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A sanghi Big Lie that many Whatsapp sheeple swallow after constant repetition is "Hindus participate in Christmas and Eid but Muslims or Christians never participate in our festivals 😡😤"

Complete lie.

They obviously won't pray to other gods but they SO very much participate!
Having fun at each other's festivals used to be one of the best things about India.

Sanghis are destroying that. So fast!
Muslims Christians Sikhs Parsis participated in arts, sports, talent contests at Ganpati, not in artis.
We went and thulped iftaar every Ramzan without anyone teaching us the kalma and the cakes and sweets and other treats every Christmas without ever learning John 3:16.
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I realized this week a problem common to two sitcoms we watch regularly - #youngsheldon and #derrygirls - the ageing of actors faster than the story advances season to season. But both are at two different scales.

In YS, the story has them as 12 still, but the actors are 14.
And unlike Maisie Williams who made GoT writers' life easier by ending up a petite grown-up, both Ian and Reagan have shot up noticeably after hitting puberty. Writers are already writing lines to explain away that discrepancy. Like Ian's voice dropping.
The thing is, they can't just fast forward to age 14 in the story, cos TBBT canon has the dad dying at that age. And I don't think they're ready to write Lance Barber off yet. He tests really well, apparently (Go Pondy!)

But it's a problem that'll get worse every month for them.
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On the subway ride home today, it was the lowest percentage of passengers immersed in their phones I've seen in a decade. Most people were just scanning the subway car and other passengers, seemingly casually, just like I was. #NYC
Today was non-stop teaching day and also nonstop phone buzzing in the pocket day.
The hours in a day after there has been a terrorist attack in your city feel surreal, especially when you're just supposed to go about your work day like it's any other day. But everyone knows it's not any other day. Everyone is waiting to just go home and hug someone.
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A pandemic time love for R & I has been #DerryGirls set in the 90s and we often wonder, how did Ireland go from an extremely rabidly conservative, violence-riddled, and impoverished country to where it is now in just 2 decades? A rare positive move by a country in the 21st cent.
In 1986, Ireland had a referendum that continued the ban on divorce by a 64-36 margin.

In 2015, Ireland had a referendum that legalized gay marriage by a 63-37 margin!

That is a whiplash inducing pace of change in less than 30 years, right?

How did it happen?
Fintan O'Toole's book "We Don't Know Ourselves", reviewed in this week's New Yorker, lays in out in fascinating and acerbic detail!

Basically the hypocrites overplayed their hand after years of using hypocrisy to perpetuate orthodoxy & abuse.…
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I'm always struck by how perfectly and frequently #DerryGirls uses The Cranberries at the perfect poignant moments about everyday innocent lives traumatized and destroyed by geopolitical realities. Especially Zombie.
Don't let anyone shame you for feeling sad for Ukraine with obnoxious questions like "what do you know about Ukraine". General knowledge is not a precondition to feel empathy for victims of war. I do wish these sentiments extended to Palestine. But let's not scorn empathy.
Ah, here is a Cranberries clip from #DerryGirls. One of them anyway. They manage the perfect balance of empathy and gallows humor and cautious optimism. Imagine setting a slapstick sitcom in an occupied territory with terrorism. And still making us laugh.

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Created by Bafta-nominated writer Rob Williams, who wrote #KillingEve and #TheVictim, #Screw focuses on Leigh, a female prison officer who works in an all-male prison, which already tells us that there'll be a *lot* to unpack.…
Most exciting of all, the show's cast is made up of stars from #DerryGirls, #LineOfDuty and #IMayDestroyYou, meaning we'll be seeing some of our favourite on-screen talent acting alongside each other 🙌 Image
The six-part drama has been described by Channel 4 as a depiction of a prison like we've never seen before, showing "the uncensored, terrifying and often darkly funny reality of life as a prison officer in an all-male prison in 21st century Britain.”…
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Did you know there's a Sister Michael gif that is apt for every day at the moment! I present to you a Sister Michael gifs thread... ⤵️ #DerryGirls #Netflix @siobhni ❤️ #WatchingAgain @NetflixUK #FridayFeeling
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#OperationParindey 3/10
#Mentalhood 5/10
#StateOfSiege2611 7.5/10
#FreakyAli 0/10 (wish minus was possible) and why did I see it? Coz I searched #Golf
#TheCourier 6/10
#ThePoisonRose 6/10
#EarthquakeBird 6.5/10
And now replugging a #golf cult classic..
#HappyGilmore 9/10
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1/Just got on the bus in Cork. Teenagers down the back, like where the #DerryGirls are in that scene on the bus As I walk down the bus, a la that scene on the bus, a teenage girl glances up at me briefly, looks out the window and says to her friends
2/“I started watching Derry Girls on Netflix last night” and the gang started chatting animatedly away about how much they loved it. I looked back in a “are you shitting me” kinda way, and they weren’t even looking at me.
3/ I actually think she glanced at me, and I “reminded” her of that scene.
They are now talking about waffles. Ice cream ones.
Also it was Tommy T they were waxing lyrical about. Cheek!
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