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@HMOIndia @narendramodi @rsprasad
@CyberDost @TajinderBagga We need your help, as in #India on social platforms many of girl(Age b/w 14-18) suffers harrassment by mens. Some of miscreant collects their pictures and makes fake IDs on platforms and then they message (1/4)
to the victim..They use abusive words and force victims to send them #n*de pic of her so that they delete victim's account otherwise they chat with other as pretend to be real one n misuse of ID..And many of girls don't want to share it with their parents as they afraid (1/3)
Just because their parents are rural minded..So here i want to conclude that every social platforms must have their customer support like telecommunications have in which victim can inform without parents help as they don't want to go to the police.. (1/2)
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D.Mass. holds that all computer searches at the border require reasonable suspicion, whether they are manual or forensic searches. It's only a trial court ruling, and this is an area w/ lots of circuit precedent, but here's a long thread on the new case.…
This is a case seeking injunctive & declaratory relief from CPB policies re border searches of electronic devices. The policies were designed to fit the 9th Cir.'s 4th Amendment rulings, which have said no suspicion needed for manual searches but reas susp for forensic searches.
The court first finds standing, saying that there is enough chance that the plaintiffs will have their devices searched when they travel internationally again that they have standing to sue.
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[Thread] Muggle comments about Jinki in The Return Musical 🐰

#Onew #온유 #귀환
“Ytd during curtain call when Jinki got the biggest cheers, an ahjussi behind shouted ‘Wow! This is no joke!!!’ then out of the blue laughed by himself. Earlier after the first part he also said ‘The kid with the strange hair has a very handsome nose’ “ HDHZGSH

#Onew #온유 #귀환
After part 1 ended ytd some guys behind OP said Onew is very charming and cool~~
#Onew #온유 #귀환
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BIG NEWS: 9th Circuit holds that scraping a public website likely does not violate the CFAA, even after website owner prohibits with a cease-and-desist letter; language strongly suggests CFAA only applies to bypassing authentication. Blog post up soon.… #N
Ninth Circuit: "We . . . look to whether the conduct at issue is analogous to 'breaking and entering,'" and when "access is open to the general public and permission is not required," then the B&E analogy "has no application, and the concept of 'without authorization' is inapt."
From later in the opinion.
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Ariz Ct. of Appeals: Under the Ariz state constitution, there is no third-party doctrine: The state's police now must get a search warrant to obtain the IP address used by a pseudonymous account on a messaging service.… #N
In the case, an undercover agent invited people in an online forum to join an online messaging group to distribute child porn. A person responding by asking to join the group, using the screenname "tabooin520." “tabooin520” then sent child porn to the group. /2
The govt then issued a subpoena to the messaging app provider for the IP address “tabooin520” was using. The IP address revealed tabooin520's internet provider, and a second subpoena, to the internet provider, revealed the house assigned that IP address.
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Fascinating (but I think muddled) decision on encryption workarounds -- here, visiting person in jail to get her phone passcode. The court suppressed all the evidence on the phone on 4A, Miranda, *and* 6A grounds. Here's a thread on US v. Maffei.… #N
In the case, the feds have a warrant to search suspect's phones but don't know the passcode. They visit her in jail after her initial hearing, say they are there to get the passcode, and she tells it to them. They use it and find evidence on the phone, Q is suppression of it.
Court first rules that it violated the 4A to get her passcode because the warrant didn't say they could get the passcode from her: The warrant said they could use biometrics, but said nothing about getting her to disclose passcodes. Thus all suppressed as beyond the warrant.
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Fascinating CA6 opinion today holding that chalking a tire for parking enforcement -- to see if the car had been there a while in violation of parking rules -- violates the 4th Amendment. Not sure where I come out on it, but fun issue. Here's a thread.… #N
The court first reasons that the chalking is a Jones trespass, which the court, without analysis, says is determined by a common law trespass test as interpreted by the Restatement 2nd of Torts.
The court then says the trespass was done "to obtain information," as required by Jones, b/c the purpose of chalking is to find out what cars haven't been moved.
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A SOC that deals in Alerts is doomed. If it deals in 'high fidelity detection analytics' + can show ...
1) what's possible to detect that your tech teams + business MDs care about
2) by implication what gaps exist with existing tech (coverage / config)
... then in with a chance.
In practice what that means is defining 5 things that are highly interesting from a blue/red perspective, and where you would tolerate high false positives because if you see 'an activity' it's worth some precious analyst time to investigate ... for 2 reasons ...
1) To rule out that badness is happening
2) To understand if the analytic can be better tuned to remove the trigger to 'go look at this'
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1. This is a Plutonium Pit. It is the heart of most nuclear weapons. It is not a Gamma emitter so you can hold it in your hands. Warm to the touch. On the right is what it looks like inside its shell of high explosives used to trigger it. My metaphor for #N@zi hate. Plutonium pit
2. My estimate when Trump started was 15% of Americans were pure unadulterated bigots. N@zis. KKK, all of a kind. They are the Plutonium Pit of American politics. @realDonaldTrump is the shell of explosives that surrounds it. The trigger is held by his master @KremlinRussia_E.
3. But the single Pit is not enough to destroy America. It needs a surrounding secondary fuel that in H-Bombs is often a kind of water. Not H20. But special isotopes of Hydrogen ready to fuse when the Trigger gets them compressed in a hot rage of hate. That's the #GOP.
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Tutorial on how to make a map using QGIS. I'll turn @SenhorRaposa's 2000 Vermont town data into a map showing by how much Gore outran Senator Jeffords (or vice versa) in every town.
Step 1: Download QGIS for your computer, which is available here:…
You'll also need some of Census' Tiger/Line County and County Sub shapefiles. The main download page for those is here:…

A direct link to the 2017 VT county sub shapefile is here:
I can't find a 2017 County file by state, so we'll use the 2009 verison here:
(We could always edit the 17 national county file in QGIS & create a 2017 VT-only county shapefile, but let's keep it simple.)
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begin 664 thread.tgz
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