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I just find these realisations and pennies dropping extraordinarily tragic. This man didn’t think about his business when he voted leave. It just shows that people were truly taken in by the cherry picking arguments from leave. #brexit /Thread

They were made to believe they could have everything, that nothing would change, that we could still continue enjoying the full effects on business of the SM and CU and FOM whilst not having to accept the costs or reciprocal responsibilities of the four freedoms.
In truth the government will have to try and mitigate the effects on thousands of businesses but I can’t see how they can do that without slashing standards and regulations and the regulations won’t be what you think, they will be those related to workers rights etc.
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#ElectionResults2019 were not a surprise.

I predicted a Tory majority of 30 to 40 before the election.

The size of the Tory majority is a surprise & reflects Labour's disastrous policy of cancelling #Brexit

Jo Swinson's LibDems Nazi Party got hammered she lost her seat 🤣🤣🤣
We now get #BRINO with Boris.

Boris's deal is Lipstick on the Pig of Theresa May's disastrous & Treasonous non-exit "WithDrawal Agreement."

We remain Slaves, paying £16bn a year, to be under the total control of the EU & all current & future regulations
We now get total farce of Boris "negotiating" a Trade Deal for a year.

EU have got us right where they want us.
Paying £16bn a year to be Slaves under total EU control.
EU will NEVER negotiate a fair deal

ONLY way we can Leave is with "No Deal" on WTO terms
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MINI THREAD - Next General Election

There are some mixed messages coming from #Boris on what sort of #Brexit he will deliver on October 31st.

Here's my perspective as a voter on what happens in 3 scenarios


If GE is before 31/10 choice will be

1. @conservatives (featuring @brexitparty_uk)
2. @LibDems (featuring @UKLabour & @theSNP)

A Tory/Brexit Party pact would result in a Leave landslide everywhere outside London & Scotland. Lab wiped out in Mids & North


GE after #Boris failed to deliver Proper #Brexit on 31/10 choice will be between

1. @brexitparty_uk
2. @LibDems (featuring @UKLabour & @theSNP)

TBP wins in a landslide outside London & Scotland. Tories wiped out. Labour wiped out in the Mids and North


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On 29 Mar, I stopped being a @Conservatives Party member, supporter and activist.

This account is being reconfigured. Some old followers may be dismayed. Many new ones won’t.

So what next?

A thread 1/

#Brexit #ConservativeParty #BrexitParty
My #Leave vote was about sovereignty and recovering powers lost to Brussels.

Like everyone else, I expected the result to be honoured just as no less than 2 Prime Ministers and all the party leaders promised us that it would be. 2/
Brexit has done us a favour. It has revealed that democracy in this country is a myth.

It turned out that, as usual, MPs’ public proclamations and manifesto promises were utter lies.

If implementing a democratic choice is populism , then I’m now a populist. 3/
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It's really important brexiteers are not deceived by the government, and that they understand the A50 process and what is meant by 'a deal'. /1

A thread
At the end of the A50 process there will be ONE legally-enforceable international treaty called the Withdrawal Agreement. This is 'the deal'. The WA allegedly has been 80% agreed. A copy of the March draft is here… /2
Further additions were announced in June… /3
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Hopefully not too late to pick out three lines from the Conservative's 2017 manifesto (hard to see how these are consistent with #BINO / #BRINO). 1. "Leaving the European Union also means we will be free to strike our own trade agreements with countries outside the EU."
2. "As we leave the European Union, we will no longer be members of the single market or customs union but we will seek a deep and special partnership including a comprehensive free trade and customs agreement." (2/3)
3. "We believe the UK must seize the unique opportunities it has to forge a new
set of trade and investment relationships around the world, building a global, outwardlooking Britain". (3/3)
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