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Funny how many WaPo reporters follow me, and they're reporting this like they've never heard it before.

Thanks for the chance to weigh-in folks!
I'm glad I could provide you with the receipts that helped you score the leaked document

Make sure to come back when you need to barter for access again
I mean, I'd understand if I didn't have running DMs w/ several of you. And if so many of you hadn't made it so obvious that you monitor my posts— at least then I could chalk it up to bad luck

But you know what I would say, and I know that the WH doesn't want it amplified
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🔥 Why am I being so critical of the White House and CDC? Because they *knowingly* risked BIPOC lives— and they refuse to address the issues I, and other health equity experts, have raised *for months* (1/x)
2/ The White House and CDC *knew* in mid-May, when they relaxed their mask mandates, that they were risking the lives of Black, Hispanic, and Native parents and our children. They rolled the dice anyway 👀⤵️
3/ For months, the White House has directed the American public, and major tech companies, to a website that excludes thousands of vaccination sites that serve Black, Hispanic, and Native communities
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Today I got my first COVID-19 vaccination dose. I am extremely grateful and privileged to be able to live in a part of the world where I can already get vaccinated. The vaccine distribution around the world is extremely unequal. 1/2
According to New York Times; “84 percent of shots that have gone into arms worldwide have been administered in high- and upper-middle-income countries. Only 0.3 percent of doses have been administered in low-income countries.” 2/3
No one is safe until everyone is safe. But when you get offered a vaccine, don’t hesitate. It saves lives. #VaccineEquity #VaccineForAll
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⚠️ Why does this pop-up vaccination site look so empty? Because many people don’t know it exists. It’s not included in vaccines[.]gov, vacunas[.]gov, via the text message service, or Google Maps

This isn’t unique to Detroit— it’s happening all over the country /1
cc @DetHealth
Q: Is the site new?
A: Not really, it’s one of a several #COVID19 vaccination hubs set up by the Detroit Health Department in partnership w/ Detroit Public Schools Community District

That particular site offers doses every Wednesday /2

cc @Detroitk12
Q: Are there other options?
A: Not for kids living in that zip code. In fact, according to vaccines[.]gov there are only 35 pediatric vax sites in *all* of Detroit, #Michigan that have doses in stock

~50K kids eligible to get vaxed live in #Detroit

That’s ~1425 kids per site
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Do you ever think about how governments spent $15 trillion to stimulate their economies against the effects of one year of covid but failed to direct much of that spending to #VaccineEquity ensuring new variants & potentially more years of covid impacting those same economies?
Even without a sense of ethics or compassion it’s just very very poor systems thinking.
To spend so much money without accounting for feedback loops should really be considered a violation of basic best practices if policy making.
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Well it sure looks like we sure gave a lot of money to Janssen and Moderna.

Astra Zeneca, one of the most affordable vaccines for the world, got the least in public funding from anyone. @NEJM…
The article is important. #VaccineEquity…
The irony is that vaccines developed with the most amount of public support are the most expensive and least available for poorer countries in the world. Oxford Astra Zeneca having received very little is the one that a lot of the world depends on.
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Maar even.... jongens: #context!

#COVID19 #vaccins zijn nog steeds een schaars goed

dus terwijl wij mopperen op de overheid en vrezen voor onze buitenland vakantie zijn er in de hele wereld zorgmedewerkers en kwetsbaren nog niet eens gevaccineerd 🌍🦠…
terwijl erin Europa gesproken wordt over 3e vaccinatie (oa Israël) zijn erin Indonesië meer dan 1000 zorgmedewerkers overleden aan #COVID19

in veel landen is grote schaarste aan zorgpersoneel
In overtreffende trap van onze "schaarste" aan verpleegkundigen…
ondanks de fantastische snelheid in ontwikkelen en produceren van #CoronaVaccins zien we dat de farmaceutische industrie niet voor niets #industrie heet en toch graag 💰💰 verdient in rijke landen

#VaccineEquity is nog ver te zoeken

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I’m going to level w/ you: POTUS is right, but this speech should have been made 4 weeks ago. We will be *lucky* if we avoid another surge. The policy coming out of the WH COVID response has been 4-6 weeks behind the data from day 1. We’re not moving fast enough.

What’s next? /1
Q: Does that mean we’ll have another surge or wave?
A: I’ve seen enough to say: yes.

Q: How big will this surge be?
A: ~1 in 10 *persons* in the U.S. will be infected during this wave (back of the envelope calculation) 👀⤵️

Q: Did he mean to say 1 in 10 unvaccinated persons?

