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The 'Direct Action Day' on 16th Aug, 1946 was a dark chapter in Indian history.

Hindus had endured yet another religions fury, the fanaticism of the highest vile, an organised massacre under state patronage.

A #thread to throw some lights on the evil design of #DirectActionDay
Jinnah realised that he cannot become the 1st PM of an independent India & shifted his focus on the demand of a separate Muslim state.

Saying good-bye to any form of Constitutional possibility, the Muslim League gave a call to Muslims to observe 16th Aug 1946 as #DirectActionDay
In reality, #DirectActionDay was a call for the violent jihad against Hindus.

It was unleashed by the Muslim League in all big cities and towns.

In this #thread we will focus on the events that took place in Calcutta.

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(1/8)An Open Letter to Mr Khandakar,a Muslim police officer incharge of Battala Police station by Jugantar(21/08/1946) demanding answers for his questionable role during the Muslim League backed,State Sponsored Great Calcutta Killings 1946
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"Mr Khandakar, in-charge of Battala police station, would you please explain -

1. On 16 & 17 August during gunfiring by the police, only the Muslim policemen were given guns - was it so? if yes then why?

#DirectActionDay Image

2. When a police vehicle was plying regularly on Raja Rajkrishna Street, the Jamayet Muslims holding sticks on the streets were completely ignored but bullets were only fired on Hindu areas nearby - If so then why?

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What you didn’t know about #DirectActionDay
A Must Hear #podcast !…

क्या कमाल का भाई चारा है, #bangaluru हो या #DelhiRiots , ख़त्म ही नहीं होता!! ?
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Thread - #DirectActionDay
On the same day on 16 August 1946, the #Direct_Action_Plan was implemented by the Muslim League which proved to b the pln of massacre of Hindus all over India!

Let us know what was the direct action plan?

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Since its inception, the Muslim League wanted a separate country for Muslims. As the time for India's independence came to a close, the Muslim League felt that Muslims would not be safe in the Hindu majority country after independence.
Their opposition gradually became violent under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. And finally that black day has also come, in which the majority had to pay a heavy price in the communal riots in history.

On 20 July 1946, the Muslim League declared a direct action plan.
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On 16th Aug, Bengal being the only province under Muslim League rule was chosen to demonstrate the direct action. It was 18th day of Ramzan, when Pr0phet had won the Battle of Badr. Posters of Jinnah were distributed in Calcutta and the muslims were reminded the
importance of the day and were asked to follow the footsteps of their Pr0phet to kill the Heathens (Hindus) and make Bengal the 'Land of Pure' (Pakistan). Muhammad Usman, then mayor of Calcutta, issued a widely circulated leaflet that said, 'Kafer! Toder dhongsher aar deri nei!
Sarbik hottakando ghotbei! (Infidels, your end isn't far away! You will be massacred.' After the friday prayers, obeying the fiery speech of Suhrawardy, 1000s of muslims spread to different parts of the city armed with rods, swords and weapons. Hindu men were masacarred and women
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @OpusOfAli . I read your thread with lots of patience but found a lot of lies.

In this thread, I've given rebuttal to your irresponsible thread. Do respond should you have enough substance but not before tweet reads n/n.
2/n You claim that according to #ArundhatiRoy , India is Hindu Rashtra since 1947 but let me correct you and her. India is a #HinduRashtra by default form the time Rigveda was conceived on this land.

But if it is Hindu Rashtra so what?
3/n There is an in-depth analysis of how Hindus have been massacred since the time of the first Muslim Invasion. In-fact the Muslim KIngs and their scholars themselves have documented it with PRIDE. Also beyond 1947.
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@CChristineFair It is not only one sided but also FACTUALLY wrong in so many places.

Anybody who knows about partition knows that India's partition happend on the genocides of Hindus in #DirectActionDay (50K killed) & #Noakhali (30K killed) in 1946 & not bcz of powerless Hindus

@CChristineFair @NewYorker #2
Second lie 👇

58/59 Hindu pilgrims mostly women & children were burnt alive.
THEY DID NOT DIE of SUFFOCATION they were burnt alive.

This led to the riots of Gurjart which also KILLED 100s of Hindus NOT JUST MUSLIMS (well documented)

@CChristineFair @NewYorker #3

The article says that in mosque idols were placed.
She deliberately kept it hidden that idols were placed in~1950 BUT case was in the Court 70 before that
According to archaeological survey there is a temple beneath mosque.…
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