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Top 11 tips to play your worst #golf

1. Go down a Youtube rabbit hole.

Try every swing tip, even if it has no relevance to your own swing. Follow every trend. Hooking it? Watch that video on lead wrist flexion and try to implement it
2. Make your practice nothing like your play

Hit balls from the same spot, over and over, with the same club, to the same target. In fact, don't even have a target.... just hit them into the aether, using the full width of the range as your barometer of success
3. Go into a round with high expectations.

You're a perfectionist, so one bad shot should be met with disgust and despair. Forget that Hogan said "I only hit 3 good shots a round". He's clearly a hack. You demand better of yourself
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Conférence de #presse à #Carcassonne 9/6/23. L'association présente un recours juridique envers le PLU, seulement ce qui concerne le projet immobilier + #golf. Il n'est pas question d'entraver le dvlpmt de la commune. Au contraire ce projet de 150 habitations coûterait cher.
Avec les infrastructures publiques qui seraient nécessaires de construire... Michel Degré (MNA) #agriculteur retraité alterte sur les limites de la ressource en #eau et l'accaparement de la ressource pour ce projet de 180 hectares.
On peut s'attendre à une consommation de 450000m3 / an au minimum pour la pelouse du #golf (en se basant sur un rapport du Sénat). La qualité de l'eau sera fortement impactée par l'usage de pesticides et d'engrais azotés. La réduction des zones humides qui ont un effet tampon.
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Smart Armor are proud to support Marcus Stewart & #TeamStewart in raising funds for @DarbyRimmerMND to #attackMND
How can you help?
Donate to their Just Giving account here 1/n
Pay to play. Donate here & have a chance to actually play in the game! 2/n Image
Attend the Charity Dinner in Bristol on Friday 12th May. 3/n
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It’s been a bit since we highlighted the methodology of The Universal Golf Rankings (TUGR) and why we believe it’s the purest way to rank golfers, as well as the most accurate in this new world of divided tours.

To all the new followers, here’s the rundown…

Most ranking systems in golf, including OWGR and the new SI rankings, are what we are calling a “points-based” system.

Essentially they create a scoring system and award points based on a number of factors and assumptions that go into their black-box formula…

Their weightings, assumptions, and imbedded biases spit out a number, and poof, that’s how they rank golfers.

Through this whole process, accuracy is lost.

At TUGR, we have found a better way to accurately rank all golfers without using convoluted formulas…
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Here are a few ideas for you to improve your ground contact in #golf. We all know how important it is

Just a small error here can render the shot useless, even if the swing looks perfect

Continue this thread to learn more…
The first step would be to get some feedback.

The simplest form would be a tee on the ground next to the ball, so you can check divot starting location (relative to where the ball was)
The more expensive, but my preferred option (especially when training indoors) would be the divot board

You can learn more here -…
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Road to Paris 2024: Qualification System!

In this thread, we cover how athletes will qualify for various sports at Paris Olympics.

First up: Badminton 🏸

#RoadToParis2024 | #Paris2024 | #Badminton…
Next Sports: Football ⚽️

16 teams in Men's Tournament. 12 teams in Women's tournament. Let us see how to qualify..

#RoadToParis2024 | #Paris2024 | #Football…
Next Up: Shooting!

India has already 3 quotas in Shooting for Paris Olympics. Let us see how the qualification process works..

#RoadToParis2024 | #Paris2024 | #Shooting…
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Deep dive into world of ROLEX …

1/ Rolex is a luxury watch company that operates on a vertically integrated business model, controlling every aspect of the production and distribution of its products. #Rolex #BusinessModel #LuxuryWatch
2/ Rolex produces its own components, including movements, cases, and dials, in-house at its own manufacturing facilities. This allows the company to maintain strict control over the quality and craftsmanship of its watches. #Manufacturing #Quality #Craftsmanship
3/ Rolex also operates its own retail stores and distribution networks, allowing it to directly reach and sell to consumers. The company has a strong focus on customer service and the overall customer experience at its stores. #Retail #Distribution #CustomerService #ethos
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One of my biggest gripes with the #PGATour is that #golf as a sport - particularly pro golf - could be WAY bigger than it currently is. #LIVGolf coming on the scene is only going to *increase* the ecosystem by capturing markets the PGAT has underserved. 1/
They’ve done the bare minimum the last 30 years and the only reason golf grew is because of Tiger. It had almost nothing to do with the 🤡 leadership they’ve had. It’s time to move into the 21st century. It’s time to innovate. Get creative. 2/
Bryson and Brooks created a multi-million dollar match out of 1 viral moment. There’s so many good golf content creators out there. Leadership needs to get younger with people that understand this. 3/
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Traditional #golf fans look away now. Here is where the game goes from here IMHO. And it needs to, it's av age is 50+

The majors will remain the absolute centre of the game and carry it's 72 hole tradition. They will expand as events to include qualifying rounds. Positive!
The rest of the game I personally see is not around stroke play at all. 54 or 72. Its too long/slow before someone wins or loses.

