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This is the FORMATION of #MassPsychosis on full display.

If you don't "join in," and go along with all this "fun," then you're an outsider, not one of the #InCrowd. It begins in kindergarten and continues through college.

It is #HumanNature to want to be part of the in crowd.
My guess is that every one of these were posted in the past 3 years.

I'm reminded of the beautiful young doctor who was not part of the in crowd, and took her own life after witnessing the corruption and the ease with which everyone just went along with the #NewNormal of
systematically eliminating people by apply practices that went against everything they were taught as standard protocol.

#RunDeathIsNear, #Ventilators denying patients final vistitation with their family and loved ones. And now those crimes are all but forgotten as covid
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April 2016
When Amit Shah tell a reporter

"Chalo Bhaiya, don't ask such questions" when asked about Himanta Biswa Sarma's corruption cases

Once a MP or MLA is bought by BJP, the CBI & ED stops all investigation against them and clean chits are issued
B.S.Yediyurappa: Accused in land, mining scams, diaries recovered from his possession showing hefty amounts being paid to top BJP leaders, acquitted of most of the charges.The same CBI couldn’t furnish evidence against him when the Modi govt came to power.… Image
Himanta Biswa Sarma
the “key suspect” in the water supply scam in Guwahati. The scam is known as the Louis Berger case,
As the Himanta Biswa joined Bjp, the BJP hasn’t followed up with its own old demand to hand over the case to the CBI, ImageImage
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“Premeditated Manslaughter Coordinated at the Highest Levels” – Part 2 -Psychopathic democide might be eligible for forgiveness in rare circumstances, but blanket amnesty is not in the cards for crimes against humanity - by @TraderStef #Nuremberg2 #Amnesty… Image
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? - “Plandemic 3” Trailer – Seeing Through The Propaganda…
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? #democide - Jr. covering for daddy, sooo late and behind the curve by a couple+ years, is pathetic - not humble
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“The Sonoma County Sheriff has officially opened a criminal investigation into the charges of MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY regarding the Covid injections” 🔥

- Michelle Ford

(Post 1 of many) ⬇️

#Covid #Covid19 #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Michelle Ford:
(Part 2 of many)

“after I petitioned them to stand up for the PEOPLE and enforce the law. 
We have a case number!!!!

So similar to the UK we can now place ads in papers in local Nextdoor listings - essentially EVERYWHERE and

#Covid-19 #Fraud
(Part 3 of many)
Michelle Ford:

“ask anyone who has experienced adverse effects to the injections that they can now report it as evidence OF A CRIME.  

I need help creating an action team ASAP to help get this information OUT TO THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA

#Scam #CovidScam
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Time for another 🧵 on current state of #COVID19 in Greater #Cincinnati. Short summary of all - #CovidIsNotOver and the data point to presence of #DeltaVariant in our midst. Every indicator going in wrong direction. What can you do? #MaskUp #GetVaccinated. Ok here we go ...
Incidence (new cases per population per time) and R (measure of transmission) are both in problematic territory. Below see Hamilton Cty and 14 Cty region. Incidence highest since May, R remains >1 indicative of exponential spread. Increases all across region.
We also illustrate incidence by county according to @CDCgov thresholds. This measure multiples the daily incidence by 7 for a weekly incidence. See counties in region below. All now at least in yellow zone - where universal indoor masking is recommended. #MaskMandate
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Aurangabad Bench of #BombayHighCourt is hearing suo motu public interest litigation on COVID issues in Marathwada region.

Bench of Justices RV Ghuge and BU Debadwar is hearing Centre’s response on the issue of #ventilators

Bench notes from an affidavit submitted by the Centre that the ventilators issue has been sorted.

Court: We do not want to order that use these ventilators. We leave it upon the doctors and the medical staff to take that call on using the ventilators.

Court: We have been told through this affidavit that the ventilators are safe to be used on patients. With proper back-up if they can be used then..
Back-up in the sense, if there is some fault, then the patient does not suffer.

