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“Republicans Flip Iowa House District in Area Held by Democrats for 46 Years”…
Survey shows that majority of Canadians believe that Facebook is bad for your mental health…
Even Pfizer is worried about its vaccine…
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“A HuffPost investigation in 2017 revealed that @TEN_GOP, a pro-Trump Twitter account run by the Kremlin’s Internet Research Agency, retweeted Posobiec more than any account in a large data set of significant conservative accounts.” 1/…
“More than Hannity. More than Trump. Even more than Cernovich, with whom Posobiec helped orchestrate Pizzagate.” 2/
“Posobiec put his large Twitter platform to use during a Russian attack on the 2017 French presidential election meant to damage centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and aid nationalist Marine Le Pen.” 3/
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Eastman (of the infamous Eastman memo) & Charlie Kirk (founder of TPUSA, which now partners w/ Jack Posobiec who spread the #Pizzagate lie & which employed a guy a few years ago who has since been credibly accused of pedophilia) are also “fellows” at this crap “institute.” 1/
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Very cute, Jack. #MAGA3X started “Q.”

MAGA3X was founded by literal nazi Jack Posobiec, Mike Flynn, Mike Cernovich, Peter Thiel, Jeff Giesea, Bill Mitchell, Baked Alaska, etc. at the RNC in 2016 with Psy-Group.

They started with #PizzaGate. QAnon was Fascist Psyop 2.0.
I found their planning documents. This was a military-grade psychological operation that was organized more like ISIS than any kind of political group.
More detail here.

In December 2017, MAGA3X lost control and it went to Mike Flynn’s employee Tracy Diaz and pathetic grifters Patriots Soapbox who moved it to 8chan.

When it got popular. Jack wanted it back. He was successful.
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Young teen (just 13) has “flown to Texas and Florida with her father to attend events sponsored by Turning Point USA,” a right wing extremist organization that employed a credibly accused pedophile a few years ago. 1/…
Thread about TPUSA and the pedophile. 2/…
3/ The article in post 1, written by Mike DeFelice, didn’t mention the pedophile. Not did it mention TPUSA’s recent partnership with infamous #Pizzagate (and “Rape Melania”) guy Jack Posobiec.
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Warning to Parents: Turning Point U.S.A. (A far right extremist group that just partnered with the #Pizzagate guy) “at Ole Miss will be hosting…Will Witt to discuss his new book … .” ⁦@eventbrite⁩ continues to facilitate this extremist group. 1/…
2/ “Notorious Pizzagater Jack Posobiec Leaves OAN for Conservative Youth Group Turning Point USA” 5/20/21…
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“Conservative Activist Charlie Kirk Leaves Liberty University Think Tank”

“The Falkirk Center, named for its founders, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Charlie Kirk, was the center of evangelical Trumpism. Now, both are gone.” 3/17/21 1/…
“When the Falkirk Center think tank was established at Liberty University in Virginia in 2019, it quickly became the de facto headquarters of evangelical Trumpism on a campus that had risen to national prominence.” 2/
“Its fellows included Sebastian Gorka, the former aide to President Donald J. Trump. Rudy Giuliani, the former president’s lawyer, appeared on a Falkirk podcast.” 3/
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Right Wing Propagandists Charlie Kirk and Jack Posobiec Launch New Media Platforms Targeting Younger Americans.

Kirk founded TPUSA, which harasses public schools. He opposes mask mandates & belongs to the CNP (which wants to eliminate the DOE). 1/…
Jack Posobiec spread the #Pizzagate conspiracy theory. 2/…
US rightwing group [Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA] targets academics with Professor Watchlist 3/…
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Do we have to do this shit again? No, Ron Watkins did not control Q. He is incapable of it as I have shown over and over.

He also did not have the motivation, opportunity or resources to pull it off. He ran the website. Your documentary proved nothing more.
First of all, “Q” started on 4chan, not 8chan, which you constantly gloss over. QAnon was started by Flynn/#MAGA3X on 4chan not the Watkins on 8chan.

Ron got brought in when Tracy Diaz took “Q” over in December 2017. THEN, it moved to 8chan.

How many receipts do you need? 👇
Mike Flynn takes credit for it. Here he is in the audience watching a video tying in his 2016 speech about digital soldiers to QAnon.

Mike Flynn was the general of #MAGA3X which overtly started #PizzaGate and then got sneakier with “Q”.
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Jill Stein is trending so here’s a photo from the RT Gala in Moscow in 2015:
Mike “Misha” Flynn on Putin’s right and Jill Stein on Putin’s left. Appropriate.

Flynn ran the psyop from the right and Stein ran it from the left. They stole the election.
Mike Flynn is a GRU asset. Period.
Why the fuck is this guy walking free?
Every single thing Mike Flynn has done since 2015 benefits Vladimir Putin. EVERYTHING. Give me a counter-example. I will wait.
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When will you see ((they)) PREY on all of us. Then ((they)) laugh at us fighting each other. #COVID #COVID19 Population estimated decrease from 300 billion to 65 billion by 2024? A thread
Rothschild editor of magazine and yes #plandemic. Varients are planned!
#Fauci pulls the fake positive PCR test during HIV outbreak. He then makes money on experimental drugs and many die. Sound familiar? Why isn't this on T.V.? Really? Who pays for shows? Commercials. How many are for big pharma drug pushing?
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Mike Flynn is hosting an anti-American #CNP conference 9/17-19 in Orlando. He just released this trailer for it.

“Liberty doesn’t need a majority.”
“Local action has a national impact.”

This is seditious incitement and a confession. Flynn is a terrorist.

