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Dear @ijazkhan @iamthedrifter @Razarumi What a great show on FM @BBhuttoZardari 's visit to Goa. WHY did my friend Ayesha, indeed any of you, not say that Pak-India relations were on a 'healing path' when the gentleman Indian PM VajpayeeJi and his gentleman FM Jaswant Singh 2/
2/ visited Lahore by bus and the vile #Mushy scuttled the coming together of the two countries? That they were also from the BJP, and had the authority of the Hard Right Janata Party? And that the adolescent #Mushy mounted the Kargil misadventure JUST then?! AND that the 3/
3/ Second time @NawazSharifMNS tried to mend fences with India when the HARD RIGHT BJP PM Narendra Modi visited Lahore at NS's invite NS was termed a traitor and thrown out of office by a Conspiracy hatched between #Bajwa/#Faiz/#SaqibNisar which today sees our country in the 4/
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With respect, I do not. 1) He was #RIGGED into office and not elected; 2) He has been vile about his opponents whilst abroad, and at home using NAB jails; 3) He has laid the country low. Absolutely zero respect for the #SelectedDolt who is a fascist to boot (pun intended!).
2/ I hope none of us have forgotten that he is selfish and self-centred and arrogant, to the point that he had the brass, gall, temerity AND shamelessness to travel all the way to London to canvass support for his son's uncle, Zac Goldsmith against Pakistani-Brit Mohammad Sadiq3/
3/ for Mayor of London. In the event, Zac lost badly. I hope none of us has forgotten that he took days to travel to Quetta to condole the deaths of many innocent and peaceful Hazara. #SelectedDolt is a base being, devoid of any human feeling of empathy, indeed sympathy. He is 4/
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Whilst #nikkaNiazi aka @ImranKhanPTI spoke exactly like the ill-informed, vile #Dolt he is, and whilst I intimately know some excellent FS officers such as Ashraf Jehangir Qazi and Shahid Malik and Masood Khalid and some others, some of you folk deserve ALL the kicks in the 2/
@ImranKhanPTI 2/ teeth that you get for 1) Being arrogant in the extreme: look at yourself. You never even acknowledged my thanking you and other colleagues in the FO for your support - whatever there was of it - during my ambassadorship in Havana, which I wrote in the last paragraph of 3/
3/ my resignation letter on the 14th August 2018 exactly when it became clear that #nikkaNiazi was going to stay #RIGGED; 2) For never standing up for what is right and letting Aabpara treat you like serfs; 3) For meekly letting one of the 'multiple departments' in the larger 4/
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We KNOW who they are, exactly. #Mushy aka @P_Musharraf leading followed by the svelte and handsome @ShazadAkbar. The point is that the Commission which will cost the country 20 Lakhs a day will 'find' nonsense and lies, and smoke and mirrors which will be taken as the Gospel 2/
2/ by propagandists of the #DeepState, such as 'Lifafa Generals' @GenAmjadShuaib and @_GhulamMustafa_ ; #Sheroo @ImtiazGul60; #Guttersnipe @MoeedNj; other #Youthiyas; and #ISPR Trolls and Bots who will hoot what a good boy is #SelectednikkaNiazi aka @ImranKhanPTI and how 3/
3/ excellent his #Selectors. My young friend, the country is, in the words of my friend, @MalikRiaz_ saccrooed, unless our political parties stop striking attitudes and join Nawaz Sharif and his brave daughter in facing down the #Monster that we face. Mayhap THEY will 4/
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Excellent MUST Read article. 'Such relentless destruction' I should have thought, Minister! The doltishness of the #Shitshow is mindboggling: remember the #Idiot minister trying to justify #Selected #nikkaNiazi's helicoptering 2/…
2/ to and from BaniGala, saying it would only cost Rs. 6.50 a mile😠? I mean this is a huge tragedy with the country staggering from one disaster to another, led by a certified #Idiot and #Dolt who was clearly rigged into power by GHQ/ISI, the election being stolen in the dead 3/
3/ of night, robbing (are you listening, Master, and Future Senator, @YusufMoeed of @USIP fame?) the PMLN of a clear 2/3 majority. I had 4 friends, 2 couples from Penang, staying with me in Havana and we stayed up very late on the night of the 24th watching the results come in 4/
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