#BombayHighCourt #COVID19
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More shocking details on #MVA propaganda against #ventilators by #PMCaresFunds at Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, are as follows,
औरंगाबाद वैद्यकीय महाविद्यालय आणि रुग्णालयाच्या खुलाशात अनेक बाबी गायब. खुलाशात सरकारी व्हेंटिलेटर खासगी रुग्णालयात लावल्याची बाब का दडवण्यात आलीय?
खासगी रुग्णालयात सरकारी व्हेंटिलेटर कुणाच्या आदेशाने लावले? यावर खुलाशात मौन का? विभागाचे मंत्री पण का गप्प?
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When first wave of corona arrived we were short of masks, PPE kits, ventilators.
Majority of supply was thro China. We achieved self sufficiency in PPE kit which was not a complex item.
With corona spreading across the globe even import of ventilators was difficult
Despite medical a state subject, Centre took initiative n shortlisted some companies which could manufacture ventilators.
4 co were given orders to manufacture some 50K ventilators n supply it to states.
Procurement was funded thro PM-Care.
PM-Care is voluntarily contribution of individuals n corporates for fighting covid.
Some state CM's applied their citizens to donate to CM relief fund, but negligible response.
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The lies of #MVA over faulty #Ventilators at Aurangabad Medical College is exposed in an audit report. @PIB_India has shared the details. Read the thread
१९ एप्रिल २०२१ रोजी औरंगाबाद वैद्यकीय महाविद्यालयाला १०० व्हेंटिलेटर पुरवले गेले.
यापैकी, २३ व्हेंटिलेटर सरकारी रुग्णालयातून खासगी रुग्णालयात वळवले गेले.
औरंगाबाद वैद्यकीय महाविद्यालयाच्या रुग्णालयात वापरात असलेले २० व्हेंटिलेटर गुपचूप एमजीएम रुग्णालयात लावले गेले.

एमजीएम रुग्णालयात व्हेंटिलेटर लावताना उत्पादक कंपनीला कसलीही कल्पना दिली गेली नाही.
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BJP President Mr. @JPNadda has written a scathing letter to Congress Chief #SoniaGandhi today, apprising her of the 'conduct of the Congress Party during these challenging times.'

Let's take a look at all the instances cited in the letter one by one.


How Congress leaders, including Congress Chief Minister, ridiculed Indian-made-vaccine and created doubts in the minds of people, spurring #VaccineHesitancy

1. Fear mongering on vaccines, #COVAXIN, by #Chhattisgarh Health Minister TS Singh Deo

This continued through Feb'2021 too, when TS Deo Singh creating doubts over #Covaxin

2. Congress govt in #Punjab also refused to use COVAXIN & did not change their stance even when efficacy data came out! Here's Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu's remarks:

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India struggles to contain one of the world's worst coronavirus outbreaks with nearly 400,000 new infections reported, as more international aid arrives in the South Asian nation to help end the crisis
VIDEO: 🇮🇳🇫🇷 Coronavirus aid sent by France arrived in #NewDelhi early on Sunday with 28 tons of medical equipment being delivered, according to the French embassy. The supplies include eight 'high capacity #oxygen generator plants' and 28 ventilators.
#UPDATE More emergency medical aid from foreign donors to alleviate a dire #oxygen shortage arrived in India on Sunday, as Covid-19 deaths in the South Asian nation rose by 3,689, the country's highest single-day rise yet in the pandemic
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IMPORTANT THREAD on #COVIDTreatments - What Works & What Does not. Will be an ongoing threat.

Start with Dr Zarir Udwadia of Mumbai.
Link to Dr Udwadia's Video

1st Point: 90000+ Medical papers on Covid. UNFORTUNATELY, big divergence in Observational Studies impact and Real World impact of a rigorous RCT
RCT is Randomized controlled trial.
A Good website is

2) What Works ?
(A) Steroids are essential. #DEXAMETHASONE 6mg/day for Critically ill Covid Patients. Reduces Death by 33/20% for Patients on Ventilators & Oxygen. ImageImageImage
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In light of the ongoing #COVID19 crisis in India, Watch the State @project_polis is putting out a thread of reported instances of #StateViolence in relation to the #COVIDSecondWave.

India is running out of oxygen, #Covid19 patients are dying–because the govt wasted time: It took 8 months to invite bids for over 150 #oxygen generation plants. 6 months later, most still aren’t up & running. @psychia90 & @VijaytaL report for @scroll_in.…
Bharuch General Hospital is the largest govt-run COVID-19 center in #Gujarat’s Bharuch district. On 16 April, there was only 1 doctor & 5 nurses. The hospital had 72 patients almost all of whom had severe #COVID19 symptoms. @chahat_rana1 @thecaravanindia…
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While India is witnessing a surge in COVID-19 cases, the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) has set up a facility in New Delhi with all basic requirements, free of charge.
The COVID facility with all oxygen beds, a large number of ventilators and air-conditioning is set up by DRDO complying with the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.
If a patient suffers a neuro or cardiac case then the patient will be referred to the All India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).
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With the .@NIAIDNews #ACCT1 trial final report published on 05 Nov 2020 and the .@WHO's #SolidarityTrial Preliminary report published on 02 December 2020, thought it would be good to take another look at both trials and find ways forward for the patients we are dealing with today
Motivated by a patient I am dealing with who will survive very severe #COVID19 in the setting of transplant, but her father, who was hospitalized earlier than her with moderate COVID, was left to progress and died before her discharge, given #remdesivir only after going on #BiPAP
Here is the link to the prior analysis and I think the new publications give some interesting details which will follow

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Yup. This event was intended to push back against Woodward book.

