना सापडलेला नाही. म्हणूनच...(3/8)
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“I earnestly hope you will speak out before your turn comes.”

#AnandTeltumbde poses a threat that makes the Brahminical state cower. A voice unafraid to stand with facts, no matter where the arrow points.

His arrest is anti-democratic

In solidarity with the Dalit scholar who has spent decades unflinchingly calling out the anti-caste prejudices of the society and the system.

His+ journalist Gautam Navlakha's impending arrest lays bare the govt's plan to weaponize this pandemic against those it considers foes.
As even conservative states across the world release incarcerated persons, the state's insistence on arresting dissenting voices+ summoning them on cross-city travel (incl. @svaradarajan) is directly jeopardizing their safety & intentionally subjecting them to harm.
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1: Amid the spread of #COVID19, the Supreme Court of India’s order directing the arrest and imprisonment of two human rights defenders, #AnandTeltumbde and #GautamNavlakha within a week, is disappointing.…
2: On one hand, the court acknowledges that overcrowded prisons present a serious threat and recommends the release of prisoners during the pandemic and then it directs 2 activists who have been critical of the government to surrender before the police and to be sent to jail.
3: Both Navlakha & Teltumbde are above 65 years old & have underlying heart ailments. The 2 activists are charged under a draconian counter-terrorism law that has repeatedly been used to silence government critics.
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