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So what are the latest symptoms of the brexophrenia that afflicts our country #Brexit
Maybots deal is dead there is no prospect of another deal but maybot is terrified of both no deal and no #Brexit so she goes to EU and is perplexed to discover they say what they mean and mean what they say
She cops the biggest defeat in the history of parliament but the Ln survives a confidence vote and the funniest bit is that having survived an internal tory confidence motion the tories can't remove her
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One of the bizarre things I hear is that you can't have a #PeoplesVote that respects the first referendum. Of course, you can. You simply ask a new question rather than repeating the old one i.e. a #PeoplesVote of May's Deal vs No Deal would do that.
X : Can't people change?
Me : Democracy is about asking people new questions and respecting their choice i.e. a general election asks "who do you want to govern now?" It's always a new question. Democracy is not about asking the same question until you get the answer you want ...
... hence we never repeat an "election" even if we didn't like the result but we do have "new" elections. We ask the new question i.e. who governs "now"?

Having a #PeoplesVote (personally I don't like referendums) needs a "new" question not a repetition of what has been asked.
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Quick thread: Remain, #FBPE, #PeoplesVote - whatever you do, don't try to reason with the Yellow Vest protests. They are dangerous, xenophobic, and not what our cause should stand with. 1/…
We must challenge and oppose the rhetoric of hate, which continues to be heard in the media and in our own movement. Reading @MikeStuchbery_'s report of Remain campaigners 'breaking bread' with yellow vests is alarming and despairing. 2/
Mike's a clever guy and his knowledge of the yellow vest protests is essential. But to Remainers who are fighting against this criticism, through support of #FBPE or @MadeleinaKay - please end this approach. 3/
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In 2016 I voted remain and was disappointed that the remain vote lost. I felt then as I do now that it was a vote against UK politicians, by people who felt disenfranchised, The referendum gave them an opportunity to kick ass.
Throughout the last 2 years we have heard people say. I have changed my mind. I want a #PeoplesVote because I did not understand what i was voting for! Well in part I agree.,I voted remain because being in the EU was all that I had known I could not see any problems.
Today I am reconsidering my position and indeed if another vote took place I would be tempted to vote leave. So why the sudden change of heart? Well I have started to watch and read the thoughts of people who have been far better informed on the European Union than I am.
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Warning, this is a monologue on my current thoughts on #Brexit.

I hate Brexit, #IamEuropean, yet I think the UK needs to exit with a no deal.

If you're curious about why, please Read on. I'll mention #IsaacAsimov 😀
Sadly, I believe the UK needs to exit the EU without a #brexit deal.

That 30-40% of its population that has post-Imperial delusions need a rude awakening of what the 21st century world is like.

Then, the UK may rejoin the EU in 10-15 years time.
The sad part of this #nodeal #brexit is the people that end up dying unnecessarily because of the Brexiteers pipe dreams.
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1) Let's talk about a new, straight forward kind of politics
Let's look back at what Corbyn has done, and more importantly not done, over the past few weeks on #Brexit & a #PeoplesVote
Sneak peak: it definitely wasn't "for the many"
2) Firstly, it was an open secret that Corbyn & all other party leaders knew that a Vote of No Confidence was *never, ever* going to succeed.

Every Tory MP would vote for May (as they did) and the DUP was never going to vote for "United Ireland" Corbyn
Whole thing was a farce
3) so all the talk, by multiple Labour Front benchers on "timing" & "not playing games" when it came to the VoNC was either a deliberate lie or gullibility.

The timing made no difference because the chances of May losing it were vanishingly small
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1) At Labour conference #PeoplesVote supporters could either vote for the #Brexit policy that had a 2nd ref tacked on the end in "other options" - or no 2nd ref policy at all
They basically had no choice

Similar to May's "my deal or no deal" stitch up
2) so if you find yourself saying "we voted overwhelmingly at conference for Labour #Brexit policy" it's a bit like saying "the single candidate standing got a massive majority"

Either youve been taken in by the propaganda, or you're actively spreading it
3) the #Brexit policy voted on at Labour conference is a well crafted & therefore meaningless stitch up which puts no constraints on Corbyn whatsoever.