People say that LIV has nothing of merit to play for. Agreed. But elite sportspeople are driven by direct winning and losing. Its a pride ego thing.
Luckily golf has match play. That's compelling jeopardy.

The future of year round golf as content is matchplay. No doubt in my mind.

But who gets to play?

For me, it's the top talents and characters only. Those with followings and appeal.

Men and women. The stars. Image
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Projects into considerations:
1. A proposal for a #golf course and resort in the #ecosensitive zone of Keibul Lamjao National Park in #Manipur
2. Denotification of 292.39 ha revenue land from National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary in #MadhyaPradesh
3. In the Western Ghats region, there is a proposal to divert 7.8991 ha of land from default #ecosensitive zone (ESZ) or 10km radius around #Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary for a stone crushing unit in #Kerala s Kozhikode district at a distance of only 2.56 kms from the sanctuary. 2/5
4. The NBWL is also considering a proposal to divert 4.606 ha from default #ecosensitive zone of Periyar #Tiger Reserve for a stone quarry in Kerala’s Idukki district, about 8.61 km from the boundary of the tiger reserve. 3/5
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#Monterrey #Mexico In a water emergency, you can run the moisture mapping to see where there is moisture (natural moisture or irrigation).
This looks like some kind of park.
Here's a #golf course, I guess someone is still watering them even though people are without water in parts of the city. Labeled "Zona Campestre" #Monterrey #SinAgua
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Professional golf has just entered the unbundling phase. @TigerWoods first professional @PGATOUR event was almost 26 years ago, which led to the bundling of talent on one tour. Purses on the @PGATOUR went up, TV revenue went up and quality of all tournaments were elevated.
@PGATOUR had a massive advantage, 3/4 majors are on US soil , tournaments were better, purses much larger and players only had to traverse 3 time zones. World golf had no chance and the flywheel started. Finchem created the WGCs and #FedExCup, global talent was hooked.
Then along came negative interest rates. This bizarre idea conjured up by central bankers came along in Europe in 2014 (Japan & Sweden were 1st) and got progressively crazier through 2019. This caused private equity money to explode, with seemingly free money, new ideas are born.
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Yesterday's golf tweet got this Twitter noob some much needed followers, so will post one more.

My dad used golf to teach me a huge life lesson.

Well, several actually.


Despite growing up in Canada, my dad was a great golfer. The other side of scratch kind of golfer. To me, he was Lefty long before Mickelson. In his later years he tried to get his senior PGA card. He was great.

One day, he took me and my sister to play. I was 14 or 15 at the time. As always, I was hacking and he was killing it. Frustrating, yeah. I developed some golf rage back then. And that was lesson #1 – golf can bring out the worst in people and it certainly did for me.

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FORE! We’re excited to share with you Chasing Pars.

What’s Chasing Pars? It’s a community being built around the passions of golf and NFTs.

A thread. #LFGolf #golf #cnft #nft
We’re thrilled to start sharing what we’ve been working on for the past six months & our vision for building a thriving community around the common interests of golf and NFTs

In this first phase of the project we’re launching several different parts of the Chasing Pars project.
Mint a collectible NFT golfer. Illustration work on the Chasing Pars golfers is nearly complete. You’ll be the envy of the CNFT community with one of these golfers in your wallet. Ownership will also unlock access to epic contests & tournaments, meetups & golf events
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#Golf and the #LME
I was once told a story about Ernie Els’s caddy. Ernie is one of the best golfers ever and had a superb caddy. Ernie was injured for a tournament so a rookie professional on the tour asked if his caddy could work for him that week.
So on the first tee the caddy hands the young man a 3 iron and tells him to hit it 250 yds down the right-hand side.
The foolhardy young pro ignores the caddy and takes out his driver and hits it 330 yds down the left into deep rough, completely obscuring a second shot into the green.
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Oproep op tot onderzoek naar #Extreemrechts in #Victoria.
Groeiende #Angst voor randgroepen.

"Deze buiten angsten rond de #Pandemie uit om te #Rekruteren voor hun gevaarlijke #Extremistische agenda."
Zei de leider van de Groenen.… via @ABCaustralia
#Victoria's #Golf COVID19-infecties.

#Premier Daniel Andrews:
Illegale bijeenkomsten & huisfeesten
tijdens 't weekend v.d. grote AFL finale,
veroorzaakten de dramatische stijging donderdag,
waarvan 'n groot deel "#Vermijdbaar" was.… via @ABCaustralia
#Victoria is de eerste #Australische staat die de openbare vertoning van de #Nazi-#Swastika verbiedt als onderdeel van een uitbreiding van de anti-lasterwetten.

