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ONCE YEARLY? Agree with most on here that 1) yearly vaccination needed but for older & more vulnerable (co-morbidities multiple, immunocompromised); 2) May not able to adapt mRNA vax quickly enough
FDA considers major shift in COVID vaccine strategy…
to new subvariants (e.g. our last bivalent is against BA4/BA5 but Omicron up to XBB1.5) & not clearly better due to adaptive power of cellular immunity (see thread on B cells) so any boost probably ok. Latter in line with @WHO endemic plan put out on March 30, 2022
Immunity works beautifully. Lancet ID 30 million people UK study shows who is still at risk after 2 doses of vaccine for severe disease (>80, immunocompromised, multiple 5 comorbidities) & needed boost. B cells adapt antibodies they make - B cell thread:
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Any COVID Twitter folks who are new to Mastodon or haven't yet taken the plunge: would you be interested in a HowTo Q+A live chat / space with a few of us who've made the jump?
I've got some time this morning, so let's do it!…

If you have questions (or answers) feel free to come+go as you please
Links referenced in the live space 👇
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Today is the day! The @Nature #COVIDconsensus paper is now live at All of our recommendations are 100% within human control and we need your help to spread the message to end #COVID19 as a #publichealth threat! #CovidTwitter
@Nature @OksanaPyzikUCL @jljcolorado @svillapol @OliuBarton @BaryPradelski @chrischirp @JMMartinMoreno @GregDore2 @CUNYSPH @ISGLOBALorg The @Nature #COVIDconsensus brought together a multidisciplinary panel of 386 academic, health, NGO, government, & other experts from 112 countries/territories in a Delphi study, a strong research methodology that aims to garner consensus on answers to complex Qs #OneHealth
The result of the #COVIDconsensus is 41 statements and 57 recommendations across six major areas: communication, health systems, vaccination, prevention, treatment and care, and inequities - each directed at governments, #healthsystems, industry & other key stakeholders. #COVID19
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Covid (UC-Team Reality) Chronicles, Day 841

THE DIE IS NOW CAST: I have Covid-19.🤒

Despite doing everything WRONG, I avoided the most highly-contagious aerosolized respiratory virus on Earth for 2+ years.

Bobby W says this profound moral failure REQUIRES a 25 tweet 🧵

With a Biomedical Science degree and having read Richard Preston's "The Hot Zone" (origins of ebola) one too many times in high school, I was always paranoid of pandemics.

I kept a hazmat suit, box of latex gloves and N95s in my house for years.

When the WHO declared a Global Pandemic in March 2020, I knew the enemy:

A mild respiratory virus of very little risk to the vast majority of kids and adults.

I threw away my gloves and hazmat suit (they were old and expired anyway) and donated my N95s to the hospital.

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1/ Decided to take a 3-day break from #covidtwitter just as our paper was released 🤦🏻‍♂️. So now is my attempt to ‘clear the air’. We continue to share our data ablating at 50W, now with contact force. @TheRealWinkle noticed some trends with PWI and btw systems (Biosense and Abbott)
2/ But as you’ve all astutely said (@paulzei) this is non-randomized, both w/ patients & operators. 3 of 6 ablators routinely perform PWI (@hardwinmd, @PatrawalaRob, and myself), but each w/ differing methods re w/in-box lesions ie size of box, mapping entrance, pace&ablate, etc.
3/ All 3 of us have changed our PWI methods the past 3 yrs b/c of Roger’s initial observations incl more pace/ablate strategies despite initial entrance block or even ‘sleeve capture’-exit block b/c of observations of anisotropic isolation (current paper only thru 12/2017 cases)
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Let’s talk about what happens if you get COVID19 and recover. Are you immune to the disease? How long does the immunity last? And what does that mean for your life and for the public health and economy of our society? 1/
Probably as many as 40% of humans will be exposed to COVID19 over the next 2-3 years, judging from past pandemics. Not everyone will actually get it. Only some (probably <1.0%) of those who get it will die. The rest will recover. And, almost all of them will be immune. 2/
But we don’t know how long this immunity lasts. For some diseases (like polio or chickenpox), you are basically immune for the rest of your life. But for many others, that’s not the case. This is a complicated area in immunology. 3/
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