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On a No Deal option in a #peoplesvote. Aside from the incredible recklessness of including a ‘certain disaster’ option, has anybody thought to ask EU27 if they’d extend Art50 only for the worst-case outcome to still be a possibility?

I very much doubt it. 1/
Why would they? The incentive to extend for a PV is that it would avoid an accidental no deal caused by a deadlocked UK Parliament. 2/
It would reduce uncertainty by guaranteeing a non-chaotic, orderly outcome of either accepting the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration, or revoking Art50 3/
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In English law a Fraudulent Conspiracy exists when parties conspire together in breaking the law for the purpose of damaging the interests of a third party. It carries a sentence of ten years. The article below proves that there was a fraudulent conspiracy against Sanni.
Tax Payers Alliance was controlled by Tory central office. The Treasurers office introduced Matthew Elliot to Tory donors - myself included. TPA has extraordinarily conceded full liability to settle out of court. It has done this because in court, it would have been proven that
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1) #Brexit & "understanding leaver's concerns" - thread

As we prepare for a #PeoplesVote there's been discussion on how Remain needs to listen to "the causes of Brexit"

I'm going to give the perspectives of 4 leavers I know, because potentially it's not that simple
2) these are friends and colleagues. All very well educated & in well paid work or comfortably settled. I can't say that they are representative, but there is a common theme in all their attitudes which I'll be honest in saying is fairly simplistic & not particularly appealing
3) the first said their reason for leaving was it was too easy for a migrant to get treatment on the NHS.

In terms of the NI issue & how reunification might impact "British" NI residents she said "well, if you're going to live there it's your own fault because it was a risk"
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1) Corbyn & #Brexit - a history
lot of dismay about this statement from Corbyn, an attempt to shut down the #PeoplesVote campaign which has majority support in the Labour party

But really, the signs were all there, and the "treacherous" Labour MPs, it turns out, were right
2) way back before the referendum, when we thought Remain was in the bag, Corbyn won his first leadership election.
The entire front bench went to see him, because they were worried Corbyn wouldn't really support Remain

Most believed him, Chuka Umunna didn't & resigned the bench
3) Then Corbyn had a very lacklustre Ref campaign, asked for A50 to be invoked "now" when Remain lost, and began a long process of supporting & reinforcing #Brexit.

His entire front bench in essence resigned, to force him from office because of his poor ref campaign
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I am not a bystander.

As an elected Member of Parliament it is my responsibility, on behalf of my constituents, to do everything possible to secure a bright future for our country - brimming with opportunity, jobs & prosperity.
But by the Govt’s own assessments (let alone the many independent reports/inquiries from @CommonsHomeAffs @CommonsHealth etc) Brexit will take us in the wrong direction.

We will see economic growth contract, unemployment & poverty increase. The gap between rich and poor widen.
The Chequers deal doesn’t deliver what people were promised when they voted for Brexit.

The proponents of Brexit still won’t publish what their Brexit would look like (while they snipe from the sidelines).
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Waiting for the start of the Brexit What's The Deal event at Bracknell Open Learning Centre organised by Berkshire for Europe.
We'll be live tweeting the event, so watch this space.
If you are at the event, use the hashtag #WhatsTheDealBracknell on social media.
It promises to be an interesting evening, particularly with the news this afternoon that Railways Minister @JoJohnsonUK has resigned from the government and spoken out in favour of a #PeoplesVote on Brexit rather than the choice of no deal or a bad deal.
Our speakers this evening are:
Bracknell MP @DrPhillipLeeMP who was one of the early MPs to resign their ministerial post over Brexit (for the right reasons)
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Interview with Corbyn today:
"We can't stop #Brexit"

150 CLPs asked for a #PeoplesVote
Option to Remain got a standing ovation
It's supposed to be (watered down) Labour policy

@uklabour when will you get it?
Corbyn's *not* a democrat
He's *not interested* in your views
@UKLabour It really couldn't be simpler, #Brexit is falling apart and with Corbyn gone & Labour building on the 54% who now want Remain it would be dead

If he can't support his members, voters & the country on ending Brexit can he at least have the decency to shut up about it?
@UKLabour There's literally no excuses left, the party wants an end to #Brexit, a majority of Labour seats want a #PeoplesVote, even a majority of the country.