This is Flynn’s plan. To brainwash our citizens and pit them against each other.
And he is getting militias, right wing extremists and violent religious cults all over the country to arm up in anticipation of violence.
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Going back through some archives because...

I find it sad no one took me up on my info on 'Deep Root' before he closed acct and someone eventually took it over.

People trying to track him down didn't seem aware of this acct nor interested in my tips ImageImage
ARCHIVES: Demidov, Yandex Admin and Spetsnaz ImageImage
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Devin Nunes lawyer #StevenBiss and his wife #TanyaBiss have become crusaders against #FreeSpeech while at the same time representing propagandists like #RobertDavidSteele #GeneralFlynn's brother #DavidSeaman #TrevorFitzgibbon... and hire the same trolls that started #Qanon 😡
This will be a thread about the people involved with Devin Nunes lawyer Steven Biss and the campaign against free speech/ targeting of the @DevinCow account, former and current clients as well.

- Steven Biss client David Seaman (#Pizzagate promoter)
Steven Biss client Robert David Steele ExCIA, #Qanon promoter, launched a campaign called #UNRIG that targets social media companies with million-dollar lawsuits, former RIAC member
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Jordan Sather and Robert David Steele
November 29th 2017

"I'm very familiar with #Q"
RDS gives a shoutout to #StevePieczenik and how he was the first one to talk about #WhiteHats
Also mentions #BenjaminFulford
#Qanon #coverup3301 #UNRIG
November 30th, 2017

Jordan Sather talks about #Qanon #8chan migration and how #OriginalQ stop posting on November 25th, 2017.
Also questions the validity of #Meganon
Jordan Sather promotes his first interview in #GAIA
July 27th, 2017

The first time #JordanSather talks about an "Anon" in this case #WHanon has appeared on #Reddit mentioning how #Pizzagate is going to break open
Jordan Sather also mentions #GeorgeWebb and the #AwanBrothers
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All things 'Oprah' Part Two - 👀👇👇📢📢💊💊
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RED SHOES = Satanic Signalling.
Jill Biden wearing red shoes. 👇
Fact: Satanists ritually murder children and babies, then drink the blood & eat the flesh of the victims.
Victims report that high level satanists wear scarlet red shoes to signal status to other satanists.
“You learn very early to recognize which of them want to abuse you, and which of them have even darker tastes,” Macaulay Culkin said, explaining that “the worst of them wear shoes made out of the skin of children that they ritually murdered.”…
Patterns in the Dark: Occult Symbolism and Red Shoes…
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Follow the White Rabbit ...
Neo = doG
U N (i) 🌽 = doG

Corn & COBB = Pardoned .
"THEY" can't hurt us any more. Meaning "They"/Evil/Corrupt Politicians can't arrest us any more for her & I being who we are.

YoU N (i) #WE Roll TOGETHER.
101 Dalmatians
#PizzaGate (She is/was
Calling "Them" out)

Imagine if everyone saw things the way they are meant to be seen...
So many stuck in 3D hating the very ones saving all of you.

Doesn't feel good fighting the people we are trying to save.
She stands for Trans & gays because the world has been poisoned
And thrown chemically out of balance. Many have been affected by "THEM" in so many different ways. Someone had/has to be A voice for the voiceless. Taylor & all the others couldn't just come out & say to the world "Hey the shit foods the MANY of you have been forced to wat
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'Asleep' & 'sheep' mean brainwashed.
Awakened means to have broken free.
Two choices- Remain brainwashed or wake up.
Our whole lives have been a lie.
Everything we thought we knew is wrong.
Time to relearn?
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Pizzagate in de polder: ik las wekenlang mee in Telegramgroep van #QAnon-complotdenkers. Ze bezoedelen graven en gedenkstenen en beschuldigen ze RIVM-baas Jaap van Dissel van satanistische kindermoorden. Nabestaanden en betrokkenen reageren verbijsterd.…
De waanbeelden lijken op de bekende Amerikaanse complottheorie #Pizzagate. Nieuwsuur interviewde recent de eigenaar van Comet PingPong, de pizzeria in Washington die werd belaagd door een gewapende complotdenker. De uitbater wordt nog dagelijks gestalkt.
In de Telegramgroep van de bloemenleggers wordt ook dit bizarre verhaal verspreid:
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An army of frogs:
By @RealMightyJoe

In the last few months, we as a nation have seen an unprecedented number of false flags, and misinformation attacks.
This has been exasperated by a well funded, highly focused coordinated censorship of conservative thought on all Legacy media platforms. 
Some background on myself.
I would be called an “Old Lurker Fag” in board speak. (the language used on online forums to ward off “Normies'' and “Trolls.”) I have sat back and enjoyed the brilliance and dedication of the anons (anonymous posters on boards) for a long time.
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CASO ARNY [RESCATADO] #redpedofila #pizzagate en España (1995) RED DE MENORES EN MADRID, PROSTITUIDOS PARA GENTE DE PODER. Hay una lista confirmada, pública desde los 90. Aquí uno por uno. HOY ESTÁN TODOS ABSUELTOS #barespaña #alcasser HILO: Lugar principal donde trans...Uno de los acusados se pres...
Sevilla, 1995. Todo comienza cuando José Antonio Sánchez Barriga, denunció a un antiguo amante al que había conocido en La Algaba, un pueblo sevillano. El menor, por aquel entonces, tenía 13 años. ImageImage
José Antonio Sánchez Barriga contó que en varios pubs de Sevilla, entre ellos el Arny, Valentino y 27, todos muy cerca uno del otro, se prostituían menores con clientes adultos. El Arny era de un tal Carlos Saldaña y el argentino Domingo Arnaldo ImageImage
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