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I will try to post charts and analysis one day before the trading day from here on, as I am getting requests on the same.

Price closed above 11970 in #NIFTY which is a very good sign for bulls,
If the price accepts above this level tomorrow, I am expecting a good up move.
However, the 11990-12010 zone is very crucial for buyers tomorrow.

If price fails to trade above this zone comfortably, price is expected to trade within bracket 11890-12010.

Crucial levels for #NIFTY
11900,11940,11970 & 12010
The decisiveness of buyers is quite strong in #BANKNIFTY compared to #NIFTY and the trend is very clear here.
Price acceptance above 31315 is a necessity to get further upmove.

Crucial levels for #BANKNIFTY
30950,31150 & 31315

respect the RISK!

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Initiated the BN #strategy (Monthly Option). #SIP

1st day (31st October)

SOLD 32000 CE @ 180
SOLD 28500 CE @ 180

Will sell systematically daily.
28500PE not CE
2nd day (1st November)

SOLD 32000 CE @ 140
SOLD 28500 PE @ 170
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It Is An Auspicious Time For Investment, But Last Two Diwali's have Not been very Good for Many Portfolio's

How Are We Poised To Fare Between Current & Next Diwali?

A Short Thread On Our Expectations-
#Nifty & #BankNifty in Overbought Zone With Potential Of Price Or Time Correction Till Q1-2020

We Had tweeted Abt How BNF Corrections Run Five Qtr & Expected till Jun20

These Indices Are Not Budging & Sell Signal here Doesn't Mean Price Correction, Can Be time Correction
#CNX500 is in Same Boat As Nifty & BankNifty Mainly Due To Weights of HDBK & RIL
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Let's understand the forces that drives option in share market - Option Greeks #OptionGreeks #banknifty
Here Comes first force - Delta
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Hello traders!
Do you try to understand what is price doing? If not, let me help you.

Price can be either in a trend or range. If it is in trend, it may have either momentum or lack of momentum. If it is in range, it may have either high volatility or low volatility.

Price cannot do anything else other than these four. As a trader, our first job whenever we look at the price chart, is to try to figure out what price is doing. Is there
Trend with momentum
Trend with lack of momentum
Range with high vol
Range with low vol

Now let me show you a daily chart of #banknifty of year 2019. First chart with big picture. It clearly shows price in a phase of "range with high volatility."

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#BANKNIFTY Blueprint for Tom
1) Pivot relationship - Lower Value
2) Pivot Width - Very narrow (CPR - 28015/28018/28021)
3) Range Width - Broad (27839-28215)
4) Cam L3/H3 - 27903/28113
5) Current pivot Vs Close - Closed below Current pivot (bearish)
6) Tom's pivot Vs close - Close below Tom's pivot (bearish)
7) Other supports - 27725 / 27683 / 27540 / 27425 / 27280 / 26800 (APART FROM PIVOT SUPPORTS)
8) Other resistances - 28450 / 28580
Possible strategy for Tom
Trending / Ranging - Though pivotwidth is very narrow, the Range width is broad. If market finds support at PDL 27835-40, possibly it could open up for a rangebound session to tom's pivot region 28015-28020 or even to Cam H3 28100-115
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#BANKNIFTY Do you know?
BNF Weekly pivots:
BNF weekly pivots has formed an IV (Inside Value) relationship, meaning the weekly pivot for next week's trading is within the weekly pivots that was used for the current week. Now what does this signify?....
…..IV relationship has a higher possibility of market trending (NOT CERTAINITY) either up or down.

