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Here are some very positive new charts about Ireland’s COVID progress presented by Prof Philip Nolan at Thursday’s COVID briefing. The number of deaths in Ireland speaks for itself. It is clearly on a downward trend.


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Even more confirmation of a downward trend in Irish COVID-19 deaths. The five-day moving average of the daily growth rate in deaths is close to zero. The picture itself says more than words can.


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The cumulative number of COVID-19 deaths in Ireland is clearly levelling off. Unfortunately over 1,200 have died so far, but at least the trend is slowing down.


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COVID-19 in IRELAND - updated 8th April.
A further 25 people have died from COVID-19 in Ireland.
Let’s view this a bit differently – I’ve plotted the same data 3 ways:
1. Log scale (has been the standard)
2. Linear scale
3. Per 100k People
#coronavirus #Coronavirusireland ImageImageImage
Most countries were experiencing exponential growth in early days of the spread, however in many countries the number of deaths is now increasing at a steadier rate. Using a linear scale can make sense – however it means that comparisons with smaller countries are difficult.
One obvious way to solve this is by viewing this per 100k people. The reason NI & ROI start off quite high in this chart is because we picked a common starting point of 10 deaths – and this was not weighted differently for each country.
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Dear Minister Harris @SimonHarrisTD we need you to do the nation a favour, no a service. As no doubt you are aware, the death rates from #Coronavirusireland rises dramatically once all our available #ventilators are in use. Essentially once ventilators are topped out, people die.
That's what's happening in Italy now. Doctors have to decide who to save and who to let die. Here in Ireland we have about half the number of ventilators as in Italy per head of population. At this point discussions on closing schools, pubs, flights and all that is far too late.
Let's focus on what's coming down the line. We are on the same path as Italy, if not worse, and we need you to act. Medtronic in Galway are one of the biggest manufacturers of ventilators in the world. Ireland has given Medtronic a lot, all sorts of research and employment
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There are welcome reports in the media today on government formation talks that there is an acknowledgment that it is not possible to seriously and coherently develop multi-year policies stretching out to 2025 while grappling with #coronavirusireland (1/9)
In light of this, presumably any government that is put together to deal with #COVID19ireland will only be in place for the short-term. Logically, in the absence of any policy agreement on how to tackle longer-term issues, it is difficult to see how it could be otherwise. (2/9)
In this context,I still believe that a national government put in place for the next number of months would be best placed to deliver a unified response and take the extraordinarily difficult decisions that may be required to combat this singular common threat. (3/9)
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ADVICE FOR PARENTS: From the data so far children are the group least affected by #COVID19. We can say that there is a very good chance your child will not be severely affected even if exposed.

#COVID19 #COVID2019IRELAND #coronavirusireland
However, children may play a significant role in spreading this virus. Parents should try and avoid arranging play dates for groups of young children at this early stage of the outbreak.

#COVID19 #COVID2019IRELAND #coronavirusireland
If children continue to still mix with other children, the impact of our measures, liking closing schools, will not be as effective as we need them to be.

#COVID19 #COVID2019IRELAND #coronavirusireland
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My thoughts on this evening’s developments for what they’re worth:

1. #CoronavirusIreland is not a mandate for long-term Government. (1/11)
2. The current crisis must be dealt with radically and effectively. It does not allow for considered policy development across a wide range of areas (eg health, housing,climate change) over an extended horizon. (2/11)
3. Instead, #CoronavirusIreland demands immediate laser-like focus over the next few months on protecting our communities and the public health service, and managing the economic and budgetary impact. (3/11)
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Crisis planning around #Coronavirusireland needs to include provisions for lone parent families. The lack of consideration for our families during #StormEmma put families at risk. Lessons need to have been learned with recognition of the financial vulnerability of our families.
Many of our families do not have the financial means to get through self isolation. Lone parents on social welfare must collect payments from post office. Many working lone parents on part time contracts don't get sick pay or wouldn't be covered to care for kids if schools close.
It is v.positive to see increase in sick pay for self isolation but for those who can't leave house to apply or wait for back dated payments, they could be left without money/ food/essential goods. Many of our families are on payg meters and there is a real risk of losing power
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It seems strange that the St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin, and other major parades elsewhere in Ireland, would go ahead given the current #COVID19ireland #coronavirusireland crisis. 1/5
People are understandably concerned given the anticipated rise in cases over the next few weeks, and individuals, communities, voluntary organisations, businesses, and public officials and bodies are all taking steps to contain its spread. 2/5
Bringing hundreds of thousands of people together for parades does not seem appropriate in those circumstances nor does it give the right message as to the actions and sacrifices we must take to limit transmission. 3/5
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Thread: By just reviewing online posts & broadcasts regarding #Coronavirusireland you’d be forgiven for freaking out. Quite a bit of the factual info is either very technical or can lead to confusion. So let me put on my lab coat & we’ll do a fact check.
▫️The correct name of the illness is COVID-19. This is TRUE. It is a strain of a family of viruses called Coronavirus. Other members include the common cold, for instance.
▫️It’s the end of the world posts. This is NOT true. The best way to think of the virus is as a more potent version of flu. Everything being said about Covid-19 should be thought of in that light. Between 200-500, mainly elderly people, die of flu every year in IRL.
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