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Lying from his teeth!

Panipat was a battle led by Abdali against Mughals, Marathas being protectors of Mughal throne had a natural obligation to fight, why will anyone else fight for Mughal cause?

Yet, more than 6,000 Rajputs fought against Abdali in #Panipat,for their people.
All they know is to accuse others of their own shortcomings.

Rajputs never called you traitor for sitting ideal in Battles of Tarain, Bayana, Khanwa, Thanesar, Lahore, if we use same logic what will you be called for sitting ideal for 1000 years?

Panipat was fought during the 5th invasion of Ahmed Shah Abdali in India, he invaded India twice after Panipat, if Marathas were really fighting for the nation why didn't they fight against Abdali in any other invasion before and after Panipat?
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This is an interesting case what Dr Ambedkar writes relating the Indian Muslims of 1920s with #thirdbattleofpanipat & their call for #fourthBattleOfPanipat


'In 1926 there arose a controversy as to who really won the third battle of Panipat, fought in 1761.
It was contended for the Muslims that it was a great victory for them because #AhmadShahAbdali had 1 lakh of soldiers while the Marathas had 4-6 lakhs. The Hindus replied that it was a victory to them—a victory to [the] vanquished—because it stemmed the tide of Muslim invasions.
The Muslims were not prepared to admit defeat at the hands of Hindus, and claimed that they will always prove superior to the Hindus. To prove the eternal superiority of Muslims over Hindus, it was proposed by one Maulana Akbar Shah Khan
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Today, I did something extremely meaningful and important for my family, something 75 years in the making, a respectful gesture of love, remembrance, and hope. I went to the Mughal-era Dara Shikoh library, located on the grounds of Ambedkar University, Kashmeri Gate, Delhi. 1/n
I went there to meet Ms. Mallika Ahluwalia, CEO of the @PartitionMuseum in Amritsar. She and her dedicated team have done a wonderful and much-needed job of honoring the memory of the tens of millions displaced or killed during #Partition, which includes my Indian family. 2/n
Ms. Ahluwalia and team now intend to establish a Partition Museum in Delhi, and are working with local authorities to refurbish the Dara Shikoh library to make it another shrine and memorial to the horrors of #Partition. A museum needs evocative links to the past, naturally. 3/n
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The slant-history writing of #Leftist Historians has portrayed many #Hindu Kings and Generals in a negative manner.

One such General was Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj’s #PeshwaBajirao Ballal - one of the finest cavalry generals in the history of India.

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The 2015 #Bollywood movie #BajiraoMastani too portrayed him as a ‘mentally unstable lover’.

Is Bajirao only limited to Mastani? Definitely not. So, who was Mastani? Mastani was the daughter of King Chhatrasal of #Bundelkhand.

The name of Bundelkhand is also found in..

(2/17) Image
...the Puranas, Dasharna Desh, a region famous for its gem mines.

Mastani was very beautiful. She is described as such, but there is no mention of the red color of the neck while eating Paan, as often rumoured by several people. She came into Peshwa’s life after 1729.

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#OperationParindey 3/10
#Mentalhood 5/10
#StateOfSiege2611 7.5/10
#FreakyAli 0/10 (wish minus was possible) and why did I see it? Coz I searched #Golf
#TheCourier 6/10
#ThePoisonRose 6/10
#EarthquakeBird 6.5/10
And now replugging a #golf cult classic..
#HappyGilmore 9/10
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First pit-stop on my #ExploreUP journey, Bhitargaon in #Kanpurdehat. Amidst squalor, in a village seemingly over-run by a combo of buffaloes & pigs, stands what may be north India's oldest existing temple. This brick temple dedicated to Vishnu dates to Gupta period, 6th century.
#ExploreUP: Having read abt a Lodi-era tomb at #Kalpi, #Jalaun dist, I expected it to be in line with the octagonal Lodi-Sur era tombs elsewhere in India. It turned out to be quite different. Locals call it the Chaurasi (84) gumbad.
#ExploreUP: The tomb @ #Kalpi, was described as that of a 'Lodi Badshah'. Aware that of the three Lodi rulers, two buried in Delhi & third in #Panipat, was puzzled abt the Kalpi person. Turns out to be a brother of Ibrahim named Jalaluddin who propped himself as ruler for a while
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