And, no, lying is not how you calm people and "show strength."

Trump is now calling his lies about #COVID19 "leadership."

And again, he's saying his lies were to prevent panic.
Trump is saying China "released" #COVID19.

It's a infectious disease.
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बहुत बड़े संकल्प को लेकर चलना है. अगले वर्ष स्वतन्त्रता के 75 वर्ष में प्रवेश करेंगे: @PMOIndia at #RedFort. Unfurls the tricolour for the 7th year running, setting a new record for a non Congress Prime Minister. PM pays respects to our brave martyrs and to our #CoronaWarriors.
India became a challenge for expansionist forces & an inspiration for the world in the war for independence. India came together for freedom. In these times too India has taken a pledge for #AtmaNirbharBharat. Mantra for 130 crore Indians: @PMOIndia at #RedFort. Self Reliance.
India & Indians have the capabilities for #AtmaNirbharBharat.
We need to become capable & full of self confidence. World inter connected & interdependent. India's contribution must increase and for that we must become strong: @PMOIndia at #RedFort #ValueAddition to own resources
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Posting some reflections on the #ACTT & #RECOVERY trials related to #remdesivir & #dexamethasone for the treatment of #COVID19

Those results feel like definitive advances, but we need to realize their limitations and need for confirmation despite everyone's #pandemic fatigue

1/ Image
There are lot of skeptics in and outside of #Twitter on the results of both trials, strong emotions regarding big-pharma made medications, the way the #EUA was made, also about use of #steroids in the #ICU that has a quite rocky history among those who run those units.
And we need to acknowledge from the outset all sorts of basic, and not so basic, emotions that come in the doing clinical trials, exacerbated by academic cliques, national defense issues (and nationalisms) that can get exacerbated with the strains in health systems. Image
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Thread: Tweets from 58th* press con on COVID19 with MOHFW, on 4 Aug 2020.

Last press con with MOHFW was on 30 Jul.
- recovery
- case fatality rate
- gender and age ImageImageImage
❗️EXCITING: New info on MadeInIndia #ventilators.

MOHFW: Pre pandemic domestic production was "insignificant ... but what happened in last 4 mnths is story worth appreciating..."
"there were no domestic stds for ventilators in India. It wasnt being regulated by BIS, CDSCO..." ImageImage
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1/ Q: A few weeks ago, everyone was talking about the "peak" of the #pandemic. Now, not so much. Places are reopening and it feels like everything is going back to normal. Does this mean we're past the peak?
A: A lot of modelers stopped talking about the "peak" as our thinking about longer-term outbreak control matured. It also became clearer that, at least in some places, we are not able to zip up #SocialDistancing enough to make it work well--or it was ending too early.
3/ Case counts are likely to increase as places begin to reopen. This might feel like a scene from the classic Bill Murray film Groundhog Day: another shutdown, new social distancing orders, and everyone talking about #ventilators again.
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#Covid19SA #Ventilators Arms manufacturer, Denel, says simulation exercises to test the efficacy of two locally manufactured ventilator prototypes will start soon. KB
#Covid19SA #Ventilators Project Sabela, an initiative launched by Denel, in collaboration with other SOE’s, research bodies and specialist companies in the private sector, was rolled out last month to address anticipated shortages of ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients. KB
#COVID19SA #Ventilators Danie du Toit, Denel CEO, says the aim of the Denel Dynamics project is to design, develop and manufacture a low-cost, fit-for-purpose ventilator by utilising the skills and expertise of South African engineers, scientists, researchers, and technicians. KB
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My article @BSI_social highlights the #policy implicatns & this being a "Y2K moment" for Ind medtech industry to #Indigenise. We shldn't miss the boat @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @kiranshaw @amitabhk87 @vijaychandru @vijai63 @PrinSciAdvGoI @GKangInd pg39
We've built amazing infra in #translational #biology over the last decade- a portfolio of #nationalassets @THSTIFaridabad @csir_ncl #ShriChitraTirunalMedicalInst supported by our science & innov agencies @IndiaDST @DBTIndia @CSIR_IND @dgcsirIndia @Ashutos61 @RenuSwarup @rramanan
S&T #incubators have shown amazing leadership & response esp connecting with local communities & fast decisions to help #startups @venture_center @PremnathV6 @DeepanwitaC @IKP_SciencePark @SINEIITB @abandopa @CCAMP_Bangalore be it #facemask #PPE #IKP-ICO fund or @IndiaDST #CAWACH
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