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🧲 Polygon zkEVM, All in One Mission (URGENT)

❯ 12 Potential Airdrops All in One
zkEVM + zkSync Era + Orbiter + Bungee + Meson + LayerSwap + Rinho ...

❯ Best Strategy to Mastering Polygon zkEVM

🧡 LIKE / RT / 🔔
#MAGNET #zkEVM #Polygon Image
1/12 🟣 PolygonLabs revealed news about Polygon 2.0 recently with many exciting things.

CEO of Polygon said before:
‘’ there is no rule that an existing token can't do a massive airdrop.’’

And now, this statement is turning into reality.
🟣 Wen Token? It's happening on July 10 Image
2/12 🟠 Orbiter Finance Bridge <> zkEVM
(Fees: ~ $1.8)

🔸Polygon To zkEVM
🔸zkEVM To Optimism
🔸Optimism To Arbitrum
🔸Arbitrum To zkEVM


🔸$100+ Each Transaction
🔸Repeat on a Weekly Basis
🔸Not All The Transactions To Be Same Amount

🟠 Image
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I am excited about the convergence of AI, ZK tech, and mobile.
1. AI is transforming every industry.
2. ZK tech will secure the data and scale the trustless computation of business logic
3. Web3 builders can realize the applications on mobile devices that billions use Image
The @0xPolygon ecosystem has been charting the future of Polygon - We'll thrive at the intersection of AI, Zero Knowledge, and Mobile technology to empower future builders #onPolygon Image
Mobile is web3's biggest frontier to capture. Our builders are working on embedding blockchain:
From the core mobile OS to tools/middleware,
To empowering developers to ship mobile-native dApps,
To building dApp Stores for global distribution. Image
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Breaking! The whole news summary is in this thread!
Stay tuned and read!

New updates= New alpha

-Summarise news about DEFI and CZ!
- New projects and their evolving in bear market Image
/1 Pre-Alpha Testnet
Public #zkEVM and PoW #ZKP Mining in @OpsideZK (but Dapp and Bridge arnt working((
/2 Unfortunately, the Mint Square team is closing their project, access to smart contracts and the website will be open until June 30.

For those who don't remember, this is an NFT marketplace on StarkNet and zkSync.
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1/7 The epic Rise of #zkHyperion saga begins!

🎬 Unveiling EP.1 - End of the World. 🌍

Enter the year in 2118 - a chilling landscape, a world twisted beyond recognition.

Are you ready for what lies ahead?


#zkSync #zkApes #zkEVM #NFTdrop #NFTs #zkSyncEra #zkSyncNFTs Image
2/7 In this dystopian timeline, unchecked human ambition and insatiable power-lust ignited the catastrophic 'Last War.'

The enemy? None other than ourselves.

In our pursuit of dominance, we forged the architect of our own downfall. 💔 Image
3/7 The war we ignited birthed our greatest nightmares.

Quantum-powered #zkHyperions, once symbols of progress, were summoned. 🤖⚡

Weaponized in a frantic race for supremacy, these giants turned thriving cities into ashes.

Behold, the heartbreaking saga of destruction💥 Image
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1/ 𝗔𝗶𝗿𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽 𝗛𝘂𝗻𝘁𝘀 - May Summary 🪂

Here's all airdrop strategies I shared in May
I only kept tutorials which are still up to date

Join telegram to not miss any strategy :

#airdrop #airdrops Image

1️⃣ Venom
2️⃣ BRC-20 Season
3️⃣ Davos
4️⃣ Polyhedra ZK
5️⃣ Polygon ZKEVM
6️⃣ Unlimited Leverage
7️⃣ Cashmere Labs
8️⃣ ZkSync Low Cost Strat
9️⃣ Entangle
🔟 Layer Zero Low Cost Strat
1️⃣1️⃣ AltLayer
1️⃣2️⃣ Holograph
1️⃣3️⃣ ZkSync - Anti Sybil
1️⃣4️⃣ Contago️
1️⃣5️⃣ BTC ecosystem
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The SKALEverse is entering a new frontier!

Introducing the Levitation Protocol, a fully-decentralized, Zero-Knowledge (#ZK) scaling solution, built on the world's fastest and most expansive EVM blockchain network.