He said he'd listen to the members, then shut down the #PeoplesVote they overwhelmingly asked for by reinforcing Brexit *again*
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Responding to @JoJohnsonUK, Lord Heseltine discusses the significance of his support for a #PeoplesVote:
Lord Heseltine: “This is a very significant resignation. Here is a young politician with everything to gain from staying inside the government, pursuing his distinguished career, keeping his head down and waiting for events to take their course." #PeoplesVote
Lord Heseltine: "He has not done that. He has resigned on an issue of principle putting the country before his party and his own career." #PeoplesVote
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The @BBC just misreported Jo Johnson’s call for a #PeoplesVote - by leaving out his call for a Remain option.…
Here’s his statement below, quoted on the BBC’s own website:…
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My prediction:
Parliament will reject the deal for the reasons explained in my pinned tweet. That leaves us with no-deal in December. The Tory Party leadership won't ever support a #PeoplesVote.
But the Tory Party's MPs will, purely to save the party's reputation from no-deal.
My main concern is that the Good Friday Agreement ties the government to making a deal that keeps us in the Single Market and Customs Union permanently. Because there will be those arguing that that meets Labour's 6 tests. But that's a Brexit that does nothing but #GiveUpControl
But allow me to speak plainly...
That would be f**** stupid!
The only reason Parliament has been pursing a Brexit its MPs knows is harmful has been to respect the democratic wishes of 2016 voters. So to accept a deal that leaves us LESS sovereign would DEFEAT THE WHOLE. POINT!
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Right let’s talk folks. About home. What’s in it anyway? Home is home right? Just like Brexit is Brexit, it can mean different things to different people. It’s just surprising how *many* people equate home with place. Home is not a house or town or country. 1/
Home is where you feel safe. It may be where your loved ones, your family, live but it doesn’t have to be. It may be temporary, where you’re staying, but it’s still home as it’s where you have decided to spend your life. Even if just for now. 2/
Home is where you can relax. Where you can love and sleep and eat in peace. Without fear or worry that any moment someone will come knocking at the door to take you away. 3/
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How about a #Remain manifesto, agreed & promoted by all major Remain groups? #RemainManifesto

The purpose would be to explain how, if we Remain, we can address Leave's concerns and can commit a future govnt to enact them, to the letter. 1/20
The manifesto could address the main reasons we have been told for the Leave vote.

It could focus purely on the key areas - immigration, sovereignty, EU federal plans, EU wastefulness.
It could detail precise ways in which we can protect ourselves from these concerns. 2/20
hy not compromise by changing Britain as it is today, but not by leaving the EU? And save the cost & risk of Brexit.

But I think we should only address the areas directly detailed as being the reasons for the Leave vote. Not what we suspect may be underlying. 3/20
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Paphos has some continuing benefits from being capital of culture last year. Money became available for renovation particularly the old town. Visitor numbers are up. -
The city held some amazing cultural events and was really put in on the European map. The Berlin Philharmonic played to sell out crowds in Paphos harbour but there were exhibitions of art and history and all kinds of music and theatre…
Perhaps it drew people who had never visited before to enjoy the wealth of history under the sun here. It’s also the epitome of the joys of Freedom of Movement. -
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At the council house in the public gallery watching Birmingham City Council debate a #peoplesvote #finalsay on theBrexit deal. Watch live here.…
Passionate speech from @Jonperrybarr on the benefits of the EU and the damage it will cause to Birmingham to leave.
@BrumLeader making the case that 8 of 10 top trading parties for the city are in the EU, the incredible narrowness of the vote in Bham and that no one voted to make our region poorer.
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Thread: Several prominent people in tech (VCs etc) have *privately* thanked me for being so public about a #FinalSay / #PeoplesVote. They are v. worried about the future of the UK. Then again, one or two say I’ve damaged myself. “Stick to tech!”
Only 4 people (that I’ve counted) are actively pro-Brexit (I have a LOT of contacts so they are very much in the minority. Those who are against Brexit but remain quiet say they prefer not to “do politics”.
And yet they’d probably be the first to admit that we landed in this place because the Tech Industry did not do enough to *actively* defend democracy. Instead, it built products without thinking about how they might one day be weaponised against democracy.
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A few quick thoughts on #C4Brexit @Survation poll of 20,000 people interviewed between 20/10 to 2/11.

54% of those who would vote now backing Remain.

Survey shows England too has gone Remain.

70% @UKLabour voters are Remain.

But our political situation is stuck in time. /1
A striking feature from @Survation analysis is that support for leaving EU has fallen most sharply in local authorities that saw highest vote share for Leave

Left pic (today) shows England too has gone Remain (yellow) from results in June 2016 (right). /2
This excellent @chrishanretty thread analysing @Survation data shows that its predominantly @UKLabour areas in the North that have seen greatest change.

That doesn’t begin to be reflected in the Labour leadership’s nearsilence on all things Brexit. /3

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1) BBC journalists - a thread on #Brexit balance.
2 years ago you took an editorial decision to write off "Remain" as an option.

