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1/11. #StarkWare is one of the strongest internal force projects.

#Part 1⃣: Power of StarkWare
👉2/11 Team
👉3/11 Advisors
👉4/11 Backers
👉5-6/11 #zkSTARKs
👉7/11 What is #Cairo?
👉8/11 What is #SHARP?
👉9/11 Summary
👉10/11 Dev tools
👉11/11 Audit

#Part 2⃣: #SW ecosystem⏭️
2/11. #StarkWare Team
Co-founders are the top-notch Professor/Ph.D in computer science, math & zk technology. In addition, Starkware has 70 talented people who have profound backgrounds in technology 💪💪💪
3/11. Advisors:
Advisors are also outstanding individuals in the fields of science, economics and crypto. @naval @ethereumJoseph
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I see #NHSEx has published the slides from its @HDR_UK “Data Access & Discovery” event, charmingly subtitled “A Forest Through the TREs” - on YouTube, if you want to listen:

*I thought the phrase was “cannot see the forest for the TREs”, but hey...
Let’s take a look:…

One reason we use the category term #TRE to refer to Trusted Research (or any other use) Environments that meet the #FiveSafes is that everyone wants to call their own TRE something different, so no-one really knows what they mean...
Call yours what you like (e.g. for @ONS it's their Secure Research Service) but if it only does four #Safes, or three Safes - and if it isn’t also #consensual and fully #transparent - then it's not a #trustworthy TRE...
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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1/ What a Tragedy for 🇪🇺 🚨🚨 one more 🧵

The @Europarl_EN has therefore decided to turn #Europe into the next generation #Leviathan. Makes me wonder if Thomas Hobbes was a #scifi author more than a philosopher !
2/ Beyond the inevitable decrease in competitiveness for the European digital asset ecosystem - this decision is much more serious, calling into question the very freedom and privacy 🕵️‍♀️ of #European citizens if enacted in law.
3/ In this specific instance - #MEPs have collectively failed to understand two fundamental dimensions of blockchain:
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2021 has been exciting! We’ve signed our first customer for our maiden flight, reached crucial milestones in our launcher development & our #community grew rapidly. So we want to quickly introduce ourselves to our new followers and recap with the long-time #supporters ⬇️ 1/12
RFA was founded in 2018 to disrupt the #NewSpace industry and match the emerging demand for launch opportunities for small #satellites by providing launch services that are reliable, highly customizable, low-cost and deliver the payloads precisely to the desired orbit. 2/12
Our launch vehicle #RFAONE is a 30m high and 2m wide 3-staged rocket, launching satellites of up to 1350 kg into polar orbits/up to 450 kg into GTO. The main structural elements consist of tanks made of a special stainless steel, which becomes very tough at #cryogenic temp. 3/12
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#Civil and intelligent conversation That involves #criticalthinking skills,self-regulation, #reflection, mutual respect respectful debate, direct conversation are #socialskills all research based Scientific evidence is highly encouraged here. I encourage this on my
Twitter feed to engage in civil #discourse
To #question everything, to be self-aware and insightful,
to allow open #transparent #ooen conversations & discourse free of denial, not listening, talking over others, not letting them finish their sentences, being angry and rageful.
These #behaviors do nothing to advance any cause. #Safeguarders & mediators are very important to the well-being of children miners and disabled adults. when it comes to #childsafety anyone who mocks child safety needs to seriously reflect and/or take A child safety course.
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Ich möchte hier den Rat von @HannahBerrelli auf Deutsch teilen. Sie wurde von Eltern von jungen Mädchen, die sich auf einmal als #trans identifizieren, angesprochen. Ich halte ihren Thread für sehr hilfreich. #Transparent #TransEltern #Eltern
Thank you, @HannahBerrelli ! 🧵
"Mich haben einige Anfragen von Eltern (fast ausschliesslich Müttern) erreicht, die um Rat bitten, weil ihre Teenager-Tochter sich als trans oder non-binary identifiziert. Ich bin weder Mutter noch Psychologin, oder sonst wer, aber hier kommt mein Rat."
"Dein Kind will sich von dir weg identifizieren, sich abnabeln, das ist ein normaler Impuls den viele Jugendliche in ihrer Entwicklung haben. Sie erdrücken, krampfhaft eure Beziehung verstärken, oder sie mit radikalem Feminismus erschlagen, wird nicht helfen."
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Logged in to the meeting - You can join me at this link until 4 or 5 today…
Comment link here should be active from 8:15 - 4:00 ish -…
and there is the ALWAYS open
Lights! Camera! Action! Image
Just an odd thought while they go through admin motions - maybe they should take lessons from peace negotiations and sit at a round table - and make the consultants sit at a long table facing them.. as they are sitting now - there is almost no way to make eye contact
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Good to see #motivation in addition to #competence, #honesty & #reliability.