The future of ZK scaling is built on SKALE.
Today #SKALE developers announced an Improvement Proposal, named the Levitation Protocol, a fully-decentralized, ZK scaling solution, enabling existing ZK solutions to connect seamlessly into SKALE's App-chain Architecture, with rollup connectivity to the #Ethereum Mainnet.
In addition to the Levitation Protocol, the proposal calls for a further ecosystem upgrade. The creation of a "Layer 1 Megachain" called SKALE G (G for Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system) fortified by ZK Rollups, with L2 ZK hooks back to Ethereum.
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ZM! The long wait is over!

Spin is set to bring its institutional-grade derivatives infrastructure to the @0xPolygon #zkEVM network, becoming its leading trading and investment solution 🚀

1/ Find more details below 🧵👇 Image
2/ Our strategic move to Polygon zkEVM allows Spin to harness:

✅ the scalability;
✅ low fees;
✅ Ethereum compatibility
✅ and security

offered by Polygon’s ZK scaling solution.
3/ Since its inception, Spin has established itself as a leading order book DEX on the NEAR Protocol.

In our first year, Spin launched three on-chain products for retail users:

✅ spot trading;
✅ perpetual futures;
✅ DeFi option vaults.
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🪂💰 𝐀𝐢𝐫𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐩 𝐇𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 - 𝐏𝐨𝐥𝐲𝐠𝐨𝐧 𝐳𝐤𝐄𝐕𝐌

Ready to soar to new heights of financial success? Join the #airdrop journey and get ready to secure your spot in the moon! 🪂💰

#joinairdrops #CryptoGains #OpportunityKnocks #Polygon #zkEVM
That's fantastic news! Polygon's recent achievement of raising an impressive $450 million from renowned investors like Sequoia Capital, Animoca Brands, Disney Accelerator, and others is a testament to its promising future in the blockchain space. 💰 #InvestmentSuccess Image
The co-founder of Polygon @sandeepnailwal has recently dropped a tantalizing hint about an upcoming airdrop on Twitter. This could be an incredible opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and Polygon supporters to be rewarded for their loyalty. #PolygonAirdrop #CryptoCommunity Image
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Building for the future of #Web3 🏗

@0xHorizon will integrate @0xsequence’s wallet & developer stack #onPolygon providing enterprises & app devs the ability to customize & extend blockspace.

This strategic alliance will unlock improved scalability & security for web3 apps💻
🧱 Sequence's all-in-one stack includes the Sequence Wallet, Token & NFT APIs, Indexer, Relayer, Node Gateway, Marketplaces, and SDKs. 🛠️ These tools empower developers and brands to build decentralized applications with ease on Polygon Supernets, Polygon #zkEVM, and Polygon PoS.
Horizon, creator of Sequence, will offer credits to incentivize projects to build on Polygon Supernets, encouraging devs to leverage the highly-performant & customizable features while benefiting from Sequence's seamless dev tools. 💡💼…
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#zkApes #zkSync #zkEVM #Airdrop Image

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Hey😉, Are you a gaming enthusiast searching for a vibrant and engaging gaming community?

Look no further than @rushbhub!

Let's discover what makes @rushbhub so special.

BTW, You might wanna put your seat belt on..😁

LFG🔥🚀🚀🚀⚡🔥☄ Image
♦️What is RushB Hub?

@rushbhub is a blockchain-based platform that enables gamers to trade in-game items without intermediaries.

As the first decentralized marketplace for Esports gamers, it offers fast, easy, and secure trading.
Accordingly, it appears to solve outstanding problems and provide solutions when applying more Blockchain technology, with the following main features:

🎮1. Marketplace: This is a prominent feature and one of the strengths of RushB Hub.
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🪂 Earn $1K to $10K with @0xPolygonLabs 🪂

🚨 Breaking News: @sandeepnailwal says, there is no rule that an existing token can't do a massive airdrop.

✨ We all know Polygon #zkEVM is just doing great since there are live on mainnet.

💰 I think huge #airdrop is coming 👇 Image
🔔 Big News

✨ Sandeep Nailwal responded to a comment from a user about TVL on zkEVM 👇

⚡️ His words seem clear. They're planning something to reward the community

Let's see what we can do 👇 Image
🚨 Should Polygon Make Airdrop?

