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We're about to start our second Open Research Seminar for this term: Professor Michael Burke on The Language of Julia Donaldson: Rhetoric, Style and Cognition. Special thank you to #CRCLC PhD candidate Vera Veldhuizen for putting together today's seminar #kidlit #ChildrensBooks
Michael Burke takes from Classical Rhetoric to Cognitive Linguistics and explains how he went from being a professor of rhetoric and a linguist to a scholar of children's literature - spolier alert: being a parent was involved #kidlit #ChildrensBooks
Michael Burke cites the work of current #CRCLC chair, Professor Maria Nikolajeva, and future #CRCLC chair, Professor Karen Coats, inspired his thinking on cognitive linguistics, alongside the experience of reading out aloud to his children #kidlit #ChildrensBooks
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I want to talk a little about what the term #DiversityJedi means to me.

So today I did a booktalking session for librarians at a small conference. And here's the thing. It was mostly pretty great. But. I made some mistakes. And I want to talk about that and what it means.
I was so tired of lugging books around and I was presenting AT a library!! A library I knew had a really big budget and bought lots of new titles by marginalized authors. So I decided I'd just pull books to booktalk when I got there. This was mostly a pretty solid choice!
But it also meant I made some mistakes. I didn't have time to carefully make sure I was talking about a wide enough spectrum of books. I realized afterwards I hadn't included any books by Indigenous authors and I could have done a better job including titles by Latinx authors.
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So you've heard of #DiversityJedi. You've heard they have deep investment and roles within #kidlit. You've heard they do the hard, non-complacent work of pushing for equity at every level of kidlit. You've heard that work twisted and described as gleeful mob attack.
You've heard #DiversityJedi support marginalized authors and narratives, but never set them above critique. You've heard they can make mistakes while remaining teachable. You've heard they reject their title as a title, but see it as a commitment to growth and change.
But have you heard what Jedi stands for?

With full credit to @CrazyQuilts (and a small plea to Disney to forgo a lawsuit), Jedi stands for...

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It's time to start Giving #Comics back to Children with Professor Laurence Grove
We begin in Galsgow 1954, when a group of 400 children ran amok at the city's Southern Necropolis in pursuit of a vampire - and comics got the blame! A clever segue from Prof. Laurence Grove into the long history of debates around the moral value of #comics for child readers
And thus we move on to the introduction of the Comics Code and the French campaign against Mickey Mouse and his compatriots; Prof. Laurence Grove ponders how to understand this moment in the zeitgeist when #comics we're understood as being for children, but not good for them
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The #10YearChallenge made me reflect not so much about the differences in the way I look, but about how much my life has changed since then and all that I’ve learned. It has also inspired me to write my first ever thread!
Ten years ago this week my first children's book "Greetings from Kiwi and Pear" was published. I was also drowning deep in credit card debt that was spiraling out of control.
Most of it accumulated after launching a stationery & gift business in 2003 & quitting my day job shortly after. By 2009, my products were sold in 100's of stores nationwide, I rented office space to house inventory and hire help, and I was doing tradeshows all over the country.
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There are people in the #kidlit community who suggest we send books to #CovingtonCatholicHighSchool to help them combat racism.
I do not believe this is an appropriate response. This is a community and a school with an abundance of resources.
They need to commit those resources - and I mean $$$ - to challenging their reality. Because the privileges these teens showed us are real and it is the ONLY life they have ever known. It is a reality they do not want to wake from.
In my experience teachers and teacher educators that do not explicitly study critical race theory, intersectionality, and multiple forms of socially sustainable pedagogy are NOT equipped to do this work. Simply handing them books will not work.
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Reading this extract from @Malala Yousafzai's story of moving to Birmingham reminds me of my own move to the UK back in 1989. The cold air creeping along your skin, air that is quiet in a way the tropics can never be...… #authorlives #kidlit #candygourlay
The immodesty of fashions, all those lowcut necklines revealing bosoms the size of which one never sees in Asia. And so much kissing and touching in public! It was liberating and disturbing at the same time!
Back home communicating required vigilance, mind reading and care. Here everything was put into words. Feelings. Anger. Desire. All the sharp corners of human interaction smoothed by words. I loved it.
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Happy #BookLoversDay to all my fellow book buyers, lovers and readers. And everyone who's ever sat weeping over the pages of a book. You're a real one 📚💕🎈
In the mood to talk about books alllll day longggg today! 📚
A few fantastic 2018 releases I've enjoyed:

IF YOU LEAVE ME by @crystalhanak - heartbreaking, consuming, eye-opening
A PLACE FOR US by @fatimafmirza - moving, soul-shifting, beautiful prose
WHAT WE WERE PROMISED by @citizenofspace - compelling, sensitive, thoughtful
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As promised, here is a thread entitled “Confessions of a Clueless White-Lady Novelist.” #amwriting #mglit #kidlit
THE BOY FROM TOMORROW is a *very* white book, and I feel uneasy about this. But I didn’t make my characters white by default, and I want to talk about this today. I also want to tell you how I intend to write more diverse books from now on.
My two main characters are Josie and Alec. Josie is 12 years old in 1916; she is the daughter of a popular (and therefore affluent) Spiritualist medium. They live in a New York suburb.
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