This survey shows that that was a catastrophic failing in your duty of balance informed reporting

@AndrewMarr9 @bbcnickrobinson @EvanHD @bbclaurak
@AndrewMarr9 @bbcnickrobinson @EvanHD @bbclaurak 2) week after week you, at best, pitched Tory spokespeople (who support #Brexit) against Labour (who also support Brexit)

Sometimes you even presented 2 sides of the Tory Brexit position as "balance"

This survey shows that this was a terrible failure of duty
@AndrewMarr9 @bbcnickrobinson @EvanHD @bbclaurak 3) despite this writing off of Remain (Nick Robinson said essentially "the debate is over, the only Q is the form of #Brexit"), despite pleading "but Brexit must happen", even despite attempts to reinforce the inevitability of Brexit, Remain has grown…
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One of my friends just went to a workshop about EU citizens rights. Am appalled. She has come away quite despondent. EU27 citizens, our families friends and neighbours a vital part of our communities, are about to be marked down as the B team and they have done nothing wrong.
Before that she went to speak to her mp who asked her to trust him. It’s a very difficult thing to trust MPs who are unwilling or unable to be very clear and openly support #PeoplesVote with #remainoption even if in private they are supportive
At the end of the day MPs will not actually suffer or be made second class citizens. VPrivate support will not make #peoplesvote happen and this applies to voters. If you are as appalled at the effect of brexit on all in our communities you must speak out.
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1) @UKLabour - please think again - your leadership is not what you voted for

thread here following John McDonnell's appalling statement this morning where he said in effect it doesn't matter if Banks carried out illegal activity

@UKLabour 2) I'm not here to beg you to join the LDs or the Greens, but I am here to beg you to do *something*, because I'd argue "fighting from within" Labour isn't working fast enough.

And I admit I am focused on #Brexit, but I also want good, solid, *moral* government afterwards
@UKLabour 3) #Brexit, right now, let's be honest, should be on its a**e
- there's investigations into illegal funding
- the Gov. are a mess
- the leaders are deeply compromised
- 700k marched for a #PeoplesVote
- public opinion is turning
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Responding to Arron Banks ... is another Hard Brexiter. And standing by to comment is Brexit extremist Hartley-Brewer and not one Remain advocate. Balance?!

The full scale #Brexit propaganda of @MarrShow is insane.
So he begins with:
Julia Hard-Brexit - tell us how great the Brexit deal is ?
And JHard-Brexit gets TWO chances to tell us that the #PeoplesVote, which is now the preference of a large majority of UK voters AND constituencies is just an EU conspiracy. Unchallenged by Marr, no Remain advocate in the fucking show. State sponsored @BBC propaganda outrage
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I am one of #The5Million — us @The3Million & @BritishInEurope most immediately affected by specific Brexit threats. Even if there were to be a #PeoplesVote we won’t have a say. So we need your help. Now. Please come and join me in London on Monday for our human chain & rally. 1/
I will also be doing another #EUcitizensChampion activity later on in the day. Whether in person there or online: I hope many more of you will become champions. EU citizens need your help. One way to become one is by making a donation here:… 3/
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Is Owen an expert *crosses self* in psy-ops? What does he know about how messaging works and how it influences people? Why is it "ridiculous"? Because it serves his purpose to refute the impact this actually had.
Lest we forget this is against a backdrop of decades of aggressive anti-EU messaging via the tabloid press.
And the main culprit as far as I understand it was Facebook - this platform has been used very effectively to radicalise peoples' views. I've heard accounts where people can't even explain why they voted leave. It just made sense at the time.
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So #VoteLeave chair @GiselaStuart (who I note quit as an MP in 2017 rather than try and make brexit work) apparently said on @talkRADIO this morning that she believed there were no leave voters on the #PeoplesVoteMarch a couple of weeks ago.

Let's examine that.


So @GiselaStuart maybe you do not believe that #RemainerNow @Will_DryOFOC was at the #PeoplesVoteMarch. In fact he now works full time fighting #brexit with @OFOCBrexit & was one of the thousands of young people leading the march. Here he explains why

Or @GiselaStuart do you not 'believe' this little collage of evidence of leave voters @damidude @CharlesGallahe2, his brother, @hughnorris, @damidude @snoozette1 @MrsEmmaJK @andrewhardie3 all of whom are #RemainerNow &were at the #PeoplesVoteMarch on 20th Oct?


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We all know now that #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw. We all know that Arron Banks has been referred to the NCA for investigation, after @MetPoliceUK declined to look into the @ElectoralCommUK's evidence. MPs are "calling for a pause" in #Brexit.… /1
Unless EU-27 agree to an extension of the two-year #Article50 period, the UK leaves the EU on 29th March 2019. Theresa May clearly stil hopes for some kind of deal that will keep the City of London happy enough with #Brexit: but #NoDealBrexit is a very real possibility. /2
#NoDealBrexit is disastrous, but the UK is woefully unprepared for the massive changes to ensue with any kind of #Brexit: the Tories have treated the Brexit negotiations as a game in which they held all the cards, & in consequence have failed utterly to make any progress. /3
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