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“Who Knew Clintons & Richard Branson Were Spearheading Energy Project Across Entire Caribbean Known As ‘Ten Island Challenge’..Locking In Every Island..Strategic Plan Involving Governments, Politicians, Billionaires, Power Companies & 1 Of Biggest Shipping Companies In World”
“Coincidentally...Encompasses Same Known Route As #DrugTraffickers & #ChildTraffickers ...& They’re Just Getting Started”

Let’s Call Them The #NewExploiters of the #BraveNewWorld 🌎
@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @TraffickStop
Does anyone know where this is?
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OPEN THREAD: #ItalianChildTrafficking – Connecting some dots

1/ You probably heard of the recent scandal related to #ItalianChildTrafficking.
But what few are aware of is the backstage of this scary story...

#ItalianChildTrafficking #ChildTrafficking #QAnon
2/ Here you can find the whole story that emerged in recent days. It was a "system" that allowed children to be taken away from their parents by specific institutional figures.


#ItalianChildTrafficking #QAnon
3/ The children, during special "psychotherapeutic" sessions, were treated through brainwashing systems and brain-manipulations induced by electrical impulses...

#ItalianChildTrafficking #ChildTrafficking #ItalianDeepState #QAnon
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I posted a Craigslist ad seeking help with errands due to my shut in status on Feb. 14 and it ran with no problems until I made a post to my FB fundraiser page yesterday morning referencing it. Surely these flaggers digital footprint(s) are traceable.
Why would somebody intentionally not want me to get help and flag a 2 week old ad? More ironic right after I referenced it on Facebook? Or the flagger(s) was 1 of the state sponsored #childtraffickers puppet recruits and or one of the prospects that responded and knew of the ad.
@GenFlynn has the new pics from today showing my worsened condition that if I posted them, they would surely bring online trolls, to stop discredit me and stop me from vettinf help I NEED TODAY
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#Minnesota #Cps #ChildTrafficking in #collusion w/state & co offices under the guise of human service/public aid ties 2 the grander #Elite #Pedophile Intl terror ntwk aided by #MasonicCharities #Freemasons #MinnesotaDFL #MNDFL #DFL #MN2018 #WalkAway…
Those responsibe 4 my "extreme poverty" have ties 2 those I've exposed as #Minnesota #humantraffickers/#childtraffickers. Those I'm appealing this @SocialSecurity decline 2 continue benefits after 15 yrs (age 54) are 1 & the same! #DeepState #Retaliation
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I worked with this women, a Minnesota domestic abuse advocate researching, she CORROBORATES MINNESOTA #MKUltra, SEX RINGS AND #INSTITUTIONALCORRUPTION!…👈
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State of Minnesota Protective Agent Services Board which consits of our CORRUPT AG #LoriSwanson's Office representee, seems to have been routinely firing several private detectives and protective agents leading up to the Superbowl. I recognize some of these names, Imma look in2…👈

These are the firings… iI can guarantee 💯% the State of Minnesota Offices and politicains are involved in #humantraffickin, #childtrafficking and other heinous crimes against children and humanity in general❗FACT❗
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Remember what citizen investigators have found on #NCMEC @missingkids & their ties to the elite #PedophileRing of #ChildTraffickers #Clinton #Podesta
@JeffSessions @TheJusticeDept @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @StateDept @IntlCrimCourt
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