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DELETED! #twitterfiles 🚨This was removed after users noted an email “jack@0.🍕” had not been covered up. Why pizza? It’s very strange considering a scandal known as #pizzagate went viral on Twitter in 2016. See video in comment below. #TWITTERGATE
In 2016 a scandal known as #pizzagate involving leaked Podesta emails went viral on Twitter. “Pizza” was believed to be code for child trafficking. See this video from Emmy award winning investigate journalist, Ben Swann. ⬇️
This very scandal went viral all across Twitter, & linked the term “pizza” to pedophilia, so it’s concerning that “jack@0.🍕” would be used. Interestingly, child pornography has long been an unaddressed issue on Twitter, which @elonmusk has recently vowed to fight.
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How is this dude President of the United States of America and not in jail?
Even worse, how y'all defending this man? What's wrong with y'all?
There's a 2015 C-Span video of Biden groping Sen. Steve Daines’ niece, Maria Piacesi, who was only 8 yrs old at the time. She later spoke about it publicly with a journalist.
Here's the C-Span video still up on YouTube:
A pedophile apologist Judge assigned to 2017 "conspiracy theory" #pizzagate case about elites being pedophiles was promoted by #QuidProJoe to the DC US Court of Appeals in June 2021. 8 months later Biden nominated her to the Supreme Court. What an amazing series of coincidences. ImageImage
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Hmm.. Yulia Tymoshenko mentioned in this #Pizzagate wiki on Victor Pinchuk
"In 2009 a major scandal broke out after children reported being raped at Artek. It had far reaching political implications because three top officials of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko were accused of child rape."
Samantha Reed Smith (June 29, 1972 – August 25, 1985) was an American peace activist and child actress from Manchester, Maine, ..…

Smith visiting the Artek pioneer camp in July 1983 👇
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GRAPHIC & EXTREME CONTENT - Cannibalism ⚠️☠️🦋🐼🩸

Qanon uses the phrase:

“From Darkness to Light”
Also a Freemason saying🕵🏼‍♀️

I’m in a couple Qanon chats to snoop on ‘em 👀🥸

& there’s Egyptian God (pagan sun fertility cults) references

they either KNOW or

DON’T KNOW that QAnon is part of the the evil cabal they say they’re fighting against 😬

To me, it’s obvious & that’s how Q knows what’s up w “leaks”

Aka a way to ritual mock ur victims & create an esoteric “contract” w them for consent / free will 🙃
What is MOAR ?

Found this brand with PANDA 🐼 EYES 👀

A patent for GMO bugs for MONSANTO

Some songs by @deadmau5

& other evil rap songs will come up too if u Google this word ImageImageImage
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Wie kann man so krass abstürzen? Ken Jepsen ca. 2011Ken Jepsen ca. 2022
Ich glaub' den muss ich mir archivieren...…
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I believe this excerpt is from 2017. Jack Posobiec was intensively mentored by Roger Stone. #OathKeepers #RogerStone 1/
3/ Excerpt from my Roger Stone series re: Posobiec, Stone, and the 2016 RNC
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Prolific liar Jack Posobiec is at it again. He’s a protege of Roger Stone & top spreader of the #Pizzagate lie, false claims of violence by “Antifa,” & the sadistic “groomers” campaign against LGBTQ+. He has worked closely w/ the Oath Keepers & frolicked with Joe Biggs. 1/
2/ This is Posobiec.
3/ This is Posobiec with indicted Proud Boy organizer Joe Biggs.
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Every single person involved in FISAGATE committed treason, and every single will be charged as such. FISAGATE is why they had to release Covid. FISAGATE is why they had to steal the 2020 election. JOHN DURHAM IS THE FISA(GATE) VACCINE.
Every single person that was in the Oval Office on 01/05/2017 is guilty of treason. @BarackObama @POTUS @AmbRice46 @JohnBrennan @JakeSullivan46 @Comey STRZOK, PAGE, MCCABE, EVERY SINGLE PERSON.
@HillaryClinton @johnpodesta too. All members of the media that covered up the TRUTH about FISAGATE are guilty of treason too. @andersoncooper @jaketapper @wolfblitzer @maddow @CNN @Reuters @nytimes @washingtonpost + many more.
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Liz Truss - now she's a strange one

