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I dare to say that #Nifty50 and #BankNifty have seeen their temporary bottoms (end of Wave 4) and will kick off Wave 5 from tomorrow (28.09.22).

Trade set-up:
Initiate long

Current/Targets (minimum)/SL/RRR:
Nifty: 17007/18035/16710/1:3
BankNifty: 38359/41436/37250/1:3 ImageImage

This is what we are looking at:
Wave 4 -> Subwave C -> Subwave 5 -> Subwave 5

End of corrective 4th wave (bearish) is very very near. Anything near and below 16825 is strong buy, with a SL of 16700. Image
So #Nifty50 did touch 16820 just before close. Most probably we will not see this level again for a very long time from now.

Don't worry in case you have missed to initiate the long position today. You can initiate the same around 17000 tomorrow for a target of 18000.
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@AutusInvestment With your permission sir ji, for learning, Based on your SG levels, making thread for April expiry, copying the levels from your daily tweets. Will cover Day candle, positional and intraday. Will keep updating everytime when there is a change in SG levels. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’
#positional "Live SG Level":- SPOT
#BANKNIFTY SSG level is 33156,SG Level is 33447 & Resis level is 33466
#Nifty SSG level is 14458 SG level is 14558 &Resis level is 14555
110% rollover in #BNF 21.28Lakh with 275 points & #Nifty with 125 points premium
Diff in SSG/SG increasing
Day Candle "Live SG Level":- SPOT
#BANKNIFTY SSG level is 34327,SG Level is 34580 & Resis level is 35940
#Nifty SSG level is 14745 SG level is 14782 &Resis level is 15281
Proper crossover of SSG/SG is DONE
In #Nifty, it is 1st time after 26Feb 2020 @ 11733 breakdown of big fall
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2020 has been an eventful year. Ending with 148%.
#thor performed extremely well when markets tanked and volatility spiked.
A minor allocation of portfolio to such strategies will help in hedging during such volatility.

#Nifty #NiftyBank #NIFTYFUTURE #banknifty Image
Monthly % returns and actual pnl Image
Tested 30% drawdown twice, when consecutive SL hit exceeded backtest figures and slippages. Emotionally not responding to the DD helped in sailing through. #bankniftyfuture Image
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Did some analysis of #Nifty Historical Daily %Change from 1996 till date to get an idea how our market has behaved over the last 25 years or so.
Data source:
1. Daily changes have been the best on 'Wednesdays' and worst on 'Monday's

2. If we remove the 95th percentile outliers from the data... 'Monday' surprisingly turns to be the 2nd best while 'Wednesday' still remains the best.

