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Joining the dots on how Amnesty could be a playing a pivotal role in #DelhiRiots :

1. @kavita_krishnan is a member of CPIML, & also one of the frontal activist during Anti CAA protests. Her org AIPWA was closely participating in the protests. Her close aide is Kalyani Menon Sen.
2. @Navayan and his big brother both are associated with PDSU which is backed by CPIML and Karthik Navayan is an activist and member of @amnesty and also is associated with Krishnan and Sen.

3 In an earlier thread I had talked about an organization.
This org had a whooping amount of approx 8 & half crores transferred in the name of Institutional reform.Both Krishnan & this org had similar associations & thought process during the abrogation of Article 370.Many common connections cannot be simply ignored between the two.
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Delhi High Court begins hearing Safoora Zargar's bail plea.

Justice Rajiv Shakdher takes up the matter.

#SafooraZargar #DelhiRiots
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta says he has the instructions.

It is something in favour of the petitioner: SG Mehta

Without conceding to the assertions made by the Petitioner and without setting any precedents, the Prosecution will not object to Zargar being released on regular bail. This is only on humanitarian grounds : SG Mehta

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Solicitor General Tushar Mehta and Additional Solicitor General Aman Lekhi seek adjournment till tomorrow in #SafooraZargar bail plea before Delhi High Court.

Mehta, Lekhi state adjourning the case till tomorrow may help summarily decide issue in the case.

Advocate Nitya Ramkishanan says Safoora is in a delicate state of health as she is pregnant.

Solicitor General Mehta says they are cognizant of that fact.

Rahul Mehra, Standing Counsel, Delhi Govt objects to the appearance of SG Mehta and ASG Lekhi.

Mehra claims that no approval was granted to them to represent Delhi Police in this matter. He further points out that even the status report was not routed through his office.
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Thread !!!
India is bidding for non permanent member for UNSC seat on June 17th during the 74th session at @UNGA. India does not deserve UNSC seat as it has illegally revoked article 370,35A, violated Article 19,27,32 ,49 of 4th Geneva Convention and various @UNSCN resolution
India should be held accountable for its grave breaches of intl humanitarian law and warcrimes in Kashmir & to take steps to settle the decades old dispute. Keep tweeting abt Indian atrocities & tag international media outlets & activists. Raise your voices at international level
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Slightly non-populist take on his whole hand-wringing over @Twitter and FB policing online content. 👇

It's their platform. They get to decide what stays and what goes. It's there in the Terms and Conditions. You signed up for it. Now you can't whine! #TwitterPurge
If I lent you a car, and said do whatever, but don't go from City X to City Y, would you shut up and conform, or say that violates your freedom of movement?

I give you my car, I set the rules.
Same goes for a SM company's online servers. #TwitterFactCheck
What that no longer makes them, is just a bulletin board where they're not responsible for content, but with the element of moderation and decision making, an active participant in the content.
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BREAKING: Jamia Millia Islamia student Safoora Zargar, arrested on 10 April in connection with the Delhi Riots, denied bail by Additional Sessions Court judge Dharmender Rana after four hour long hearing at Patiala Court in Delhi. @HuffPostIndia
Safoora Zargar is 21 weeks pregnant. Her lawyers argued that she has polycystic ovary syndrome increasing her chances of a miscarriage. Judge Rana said, “Considering the material on record, it cannot be said that there is no prima facie case made out against the accused.”
Safoora Zargar’s lawyers argued there is no evidence linking anything that she said or did with the #DelhiRiots in February. Denying the pregnant woman bail, Judge Rana there was prima facie evidence to show there was “a conspiracy to at least blockade the roads (chakka jam)...”
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•Terrorist is not a Terrorist if, Muslim
•Riots are Protest, if Muslim
•Killing Hindus is justified, if Muslim
•Human Rights, if Muslim
•2nd Largest Majority gets Minority Rights, If Muslim
•Terrorism has no Religion, if Muslim

•Liberals feel pain of victim, if Muslim
•Unsafe in Islamic Countries, Muslims
•Unsafe in Other Counties, Muslims
•Award Wapsi, Poetry Sessions & Candle March, If Muslim
•Conversion Justified, If Muslim
•Media whitewashes Image, If Muslim

•Brotherhood, If Muslim
•Bollywood Bimbos hold playcards, If Muslim
•No need to be Secular, If Muslim

