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5min pour comprendre comment cette théorie permet à la blockchain #Bitcoin d’être l’un des réseaux les plus résistants au monde 👇
Peu connue du grand public, la théorie des jeux est pourtant l’un des éléments clés de la réussite de #Bitcoin

Issue des mathématiques, l’application de cette théorie permet notamment à la #blockchain Bitcoin d’être l'un des réseaux les plus sécurisés au monde aujourd’hui
👉L’histoire derrière la théorie des jeux

Les 1ères traces de recherches mathématiques remontent aux années 1920.

Elles seront ensuite reprises et développées en 1944 dans le papier “Theory of Games and Economic Behavior” écrit par Oskar Morgenstern et John Von Neumann
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🧵ZK landscape (Part2) + Diff flavors of Rollups, (ELI5 summary of Rollups)

Quite some updates especially during ETHCC. Will post some notable ones that I come across today before sharing some Rollups' notes I compiled for @ForwardAnalytic
1) @0xPolygon - zkEVM is here!
TLDR: Build an App on zkRollup without learning a brand new coding language! And take advantage of the fastest ZK tech with #plonky2 by @0xPolygonZero
(Testnet will soon be Live)…
Also since the last tweet of Zk landscape(Part1) 10days ago, #Polygon has nearly doubled 2x their FDV, and caught up with #Starkware.
Polygon's current Valuation is now at $9.1 Billion FDV
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A 🧵thread on the overview of #ZeroKnowledge's Landscape, Points of differentiation between projects & Valuation difference.

This is my attempt to compile the current landscape of ZK, If there is additional info/updates, do reach out via DMs.🙏 (1/13)
Format: Companies L1/L2 (Projects)

1) @StarkWareLtd L2; (StarkNet,StarkEx)
2)@the_matter_labs L2; (zkSync(ZkRollup,ZkPorter))
3)@0xPolygon L2; (Polygon Zero, Hermez 2.0, Miden, Nightfall)
4)@Scroll_ZKP L2
5)@MinaProtocol L1
6)@AleoHQ L1
7)@aztecnetwork L2
A more detailed differentiation with breakdown can be seen here:…
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1/22. Deep dive to @zksync
2. #zkSync Overview
3. Features
4-6. #zkSNARKs
7. #zkPorter
8. zkSync 1.0
9. #zkEVM
10. Zinc
11-13. zkSync2⃣.0⃣
14-15. #Ecosystem
16. Skininthegame
17. TVL
18. Roadmap
19. Wen token
20. Backers
21. Audit
22. Comparison Image
2/22. zkSync Overview
@zksync is a zkRollup Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum developed by @the_matter_labs. It offers low gas and fast transactions, without compromising on security. Image
3/22. Features
- Ultra-low tx fees
- 2k TPS (20k TPS w/ zkPorter)
- Based on Eth security
- Users control of their funds
- No requirement for operational activity to keep the funds safe
- Withdrawals to mainnet in ~10 minutes
- Multisig support
- Permissionless smart contracts Image
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0/ @MetisDAO is a hyper-scalable rollup-based layer 2 solution built on Ethereum. But $METIS is not just your average optimistic rollup 🌿

A 🧵 on $METIS and why you should pay attention (0/29)👇

#L222 Image
@MetisDAO 1/ But before we dive into @MetisDAO, let’s quickly take @optimismPBC as an example to see how $METIS tackles problems that other optimistic rollups face today
@MetisDAO @optimismPBC 2/ #Optimism uses a single node called Sequencer to generate blocks on #L2. This bears speed advantages as blocks are generated in seconds because new blocks do not need to be handed over to other nodes for verification Image
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0/ Rollups are a key technology in blockchain scaling, even beyond $ETH. #Cevmos for example enables the deployment of EVM rollups on top of a @EvmosOrg-based rollup leveraging @CelestiaOrg's modular data availability layer

Short 🧵 on the Cevmos stack & its purpose (0/11) ⚛️👇
@EvmosOrg @CelestiaOrg 1/ #Cevmos (short for Celestia/EVMos/CosmOS) is a modular stack for building EVM-based rollups that use #Celestia as a DA & consensus layer. The Cevmos stack will center around an optimized settlement chain for rollups, based on #Evmos
@EvmosOrg @CelestiaOrg 2/ What is Celestia?