Remember when she tweeted about Jimmy Savile?
"The New Iron Lady?" - The Times 😏…
"Tory MP Liz Truss has battled sexism, scandal – and taken on many a Westminster rat. She tells Elizabeth Day what scares her, what infuriates her – and why she’s the natural candidate for the top job." 🙄…
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<Guerre de dénazification>

Depuis le tentaculaire #AzovFilms (Canada>Ukraine #OpSpade)

au bataillon #Azov (#Blackwater...)

le terme atteint en Ukraine fût de longue entreprise

Crimée était une station balnéaire de VIP pédocriminels #LSmodels… ImageImageImageImage
De hauts responsables politiques ukrainiens font face à des allégations d'abus sexuels sur des enfants dans un camp de vacances en mer Noire. 2009 (#Azov)

Violés, forcés d'être filmés

Selon des témoins, plusieurs politiciens sont impliqués
dont des députés du #Rada 📝 ImageImageImageImage
#OpSpade c'est 400 enfants délivrés

Tourisme d'#IgorRusanov ImageImageImageImage
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🦉: #Adrenocromo I #Adrenochrome 🩸


🦉: SI. OLVIDA el debate sobre su existencia. Está patentado y con su composición registrada. SOLICITA LA CONTRASEÑA POR MENSAJE DIRECTO PARA DESCARGAR LA PATENTE COMPLETA.

🖱️📁: 1⃣/2⃣5⃣.
🦉: #Adrenocromo I #Adrenochrome 🩸


🦉: Es un compuesto químico natural producto de la oxidación de la adrenalina. La semicarbazona de adrenocromo, también conocida como carbazocromo, es usada como fármaco para reducir el sangrado capilar 👇2⃣/2⃣5⃣.
🦉: #Adrenocromo I #Adrenochrome 🩸


🦉: Puede sintetizarse mediante la suspensión de adrenalina en una solución acuosa, con trazas de HCI para disolverlo. Se agrega Óxido de Plata para activar el proceso de oxidación y se filtra. 3⃣/2⃣5⃣.
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Reminder that Roger Stone has ties to Joel Greenberg (who has confessed to having sex w/ a minor) and Matt Gaetz (who is under investigation for alleged sex trafficking of a minor. 1/
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I wonder why the former FIRST LADY OF FOOTBALL ripped the mask off? Let's see if we can work it out.. Image
Prince Andrew's former squeeze " Amanda Staveley could soon be eclipsing West Ham’s Karren Brady as the First Lady of Football " the papers teased ..…
Battle of the Barclays Blondes as the Daily Mail called it.

'Notorious' Diana Jenkins was one. Amanda Staveley the other ..

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Ms Croissant, what did you find?

Epstein funded Little Flower Children's Services…

It's my #ARK crowd... Image
Uma Thurman, Frederic Fekkai inside for Little Flower Children & Family Services Image
Honorees Susan Lucci and Jane Pontarelli during The Rose Luncheon Benefitting Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York Honoring Susan Lucci - June 13, 2006 at The Mandarin Oriental in New York.. Image
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Please follow Jim Stewartson on Medium. Please follow me there too & on Youtube. We cannot afford to put all eggs in the Twitter basket. Links below. Thanks. 1/
3/ I will update this soon.…
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Jack Posobiec:
* Planted a “Rape Melania” sign at a Trump protest (to make protesters look bad)
* Falsely claimed that pipe bombs had been planted during a protest of George Floyd’s murder
* Promoted the false claim that “Antifa” had derailed an Amtrak train #PosobiecLies 1/ Image
Jack Posobiec also:

* Falsely claimed that Bernie Sanders had asked his supporters to “take down Trump” & that Loretta Lynch had called for “blood in the streets” (after Rep. Scalise was shot)