@KapilMishra_IND @desimojito @ThePlacardGuy

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Soon after the #USRIOTS, #Islamists in #India have given a call for similar riots in India. They are trending #MuslimLivesMatter. Shame they didn’t say that #LivesMatter, & not the religion.
In this thread, I would like to prove that #Islamophobia_In_India is a MYTH.
India was partitioned on the grounds of religion twice. First in 1905 and second in 1947. But the 1947 Partition is significant to the current scenario. All of us know the demographical condition of India at that time. It was a #Hindu majority and it still is.
Despite this fact, #India has always been a secular country. The basics behind this #Secularism is in the ethics of #Hinduism. NO religious text in #Hinduism promotes hatred on religious backgrounds.
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#IndoresCoronaStory is a prequel to news of soaring numbers, high morbidity & a contagion spiralling out of control.
From priding itself as the cleanest city in India 3 times in a row, Indore has been brought to its knees by #Corona
This is the back story of how it happened.
Don’t ask me for proofs etc. Mightiest of govts have NOT been able to provide evidence of Corona originating in China yet.
This is the theory that emerged out of discussions with people who are dealing with it.
Spare me silly questions too, google them.
#IndoresCoronaStory 2/n
On March 5th, as I boarded an Indigo flight from Delhi to Indore and proceeded to 2F, the rumblings of #Corona had already started in India. Having spent a day with a dear friend whose son had just come back from Hong Kong as his university had declared…
#IndoresCoronaStory 3/n
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Hi all, I've made a blog called '#CertainSupport' that will collate information of spaces of help during these strange times. It's very basic but I hope it is useful and am open to suggestions and more information.
today's blog covers help for the #elderly in #Pune for #food and #medical supplies.…
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Discussion on #delhiriots in Rajya Sabha.
Congress' Kapil Sibal opens the discussion.
Sibal- There are 47,000 policemen in Delhi, even then riots couldn't be controlled. HM said on Feb 25 that riots were "spontaneous", yday in Lok Sabha he said it was a conspiracy, what changed?
Sibal- HM admitted yday that rioters came from U.P.. It's clear police was supporting the rioters.....NSA Ajit Doval said implementing laws is duty of police and if it doesn't it's a blot on democracy, may be Doval was referring to HM? I don't know
Sibal- what were you doing Home Minister? Delhi never saw riots, surprising that Northeast Delhi has a population of 22 lakh, 68% are hindus. Why no FIR against hate speeches? Desh ke gaddaron speech is a cognisable offence. It was a license to kill.
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At #Eidgah Mustafabad, an elderly couple walked in to get their compensation form filled for their kiosk burnt down in #DelhiRiots . They had walked all the way over 6 km because they did not have money to hire an auto-rickshaw.
Victims camped at a hospital were asked to vacate. They reached Eidgah relief camp but were told that it is full. One of them pleaded for a pair of slippers.
A woman’s husband has been missing since 24th Feb. She walked in with 4 kids. She has been kicked out of her one room accommodation for not paying rent. @TamannaPankaj & I went to Dayalpur PS to find that he is lodged at Mandoli jail under various sections. #DelhiRiots
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Hear the true version of #DelhiRiots
Unbiased reporting by this young lady
Neither she is famous
Nor she is LW to be made famous
Let,we the RW's make her famous
Point 1-4 cracks the biased international & Indian Media Narratives!
DCP, Amit Sharma was Injured critically
Head constable Ratan lal lost his life
Assault on a police officer in USA calls for very serious punishment
But here,MSM is glorifying them!
It's also untrue that Delhi police did not act while they risked their lives & lost too!
Selective Reporting:
Even reporters r not spared - Akash who was hit on back by Anti CAA Protestors was not even covered by MSM!
Kerala Journalist was left to go after confirming his Muslim identity!
Reporting Death!
Bollywood & MSM left out to report Hindu deaths & their agony
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In today's dispatch, a sober reminder that 2 months before #DelhiRiots there were #UPRiots - not only were 21 men killed, but many continue to be in jail. I had a chance to help
@SharmaKamayani in making sense of a young man, Armaan, 20 yrs old- currently in Kanpur central jail.
1. Armaan, a lower caste Muslim boy, who "cuts the hair of animals such as goats and horses" was heading to Mainpuri to visit his ailing sister on Dec 21, when he stopped to eat aloo puri at Parade Chauraha, 15 kms away from his home.

He could not reach his sister’s home.
2. The police had not only randomly stopped him on his way, but on hearing his name, arrested him right away. He is not the only one- there were 9 others picked up in the sweep with him that night. Similar stories were being repeated across other towns of UP.
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My non-validated analysis gleaned over chai of Indian American vote on Super Tuesday & why it favored @JoeBiden:

IA population matters:
CA: 528K TX: 245K VA:103K MA: 77K NC: 57K
Pew estimate: 60% are citizens 80% Dems. ↑↑ turnout.

Huge consolidation for Biden. Why? (Thread)
1. Socialist rhetoric is a non-starter. Indian Americans (IA) left India for a reason & socialist politicians are comic foil there today.

2. Bernie was 1st politician to slam India for fully integrating Kashimr (an enormously popular/emotional issue for IA's). Disastrous move!
Bernie's Congressional proxies are incredibly unpopular among IA's:

1)@PramilaJayapal sponsored anti-India #HRes745-slamming India on Kashmir ignoring #KashmiriPandits
2)@IlhanMN targeted @AartiTikoo during @HouseForeign panel. Her sneering tweets against #CAA, Modi, etc.
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Years ago, my friend and I collaborated to write an investigative article on Wikipedia.

The plan was to expose the entrenched gang of Wikipedia editors who earn money by creating and editing Wikipedia pages.

A Bollywood producer helped me with the contact of an agency.
The plan was to pose as the PR agency of a relatively unknown actress and create a wiki page as per our instructions on email.

