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#MhysaDragon PSA 🔥🐉🔥
I exposed websites being used to normalize pedophilia & get laws like the one @GavinNewsom signed into law giving judges a say on whether to list someone as a sex offender for having oral or anal sex with a minor.
Did you watch it?…
#OpStopMap needs more focus America or, you can expect more & more sex traffickers getting away with it like this demon👇

Did you know that trafficking a minor for sex in California is NOT considered a violent crime?
Please #WakeUpAmerica
This is the kinda stuff #TH3D3N sees everyday on this platform
Sex trafficking
Online sexual enticement of minors
IV drug use in both Children & adults
Live child rape
Child porn distribution
Online sexual exploitation of children in every way possible.
& more
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You think your kids are safe in school? Are they safe online? Are you okay w/ this indoctrination? This is a “political quiz” given to a 13-YEAR OLD! FULL STOP. READ THAT AGAIN. And they are also asking about CONTRACEPTION! It’s time to WAKE UP! This. Is. Not. Okay. Speak up! 🐉
Watch your children online like a hawk. Email/call teachers when you see unacceptable assignments online. If your kids are physically in school, schedule a meeting and QUESTION EVERYTHING your kids are being taught. The time to push back is NOW! WE must protect our children. Image
Our children are our most precious gifts from God. We must protect them PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, SPIRITUALLY, and MENTALLY against those who actively seek to steal their innocence. There would be no way in hell that I would EVER let my child take such a bullshit quiz like that.
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Lord of the Rings is happening before our very eyes. The hobbit is about to come out of the shire, out of his hole thats hes been hiding in, #JFKJrLives is the ring bearer, #bilbobaggins, humble and in hiding.... Image
Smaug, the evil dragon represents the deep state, the Rothschild...
Smaug was taken down with one arrow by Bard, the archer, who is @realDonaldTrump. #Trump2020 has dismantled the dragon with one arrow in its weakest spot = child trafficking #SaveOurChildren ...
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Prosecutor Ben J. Berkstresser has filed to revoke the Seymour brothers’ 5 yr probation sentence for raping their sister.
The brothers contacted the victim after signing the sex offender supervision agreement
Who'd have been held responsible if they would have sexually assaulted her or another child while they were out?
No one!
Just like no one is ever charged for releasing dangerous sex offender onto the streets so they can kidnap, rape & kill kids AGAIN!…


They are releasing dangerous sex offenders onto our streets with no strings attached.
New York, California, the list goes on & on.
Every democratic state is on fire & the children are suffering the most.
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TODAY👀🇬🇧- 'Investigation into government and police response to child abuse claims against the late Lord Janner starts today - with large swathes of evidence to be heard behind closed doors'
Inquiry to ask if ex-MP accused of child abuse was protected by police, prosecutors and politicians-
'Allegations against the late Greville Janner first surfaced when he was a Leicester MP'…
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Post & Archives Part 37
“Let Justice Roll Down As Waters & Righteousness As A Mighty Stream” Amos 5:24 ⚖️
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‼️Very important thread‼️

Missing babies affair and abduction of young children by the Centers for Social Work in #Serbia

• Exposing the network of children traffickers in Serbia

• Who is behind this profitable business?

#SaveOurChildren #ProtectOurYouth

⬇️ Full thread ⬇️
1/ This Thursday a press conference was held in #Belgrade and the topic of discussion were the missing babies affair and the abduction of young children by the Centers for social work, which was not attended by a single journalist.

This was a reason of writting this thread. ⬇️
2/ Two weeks ago, I wrote about the case of a little girl who was first taken away from her biological family due to poverty, and then kidnapped from a foster family, from where all trace of her is lost. ⬇️

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1. via @iliBarcodeili 👇
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These symbols are all over the boxes of Breville toasters in Robert Dyas in the UK 👀…
(U) The GirlLover logo (GLogo) is a small heart surrounded by a larger heart, which symbolizes a relationship between an adult male or female and minor girl.
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#HiddenCorruption #HappyDanes #SaveOurChildren
The Tvind Empire!
Little known political Danish founded & controlled cult operates WW in guise of "charity"! Connections to both Clintons, Ted Turner, China, Deep State powers.
Check in below tweet for link w/ many details:
For over 25y an investigative reporter, Frede Farmand, has attempted to alert people (Tvindalert)!
Since 2018, I've tried to alert here on twtr (prior no one listened anyway). It's Danish - heck, how sinister can that be, most say? Believe me, it goes beyond your imagination!
Modern windmills? Originate from Tvind (1st built modern wind-mill, still functioning in Ulfborg, Denmark) - raised by all volunteer work.
Leader, Mogens Amdi Pedersen - founded Tvind & Teachers Group (TG) w/ focus on communion philosophy based on communist ideology.
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Child Abuse in London - Past & Present -