He can ignore the members & he is doing so on a #PeoplesVote
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A 2nd #Brexit referendum will solve nothing apart from the status of 5million people l replacing Euroatom europole open skies agreement every single trade deal we now have with the entire world the Irish border problem and the need to renogiste 100s of international treaties
We can't have a 2nd referendum cos we might lose again so you are about to start a life sentence on devil's Island and don't appeal as though you may be released you run the risk of your existing sentence being confirmed #Brexit
You can't have another ref just cos you don't like the result. Like europhobes who spent 40 years whining about EU and nigel Farage who said 52 48 would be unfinished business by a long way or like John Redwood and Dominic Raab who both said theyd want a rerun
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Up at the top of the Reichstag (fun fact: Times I’ve been here - 2; times I’ve been to Westminster - 0) I’m struck very much about how this is a prime example of the will of the people bringing a divided nation back together.
Norman Foster’s design is meant to represent transparency of government, that the people are above government and have the power, that government serves the people.
I also think that this is also representative of the weight of responsibility on parliament and government’s shoulders, to act in their constituency’s interests, in party interests but, ultimately, in the best interests of the nation.
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I just thought I'd stand back from things for a moment and look at the complete and utter chaos the Leave Elites have led us to.

They've never had a plan
They've never know how to leave.
First they promised unicorns and rainbows. Neither were available, or achievable but they promised them anyway because.

They didn't have a plan
They didn't know how to leave
Then they spent illegally, gerrymandered the electorate and manipulated social marketing to get over the line with a tiny majority. Telling everyone it was the will of the people when it clearly wasn't because

They didn't have a plan
They didn't know how to leave.
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Tonight I go to bed knowing more clearly than I have ever known before how different the view of everything is through the eyes of an EU citizen. I don't see jubilation or hope. All I see are countless messages of despair because of the additional uncertainty. #BrexitChaos 1/
And that isn't specific to me - even a quick glance at FB tells me that. This doesn't mean we would have supported the deal - of course not. But it says a lot about how very different the experiences of EU citizens in the UK and Britons in UK have been over the past 935 days. 2/
The fact that someone got to call us EU citizens "bloodsuckers" on live TV earlier today without any challenge or questioning really did not help. Neither does the fact that campaigners now places their hope in a #PeoplesVote that would not include people like me... 3/
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.@theresa_may makes 2 assurances.
1️⃣ A flimsy one for the House of Commons.
2️⃣ And one to Leave voters.
That was it.
Millions of British people and all of us #The5Million — we do not matter to the Primer Minister. Not. One. Single. Bit. It’s a disgrace. 1/
That said, this historic loss must mean the end of May as Prime Minister. But the no confidence motion from an opposition leader who also supports Brexit only provides limited hope. This cannot just be resolved with replacing Prime Ministers nor with a GE where both main 2/
parties run on a pro-Brexit ticket. The same is true for a #PeoplesVote that still excludes those who are already the most severely affected. There is no straightforward way out of this mess, not least because the leaders of both main parties continue to lie to voters daily. 3/
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Listening to ... lots of good discussion on the root causes of brexit e.g. rampant neoliberalism and the consequences of this. Very encouraging ...
... but equally there is a disturbing discussion that brexit has opened up divisions. Those divisions were there, they had just been ignored. Brexit has simply put a magnifying glass on the monstrously unequal and divided society that is the UK.
Well, @theresa_may has come out battling for the Withdrawal Agreement. A fine speech ... but now, amendment f on the order paper -… - seems like a bit of waste of proceedings but they have the right.
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Tonight, or soon, a lot of documents will be destroyed in DEXEU and the cabinet office. Leave Campaigns did this a long time ago.

There's a lot to cover up before the #BrexitEnquiry starts. If you can, save from destruction what you can, for us all.

#PeoplesVote #StopBrexit
You might remember how Theresa May's government has helped the corrupt. She ended an investigation into Arron Banks and ICO were prevented from searching Cambridge Analytica's offices until they had shipped out all their documents.…
No coincidence that the Met had quietly dropped investigations into the Leave Campaigns' electoral fraud, citing reasons of "political sensitivity".

It is what you would expect of a *regime* - and that is what we have - that profited from corruption.…
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@PickardJE Thank you. An excellent cheat sheet for MPs.

There is good prep work to be done for questions....

1/ of a few....
@PickardJE When you say take back control of our money, do you mean taking back control of a full 0.37% of the amount of total Govt expenditure that actually goes to the EU?

Alongside this, please confirm to the House much money have we totally lost control of in preparing for Brexit.

@PickardJE And when you say taking back control of our borders, why do we have more immigration from outside the EU currently, + in order to get those cherished "deals" with the world, is it not true we will need to provide 10,000s visas to get those deals?


