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Liz Truss .. styled by Elisabeth Hoff 👇
Elisabeth Hoff > Victoria's Secret

"Is Victoria’s Secret finally embracing all women?" - BBC…
Elisabeth Hoff >

> BAFTA 2021
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Sir Paul Marshall and Michael Gove"…
"He’s head of one of the biggest hedge funds in Europe, a major contributor to the official Vote Leave campaign, and – along with Crispin Odey – one of the largest beneficiaries of the post-Brexit chaos: but Sir Paul Marshall is more than that."

I'll say 🙄
"Unlike his co-founder, Ian Wace, who donated to the ‘Better In’ campaign, Marshall had a strategic role in persuading the then Justice Minister, Michael Gove, to betray his long-term friend David Cameron and lead the official campaign to leave the European Union"

Yah, right 🙄
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£60 million... that's a nice round number.

Funding from where?
"The commitment comes from existing backers Legatum Ventures Limited and Sir Paul Marshall, who have bought out Discovery Inc. following its merger with WarnerMedia earlier this year."

Sir Paul Marshall 🤦 #ARK…

"Marshall Wace. Paul Marshall, Co-Founder &
Sir Andrew Large, Chairman" - 2006
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"In 2014, Halfon was challenged in Parliament over money paid to his constituency office by a close associate of a Ukrainian magnate, Dmitry Firtash, recently arrested amid allegations of bribery"
Dmitry Firtash?

In 2014 the MoD sold Brompton Road Tube Station to Dmytro Firtash who is linked to

SCL Group and thus Cambridge Analytica through various shell companies and..

"As bagman for mobster Semion Mogilevich , Firtash directly links the Russian mafiya to the British Establishment. "
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This German article has almost the entire 🍕crowd…

"Facebook pioneer Peter Thiel invests in coronavirus antibodies
Paypal founder Peter Thiel joins AbCellera in Canada. The German VC investor Christian Angermayer and Uma Thurman are also there."
"Leading biotech investors and Peter Thiel's (52) Founders Fund are investing $105 million in the Canadian biotech start-up AbCellera. The sponsors also include the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly"

"Thiel became aware of the biotech company through the German venture capital investor Christian Angermayer . Angermayer's Presight Capital is also among the new investors."

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Operation Holitna was a police investigation into a worldwide network of child predators…
The Daily Mail featured one of the cases in 2013:

"An investigation that began in Milford in 2010 — expanded to Europe & beyond —has returned back to where it originally started: the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,' said Bruce Foucart, special agent.. "
In Amsterdam:

2010: "64 babies abused in Amsterdam nurseries, one of which was next door to the "Baby Porn" unit of the paedocriminal Zandvoort network. Marc Dutroux revealed that horror before his arrest."…

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Another Guardian article where journos are somehow perplexed about what is going on in education. The two names mentioned: Michael Gove and Nadhim Zahawi 🙄

In the 2014 TUC report "Education not for Sale"..…
"Gove and his advisers are very pro private equity, and very pro-private. I’m sure if you got them under Chatham House rules, or spoke to them privately, they would back the [private] ownership of state schools, and of the involvement of for-profits in the state system"
"Before working for Gove at the DfE and even prior to the 2010 election, Dominic Cummings worked informally as an adviser to Gove and is reported to have emailed Gove after the election with a request that the New Schools Network (NSN) be handed ‘cash without delay’...
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So, along with Uma Thurman's connections to a couple of Epstein-funded children's charities, I just found some interesting stuff on her parents, Robert and Nena Thurman..…

Robert Thurman is religious studies professor at Columbia University, where he has taught Indo-Tibetan studies for thirty years

the Dalai Lama is a lifelong “buddy” of Robert’s and who ordained him as the first American monk in the Tibetan tradition
Robert and Nena Thurman cofounded Tibet House with Richard Gere and composer Philip Glass in 1986
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So, he is Karl Lauterbach, professor of health economics and epidemiology at the University of Cologne (on leave since 2005).

Let's go through his Harvard career..…
After graduating in human medicine, from 1989 to 1992, he studied health policy and management as well as epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston

From 1992 to 1993, he held a fellowship at the Harvard Medical School, sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Fdn Image
"Covert flow of information from BND enabled Konrad Adenauer to cement his hold on power, historians reveal"…
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"The family of a top advisor to Bill Clinton who admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House multiple times during his presidency is pulling out all the stops to keep details of his mysterious death becoming public." - DM
"The Clinton aide was also one of the many passengers to fly on Epstein's jet, known as the 'Lolita Express'...