Former Ealing deputy head teacher who attended crystal meth sex parties sentenced for child abuse images - 2016 #SaveTheChildren #SaveOurChildren…
Met Police apologises after damming report found it made 'serious errors' in child abuse investigations
'Far too many cases fell short of expected standards', leaving children at risk, according to a new report- 2016 #SaveTheChildren #SaveOurChildren…
'Priest convicted of historic sexual assault at children's home
Father Anthony McSweeney, 68, was convicted of sexually assaulting a boy and making indecent photographs following a 10-day trial' - 2015 #SaveTheChildren #SaveOurChildren…
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114 child sex files linked to MPs have ‘vanished’ - 2014 - Does anyone believe these were actually 'LOST'??!!!…
HOW MANY files and dossiers have NOT been made public....when they should have been?!!!
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'Boris Govt Rejects Petition Demanding Release of Buried Grooming Gangs Report' - APRIL 2020 -WHY was it really rejected?!!! #grooming #SaveOurChildren…
'The gangs abused girls on an “industrial” scale for decades, with probes finding that police, social workers, and other authority figures had turned a blind eye to it — and sometimes persecuted the victims or their families when they tried to get involved — '
for fear that doing something about the crimes would “inflame” the Muslim community or result in officials being accused of “racism” '
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'The list of Britain’s towns and cities shamed by Asian grooming gangs' 2017 #grooming #SaveOurChildren
'NEWCASTLE today joined a list of British towns and cities shamed by Asian grooming gangs.'…
'As a sickening gang of 17 men and one woman was convicted over the sexual abuse more than 100 girls some as young as 13 it emerged that many experts believe the horrific list of convictions to be merely the tip of the iceberg.'
'One former Crown Prosecution Service chief Lord Macdonald of River Glaven admitted that in the past investigations had been hampered by police fears of appearing racist.'
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'REVEALED: Police arrested CHILD victim of grooming-gang who was raped by over 100 men' - 2019 #grooming #SaveOurChildren…
'A survivor of grooming gangs who was raped by over 100 men has revealed that police arrested her despite knowing she was being trafficked around the United Kingdom.'
'Cassie Pike who was just 11 when her abuse started in her home town of Halifax said she spent 5 years being raped. The brave survivor has told how authorities turned a blind eye despite knowing what was happening.'
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Victim of child-sex grooming gang speaks of her ordeal as they are jailed for total of 37 years - 2013 #grooming #SaveOurChildren…
'Brothers Shamin and Giash Uddin and their friend Robert Jackson abused their underage victims, who were plied with huge amounts of drink and drugs, at houses and hotels across Manchester between 2009-2011.'
'They were taken to parties at the men’s houses in areas including Wythenshawe and Chorlton-on-Medlock where they were raped while barely conscious.'
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Tweeting out about Grooming Gangs 👀in the UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧 this morning. Please retweet to raise awareness and so the victims are not forgotten. People must wake up to this. For too long it has been ignored. #ExposeChildAbuse #grooming
How MANY towns in the UK has this been going on?....
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Holy hell. Just had a look at my list of QAnon groups and pages on Facebook and it's bloodbath out there. Absolute bloodbath. I'm down to 31 groups and 49 pages. I had 220 groups and 205 pages just last week 😮 On Instagram, I'm down to 258 accounts, I had nearly 400 last week.
The lucky ones that have survived the cull have already pressed the panic button. Warnings are going out to members to avoid any references to Q or QAnon. Backup accounts and channels are already being set up. They all seem to have grasped this time Facebook looks serious.
On my list, there are now only five Facebook groups, nine pages and 19 Instagram accounts remaining with more than 10,000 members, likes or followers. I can't stress how huge this is. Gone are pretty much all the major QAnon groups/pages with tens of thousands of members/likes.
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BREAKING: Facebook says it's extending its August restrictions against QAnon. Effective today, the social network will "remove any Facebook pages, groups and Instagram accounts representing QAnon, even if they contain no violent content".…
Facebook says the enforcement "will take time and need to continue in the coming days and weeks". They said the same thing in August. They also say recent examples of QAnon misinformation, like their claims about west coast wildfires, have led them to change tack.
Crucially, Facebook says QAnon believers "build an audience with one message and then quickly pivot to another". Journalists and researchers have been pointing this out from the moment the initial restrictions came into place back in August.
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The CUE operation & an A-Z red-pill resource for any new 👀 looking for a crash course on the current state of play.
An anon put this together, which I'm re-posting with a list of vids that will be sure to red-pill anyone who spends the time to watch- highly recommended!
The CUE operation was started by JFK because the deep state/CIA was actually running the country. He was assassinated for trying to expose them. Interesting enough, JFK's memorial site is in the shape of a “Q”.
The operation strategically went underground where they devised “The Plan” to regain control of America. It was further accelerated by “JFK Jr’s tragic plane crash” in 1999.
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A FORMER deputy head teacher has been cleared of historical child abuse charges. 2013 #SaveTheChildren #SaveOurChildren…
'Griffiths worked at several schools in Harrow and Barnet during his career, which began in September 1987.'
'Griffiths, who is married, was a long running volunteer for Greater London and Middlesex West Scouts, having been rewarded for more than 30 years service including a role as a district commissioner.'
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