* Falsely claimed to work for CBS News
#PosobiecLies 2/ Image
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Agree. But it began before the 2016 election. Mike Flynn even used the words “insurgency” & “irregular warfare at its finest” to describe the digital operation to elect Trump. He bragged about it. Wanted credit. It is ongoing. 1/
“We have an army of digital soldiers… This was an insurgency…This was irregular warfare at its finest.” - Mike Flynn 2/
This is a leaked planning document for the Posobiec/Cernovich/Flynn digital army. They called the operation #MAGA3X. Flynn promoted the hashtag before the 2016 election. This document deserves much more attention than it has received. Great thread by @jimstewartson 3/
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"USAReally is a news website with apparent ties to the Internet Research Agency, the Russian "troll factory" that received indictments from Robert Mueller." Russian Oligarch, Putin Chef, Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the 'Federal News Agency', 'launched it'.…
'USAReally' :: It Begs to be Mapped

I started long ago but never really dug in. It smells like 'Cognitive Warfare' and reads like 'Propaganda' with links to sites pumping the usual swill...

Let's begin. Image
25 September 2018: The New York Times reports that the Moscow-based news website "USAReally Com" appears to be a continuation of the IRA's fake news propaganda efforts targeting Americans.

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“A HuffPost investigation in 2017 revealed that @TEN_GOP, a pro-Trump Twitter account run by the Kremlin’s Internet Research Agency, retweeted Posobiec more than any account in a large data set of significant conservative accounts.” 1/…
“More than Hannity. More than Trump. Even more than Cernovich, with whom Posobiec helped orchestrate Pizzagate.” 2/
“Posobiec put his large Twitter platform to use during a Russian attack on the 2017 French presidential election meant to damage centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and aid nationalist Marine Le Pen.” 3/
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Eastman (of the infamous Eastman memo) & Charlie Kirk (founder of TPUSA, which now partners w/ Jack Posobiec who spread the #Pizzagate lie & which employed a guy a few years ago who has since been credibly accused of pedophilia) are also “fellows” at this crap “institute.” 1/
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Young teen (just 13) has “flown to Texas and Florida with her father to attend events sponsored by Turning Point USA,” a right wing extremist organization that employed a credibly accused pedophile a few years ago. 1/…
Thread about TPUSA and the pedophile. 2/…
3/ The article in post 1, written by Mike DeFelice, didn’t mention the pedophile. Not did it mention TPUSA’s recent partnership with infamous #Pizzagate (and “Rape Melania”) guy Jack Posobiec.
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Warning to Parents: Turning Point U.S.A. (A far right extremist group that just partnered with the #Pizzagate guy) “at Ole Miss will be hosting…Will Witt to discuss his new book … .” ⁦@eventbrite⁩ continues to facilitate this extremist group. 1/…
2/ “Notorious Pizzagater Jack Posobiec Leaves OAN for Conservative Youth Group Turning Point USA” 5/20/21…
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“Conservative Activist Charlie Kirk Leaves Liberty University Think Tank”

“The Falkirk Center, named for its founders, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Charlie Kirk, was the center of evangelical Trumpism. Now, both are gone.” 3/17/21 1/…
“When the Falkirk Center think tank was established at Liberty University in Virginia in 2019, it quickly became the de facto headquarters of evangelical Trumpism on a campus that had risen to national prominence.” 2/
“Its fellows included Sebastian Gorka, the former aide to President Donald J. Trump. Rudy Giuliani, the former president’s lawyer, appeared on a Falkirk podcast.” 3/
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Right Wing Propagandists Charlie Kirk and Jack Posobiec Launch New Media Platforms Targeting Younger Americans.

Kirk founded TPUSA, which harasses public schools. He opposes mask mandates & belongs to the CNP (which wants to eliminate the DOE). 1/…
Jack Posobiec spread the #Pizzagate conspiracy theory. 2/…
US rightwing group [Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA] targets academics with Professor Watchlist 3/…
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