The married father-of-two, who lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, shot himself at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, 30 miles away from his home.." Image
Heifer International is in the business of ending hunger and poverty worldwide

Oh bless! They're offering a free goat tote when you make a monthly gift ... Image
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1/22. Deep dive to @zksync
2. #zkSync Overview
3. Features
4-6. #zkSNARKs
7. #zkPorter
8. zkSync 1.0
9. #zkEVM
10. Zinc
11-13. zkSync2⃣.0⃣
14-15. #Ecosystem
16. Skininthegame
17. TVL
18. Roadmap
19. Wen token
20. Backers
21. Audit
22. Comparison Image
2/22. zkSync Overview
@zksync is a zkRollup Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum developed by @the_matter_labs. It offers low gas and fast transactions, without compromising on security. Image
3/22. Features
- Ultra-low tx fees
- 2k TPS (20k TPS w/ zkPorter)
- Based on Eth security
- Users control of their funds
- No requirement for operational activity to keep the funds safe
- Withdrawals to mainnet in ~10 minutes
- Multisig support
- Permissionless smart contracts Image
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"There is literally no one else like Her Majesty alive on the planet today.. Long may she reign" - Neil Oliver
#GBNews #CoastGuy
😆😂 Image
THIS is how the criminals of the plandemic planned to weazel out of the public coming after them for the huge damage caused..

They've supplied you with HEROES who will keep you busy and misdirected..

So, who's looking after the vaccine injured now?👇 Image
Come on peeps.. cough it up.. empty those pockets

While the so-called elite build their luxury wellness resorts for themselves… Image
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1/11. #StarkWare is one of the strongest internal force projects.

#Part 1⃣: Power of StarkWare
👉2/11 Team
👉3/11 Advisors
👉4/11 Backers
👉5-6/11 #zkSTARKs
👉7/11 What is #Cairo?
👉8/11 What is #SHARP?
👉9/11 Summary
👉10/11 Dev tools
👉11/11 Audit

#Part 2⃣: #SW ecosystem⏭️
2/11. #StarkWare Team
Co-founders are the top-notch Professor/Ph.D in computer science, math & zk technology. In addition, Starkware has 70 talented people who have profound backgrounds in technology 💪💪💪
3/11. Advisors:
Advisors are also outstanding individuals in the fields of science, economics and crypto. @naval @ethereumJoseph
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@scottwapner I have listened fully to the wonderful interview with Bobby and The Judge on @cnbc during Scott's great "Overtime" segment with Cathie Wood. I am ripping up my script and my opening missive on @realmoney will address her #ARK comments to their excellent questions.
Frankly, I viewed her responses 'beyond the pale.' I think you all will enjoy reading my blow by blow reaction to her answers - which reminds me of The Grateful Dead's line in St Stephen..."Can you answer? Yes I can. But what would be the answer to the answer man?"
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So many times I start looking into something and end up in an entirely unexpected place...
Gabe Hoffman is the CEO of Accipiter Capital Management in Palm Beach who comments on TESLA alot.. His company has major stock holdings in #TSLA…

He's also the producer of the 'documentary' An Open Secret , about child abuse in Hollywood ImageImage
In 2021 Larry Ellison bought Gabe Hoffman's $80M mansion at
12525 Seminole Beach Rd, North Palm Beach, FL

Apparently, Ellison plans to knock it down because he says he prefers Hawaii…

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Azerbaijan is a destination country for sex and labor trafficking victims from China, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan…

How Azerbaijan's Dictator Woos the United States and Europe

A 🧵about Dover Street
The Podesta Group .. registered agent of the Azerbaijani Embassy for several years...