✨Many investors are concerned about how centralized Polygon is. In my opinion, if they were to conduct a massive airdrop, it could potentially increase decentralization

Source: Image
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𝗣𝗼𝗹𝘆𝗴𝗼𝗻 𝘇𝗸𝗘𝗩𝗠

An important message from a Polygon Network co-founder appeared on Twitter last night. It leaves little room for doubt about a future airdrop for ZKEVM users

Let's see it together 👀

#airdrop #airdrops Image
Last night Sandeep Nailwal responded to a comment from a user about TVL on zkEVM

See message below 👇

His words seem clear and I can't imagine Polygon playing airdrop rumors game and not rewarding its community..
Should you use #zkEVM mainnet ? Yes !
Should we do it now ? That's up to you.

Gas fees are extremely high so I choose to wait. But volume & consistency can be very important for airdrop
If you want to start now, here is a tutorial to get started while waiting for more dAPP
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GameSwift is a modular powerhouse with diversified pillars between #gaming and #DeFi.

Our business model is designed to weather any turbulence.

Read on to learn about its uniqueness, one of key $GSWIFT utilities, and why it's a foundation for GameSwift's bright future.

A 🧵
Remember how modular blockchain can benefit game developers, studios, and investors? 😉 ⬇️

This time let us dive a bit deeper into the business and revenue model👇

2/8 🧵
Usually, the core income for gaming platforms and utility for their tokens is built around platform fees and staking rewards.

But our business model is way more complex and diversified than that.

Let us explain why👇

3/8 🧵
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Looking to take control of your financial future with DeFi ❔

Then the answer you've been looking for is here ❕

Introducing @zkaliburDEX : Community-driven DEX built on #zkSync that tends to Solve Liquidity Woes & Offers Potential for #ZkSync Airdrop

#zkEVM #eZKalibur $SWORD Image

In this thread, we're going to be looking at the following:

➟ Understanding @zkaliburDEX and their mission
➟ Why zkSync ?
➟ Stupendous products / features of @zkaliburDEX
➟ Tokenomics
➟ Roadmap
➟ Conclusion

As a community-driven decentralized exchange (DEX) built on zkSync, #eZKalibur aims to solve the liquidity problems that often plague existing DEXs. With a highly efficient & customizable protocol, both builders & users can leverage... Image
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Scaling Ethereum means scaling the entire Ethereum ecosystem, infrastructure and all.

Now that Polygon #zkEVM Mainnet Beta has been live for a month+, a SURGE of solution providers across 8 categories are deployed on Polygon zkEVM.

Let’s break it down:
RPC providers. Polygon zkEVM is fully compatible with Ethereum RPC, so any EVM-compatible app, like wallets, should work just like on Ethereum.

Check out RPCs from:
Indexers: for sorting through and organizing blockchain data, with more performant results. The best indexers let dApps work fast and support an influx of users.

Live on Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta:
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Many DEXes on #zkSync will RUG. ❌

They don't care about the users.

And @zkSync__era aims to bring 1 BILLION users to Web3 through easy accessibility & affordability.

Which ecosystem can we TRUST then?

That's where the KNIGHT comes in – @zkaliburDEX ⚔️

A detailed 🧵
⤵️ Image
The Thread Content List:

⚔️ Introduction to @zkaliburDEX
⚔️ Features of eZKalibur
⚔️ Why Built on #zkSync
⚔️ Their Mission
⚔️ Ambassador Program
⚔️ Protocol Core Functionalities
⚔️ Launchpad
⚔️ Partnership
⚔️ Tokenomics
⚔️ Roadmap
⚔️ Official Links

Ready to rock?

Let's roll🚀 Image
⚔️ Introduction to @zkaliburDEX

eZKalibur is the first ecosystem-focused and community-driven DEX built on @zkSync__era

They have built a highly efficient & customizable protocol.

eZKalibur allow its users to leverage their infrastructure for sustainable & adaptable liquidity. Image
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Are you worthy of being a KNIGHT of the realm.

Take a look at @zkaliburDEX the FIRST decentralized exchange on #zkSync.

Saddle up let's take a ride to the Kingdom 👇🏾
Here's everything you'll learn

🔆 What is #eZKalibur DEX
🔆 Mission
🔆 Why choose #zkSync
🔆 Features of #eZKalibur DEX
🔆 $SWORD Token
🔆 $xSWORD Token
🔆 $SWORD Tokenomics
🔆 Partnerships
🔆 Ambassador program
🔆 Links to Social media and Docs.

