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Just a quick update as presentations begin. Today's 1st group curated the lineage focus of EDUCATION & paired Malcolm X's quote "Without education you aren't going anywhere in this world" to Jason Reynold's poem in Long Way Down, "My Mother Used to Say," to J. Cole's "Change."1/?
I am learning many imp things w/this ast. Most of my Ss had no background on Black male authors. Pls review your curriculum ASAP to see who is included in your HS-not just your classroom. Ours has an excerpt of "Black Boy" in 9 & Hughes in 9, but is not included elsewhere. AP lit
includes Ellison, & we teach him in 12. When I inquired to Ss abt historical figures such as Huey Newton, Marcus Garvey, & Bobby Seale, I was met w/too many blank stares. When I found a slave narrative database w/1 group, they could not wrap their minds on how these stories were
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So @JasonReynolds83 has a few interviews (lol) out there where he basically points out that writing is done in a tradition, as a continuum, and if you look, you can see the direct lineage between artists. After teaching/reading Long Way Down & hearing this said in various ways...
The past two years, I had an idea. With my seniors, I decided to use Jason’s concept, and example:
Phillis Wheatley—->Maya Angelou—> Queen Latifah
to challenge my Ss with curating a lineage text set for Long Way Down. First they would have to choose an excerpt, theme, or line...
From LWD to take the Maya Angelou spot in the lineage. Then they would discuss a contemporary Black artist for the Queen Latifah spot. Finally they would research a pre-1970 Black male author to be the catalyst of the lineage. I gave them a list of authors to start with but...
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I'll break down this collage inspired by @halseanderson's SPEAK in the next few tweets. #SpeakLoudly #DisruptTexts #Room407 #THIS407
@halseanderson First, I want you to know that this "exquisite corpse" (some of you might call these floor or table "storms) came together in ten minutes. Tops. From one brand new magazine delivered yesterday (I didn't want you to think I had been sitting with this and pre-composed in process.
@halseanderson Artist friend Melissa Sweet asked me about "exquisite corpses" in the classroom yesterday. I had been thinking about floor storms in the past couple of weeks. Artists. In community. We seem to know how to tap into something latent in another. The question/invitation is the tap.
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In my COMM 594 class, we are considering "conflict management" theory. In my discussion post, I cite connections to THE CRUCIBLE. Classmate, Kristi, responds: "It's pretty nifty how conflict management theory can be just a stone's throw away from literary analysis." New Idea. Go.
In interest of #DisruptText, we might miss that the text had already been disrupted as many are: by being innately disconnected from other possible "truths." This is one of the dangers of "covering" titles and texts. And one of the reasons for standards asking two or more texts.
Kristi suggests the Elizabeth Proctor we see in Act IV demonstrates what Omdahl and Fritz (2006) call "cognitive reappraisal" as a means of symbolizing her character's presence as a means to "characterize and sustain resilience." Whether Miller knew this or not isn't essential.
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As some of you know, women in STEM, especially girls and young women, is one of my passions. Last week I got to listen to some middle school girls talk about why they did/did not like coding and man oh man. I learned a lot that teachers/admin need to know. Thread👇
Almost every single girl had done some type of coding in school. They all hated it. Yet they were at a STEM camp this summer and fell in love with coding and robotics. What changed? The teacher(s) and activities.
At school they were forced into STEM projects by teachers who knew little to nothing about the specifics. It sounded like many (kids and teachers alike) were victims of district-wide initiatives. The girls all walked away feeling like STEM subjects were the worst.
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First of all I appreciate his yelling, the arms, the loudness, the frustration and the urgency. The indignation is correct. The outrage is necessary. DAMMIT THIS IS ABOUT HUMAN LIFE.
And then when he says he thought he had been reading a Dickens novel... WHEW BABY.

You were reading Dickens. You were rdg the literary descendants of Dickens enacting their racialized imaginations on Brown and indigenous bodies. #DisruptTexts
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A problem of the anthropomorphic presentation within picture books we might share with younger, will-be readers is that they are read aloud without further appreciation of shared traits or characteristics with the human reader. Story is read. Left at that. #DisruptTexts 1/?
Presented here is a case for moving from “left at that” to “leads to this.” @ProfessorNana calls this “laddering.” I like to think of this as “leading.” But, in order to do it, one must have a deep awareness and appreciation of picture books both past and present. #DisruptTexts
Here, for #bookaday day reading,I was reminded of a 1971 William Steig title while reading @carlsafina’s 2019 adaptation for young readers. Texts separated by almost fifty years now side-by-side for deeper consideration for both lead and need reader alike. #DisruptTexts
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Sometimes things come together, unplanned, in ways that just work well (thread).

