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webbbie @webbbieone
This is probably the most important tweet I’ll send out to y’all. I’ll preface it be saying I loathe people who abuse children - physically, emotionally, sexually.

#Enty + #CDAN can be silly at times, dealing in celeb gossip, but I have 💯 belief in their posts. Proven facts.
2. DC and Hollywood are being exposed for their criminal behavior - sexual assaults, graft, human trafficking, pedophilia, murder, and more. Many cross-overs between the two groups, Hollywood and Politicians.
3. The people who have followed the, “See something, say something” credo have many times been the ones in harm’s way - people like #SethRich, #EdwardSnowden #JulianAssange.
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Rachel Rayl @RealRachelRayl
Lets continue this discussion. #Qanon has mentioned #USSS #McCain the #McCainFound #CF how they relate etc. We recently learned USSS is connected to #NCMEC. Remember the “cook the books atty” in Godfather that handled all their "problems" & offered solutions??
2/13 Ernie Allen Founder
3/13 He also founded ICMEC. Now he works for him #MCainFound
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PLEA$E Help a Vet who Re-upped! @youwildman
What is his aim—what does he expect to get out of what he's doing (besides killed) when Conspiracy Theorists are seen as deluded & fringe (though he seems to know what he's talking about & has good sources)? Should I send $5 via his profile PayPal link—or a tin foil hat meme?
I recently learned that I’ve likely lived w/ untreated PTSD since seeing 2 murders in 3 days in 1963; the Friday before I was told that I was adopted & that my father was dead & my mother gave me up b/c I reminded her of him. January 8th of this year I decided to look on @youtube
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Sannle Ikurrin @SannleIkurrin
#pizzagate has never been investigated. Never been debunked. #JamesAlefantis ran sales of KIDS via the Comet server. Evidence given 2 DC police. Research yourself!!
Except by weaponized autists worldwide. That's where investigation took place. Evidence is overwhelming.
Research for yourself! MSN has been covering up #pedogate for decades.
Who is Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino? #pizzagate #pedogate #bringdownthering
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Anti-Pedo Angela @PGAngie1
I hope this will work.

Let's all work together & make an enormous thread.

In comments below, please put all the proof uncovered that shows "pizza" is a pedo codeword.

(Pls try not to get too confusing & pls no silly memes, just proof)

#Pedogate #Pizzagate
For instance we know Russia didn't time travel & plant "fake news" in 2010 on urban dictionary.

Pizza has been used as a pedo codeword for a long time.
Can't deny this.
When this busted corrections officer admitted his reference to "cheese pizza" was child porn.

Article 👇🏻…
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Dannielle Blumenthal @DrDannielle
A few questions for Hillary Clinton regarding #pizzagate. You’ll need new talking points. /1…
1) How would you compare your record on child sex trafficking with @POTUS? Yes, I’m serious. /2
2) When you were at the @StateDept, did you make an active effort to stop child sex trafficking? Beyond the required annual TIP report? /3
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Reveal @reveal
1/ Time for a 🍕 party!

Nine months ago, @starecheski and reporter Amanda Robb went on a quest to find out who started #PizzaGate.…
2/ To catch you up: #PizzaGate is a conspiracy theory alleging that @HillaryClinton and other high-profile Democrats ran a child sex trafficking ring out of a Washington DC pizzeria.

It’s false. #FakeNews.
3/ Amanda and @starecheski’s journey started with this Facebook post. It's one of the earliest references they found to the conspiracy theory:
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Maria Chong @mariachong
Evil and domestication: how puff pieces in 1930's Vogue, Life, Home and Garden, NYT normalized Nazis.…
The SS opened Buchenwald a few months after American Kennel Gazette published “Hitler Says His Dogs Are Real Friends” in 1937.
"Hitler's Mountain Home" extolled Hitler's fine taste and was published in November 1938 by Home and Garden (same month as Kristallnacht).
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ςサi⃘lིlི @chiIIum
The kindergarten is run by RYB Education Institution, which is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
RYB Education is an NYSE-listed company that directly operates 80 direct and 175 Franchise kindergartens, in 130 cities and towns.
Child sexual abuse accusations broke out in China on Thanksgiving Day. Needle marks were found on the toddlers of a RYB kindergarten in Beijing. White pills were allegedly fed.
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Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
I can't watch #ElsaGate videos b/c they're specifically designed to induce dissociation & indoctrinate children w/ mind control tactics that I was also exposed to as a child. This is the epitome of #Hivite EVIL attempting to corrupt YOUR children. #ItEndsNow #FollowTheWhiteRabbit
Specific mind control tactics found in the videos: combos and sequences of colors, needles, poop, bad baby/good baby, super heroes and princesses, adult situations with children, candy/sugar/dopamine, older children acting younger, adults & children in odd/risque situations...
More mind control tacticts in the videos: repetitive songs/sounds/melodies (hypnotic), repeated words (triggers), repetition of action sequences (lets child know what to expect and how to behave when it happens in real life), flashing lights, fast then slow (confusion), etc.
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MR MAGA 🇺🇸 @DiagonalDoug
What's #QAnon referring too in his latest post...

Well a temple of course, the temple on #EpsteinIsland..
Little StJames..

Take note of the clues.. and look at the pics
#WhiteRabbit 🐇
More from EPSTEIN island..

#WhiteRabbit 🐇
🚨 What's the colors #QAnon is referencing in the post?..🤔

What's the correlation with the Epstein temple?..🤔

Pay particular attention to GOLD,
the GOLD dome☝️

#WhiteRabbit 🐇
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