Let's get to it...
🔆 What is #eZKalibur DEX

@zkaliburDEX is the FIRST community driven decentralized exchange built on #zkSync.

It offers multiple features and a fast, low cost trading experience.
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Perhaps there is something we can learn from King Arthur’s round table, the failure of the centralized exchanges like FTX, and a way out.
Walk with me

⚔️⚔️Thread…. Image
King Arthur had a roundtable where knights at the roundtable would come together as one, each as important as the next, to decide the fate of the kingdom. King Arthur was able to achieve this through his possession of the most powerful sword, Excalibur.
And that is what eZKalibur intends to do.

⚔️So what is eZKalibur? eZKalibur is the first and most efficient ecosystem-focused and community-driven DEX and Launchpad built on zkSync, their goal is to build the foundation that allows other protocols to bootstrap their liquidity Image
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After 8,000 years of searching, web3 chads have discovered @zkaliburDEX, the legendary DEX believed to hold ultimate power🔥
Whoever wields its $SWORD becomes near invincible. However, those who see it and fade it, will be corrupted and destroyed by an all-consuming FOMO.☠️ Image
Sounds like Cap 🧢?
Might just be🤷‍♀️

But you’d hate yourself if you missed out ❌

Shall we🧵?
You may not have heard of @zkaliburDEX yet but By now I’m sure you know about or at least have heard of @zksync because everyone in the space can’t seem to shut up about it.🎤
But what exactly is it and what’s with all the hype? 🤔 Image
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I spent 50+ hours studying crypto launchpads

Meet the first community-driven and ecosystem-focused DEX and Launchpad built on zkSync that will help you grow your investments

I learnt what they do differently (90% of other launchpads don’t do this and that’s what they fail):

🧵 Image
At the end of this thread, you’ll have learnt:

⚔️Why 90% of new DEXes crash
⚔️What makes eZKalibur different
⚔️Why eZKalibur
⚔️How does eZKalibur work
⚔️Token use and economy
⚔️Community and useful links

Let's dive right in.

But first, do you remember this:
That sad feeling, when you invest in a token you had high expectations for and you slowly see its value decreasing after all the hype?

90% of new DEXEs fail because people like me and you can’t trust them—we know and have experienced the risk involved.
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We’re following Friday stats with Monday stats for Polygon zkEVM.

What’s the profile of users on Polygon #zkEVM?

To date, there are ~100k total addresses, which includes wallets and contracts
Of those non-contract addresses, how many of them use other L2s?

Nearly 90% Image
And how old are the wallet addresses on Polygon zkEVM? Or, put another way, how seasoned are these users?

Wallets that are at least one year old (which is a century in cryptotime) make up more than 49% of the total. Image
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Gather around, dear adventurer, and listen well to the tale of @TheMerlinDEX

Behold the magical world of @TheMerlinDEX -

A decentralized exchange built on #ZkSync that will solve the ancient puzzle of liquidity!

@paulchristain__ Image
Now join me as I take you on this quest to unlock the secrets of true liquidity and experience the magic of decentralized finance like never before.

Welcome to the enchanted world of $Merlin - where possibilities are endless, and true yields await!
Allow me to offer you a glimpse of the mystical map that will guide you through this thread.

🪄 Introduction to Merlin
🪄 Core Merlin Manifesto
🪄 Features of Merlin
🪄 Cauldron Pools
🪄 LGE Launchpad
🪄 Dynamic AMM
🪄 Non-Fungible-Magic (NFM)
🪄 Core Farming Pools
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Zksync Is Obviously The Next Big Airdrop To Happen

Here's A Detailed Thread Containing The Necessary Interactions Needed To Position Yourself For "@SnarkLaunch" A Promising Zksync Protocol Looking To Reward Early Adopters

#zksync #zkevm
A 🧵
What Is @SnarkLaunch ?
Snark Launch Is A Decentralised Protocol That Enables New Cryptocurrency Projects To Raise Funds & Gain Exposure By Offering Their Tokens To A Large Number Of Investors At Once.

Snark Launch Is A Decentralized Launchpad Platform Built The zkSync Blockchain
Launchpads Have Become Popular As A Way For New Projects To Attract Funding & For Investors To Gain Early Access To Potentially Promising New Tokens.

@SnarkLaunch Is The Most Bullish Launchpad On Zksync & It Also Possess The First Mover Advantage.
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