Victoria gaat #Hakenkruizen verbieden als anti-lasterwetten aangescherpt:… via @ABCaustralia
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#Colombo #golf club and #swimming club.
It is a cartel of HNWIs and senior Brokers and few fund managers who get together, use their connections and contacts and invest in selected counters at low levels. @CSE_Media @SEC_SriLanka @BullsAndBearsSL @nimalhperera @BuhardeenImtiaz
These counters are either illiquid or has already performed well and solid invest opportunities for anyone. Then the fabricated news is spread through brokers, SM and other means so the retail interest is created.
@CSE_Media @SEC_SriLanka @BullsAndBearsSL
Then, with the retailers following the news get in those share. Price of those shares go up rapidly. To boost confidence few crossings would be done at higher levels by the people who invested at initial levels to their "proxy" accounts.@CSE_Media @SEC_SriLanka @BullsAndBearsSL
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It's official, #Tokyo2020 is indeed #IND's best-ever Olympic Games! 🥇🥈🥉

7️⃣ Reasons why 👆

#StrongerTogether | #UnitedByEmotion | #Olympics
India's highest medal tally of 7️⃣ medals at the Olympics Games! 👇

Mirabai Chanu 🥈
PV Sindhu 🥉
Lovlina Borgohain 🥉
Ravi Kumar Dahiya 🥈
Men's Hockey Team 🥉
Bajrang Punia 🥉
Neeraj Chopra 🥇

#StrongerTogether | #UnitedByEmotion | #Olympics | #Tokyo2020
.@Neeraj_chopra1 won India's second only individual Olympic gold after Beijing 2008, but first-ever in #Athletics! 🥇

#StrongerTogether | #UnitedByEmotion | #Olympics | #Tokyo2020
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DÍA 15
Medallero Olímpico #DEN
🥇2 🥈3 🥉4

#Handball | Masculino
#DEN Dinamarca 23
#FRA Francia 25
El handball danés no pudo cerrar de la mejor manera, sin embargo fue un gran torneo.
#CanoeSprint | K-4 500m. femenino
Semifinales y Final
#DEN JORGENSEN Emma Aastrand / FUNCH Julie Froelund / MILTHERS Sara Corfixsen / IVERSEN Bolette Nyvang
Las danesas lograron clasificar a la final con un tiempo de 1:37.386.
Luego en la final, 1:41.141 y lograron el 8° puesto.
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#Tokyo2020 #Golf

And here we go. Aditi Ashok is all set to begin Round 4.

Live:… Image
#Tokyo2020 #Golf

Aditi saves par to start off but the other contenders are coming at here. This should be fun.

Live:… Image
#Tokyo2020 #Golf

Nelly Korda drains a birdie from distance. What a putt! The leader moves to -16.

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DÍA 14
Medallero Olímpico #DEN
🥇2 🥈2 🥉4

#CanoeSprint | K-4 500m. femenino
Eliminatoria y Cuartos de final
#DEN JORGENSEN Emma Aastrand / FUNCH Julie Froelund / MILTHERS Sara Corfixsen / IVERSEN Bolette Nyvang
Con un tiempo en eliminatorias de 1:38.453, y en cuartos de final de 1:37.682, ya están en semifinales.
#CyclingTrack | Madison femenino
Las campeonas europeas 18' y 19' de esta categoría, se colgaron la medalla plateada al conseguir 35 puntos en la prueba Image
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DÍA 12
Medallero Olímpico #DEN
🥇2 🥈1 🥉3

#CanoeSprint | K-1 500m. femenino
4° Eliminatoria
Clasificó en 2° posición, a la semifinal con tiempo 1:49.231
#CyclingTrack | Persecución por equipos masculino
Excelente torneo, el equipo danés logró otro gran tiempo de carrera, pero los italianos volvieron a romper su tiempo y se llevaron el oro
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El favorito de mis amigos en Twitter: ¡Llegó el resumen de los venezolanos en #Tokyo2020 durante este fin de semana!

🔴 Rosa Rodríguez.
🚴‍♂️ Daniel Dhers 🥈
⛵ Andrés Lage.
⛳ Jhonattan Vegas.
🏐 vs. #ITA
🏃‍♀️ Yulimar Rojas 🥇

¡Dale RT y sígueme que este hilo está imperdible! 🧵 ImageImageImage
#Athletics Rosa Rodríguez participó en el lanzamiento de martillo.

15 atletas buscaban la clasificación en el Grupo B y la venezolana se ubicó undécima con un lanzamiento de 68.23.

Rodríguez se despide de #Tokyo2020 con aplausos. #VEN ImageImage
¡Daniel Dhers lo consiguió! 💥 El venezolano se colgó la medalla de PLATA tras lograr una puntuación de 92.05, solo superado por el #AUS Logan Martin (93.30).

Dhers consigue su presea en el debut del #BMXFreeStyle en #JuegosOlimpicos.

La tercera para #VEN en #Tokyo2020 ImageImageImage
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