Matthew Freud head of the London-based PR firm Freud Communications... launched President's first daughter Leyla Aliyeva in British high society.. guests Mandelson , Lord Browne ; Stuart Rose
39 Dover Street - Gazelli Art House - founded in 2003 in Baku, Azerbaijan

> Mila Askarova @ Dover St branch

> Mila's mother is Dr Zarifa Hamzayeva (Dr Z) - wife of the president of Azerbaijan's AZAL state airline company…
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Jeremy Jennings former President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Vice-President of COBCOE, the umbrella organisation for all British Chambers in continental Europe…
Jennings > BCOC Belgium > Santa Fe Relocation > Department of Defence + #HampsteadCase

> Prince Andrew - trade envoy

> Anne-Marie Martin , Chief Executive, COBCOE – The Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe…
Anne-Marie Martin was a founding Board member and the chamber’s CEO of the start up British Romanian Chamber of Commerce in 2001

Lady Emma Nicholson > Romanian adoptions

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More entertainment from the peeps at The Spectator

No, I don't mean that picture I found of Andrew Neil with one of the Barclays Blondes which I've posted much about..

Both with Geordie Greig - Ghislaine Maxwell's 'friend'.. I mean..
I mean this hilarious article by Matthew Parris :

"Mass paranoia is plainly a strand in the anti-vax movement ..Jon Ronson looks into the rise of the weird and shocking ‘QAnon’ phenomenon in America .. hidden paedophile conspiracy.." 🤔…
" Parris was correspondence secretary to Margaret Thatcher. He was awarded an RSPCA medal (presented by Thatcher, then Leader of the Opposition), for jumping into the River Thames and rescuing a dog " 😇…
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I'm not surprised to find that Burnt Oak Primary is in Kent. They are working with Place2Be

I've been warning about these 'mental health experts' ... They have an agenda .. Image
Place2Be works with Pizza Express

Also with the Anna Freud Centre

Anna Freud National Center for Children and Families ..

Partners: Virgin Money (Branson) , BLACKROCK

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Tony Blair , PetroSaudi and the 1MDB scandal .. no wonder he's pushing Digital IDs... let's take a look..

"Blair courted .. influential Chinese political leaders in 2010 and then introduced them to the Saudi-owned company he worked with, PetroSaudi "…
At the time he was also UN Middle East Quartet Representative and Member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum #WEF Image
CEO of PetroSaudi Tarek Obaid was caught up in the 1MDB scandal…

Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio were also involved

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"During World War II, for example, Allied forces conducted a massive misinformation campaign, called Operation Fortitude.. In 2002, the Pentagon shuttered its brand new Office of Strategic Influence "

OSS 🧵..…
Planning of Operation Fortitude came under the auspices of the London Controlling Section (LCS)..

> Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (#SHAEF) under General Dwight Eisenhower.
SHAEF patch…

" The flaming sword of freedom cuts the black of the Nazi night over Europe and points the way to the final rainbow of peace and liberty. The #rainbow is made up of the colors of the Allied nations"
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"Eric Schmidt was never merely the tech-business guy pictured on the inside back cover of one of his books..this Davos , Bilderberg , Highlands Group , and Bohemian Grove regular..stands at a nexus of myriad ambitious projects."
In 2018 .. Eric Schmidt joined MIT as a visiting innovation fellow for one year as an advisor to MIT Intelligence Quest……
Eric Schmidt's involvement with MIT Media Lab actually go way back ..…

> Nicholas Negroponte > the One Laptop per Child Foundation (OLCF)

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Ms Croissant, what did you find?

Epstein funded Little Flower Children's Services…

It's my #ARK crowd... Image
Uma Thurman, Frederic Fekkai inside for Little Flower Children & Family Services Image
Honorees Susan Lucci and Jane Pontarelli during The Rose Luncheon Benefitting Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York Honoring Susan Lucci - June 13, 2006 at The Mandarin Oriental in New York.. Image
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Italian auto heir Johnny Pigozzi , Galerie Gmurzynska , Art Basel and tales of art trafficking #amfAR #ARK 🧵

In 2017 notorious Galerie Gmurzynska hosted Johnny Pigozzi & friends.. like Paris Hilton , Hannah Bronfman #NXIVM…

And again here in 2017 Jean "Johnny" Pigozzi at Galerie Gmurzynska , St Moritz .. his #Cannes pool parties are famous among the A listers and the #amfAR gala crowd..

he says he keeps the pool-toy industry afloat..…

In 2013/14, the Zurich based Galerie Gmurzynska was raided by the Swiss Federal Customs Administration regarding VAT on imported artworks worth 85M Swiss Francs supplied by the Gmurzynska gallery to the Dolder Grand Hotel, owned by Urs Schwarzenbach.… ImageImageImage
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