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Bench of Justices SS Shinde and Manish Pitale of #BombayHighCourt will give their verdict in the appeal filed by NIA challenging the bail granted by the Special NIA Court Mumbai to the person accused of joining the global terrorism outfit (ISIS).

Majeed, who travelled to Syria to allegedly join ISIS, was arrested in November 2014 under the UAPA after he returned from Syria. The lower court granted him bail on merits last year.

Matter was reserved for orders by High Court on February 5, 2021.…
Court: The case is divided on two aspects. One on the merits of the case and the other on the aspect of pending trial.

On the merits of the case the Court has set aside the order of the lower court.
On the aspect of pending trial, the order of lower court is upheld.
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The Manipur Police have booked The Frontier Manipur Executive Editor Paojel Chaoba and Editor-In-Chief Dhiren Sadokpam under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (#UAPA), over an article criticising the state's militancy movement and the Union government.
Both of them have been accused of "supporting a terrorist organisation" and booked for sedition and criminal conspiracy.
Chaoba has been arrested while editor Dhiren Sadokpam is still being interrogated. The article titled 'Revolutionary Journey In A Mess' by M Joy Luwang was published on January 8.
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Justice (retd.) Madan Lokur to shortly speak on the theme "Defending Liberties" in a virtual discussion hosted by the Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum and WCLA.

Justice (retd.) Lokur will also interact with Warisha Farasat, Tara Narula, Shalini Gera and Sowjhanya Sukumaran.
Webinar begins.

The organisers introduce Justice (retd.) Lokur and other speakers.
Adv Tara Narula starts off the discussion with a query to Justice (retd.) Lokur on the writ of habeas corpus.

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im persönlichen Budget, auch sog. Arbeitgebermodell genannt, also in Jobs, die direkt von der Assistenznehmerin quasifeudal entlohnt werden.
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Viele arbeiten in mehreren Jobs, nach gescheiterten Karrieren, als Übergangszeit, nebenbei. Viele auch machen den Lohnjob "persönliche Assistenz" in der Behindertenarbeit. Die #UAPA ist die Versammlung _unabhängiger Arbeitnehmer_innen- vertretungen in der Persönlichen
Assistenz_. Eine selbstorganisierte Austauschplattform zu Themen der Arbeiterinnenrechte und nicht zuletzt zu Tarifen und Lohnhöhen. Es existiert ein Verein, der aber noch nicht gut konstituiert dasteht und nicht auf dem neusten Stand ist:
Wir werden weiter berichten und den Kontakt zur UAPA hier später anschreiben. Der Verein will sich neu aufstellen und zum e.V. werden. Da wird es um politische wie ökonomische Autonomie gehen, ob man sich gewerkschaftlich bindet oder "auf eigene Faust" strukturiert.
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Gerade, jetzt, "live" treffen sich Leute der #UAPA, der Unabhängigen Arbeitnehmer_innen- vertretungen in der Persönlichen Assistenz per Videokonferenz. Sie berichten sich gegenseitig aus den Betrieben und informieren sich zu Arbeiterinnenkämpfen. Auch das hier wird erwähnt:
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The UAPA gives unbridled powers to the government authorities to detain an individual based on vague and arbitrary grounds. This has led to several persons being detained for months together before finally securing bail.

#UAPA #Bail #Justice…
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♦️Gowhar Geelani: Ducking away with Glory♦️