It always bothered me that #sociopaths could pass Onora's three tests of #trustworthiness*; they can be entirely #competent, brutally #honest & (predictably) #reliable but...

...I still wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable #trusting them. (The same applies to corporate entities - some possibly even more so.)

@medConfidential's formulation - #consensual, #safe and #transparent - addresses a subtly different problem, which is that NO system will...
...always be 100% #trustworthy, and certainly not 100% #trusted - given #trust is ALWAYS 'in the eye of the beholder', and NEVER a property of a system.

#Governance and #accountability are key, of course. And maybe this time, we'll actually get what is #needed - rather than...
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Hi, @BHFDataScience! Please could you point me to a copy of your letter that is reported here:…

I've checked your website, but I can't seem to find a copy:…
Ah, no worries - I see it now. You tweeted a link to it, and I see it is on @HDR_UK's website:…

On reading your letter, @medConfidential would heartily agree with paragraphs 1, 3 and 5...
On paragraph 3, we very much agree that #trustworthy use of patient data for #ethically-approved #research is good.

But not ALL intended uses of #GPDPR *are* trustworthy, as @NHSDigital's own data release registers confirm:
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Guy's really onto something here.

'#DataDriven' contains a bunch of assumptions worth challenging, not least that #data is not #truth - it is only what you #choose or are able to #measure.

And, as well as being a way to avoid thinking - just set your #OKRs (or increasingly...
...pick your training dataset & model) and iterate until something breaks - '#DataDriven' is an insidious way to avoid #accountability: "We're just doing what the data says!"

Of course, the flipside of that is there is then no excuse NOT to be #transparent; why hide the data...
...if your contention is that it represents 'the #truth'?

Maybe Mr Cummings et al. should beware what they wish for, as - far from building #trust - systematically concealing #evidence tends to have the opposite effect.

If you think about it.
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👇1/X: A thread on why #opensource financial tools consisting of local apps that protect your #privacy are a necessity in today's world of constant hacks and data leaks.


In a world dominated by closed source SaaS someone has to freaking say it!👹
2/X: What does #opensource mean? Why should the user care?

Opensource means that the tool is #transparent and #auditable about what it does. The code is open for all to see and judge.

The user can then verify (probably through other experts) that all claims of the tool are true
3/X: What does "protecting your privacy" mean?

Protecting your privacy DOES NOT MEAN having a freaking privacy policy🤦💩

No organization intends to leak user data. Yet it happens all the time

Financial data are among the most sensitive data we got. Hacks can lead to targeting
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Scottish voters. If you want to understand the Scottish Government's open and honest approach to scottish voters, here is a tale in 3 documents

#transparent #Honest #SNP #CopenhagenCoverup
Exhibit 1) A freedom of information request… Image
The Scottish government response saying no such letter existed… Image
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Having abolished #NIGB in 2012, following #caredata & #IIGOP's 1st report in 2014, the Gov't was forced to appoint a #NDG; it took 4 more YEARS to make the National Data Guardian for Health & (only Adult) Social Care a statutory role...
... something for which @medConfidential had advocated since the #CareAct2014:… and subsequently, e.g.… and…, until @Jochurchill4's Bill was passed.

So, while we aren't part of the formal process, we do take...
...a great & close interest in the role & Office of #NDG, and look forward to working with whoever is appointed to follow Dame Fiona, in helping ensure EVERY use of patients' & service users' data is #consensual, #safe & #transparent.

Here's the ad again: ……
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@GovMurphy @NJDeptofHealth Here we are, 92 days of briefings and 130 days since our first death in #NJ and our #covid19 database and the dashboard reporting continues to be among the worst in the nation. I offer these suggestions in the next series of tweets. /1
To attempt to qualify these shortcomings.

* There is a daily discrepancy between New cases that is reported and the actual delta between Todays total and Yesterdays total. This needs to be more transparent. The reported new cases include duplicates and out of states. /2 Image
* New cases (complete with duplicates and out of state positives) Are being improperly graphed on the dashboard. This should be the Delta of Today and Yesterday, not the one that overcounts cases. If this is being graphed here, its likely being used in Rt, overstating it. /3 Image
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Unclear why the @guardian would lowball #COVID19 deaths ("one in 20"?) across the #SocialCare sector here:…

Why use out-of-date, back-of-a-fag-packet guesstimates when we have actual figures? 👇

13.6% is one in seven people.

*ONE IN SEVEN*, not 1 in 20! Image
While we're on the topic, @BorisJohnson's pledge 👇 on becoming PM failed to even appear in his 2019 manifesto.

@MattHancock's letter of 6 March 2020 showed @10DowningStreet's "plan" didn't even exist:

So, with #trust collapsing:… Image
Let's be clear what's needed ain't just another "centralised system” (i.e. another costly debacle) but a #coherent, #interoperable, #consensual, #safe & #transparent 21stC #InformationSystem, to flow #DataThatCares along #CarePathways & show #stats we need to know
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Sorry, @MattHancock, "...the sheer quantity of #information and #transparency we're putting in the public domain"??! [time code 1:37]

You are shitting me, right?