#Celestia is a modular consensus & data availability layer built on the Cosmos SDK that aims to enable anyone to easily deploy decentralized blockchains without the overhead of bootstrapping a new consensus network

More on @CelestiaOrg:

>>> LINK
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0/ Data availability is the primary scaling bottleneck for $ETH-based rollup L2s and a hot topic at the frontier of blockchain scaling. But what is the data availability problem and how is it addressed?

A 🧵 about the DA problem and the current DA landscape (0/XX) Image
1/ The data availability problem refers to the question how peers in a blockchain network can be sure that all the data of a newly proposed block is available
2/ If part of the data is not available, the block might contain malicious transactions which are being hidden by the block producer
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#Layer2 Scaling is a concept that is used in the #Ethereum communities with some believing it represents $ETH future.

What does this truly imply? 🤌🏼

How does it operate and why do we need it? 🧐

Today we will deep dive into non-custodial solutions ⬇️
1/ Over the past years, #Ethereum popularity has resulted in a massive rise in transactions and, therefore, #network traffic.

With several users competing for faster #transaction processing, a bidding war occurs, resulting in very expensive gas fees for each user.
Once new scaling solutions arise in the #blockchain space, it is always necessary to consider:

- how much they inherit #Layer1 #security and network characteristics

- if they impose stricter user requirements compared to the underlying #Layer1
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1. 背景:为什么研究ZKP
2. 扩容方案历史与现状
3. Rollup的两个方向
4. ZKP的两种方案

#zkp #ETH #rollup #零知识 #扩容


我们需要一个不牺牲安全与去中心化的扩容解决方案,解决了扩容,就能解决「慢」和「贵」 Image

1)扩展L1:更大的区块空间 or 更多条链

- 更大的区块空间,意味着对节点设备更高的要求,提高了节点加入门槛,无形中降低了「去中心化程度」,不可取❌

- 更多条链(分片),意味着全网算力被分散开,不再是所有节点共同参与一笔记账,而是由不同分链单独记账,不安全❌
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#Ethereum will change the world.

Many folks realize by now that it is about to revolutionize finance, but it is much bigger than that.

I am currently an academic (PhD student). Here are some of the ways I see #Ethereum changing the communities to which I belong.
Continue with the thread below or read the full article here:…
Intellectual property, including patents and publications, will live as #NFTs on a dedicated #Ethereum #rollup. These will be non-transferrable tokens, held in a wallet that is associated with some human identity.
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Votes cast days ago
Are being counted at last.
The tyrant says stop.


Trump leads in PA
By the thinnest of margins
But here comes Philly.

Ramming it with cars,
They resorted to violence.
Biden's bus rolled on.

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1/ In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to tell you a story about a woman who changed a country, and also a story about how the People can take power back from a corrupt and dictatorial government. I’m writing, of course, about the …
2/ …People Power Revolution in the Republic of the Philippines in 1986, and Corazon (Cory) Aquino, who went from politician’s wife to President of the Philippines. Ferdinand Marcos was elected President of the Philippines in 1965, re-elected in 1969, and amidst growing…
3/ …civil strife due to his corrupt administration, declared martial law, jailed his political opponents, and shut down newspapers and radio stations critical of his administration.
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About 9 years ago, I made a storage rack for small parts for my workshop. Its little drawers hold various nuts, bolts, and washers. 1
It’s made of welded structural steel, but uses commonly available commercial plastic drawers. Each level of 4 boxes rotates independently on a lazy susan bearing. The whole unit is on casters, so I can move it around the shop to where the action is. 2
It was such a success in the shop that, a couple years later, I welded up another one! 3
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