BNF Daily pivots:
Daily pivots for nxt day's trading having an HV relationship with prev day's pivots and price has closed above current and next day's pivots. Its meaning?....
…… A possible higher opening UNLESS AND UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.
This is the advantage of pivots. Pivots tell you the possible structure of the markets for the next day / next week / next month. So you always enter into the market with an extra info ….
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#TRADING HTF pivots vs price behaviour; Usually HTF pivots, monthly upper pivots acts as a resistance and monthly lower pivots acts as a support; if any of these breaks, there exists a prospective rally; it was observed in #BANKNIFTY AND #NIFTY today ....
....Price was hovering around Monthly upper pivot region for almost 2.5 hours before it broke out convincingly and subsequently a rally followed. Shows the significance and power of pivots and more particularly HTF pivots. The blue zone is the Monthly CPR (Central Pivot range).
Another eg of the significance of HTF pivots.... In this case the illustration is its resistance power.... Note price tries to break the Blue upper boundary and fails and drops all the way down....
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Today there was -ve news in IT sector. Nifty opened gap down and BN opened gap up.
Everyone would have thought about index managment.
I thought as IT is -ve, if Nifty has to hold, BN will move up. But, exactly opposite happend after open...
....IT made DL and recovered, while, BN fell sharply. Nifty was hovering near opening level.
By 9:30 AM, BN broke lows of June 19th and 18th to make new swing lows. Nifty, NF and BNF didn't break lows of June 19th. Nifty had broken June 18th's low on June 19th...
...So the current scenario was both #Banknifty and #Nifty had broken lows of June 18th.
Now along with this there was huge increase in premiums of future. In the opening minutes NF wasn't falling and only spot was falling. Also today was ex-dividend date of #Hdfcbank...
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#BANKNIFTY Pivot + vwap trading system

A) Short - 1) close less than ema200, prev day vwap, cam l3, floor pivot low; 2) distance between prev day vwap and cam l3 & floor pivot low should not be more than 1.5% (to avoid over extension); 3)vwap less than ema200
B) Price high crosses down weekly pivot high.
C) Price crosses down camarilla h3 and candle low is lower than prev candle low.
Position taking between 945 am till 245 pm.

Cover at close or when price crosses 2 std deviations above current vwap or when price crosses weekly pivot low from downwards or when price crosses daily pivot low from downwards.
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#NewPosition - Long in #BANKNIFTY May future at 31430

Small position.
Added more at 31450,

Full position now.


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80-20 setup

I am going to share one high probability reversal setup for swing traders.

Before i explain setup below are few rules.

● Stock should have body of nearly 1% on Previous Day.

● For INDEX Body should be more than 0.5% on previous day.

Rules for Sell

1. On previous day underlying should have opened in lower 20% of the day range and should have closed in upper 80% of the day range.

2. On current day in first hour of the trading day stock should have crossed PDH.

3. once it make new high in first hour place sell order below PDC with STOP of Current DH.

4. Intial targets for swing trades can be 1:2 RR then trail your stops.

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#BANKNIFTY Future bar by bar commentary for today's move for learning purpose.


After a powerful reversal with massive volume & wide range bar yesterday #BNF closed above EMA21 & has made higher higher on 15M candles & didnt break the low of any previous candle.

This shows the strength in the move & shows the strong momentum upside. After so many days of downfall, bears were shorting on every rise & this was a perfect "Bear Trap" setup (yesterday it broke the day low only to reverse).

At yesterday close selling profit booking was witnessed but today's open didn't break the low of that candle as well. It shows we still have some steam left for upside.

Points below are aligned with the numbers marked on the chart for easy understanding -
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In last 2 days #BANKNIFTY failed to sustain new highs & gave an hourly close below EMA21. While the overall trend is up, a pullback is evident. As counter trend trade, any rise till 30480 can be used to short for targets -
1. TL support
2. 29820
3. 29275
SL above 30700 spot
Since it is a counter trend trade, be watchful near these 3 target areas. If price fails to fall further, be quick to reverse your position for longs post price confirmation. It's going to be highly volatile in the coming days.
Here is 15M view of #BANKNIFTY spot chart. Bulls will try to defend every level they currently have hold on & bears wont allow them to easily cross 30390-30660 range. Every time bulls will take price up, they will meet bears in upper zone so its gonna be an interesting game.
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This is what I see on #BankNifty Future. Every time we hit supply zone, we come back & taking support at EMA21 & bullish move up isnt sustained. 29800 is acting as resistance & today's 1st 2 candles dont look promising.