@Foxglovelegal & @openDemocracy had to threaten to *sue* to get you to release a handful of 'agreements', lacking...
...much of the meaningful detail of what's going on; @NHSEngland's supposed "Single Point of Contact" and "transparent" IG & oversight processes are nowhere to be seen, while tens of millions of #NHS patients' data has been processed for MONTHS; we still haven't seen hide nor... of the public #dashboard your @NHSX leadership team promised in *March*; and @NHSEngland/X's current '#PrivacyNotice' to patients, being neither #fair nor #transparent, is #unlawful.

Stop waffling! Be #transparent (and lawful!) or the #trust you need will simply vanish
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Interestingly, in a time of #COVID, with the capacity for hundreds to attend conference calls on many platforms, the online event appears to be "Sold Out".

Will be interested to hear how it went...

Meanwhile, @cdei's '#AIBarometer' is here:…
On "knowledge barriers" in particular, public opinion on exploitation of their medical records is pretty well-mapped and consistent; asking slightly different questions to elicit the answers you'd like ain't gonna help much. (And asking 'em *during a pandemic* is redundant.) Image
Again on "#barriers" (a terribly negative framing, which makes #protections & #GoodPractice sound like deliberately erected impediments...) @cdei does name some very real #challenges here 👇

If #data use & #innovation isn't #consensual, #safe and #transparent it just won't fly! Image
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Leading in Crisis✊
"sharing & self reminder tentang bagaimana leader menghadapi krisis"

written by @HandryGE
#dirumahaja #COVID19 #Leadership
Photo by Jehyun Sung via @unsplash
1a/ #Leader dlm situasi krisis harus mulai dengan asumsi bahwa #problem is worse than it appears. Sehingga langkah mengatasinya dan plan A, B, C, D nya kuat.
1b/ Bukan untuk menjadi pesimis dan #negativethinking, tapi realistis dan berhitung dengan cermat, sehingga aksinya jadi cepat dan tepat. Jangan menyepelekan sesuatu ketika krisis datang.
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We're LIVE! with @GaringerAngela & @cdsmeaton for a #TeVE about "Moving from Accountability to Assurance". Join us for an opportunity to learn, grow and participate in an exchange. #exchangetochange Join us here: #bringpeopletogether #TeVirtualEvents Image
@GaringerAngela @cdsmeaton Here's a sneak peek at what we will be discussing this morning. #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #bringpeopletogether #buildingtrust #changemanagement Image
@GaringerAngela @cdsmeaton To engage children you also need to engage their parents. If we don’t ask parents, we’re only getting a response from staff. You truly need the diversity of opinion with parents AND staff. @cdsmeaton #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #bringpeopletogether
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Today, @OIGatHHS released two reports on #hospice quality and oversight. The reports highlight poor-quality care and gaps in current hospice quality oversight and reporting. 1/… Image
The @OIGatHHS reports echo themes raised in research by @VUHealthPol David Stevenson, PhD, supported by @MooreFound resulting in two @PalliativeMed_j papers. One, from late 2018, was focused on #hospice complaints. 2/…
The other, from the May 2019 issue of @PalliativeMed_j, covered quality oversight of #hospice agencies. 3/…
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1/ EU Commission @Food_EU is responsible for labelling commercial infant foods and asked EFSA for scientific advice on #ComplementaryFeeding (puree or solids) for infants in Europe who are still consuming milk (🤱/🍼/both)

What did we do?
2/ Assessed scientific evidence on #infantnutrition #infantdevelopment & #infanthealth. DYK it’s not EFSA’s job to look at social/cultural aspects? BUT EU decision-makers will consider them because these aspects are important

AND the science says…
3/ There’s no single precise age when to start #ComplementaryFeeding based on the science. For nutrition reasons most infants start at 6 months but it can be earlier depending on #developmentalreadiness, food texture, health effect signs, nutritional need

Let’s be clearer…
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Live today: the joint seminar of #ASEAN Secretariat, @ASEANSAI_sec and @AIPASecretariat “Laying The Foundation for Future Cooperation in Promoting #Accountability and #Transparency in Southeast Asia” #ASEANACT2019
Key ASEAN entities hold a seminar today to link between the work of supreme audit institutions, parliaments, and governments in the area of #transparency and #accountability. #ASEANACT2019 @ASEANSAI_Sec @aipasecretariat
The one-day seminar is attended by more than 100 senior officials involved in the projects implemented by #GIZ - ASEC 2024, Support to ASEANSAI and AIPA4ASEAN. Stay tuned for the remarks and outcomes from the seminar! #ASEANACT2019
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