We will have email instructions predating the edits and then invoices of payments. So we will be able to prove that Wikipedia India is corrupt
Our plan got changed along the way because we realised that Wikipedia relies heavily on publicly available news links and without them it is impossible to edit a page.

So, it was decided to remove unwanted edits from the newly created page and keep only the favourable edits
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#SupremeCourt declines to hear Harsh Mander today in his petition after SG Tushar Mehta adduces transcripts of his reported speech at #Jamia wherein he said there is no trust left in the courts & that ultimate justice has to be on the streets.

#CJI: We will sort this out first.
#SupremeCourt tells Mander's lawyer that if this is what he feels about the courts then it will have to be decided first whether he should be given a hearing at all.

A separate petition on #DelhiViolence to be heard now.
As advocate Karuna Nundy, appearing for Harsh Mander, seeks time to verify the alleged hate speech, SG Mehta says this is strange that he wants time for verifying his own speech but wants FIRs against everyone immediately.

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SG says its apparent on the face of record that speeches are by both sides. “Lets not forget that these people are abusing these forums” adds SG
CJI asks if the situation is not “conducive” enough to file FIR’s.

SG says we must wait as inflammatory statements have been made by Mander as well.
CJI refuses to act upon allegations made by Mander. Tells Nundy that she has to first disprove claims of the Hate speeches made by Harsh Mander.
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Delhi Riots: Supreme Court begins hearing petitions concerning the Delhi riots of February 2020.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta cites a video clip of Harsh Mander and says that Mander in this clip is seen to have "called on the people of India" and is allegedly is seen expressing no faith in the Courts and hear saying "real justice will be done on the streets"
SG Mehta says that the speech can be played in the Court.

CJI Bobde seeks for a transcript of the video.

The video clip pertains to an alleged speech delivered by Mander during an anti-CAA protest.

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Supreme Court bench, led by CJI, is hearing a petition relating to Delhi Violence praying, inter alia, praying for registration of FIRs against BJP leaders Anurag Thakur & Kapil Mishra for alleged hate speeches.

Gonsalves takes the Bench through the Petition filed by the Riot Victims.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta interjects. Says he be allowed to have one important fact placed on record.

Bench : What about the speeches ? These are very serious speeches made before the Parliament?
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1/10) I witnessed 1984 Delhi pogrom & covered 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots for a media house. Here’s what I picked up from a 2-day visit to #DelhiRiots areas, based on my conversations with locals in Seelampur, Brajpuri, Shiv Vihar, Mustafabad etc
2/10) All Muslims feel AAP councilor Tahir Hussain is being framed. Kejriwal played a party to the vicious media campaign against him and he has shown his RSS/Khaki knickers. But he will be acquitted in court #DelhiRiots
3/10) Hindus say Kejriwal chose to visit Rajghaat when police was not responsive to their calls. A BJP govt would have acted to save “Hindu Victims”. He is a Muslim sympathizer and they won’t vote for him #DelhiRiots
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(Personal) THREAD.
I feel ashamed of what my name assures me as a citizen today. I did absolutely nothing to deserve immunity over another citizen. Last night, I saw my closest friend break down because of the fear and heartbreak she feels as a Muslim today. #Delhi
She has lived in Delhi all her life, her great grandfather was a prominent freedom fighter and that means nothing today. There was a “M” next to her name on the school attendance sheet. I had to write “Hindu Brahmin” in school; I owned a privilege that she has never known.
She told me how she always had to explain being Indian strongly, just because she’s a Muslim. Her family gave this country its freedom too, you know. Today, her family has bags packed in case mobs come for them and burn their houses. This is what being a Muslim feels like. #India
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I said this before and will say it again liberal media coverage of #DelhiRiots will lead to another riot.Activists masquerading as journalists and academics are shamelessly pushing ‘pogrom’ narrative.They will not even acknowledge hindu victims,forget about sympathizing with them
If it was a pogrom what explains 400 stabs of Ankit and his intestines pulled out, what explains death by a bullet of Head Constable Rattan Lal, what explains Dibar Negi’s limbs cut and body burnt while he was eating? What explains ACP Sharma in hospital with grievous injuries?
Islamists will do what they have to. Sensible people have acknowledged total failure of law and order machinery and a full fledged communal riot. By pushing pogrom narrative, you are doing Muslims of India no favor, only furthering your careers
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Many (including the awesome Robert Spencer of @jihadwatchRS) are protesting wikipedia's pro-Muslim anti-Hindu biases. Rightly so.…
@jihadwatchRS Many are outraged that the wiki is not telling the truth about the #DelhiRiots. Wiki's bias is anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim. So is Reddit biased. So is the Western media. All worth condemning.

Where's the outrage for India's history books' anti-Hindu pro-Muslim bias?
@jihadwatchRS In the history books that the Govt of India imposes on all Indian schools, it's Nehru's whitewashed version of Islamic invasions of India that is presented. They are biased -- anti-Hindu and pro-Islam.

Will they ever include the historian Will Durant's conclusion?
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