Below today low 29704, we may move towards demand zone!
As per this chart, it appears to me that entire India's stop loss for short is above 29900. So if it breaks it, there will be swift short covering so plan your trades accordingly. If it fails to break 29900 & breaks 29700 then only short. Till then wait for your setup!
This is how you can mostly (if not always) be on the right side. There are 2 learning -
1) Never short until a specific level is breached & stay with the trend as long as possible.
2) Know when price resists to go down or go up. Its a signal price is giving so better listen
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As promised I am sharing the commentary of today's #PriceAction on #BankNifty future 15 minutes chart. I trust you will find it useful for learning purpose.

Each bullet point is reference with the candle number for easy understanding.

1. Gap down open, price closed below demand zone with ultra high volume. Long upper wick, signs of selling pressure.
2. Next candle bearish with less vol than prev candle, price closed below 1st candle, small tail. Selling pressure continued
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Make 1 highly liquid stock or Index your primary instrument for trading & NEVER miss a trade in it. Know every move, every level, every behavior of that stock/Index. This sheer focus will yield the results you are craving for all these years.

Mine is #BankNifty. What's yours?
Glad to see so many response. Good that many of you have chosen at least 1 primary stock/index to trade. Every stock behavior is different so u need to develop a unique strategy for each. What works on #ICICIBANK may not work on #TCS or #MARUTI. Find that behavior & have an edge!
Some people asked my fav list of stocks. Here are 15 highly liquid stocks/Index (mainly in Options) which I keep a track on.

Remember, #BANKNIFTY still remains my primary (biwi) & remaining 14 are girl friends to flirt 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Do it at your own risk 😂😂

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@Traders82 Today I will start a new chapter of #PriceAction trading & the topic is -

#Chapter4: Understand Supply & demand zones

So are you excited? I heard YES. So let's start!
Now that U understand what a market structure is & what are the 4 stages of a stock or index, the next logical step is to understand the supply & demand zones & how to use them with structure to spot high probability trades. This is different than single line S/R so pay attention
Recap: A structure is nothing but spotting higher high, higher low, lower high & lower low on any given chart to know the trend & to understand the context in the left as to what a stock has been doing. #BankNifty daily chart shows the structure for 1 year.
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Today there were few intraday opportunities to long and short in #BankNifty. Did you catch any? Plenty to learn from the charts today to catch both side moves. Analyze and let me know and I will help clarify your doubts.

Sharing my analysis for 9th Jan #BNF possible trades on #PriceAction:
1) Day started with a weak candle closing near the lows so 1st short was below the low of it. Target EMA21.
2) Price took little support & bounced back. You can scalp for quick profits here as well.
3) After that price couldnt sustain the upmove & closes below EMA21. Exit longs but no shorts yet until the recent low breaks convincingly.
4) It tried to break the low but not convincingly & we see a Doji shows weak selling & good buying pressure. Watch for next 1-2 candles.
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#intraburst #BankNifty #Expiry_trade
Breakout levels = 25456 ( buy 25600 calls if this level is breached)
Breakdown Levels = 25076 ( buy 25000 puts if this level is broken)
All futures levels
Trade today's expiry, that's why this is called an expiry trade
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SPOT 24959.7
2018-10-29 15:30:30
SPOT 24922.4
2018-10-30 09:18:19
SPOT 25049.8
2018-10-30 09:23:19
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SPOT 25066.4
2018-10-19 09:18:49
SPOT 25056.4
2018-10-19 09:22:19
SPOT 25231.2
2018-10-19 09:28:19
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It's friday. No #Banknifty trades. Let's revise some of the best takeaways form "Trading in the zone" (1/n)
There is a big difference between predicting & executing trades. Predicting what market could do is easy - executing trades is more complex. It takes confidence, humility and #discipline to properly execute a #trade. (2/n)
Trading is all about thinking like a chess player - anticipating all #possibilities and #probabilities. (3/n)
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Intraburst results since April 2018

12th April :

10th May : Not triggered.

14th June : Not triggered

28th June :

12th July :

26th July :
Performance so far since April . All trades were live-tweeted during trading hours on expiry day
Last year performance
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