The last three poems we read for our “poem-a-day” this #poetrymonth:

1. “Mending Wall,” Robert Frost
2. “Famous,” Naomi Shihab Nye
3. “Native Tongue,” Micah Bournes

Background: I put together a packet of daily poems, in no particular order.

Criteria: poems previous Ss have liked, poems I personally love, and some Ss-suggested poems (oh, and almost all by poets of color because, well, #DisruptTexts).
Ss pointed out how these last three poems all asked readers to consider a different perspective, challenged them to rethink their own assumptions.

Re: “Mending Wall,” Ss pointed out how reading this poem takes on additional meaning given current admin’s rhetoric. Ahem...👇🏽
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writing about "the canon" today. I have grown A LOT in thoughts on it.

"well those old white dudes did say some good stuff..."

no one is saying they didn't write great stuff. The problem is that it's all we've had, which perpetuates idea that ONLY white dudes write great stuff.
honestly I bless @ChimamandaReal's name nearly every day for this TED talk so I can just link to it tbh…
really I'm just reading myself in this piece

... and not really writing because I'm on here instead lol
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This book. ❤️❤️❤️ Started last night, finished this morning.

@nicole_soojung, TY for writing these powerful words about family, race, and identity. I hope everyone reads this.

Ts, please add this to your clsrm libraries; I’m sure there are Ss who need it. #DisruptTexts
One reason we read stories is to find a way to reconcile all the parts of our own messy selves. Reading heals. Sometimes you read a book; then, inside, everything shifts, just a little. You can't help see your experiences in a new way; you reconsider who you are, who you'll be.
That's what reading this book was like for me.

And it makes me wonder (again) how often Ss have opportunities to read stories that specifically wrestle w/identity, race, family, & culture. Often, Ss grapple with identity but don't have the words to name what they're feeling...
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Planning an upcoming unit with #1984 as a core text. Join me, #DisruptTexts friends, as I try to figure this unit out... (this will be my ongoing thread as I pull together ideas over the next few weeks).

Suggestions more than welcome... #aplitchat #aplangchat #engchat
So Ss will be moving from a unity of study in Storytelling, and next we’ll move to a unit of study on Truth, with 1984 as a core text.
Got my @Tolerance_org Social Justice Standards out and ready!…
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Although I think that pairings and counter-narratives are one way to #DisruptTexts, lately I have been wondering to what extent such a pairing still centers Whiteness and dominant narratives.
I've become increasingly uncomfortable with the dichotomy that pairings and counter-narratives suggests, as if the value of the "diverse" text is in its positionality to the dominant narrative. #DisruptTexts
I mean, you don't have to teach #TheHateUGive WITH [insert canonical text]. You could, you know, just #TeachHateUGive. So many texts we would consider as part of pairings or counter-narratives can stand more than well enough on their own. #justsayin #DisruptTexts
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⁩Must-read for this weekend—and beyond. I hope we all sit w/⁦@DingleTeach’s words which are a call to action for deep internal work:

“We should all be there. And if we are not, the absences of those not represented should be felt. Painfully.” /1…
Ask yourselves, and be honest:

“Yet, are we in pain? We are not. Pain would demand willingly relinquishing power & privilege because the loss from not experiencing the beauty & knowledge from all voices is too much to bear.” @DingleTeach 2/…
“As comfortable as you make the guest, it is still your house. And that is the problem.” - @DingleTeach