A: Nope. He meant ~1 in 10 persons and I agree with his math, and will add that at least 25% of all #DeltaVariant cases will be *children who cannot be vaccinated*

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Just so we’re clear: the data showed multiple paths to reaching 70% of the adult population *fully* vaxed by today— all paths led with #VaccineEquity

@WHCOVIDResponse choose a different path— one that would make for easy wins and favorable headlines early

It was shortsighted
How did @WHCOVIDResponse get #VaccineEquity so wrong? For starters, the Transition team led by Vivek Murthy relied on California’s technological brain trust 👀⤵️
The White House COVID Response team also followed California’s lead in terms of age-based vaccine eligibility, which systematically delayed access to COVID-19 vaccines for Black and Hispanic communities.
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If and Google Maps don’t include the mobile #COVID19 vaccination site at @WhipClyburn’s upcoming Town Hall, how are constituents supposed to learn about it?

cc @COVIDOversight
If and Google Maps don’t include #COVID19 vaccination sites operated by South Carolina’s largest non-profit healthcare system, is @WHCOVIDResponse truly doing everything it can to deliver #VaccineEquity?

cc @COVIDOversight @WhipClyburn @RichlandSCDems
DYK that doesn’t return any information about the *21* mobile #COVID19 vaccination events in South Carolina that are listed below?

cc @COVIDOversight @WhipClyburn @RichlandSCDems
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⚠️ Periodic reminder that coincidence ≠ correlation ≠ causation

As much as I want to believe that the VP can single-handedly deliver #VaccineEquity, the data doesn’t back up the suggestion that her visit to South Carolina did much. See my notes on the screenshot below 👀⤵️ Image
What would be helpful (according to the data)? If the @WHCOVIDResponse figured out how to get all of South Carolina’s 26 federally qualified health centers to offer #COVID19 vaccinations

Why? FQHCs helped turn the tide for states like California, and SC is underutilizing theirs Image
The 10 FQHCs that offer #COVID19 vaccinations in South Carolina are responsible for ~4% of the state’s doses administered to-date. That’s impressive

see:… Image
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The world in two graphs...

Good to see vaccinations in Europe finally on track:…

But worldwide, vaccinations are moving far too slowly:… ImageImage
➡️ 85% of shots administered worldwide have been in high- & upper-middle-income countries.

➡️ 0.3% of doses have been administered in low-income countries.

If you care about #VaccineEquity - and human decency generally - you know this is an outrage.… Image
But even if you don't - even if you think, I'm vaccinated, and if poor countries have to wait a few years, oh well…

⚠️ Think again.

Slow vaccination rollout globally means more time for new variants to emerge that are resistant to current vaccines.… Image
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“Routine data quality review” doesn’t yield these sort of adjustments, they *obviate* these sort of adjustments

Would be great if the @WhiteHouse were more transparent about data errors. At the very least, don’t prune the footnotes w/ historical changes and add technical details
Waiting on clarification about the latest round of doses that had to be removed.

We had *very* similar data quality issues in California, and key players from California were involved in formulating data strategy for @WHCOVIDResponse despite my advice to Vivek Murthy in November
I received a partial response from WH data director, and I expressed my concern that these massive data adjustments are increasing in frequency and scope— CDC’s data errata has grown so much it’s been pruned 👀⤵️

This points to fundamental flaws in vaccination data system design
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TFW an opinion columnist erases your contributions to the pandemic response.
It's remarkable to me that nobody has bothered to ask: when Google said they weren't going to build a testing site locator, somebody did it, who led that effort? Or, how did FEMA know where to open mass testing sites?
Or: how come we didn't have more fraudulent activity in COVID-19 testing? Who was flagging suspicious testing sites?
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I have been thinking about this lately. An African scientist has developed 2 vaccine candidates and he can't obtain funding to conduct vaccine trials!!!


Western Countries Prevented African Nations From Having Their Own Vaccine… via @vice
For months now, African gov'ts have been lamenting about vaccine nationalism, BEGGING rich countries to share their vaccines and advocating for #TRIPSWaiver . Perhaps if @christian_happi had received funds 2 months ago, he would be inching closer to Africa's own vaccine
Africa's political leadership seems determined to follow the same script of begging their way out of trouble but rich countries don't seem to be moved. Hoarders are still hoarding, some are still opposing the #TRIPSwaiver and now #vaccinomacy has become the norm.
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The Haves vs The Have Nots.