The journalist & author was recently booked #UAPA by the Cyber Police Kashmir Zone for allegedly “indulging in unlawful activities” through social media that are “prejudicial to the national integrity, sovereignty & security of India”.
The police alleged that Geelani had been glorifying #terrorism in the #Kashmir Valley through his posts. The Independent Journalist, Broadcaster, Political Analyst and Commentator can been seen on various News Channels speaking about Internet Bans, Delhi ideas of Kashmir etc etc
But when hit by hard questions on Yasin Malik Pak Link & Hurriyat involvement in creating unrest in the valley, the journalist chose to blabber in nervousness because he does not want to face the facts.
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#EXPOSE- Harsh Mander @harsh_mander's @CEStudies recvd crores from #French n #Danish Catholics; Requested @HMOIndia to cancel #FCRA registration of CES n @OxfamIndia for misusing funds to fuel #DelhiRiots #Hinduphobia n to kill #AssamTea at the behest of foreign groups! (Cont...)
Oxfam's @OxfamIndia CEO Amitabh Behar @AmitabhBehar is treasurer of Mander's NGO Centre for Equity Studies @CEStudies, who was first to lash out at @AmitShah for #FCRABill2020 bcoz his interests were going to be badly hit once #FCRA is amended. Reports says Oxfam funds CES (Cont)
As #FCRABill2020 was going to hit @AmitabhBehar from 2 sides i.e. @OxfamIndia n @CEStudies, he expressed anguish over #FCRABill on twitter. Oxfam donor list shows, they r getting millions from suspicious sources from #HongKong (may be #Chinese money??) n #Canada (#ISI??) (Cont.)
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#Thread Recent fight in Mumbai Press Club @mumbaipressclub provided a window to study #Maoist concept of #Democracy, where treasurer @singhvarun lodged complaint against Anuradha Ghandy Trust founder; known #Naxal MPC President Gurbir Sing @gurbir110 for abuses GS hurled.. (Cont)
After heated argument at club, Gurbir used foul language (G**d word) to Varun for which he lodged written complaint at MPC-MC n 3 members committee of @rajeshmET @lata_MIRROR, Kalpana Rane looked into allegations; inquiry concluded Gurbir guilty n Rs 5000 fine slapped (Cont)
Inquiry report emailed to 3000 MPC members instead of sending to only 10 members of MC! It created difficulty to MPC head Gurbir n he used his dirty influence n intimidation, exerted pressure on MC n forced them to withdraw report! Typical tool of #Maoists when in power (Cont..)
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This may well be considered an unpopular opinion in these times when the idea of being a nationalist is equated to idea of not calling out govt policies that aren’t in national interest. We have to grow over the fact that govts can’t make mistakes.…
The term “Unlawful activities” is so vague in the law that several activists against the interest of anyone in power can be tagged as a terrorist(BHIMA KOREGAON CASE). Equating them to terrorists like Masood Azhar.
Membership” of an unlawful organisation hasn’t been defined and is vague. eg
A researcher who covers on, let’s say, separatists in J&K or about Maoists in Jharkhand can be arrested as they happen to be holding literature of that organisation and met them to interview them.
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What a tragic irony that @capt_amarinder is labeling people of his state as ‘anti-India forces’ at a time when the country saluted our heroic action & sacrifices in defending national borders against China & Pakistan. People of Punjab have seen through his hypocrisy.
Raja Sahab your fake bravado against outfits like SFJ is amusing. Most such outfits in the past have comprised of #Congress stooges. Your right hand men like @RSinghsikki rub shoulders with separatists, then you begin dramatics over threats to national unity & integrity.
Your defence against arrests of #Sikhs under #UAPA holds no ground. Don’t you realize when you say ‘anti-India forces in Punjab’, you are endangering lives of millions of Sikhs living outside Punjab? Your anti-Sikh Congress slogans of 1980s are a mere diversion of your failure.
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.@capt_amarinder's response to advice against abuse of #UAPA & indiscriminate repression of innocent #Sikh youth is an archival reproduction of the old #IndiraGandhi narrative, describing every innocent Sikh youth as a potential terrorist. Image
Captain is walking a dangerous path for petty political gains putting at stake communal harmony in this sensitive border state. But we won't allow anyone to disturb the sentiment of fraternity, specially among Hindus & Sikhs.
People are fed up with @capt_amarinder's mis-governance & he is distracting their attention with sensational statements. CM Sahab when was it last that you spoke about governance, development, employment or economy of the state?
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Be cautioned @capt_amarinder against the indiscriminate use of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act by Punjab police under DGP Dinkar Gupta who is known for his anti-Sikh stances. He should be strongly directed to desist from booking #Sikh youth under UAPA for minor offences.1/3 Image
Sikh youth are increasingly being jailed for minor offences under #UAPA. Your @DGPPunjabPolice thinks that indoctrination turns youth into terrorists during a one-day visit to Kartarpur Sahib as stated earlier by him. SAD will fight for Sikh youth implicated in false cases. 2/3
Dubbed youth as anti-nationalists & jailing them for minor offences can lead to unrest in Punjab & take it back to the dark era. Punjabis never supported #Referendum2020 or any divisive agenda & have a long history of sacrificing lives for the nation. 3/3
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Important thread on #UAPA & its constitutionality.

The use of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967 (“UAPA”) in the last few years needs critical analysis, especially in light of the increasing use of the UAPA.
The law was formed in 1967 & its constitutionality has never been challenged in any of the High Courts or the Supreme Court. In 2019, govt amended section 35 & it has been a case of unconstitutionality & hence challenged in upper court. Read the law here…
This amendment allows the Government to even categorize individuals involved in terrorism and not just organizations.

