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The @WorldBank's controversial suggestion for a new Pandemic Preparedness & Response (PPR) Fund shows what's at stake in global health financing. A 🧵...
1. The Bank asks for $10.5bn on the weak basis that a. PPR is important & b. "sustained focus" on PPR needs yet another trust fund.…
2. The Bank does not address the usual shortcomings of trust funds in health (e.g. donor dependency, complexity & obfuscation, lack of health systems work, crowding out other actors etc. - see…)
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Today marks the start of #WHA75!

This week, @WHO, Ministries of Health, civil society, & more will discuss #GlobalHealth priorities.

Missing on agenda? #GlobalSurgery & 🫀 care.

Hence, I'll be sharing key points, papers, & developments in #GlobalCardiacSurgery in 75 tweets 👇 Image
(1/75) To start, what *is* #GlobalCardiacSurgery?

GCS extends far beyond OR, from community-based disease detection & efficient referral networks to timely care, long-term follow-up, robust supply chains & adequate financial risk protection. #WHA75

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(2/75) Why does #GlobalCardiacSurgery matter?

⚠️ Every year, 18 million people die from #CVD

🫀 500 million live with CVD; 100s of millions more to come.

🏥 Up to 1/3 will require #CTSurgery or interventional care in lifetime

Data @IHME_UW:…

#WHA75 ImageImageImage
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1⃣ Awareness. Most policymakers are challenged to understand how many #health workers they have, their locations, status & latest qualifications when making #health decisions. These challenges are exacerbated during crises like #COVID19 where real-time data are essential.
2⃣ Self-regulation. Effective human resource information systems are not built overnight. Most resulted through #healthpolicy mandates & required #multisectoral governance & buy-in, including health, IT, education, labor, finance, private sectors, as done in the #Philippines.
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Dear #NEISvoid/twitter, I am VINDICATED (&, uh, still hyper on steroids, FWIW). Awesome Sleep/RespDoc is of the educated &firm opinion (upon reviewing my hospital discharge summary, lung function test results...which the hospital still hadn’t passed on yet as of this morning? 🙄)
...that I have NOT suddenly & completely coincidentally managed to develop asthma for the first time in my life at the tender age of 39 (although he thinks it does sound like a bronchospasm cough, which is literally how I was describing it when it first started happening.
Nor do I seem to have any kind of lung problem, nor a recent past upper/lower resp tract infection). Although apparently he hadn’t received the results of either of the sputum culture tests from the hosp. I’m assuming they were boringly negative or I’d have heard by now, though.)
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Listening to Christine Gordon of @ReadingsBooks launch @Jacinta_Parsons’s book “Unseen” - a book not just about the events of enduring & #chronicillness but also about its #complexity. JP hopes that she has captured something of the nuance & diversity of the #LivedExperience...
@Jacinta_Parsons says the path to dx is an underappreciated & often lengthy aspect of the experience of chronic illness - it’s not necessarily an easy path to getting a diagnosis & treatment.
When the change in your health is incremental it can take years from the onset of symptoms to eventual diagnosis. I am fascinated w the transformative power of the diagnostic moment #crohns #socdx
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@FandomjunkieZee @bennessb Clinical depression, seronegative arthritis/#spondylarthropathy, food intolerances (although I needed help working out the specifics), #EDS, #POTS, #endometriosis, #ActuallyAutistic, #PyoG. Thankfully in the latter case I only had a STRONG HUNCH for days before dx was confirmed.
@FandomjunkieZee @bennessb @threadreaderapp unroll, danke schön! 😄
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"Our continent is facing a health crisis unlike any we have faced before.
Yesterday, we crossed 1 million reported #COVID19 cases in the region, with more than 20,000 deaths.
The number of cases in the region has doubled just in the past 6 weeks"-@DrTedros at #RC70AFRO Image
"With the challenges we face obtaining #COVID19 testing kits, it’s likely that the real numbers are significantly higher.
But of course, numbers don’t even begin to tell the real story."-@DrTedros at #RC70AFRO
"The impact of the #COVID19 pandemic goes far beyond the suffering caused by the virus itself.
Essential services have been suspended or disrupted, putting countless lives at risk."-@DrTedros at #RC70AFRO Image
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The right to health must guide responses to #COVID19 pleased to contribute to this @TheLancet 📰 jointly with @Judith_Mesquita
@BenjaminMMeier @DainiusPuras & Luis Cabal @UNAIDS 🧵thread on key points @AE_Yamin @saralmdavis @mbachelet @ASteiner @DrTedros
1. #HumanRights scrutiny in the #COVID19 pandemic has largely focused on limitations of individual freedoms to protect public health,yet it is essential to look at the broader relevance of realising human rights to promote public health in the COVID-19 response. @DrMercyKorir
2.The right to health requires that health goods,services, & facilities are available in adequate numbers;accessible on a financial,geographical,& non-discriminatory basis; acceptable,including culturally appropriate & respectful of gender& medical ethics;& of good quality @P4HR
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As #COVID19 makes #landfall in #Nigeria as a #publichealth challenge, it's worth recalling that @Mbuhari was the 1st &, so far, only #Nigerian head of state or President to have made the state of #Nigeria's #healthsystems his reason for taking over power.

When he sent Gen. Abacha ahead to announce his arrival in power on 31 Dec 1983, @Mbuhari asked him to say this:

"Health services are in shambles as our hospitals are reduced to mere consulting clinics without drugs, water and equipment."

Gen Abacha said much more that remains true today:

"There is inadequacy of food at reasonable prices for our people who are now fed up with endless announcements of importation of foodstuffs. Our educational system is deteriorating at an alarming rate"…
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While most people are rightly focusing on short-term measures against #Covid19, including #lockdown and #socialdistancing, I wonder how the medium to long-term political development will be like? In this thread, I want to collect the good, the bad and the ugly of this #pandemic.
How may societies react, and what may happen politically, if #Covid19 runs its course? In other words: How will #pandemicpolitics look like? Short term: I Assume we can halt the further exponential spread within the next 2-4 weeks due to isolation measures, but what comes next?
After 4 weeks or so, we will begin to reestablish normal life, based on what we learned ourselves and observed in other countries. Maybe schools reopen again, as they seem not to be central to the pandemic. More people will want to get outside and need to go to work.
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