3. Most of the bad outliers occurred on 'Monday'... I guess it it is due to the weekend effect (bad news)....

4. Daily individual contributions have been best in Qtr-2 & Qtr-4 while not so great in Qtr-1...

5. After removing outliers, Qtr-2 still best historically for positive daily % changes..
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1. If there was any doubt about how important Options charts are.. today was the day that removed it.
Below is #BANKNIFTYFUTURE chart on 5-min time frame.
The first line of support for Banknifty futures was around 22130. It bounced off that zone multiple times yesterday. Image
2. Then today even after a gap up, the rally got sold into and took support around the same levels and bounced back.
However the fat 12:10 candle was the last attempt by bulls to breakout of the zone. But there was no followup and it was back again at 22130 levels.
3. I was tracking the 20th Aug Expiry 22200 CE-PE contracts since morning and even with BNF gapping up, along with IV sliding lower by upto 2%, the ATM Put was not going below VWAP in any meaningful manner. This was the show of strength. #banknifty #bankniftyoption Image
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#BANKNIFTYFUTURE OAIR & chopping within yRange. Imbalance move likely only beyond 9/4 range. Momentum seems to be on downside with sellers trying to hold the VWAP. If no follow through below towards day's low or yLow, shorts are likely to cover in the second half #MarketProfile Image
#BANKNIFTYFUTURE Bulls need to hold 19490 if they would like to have a spike above day's high and good short covering rally to open above 19900 while below 19490, we may continue to chop around with long liquidation odds below 19350 #banknifty #priceaction Image
#bankniftyfuture Positions closing flat into the day making it a back to back inside day with overlapping VA and likely to have expansion on Wednesday! Odds for a gap, open drive or open within the range and drive from open #banknifty #NR4 #priceaction Image
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#BANKNIFTYFUTURE OAIR and likely to chop in yesterday's range. HVN from yesterday would provide supply/resistance & prices been rejected from ySpike extension. For any upside action, buyers need to get acceptance above 29400-29500 zone #banknifty #marketprofile
#BANKNIFTYFUTURE Been getting questions on how I pick trade locations.OAIR suggested to avoid open trade & wait for opportunity.First opportunity emerged when A period rejected from ySpike & entry right at B period high when prices came back to test. #OneGoodTrade #OptionsTrading
#BANKNIFTYFUTURE Acceptance vs Rejection, is an important concept along with how you manage your trade and emotions post you punch in the trade. Will put a blog out later today on how I generally do this. #banknifty
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#bankniftyfuture likely to open in Friday's range.DTF action seen around the zone highlighted,may act as immediate reference,if taken out,can attempt to test gap.Friday's lows are critical.Expect huge volatility & swings on either sides.Avoid,if not comfortable trading volatility
#bankniftyfuture VA overlapping higher suggesting auction is controlled by buyers so far.However, this is pure DTF action as low of B,C periods,with just couple of ticks above yPOC. Single prints providing supply, can buyers have strength to absorb that? VWAP remains key!
#bankniftyfuture Total DTF action so far. Multiple rejections at few ticks from previous swing highs and D low right at friday's rally high and B,C at friday's POC. This market lacks confidence and strong hands. Expect intraday chops. #marketprofile #banknifty
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#bankniftyfuture OAIR & continues OTFD on daily. Expect chop given the type of open and kind of IVs we have. Current auction stays with sellers so far with prices getting rejected at open multiple times. It's important to measure how good a job these sellers are doing #banknifty
#bankniftyfuture Poor job by the sellers in AB periods right at HVN of 18/2 resulting in trapped sellers.30600 -30700 is supply zone & buyers need to ensure prices stay above VWAP atleast for spike up.Not good below VWAP.Time to book part profits & monitor for continuation
#bankniftyfuture Below VWAP & AB poor lows cleared. Yet another day of neutral action of trapping both the buyers and sellers. Chop, Chop & Chop!
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#bankniftyfuture OAIR and OTD out of yRange and starting to balance. How good a job are the sellers doing? Well, not so convincing I feel. If sellers are going to spend a lot of time between 30400-40500 may result in a short squeeze back in yRange. #MarketProfile #banknifty #Odds
#bankniftyfuture Finally, some range extension on downside in C period. Hopefully, sellers in the marked zone are strong enough to keep the auction towards the downside and VWAP is going to be important! #banknifty #MarketProfile #odds
#bankniftyfuture VWAP taken out with V shape recovery, opening a fresh short covering, going to be massive on acceptance above yLow/30600! #MarketProfile #banknifty #onedecenttrade #odds
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Many times we would have noticed violent move in #BankNifty post 2pm, specifically on #Expiryday. What if we trade based on this breakout. Rules are
1. check day high and low at 2pm,
2. After 2pm, if day high is crossed - Buy,If day low is crossed Short,
3. Keep 100 points SL Image
If we traded his #TradingStrategy every day, it has returned more than 7600 points since the inception of #BankNifty weekly expiry, i.e from 2016 June to till date. with max drawdown of -900 points.
If you dig deep, you can observe that Long trades has returned more returns than Short trades, that too on #expirydays, short trades has given negative returns. Image
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