Detractors of the Amendment argue that it gives arbitrary powers to the executive and violates an individual’s right to due process of law & right to dissent.
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⚡️Here’s a master thread ⚡️of a ten day curation on #AntiTerrorLaws & #UAPA led by @GuneetKaurAhuja & @aimanjkhan who brought to fore critical inputs from Sahana Manjesh, Parijata @mrinpinshar, @SarimNaved & @meeracomposes: 1/
Day 1: on the colonial legacy of the legal concept of “unlawful association” which underpins contemporary anti-terror laws in India: 2/
Day 2: on the development of anti-terror legislation in independent india of the 60s, the introduction of the Terrorist & Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act, 1985 (TADA) and the 2002 Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) 3/
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Hello, now that we know that UAPA is a repressive law that needs to go. What can we do for #RepealUAPA? As we build this online dialogue against UAPA, it's important that we continue to amplify the voices of those fighting against UAPA at the grassroots. 1/n
For today's thread, @meeracomposes has collated grassroots efforts against UAPA & resources that can be used to read, educate & agitate against #uapa. Meera is a national convenor of @napmindia, & is an active member of several women's & trans rights movements. 2/n
Campaign to Dissent, Defend & Organize (CDDO) is a coalition of numerous civil rights groups, trade unions & alliances that was formed in the wake of the #BK11 arrests to uphold democratic rights.
E-mail - 3/n…
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GOOD NEWS: The Delhi High Court today granted bail to Safoora Zargar, a member of the Jamia Coordination Committee on humanitarian grounds. Image
Safoora who is 23 weeks pregnant was arrested by @DelhiPolice under the repressive Unlawful Activities Prevention Act in April for her alleged role in the February #DelhiRiots. There are many others who continue to be in jail just because they protested against the government.
Devangana Kalita, Natasha Narwal, Meeran Haider, Sharjeel Imam, Shifa-Ur-Rehman and Asif Iqbal Tanha are in jail as the Delhi police claim they were involved in plotting the Delhi riots.
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Hello, we are @aimanjkhan & @GuneetKaurAhuja. Today, we will discuss how #UAPA gives wide powers to the government to facilitate prolonged incarceration of human rights defenders, & gives the police a multi-purpose tool to target innocent minorities. 1/n
As a 1st step, let's recap some of the wide discretionary powers that investigating agencies get, to decide who will be targeted by UAPA. It is totally at the whim of the government on which organization is banned & which is not. 2/n
At an all-state DGP’s conference, DGP’s of Maharashtra, MP & Rajasthan had made a strong plea for a concurrent ban on Bajrang Dal & SIMI as ‘internal terrorist organizations.’ However, only SIMI- a Muslim organization was banned under UAPA. See- 3/n
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Hello, we are @guneetkaurahuja and @aimanjkhan, and we, along with some other colleagues, will be taking over this handle for the next two weeks.
Before we dive into discussing #UAPA, we will talk about the evolution of repressive anti-dissent/anti-terror laws in India to give some background & context to the conversation.
We think this background is crucial to understand if a law like UAPA is in response to some new & unique threat if terror or a continuation of colonial instinct to mute dissent, & rule through a fascist politico-legal structure rather than a democratic, rights-based one.
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1: 25 organisations from around the world have one demand: India must immediately release its student activists and human rights defenders from jails given the #Covid19 risk.

Read the open letter to the Government of India now 👇…
2: Safoora Zargar, Meeran Haider, Shifa-Ur-Rehman & Sharjeel Imam are all detained under the #UAPA. We believe their detention is unfounded & designed to punish them for defending human rights & engaging in peaceful protest against a discriminatory law.

#StopArrestingStudents Image
3: The latest in this crackdown on dissent are @PinjraTod student activists Devangana & Natasha who were arrested on Saturday and continue to be detained.

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1: We welcome the decision of the @DCWDelhi for taking cognizance of the online abuse that Safoora Zargar has been facing with derogatory comments alluding to her marital status, religion, body and pregnancy.

2: Safoora Zargar, a research scholar at @jmiu_official and 3 months pregnant, was arrested on 10 April 2020 by the Delhi police for her alleged involvement in the February Delhi riots and subsequently charged under the #UAPA. Almost one month later, she remains in detention. Image
3: Earlier this week, her name was trending on Twitter but not with tweets condemning the arrest and detention of a pregnant woman at the time of a pandemic. Instead, people chose to attack Safoora with sexist comments about her marriage and pregnancy.
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The Government of India must stop the crackdown on dissenting voices.…
The use of India’s primary counter-terrorism law #UAPA against two students involved in anti-CAA protests - Meeran Haider and Safoora Zargar - is an extension of the crackdown on anyone who is critical of the state.
Amnesty International India believes that these new cases under UAPA, along with previous arrests of eleven other activists in relation to the Bhima Koregaon incident, are politically motivated actions that are aimed at silencing those seeking state accountability.

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Journalism is not a crime.

The harassment and intimidation of Kashmiri journalists @Masratzahra and @peerashiq by the @JmuKmrPolice must stop. Image
The 2 new FIRs against journalists, Masrat Zehra and Peerzada Ashiq, in Kashmir are the latest additions to the continued attempt to curb the freedom of press by the Government.…
Access to information is essential in fighting an unprecedented pandemic and the Government of India must not muzzle freedom of press - affecting the human rights guarantees & impeding world’s right to know.
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