And this is the inherent problem in almost all educational spaces of power, spaces where decisions are made by a few on the behalf of the many. 3/…
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Ss need thoughtful, well-written models of individuals grappling with the complexities of identity. Next week, Ss are reading these four identity #mentortexts as they write their own. #DisruptTexts #aplangchat
"I didn’t come to Korea with the delusion that becoming Korean, full stop, was possible for me, and I certainly understood it would be presumptuous for me to act as if I were. I knew that I would always be on the outside of many things." #DisruptTexts…
"Throughout the books, Katniss endures the unendurable. She is damaged & it shows. At times, it might seem like her suffering is gratuitous but life often presents unendurable circumstances people manage to survive. Only the details differ." #DisruptTexts…
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Been waiting for this book! #DisruptTexts #TeachingRace
So, I am only three chapters in. Read chapter 12, then jumped to the beginning and read first two chapters. Background: I have read Brookfield's other work on critical thinking and discussion strategies (highly recommend both books) so I was looking forward to this one.
So far, I am not disappointed. Aside from Brookfield, the other chapters I've read are from Black scholars, including George Yancey, who wrote this piece for the @nytimes…
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Front and center for #disrupttexts. This room is PACKED, y’all! So many disruptors in here! @nenagerman, @triciaebarvia, @juliaerin80, & @TchKimPossible are gonna be, and we all know it!🔥 #ncte18
@triciaebarvia asking us why we are here. I am here because the canon needs to be reimagined. I am here because oppressive systems must be disrupted and dismantled. I am here because none of us are free until we all are free. #disrupttexts #ncte
Fellow disruptors, why are you here? #disrupttexts #ncte18
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It’s her!!! This might be the best thing ever!!! #NCTE18 #DisruptTexts #BeyondTheSingleStory
On the power of her teachers... “It must have give me great confidence to be SEEN by my teacher like that. She saw me, she saw all of us... She made me feel like my passion mattered.” #NCTE18
On other teachers... “Lack of respect was really my curiosity, my refusal to give into a false sense of deference. I wish those other Ts had a way to guide my questions. To read my restless curiosity as just that, not as a reason for censure.” #NCTE18
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Whole thread, all of which can be applied to the ways we make decisions about curriculum w/the assumption that white male Ss will not engage with a text if their experiences aren’t centered—yet how many times do we expect other Ss, especially Ss of color, to do so? #DisruptTexts
And this socialization starts early whenever we talk about “boy” books and “girl” books. Or when we relegate books about Black Americans to February. #DisruptTexts
Or when we don’t teach stories we think Ss can’t relate to (for many reasons, but ones that often have to do with race or culture) and then end up perpetuating systemic oppression of marginalized communities. #DisruptTexts
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Citations are political. “Inequality is reflected through a veneration of the classics. In the social sciences & humanities, many of these works were written [at a time] when racial & gender exclusion was simply expected & taken for granted.” #DisruptTexts…
“What counts as canonical is shaped by who had access to existing knowledge and the tools and institutional resources to produce new knowledge.” - @victorerikray #DisruptTexts
“The racial politics of citation have real effects. Citations draw our attention to the ideas that supposedly matter, they are a measure of one’s intellectual influence and they shape what we are able to think about a given field.” @victorerikray #DisruptTexts
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When we say, "We got work to do," it's important to define the "we", and perhaps shift away from talking and toward actions that will produce results. Shout out to all educators and allies doing the work of making sure students (who will grow up to be voters) #DisruptTexts
Lately, I've been talking with @nenagerman and others about the role of the anti- racist educator in spaces serving predominantly white children vs. spaces with children of color.
Some thoughts: systems and structures predominantly serving children of color are often environments that perpetuate narratives of subordination and white suburban supremacy.
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This bears repeating. “Over and over again, the message is ‘be kind,’ but the novel never ever asks us to question the current social hierarchy, what Isabel Wilkerson calls the American ‘caste system.’”… #DisruptTexts
“Let’s be clear: "To Kill a Mockingbird" is not a children’s book. It is an adult fairy tale, that is often read by children in wildly different — and sometimes profoundly damaging — ways.” #DisruptTexts…
“Perhaps I am ambivalent because I am black. I am not the target audience. I don’t need to read about a young white girl understanding the perniciousness of racism to actually understand the perniciousness of racism. I have ample firsthand experience.”…
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“If Ss are able to hear a dif. version of the story, one straight from the source, perhaps their worldviews might shift in a direction that means indigenous & black & brown people will no longer have to fight for their basic human rights.” #DisruptTexts…
“If academia continues to uphold white men as the pinnacle of literature, they’re also continuing to uphold white supremacy. And when you teach mostly white men, you perpetuate the falsehood that only their voices matter, that only their voices shape America.“ #DisruptTexts
“But more than that, what I hope to see with the decolonization of syllabi is a reframing of the American narrative and a return to modes of thinking and knowledge that colonization tried so hard to destroy.

I’m here to teach resistance, one book at a time.” ✊🏽 #DisruptTexts
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My work right now is focused on curriculum, but not just on diverse text selection. For me, it’s about embedding anti-bias, anti-racist pedagogies into my daily practices in big and small ways, but relentlessly so. #ClearTheAir #DisruptTexts
Another one of my goals is to become more active as a role model and mentor to the AAPI Ss in my school as the Ss organization faculty advisor. Because of the Model Minority myth, too often AAPI Ss needs as ignored or underserved. #CleartheAir
My librarian and I are co-facilitating a social justice book club which has so far gotten a great response. Out first selection was Just Mercy and Ts stayed for almost two hours after school to talk! Our next meeting will be focused on action we can take. #CleartheAir
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