Let’s remember that sharing is caring.

#VaccineEquity #vaccinate  #COVID19
2) Vaccine doses per capita.
3) even more shameful, vaccine doses by income group of countries. Notice “low income” countries essentially have none.
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Stanford FedSoc skewered by satire ➡️ pockets formal complaint for months ➡️ subject of complaint outraged by “retaliatory” filing that he deems an ”abuse of process” ➡️ *3 business days* later the complaint is dismissed through internal process

cc @brianschatz
I want to highlight that the hold was placed for a whopping 3 business days and that we are still 10 days away from graduation, and that it’s part of the internal formal complaint process— a fact that I’m sure wasn’t lost on the person who pocketed the complaint for 4+ months.
Really seems like the whole point of the complaint was to create a distraction close to graduation. 👀⤵️
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Looks like this story is making the rounds, so let’s put it into perspective:
🔸<2 million tourist visas issued to Latin American countries annually
🔸The Emergent Biosolutions plant has ruined at least 10 million doses…

see also:…
We’re kidding ourselves to think that the privileged don’t get first dibs when the doses are distributed via Covax.

Heck, the privileged got first dibs here, in the U.S.

We must increase global manufacturing capacity to ensure #VaccineEquity globally.…
Also, this story is derivative of a Reuters article published weeks ago.
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Washington state, New York, California, Illinois, D.C. have one thing in common: they expanded vaccine eligibility based on arbitrary age thresholds that systemically delayed access to communities of color.

This occurred despite data arguing against this approach.
👀⤵️ Here’s an animation using California’s age distribution as an example. The thing to note is how many people are younger/older than 50 years old (threshold used by CA)

Similar policies were implemented in other states w/ large communities of color.

In Washington state, there was a supply/demand mismatch in availability of doses even *after* vaccine eligibility had expanded to anyone 16+ years of age.
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🤣 Can't make this up: same day I get cited in 3 articles about COVID-19 #VaccineEquity, I'm notified that "This account will not be @verified because it does not meet our criteria at this time"
(spoiler: I do meet the criteria)

Anyway, check out these great articles...
/1 Image
The data suggests Ohio is doing something better than America as a whole. It could be the lottery or something else. One thing's for sure, it will be interesting to watch for sustainability and reproducibility

#VaccineEquity /2… Image
"I'm relieved to see that we're prioritizing this issue now, but lament missed opportunities to be proactive in our vaccine equity efforts to date. I'm hopeful that this is a turning point." --me

#VaccineEquity /3…
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NEW: Senators pen letter asking the Biden Administration to do more to help deliver #VaccineEquity

h/t @erinlschumaker…
🎯 ”Latinos continue to trail in vaccination rates, which is not solely explained by vaccine hesitancy,"…
The upshot of the letter is applicable to other BIPOC communities:

There's a substantial share of the community that wants to get the COVID-19 vaccine but they haven't due to continued misinformation about vaccine cost, safety, and sick leave policies.…
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This is a great example of the limitations of using social vulnerability indices as a strategic and operational tool. I was disappointed when FEMA continued to use SVI to guide their #VaccineEquity efforts beyond mass vaccination sites.

Same thing happened with COVID testing. 😕
There are instances where SVI are helpful at the local level, but the way that @WHCOVIDResponse has used it thus far loses sight of the fact that indices obfuscate nuance *by design*
This underscores the need for @WHCOVIDResponse to rethink its #VaccineEquity initiatives. What we are doing is not enough; this requires better data.

The current data strategy overemphasizes data aggregation, and that's allowed demographic data gaps to go largely unaddressed.
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He's literally been saying that for months. Can he offer more specifics about what the state is doing? Best I can tell *from the data* most of the heavy lifting vis à vis #VaccineEquity in California is being done by community health centers via *federal* channels.
The problem w/ the study he's citing: it's largely irrelevant based on California's demographic composition. Not saying it won't work, but I am saying that it's a gimmicky way to avoid the politically difficult admission that Blue Shield created friction.

Don't take my word for it, several counties are on the record:…
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The moral of the story is that the current Administration will publicly mobilize our national security apparatus in response to media pressure driven by pandemic punditry, but "let the process play out" in response to a failed coup that was enabled by sitting members of Congress.
On cue, the Oath Keepers are trying to find a way out of being held accountable.

A grieving mother is pleading for information, for transparency that our intelligence apparatus could easily provide.

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