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Hi everyone,

As well as PM voting against Welsh Assembly in 97 (after a ref passed to create one with slim majority), and was part of Shadow Cab which argued putting it to another vote in 2005 Con Manifesto, we thought you'd like to know what Brexiters said during debate...
. @OwenPaterson said during those debates:

"...the referendum was a fiddle. It is outrageous that a move that will irrevocably alter the United Kingdom's constitution should be pushed through without consulting 85 per cent. of the population."
Whilst @bernardjenkin accused the Government (who were enacting results of a slim majority referendum) that they were:

"Using the sort of democratic logic of which Saddam Hussein would be proud, the right hon. Gentleman would cheerfully claim a yet bigger mandate for his plans"
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When your kids are hungry, but the rent is due,
When you're in a dead-end job, zero-hour contract too.
When you have to choose between milk or bread,
When the life dreams you used to have are dead.
When they tell you the foreigners get all for free,
You put a X in the ballot box to shout out "What about me?"
When you're afraid and ignored, your hope all but dies,
So you'll cling to anything, even a bus covered in lies.
When the toffs in pin-striped suits declare "We'll be better off, wait and see",
They mean themselves, not you and me.
When the tabloids scream, it's all about sovereignty,
They don't tell you you can't put that on the table for tea.
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Here is a round up of our activities today. It was a busy day. We sent volunteers to the Cross in Chester and to Northwich to get out and talk to the people. THREAD
We took our lovely Mascot #EUnice and she really attracted some attention which allowed us to get into conversations with all kinds of people regardless of how they voted in the 2016 referendum.
People wanted to talk to us about how they felt about the #brexitshambles. We asked them what they thought about Mays deal, No-deal or Remain. There was quite a buzz and these were the scores on the doors about half way through.
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John @john196201 explains how Brexit's already had an impact on his dental practice. Working ethically, along with the fall in the pound, means he's already taken a huge financial hit. He fears far worse is to come, as vital medical supplies become scarcer. #BrexitIsPersonal /1
If this worries you too, it's not too late to change course. Stand up with us and millions of others in demanding a #PeoplesVote with a #FinalsayForAll
Watch John's full film and see why, for him, #BrexitIsPersonal /2
At @FinalSayForAll, we fight for the rights of #The5Million disenfranchised citizens. We’ve filmed and collected many moving stories about the personal impacts of Brexit. Our aim is to disseminate them, especially to those who can bring about change. /3
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Here's the effects of the UNLAWFUL OVERSPEND by Vote Leave. It's based on what's known about VL's campaign methods & their effectiveness.

The EC found in July that both VL & BeLeave breached spending limits, beyond reasonable doubt.

#RevokeArticle50 #PeoplesVote
Vote Leave: The EC concluded that Mr Halsall & VL committed offences under s. 118(2)(c) PPERA 2000. Halsall incurred spending of £449,079.34 which he knew or ought reasonably to have known was in excess of the statutory spending limit for VL.

The EC fined VL £20K for the overspend because it was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that all of Mr Grimes’ & BeLeave’s spending the ref campaign was incurred under a common plan between Beleave & VL.

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Dominic Cummings relied heavily 'conversion rates' to shake-up the establisment & hijack our democracy.

Here's a breakdown of how he used them to manipulate a significant percentage of the British public to win the 2016 ref.

#PeoplesVote #RevokeArticle50

The 'conversion rate' (CR) is the proportion of the online audience that clicks on an online ad. It is commonly accepted that CRs are approx. 10% of the ppl who see a political ad. The idea is to get ppl to the 'landing page' (the site to which that ads are directed).

Once on the landing page, 10% will believe the messages on it are factual. 10% of that number is persuaded to do something based on the messages they have been directed to, and now believe to be true.

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1) So what is the Labour #Brexit GE platform?

As far as we can make out we'd be voting for more negotiations (which the EU will not agree to) to get a better deal (which likely doesn't exist)

The entire Labour platform is based on promising a Brexit they cannot deliver
2) "Vote Labour even though our #Brexit platform depends on 27 other governments all doing what they've all said they absolutely won't do"

That's not a manifesto, it's just wishful thinking
3) but even if Labour's GE promises on Brexit were real, why should any Remainer support a GE?

The Tories have led Brexit but at least they are starting to say it may not happen. Corbyn's leadership team won't even consider the idea that Brexit could be stopped
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At the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster waiting for the start of The Convention.
#ThinkAnewActAnew #PeoplesVote #stopbrexit
As I mentioned before, it's a very impressive lineup for @The_Convention_ today.
The inimitable @HenryCPorter (who I've come across on other unrelated campaigns in the past) is opening events now (Lara Spirit, host for the morning is alongside).
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1) #BBCQT and the tide turning
Many Remainers have watched Question Time through their hands or not watched at all as this Leave stronghold reinforced the simple messages of Brexiters

It was very disheartening, but not any more
2) Week after week we had the right wing agitator "columnists" like Oakeshott, HartleyBrewer and others come on & shout betrayal, will of the people, Remoaners whilst the crowd cheered them on

"why can't we just leave?" the audience cried to rapturous applause

Until 6 weeks ago
3) occasionally a brave audience member or panelist would say "hang on, this Brexit thing isn't going that well" before being shouted down.

The tide has now massively shifted. The audiences have pivoted & no one is confidently supporting Brexit
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