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#Kubernetes es una de las principales herramientas y de las mas usadas en #DevOps, en un cluster de kubernetes todo se conoce como un objeto, cada objeto se escribe en un fichero .yaml y los principales objetos de son:👇👇
#Pod: Es la unidad mas pequeña que se puede desplegar y administrar en kubernetes, básicamente representan a las aplicaciones, que pueden ser uno o mas contenedor compartiendo recursos de almacenamiento y red. Son efímeros.
#Deployment: Un fichero .YAML en el cual se define el estado deseado de la implementación ("aplicación") se define el numero de replicas de cada contenedor, recursos como almacenamiento, red,cpu,ram, modo de gestión, básicamente aquí se escribe como queremos que sean los pods.
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We KNOW who they are, exactly. #Mushy aka @P_Musharraf leading followed by the svelte and handsome @ShazadAkbar. The point is that the Commission which will cost the country 20 Lakhs a day will 'find' nonsense and lies, and smoke and mirrors which will be taken as the Gospel 2/
2/ by propagandists of the #DeepState, such as 'Lifafa Generals' @GenAmjadShuaib and @_GhulamMustafa_ ; #Sheroo @ImtiazGul60; #Guttersnipe @MoeedNj; other #Youthiyas; and #ISPR Trolls and Bots who will hoot what a good boy is #SelectednikkaNiazi aka @ImranKhanPTI and how 3/
3/ excellent his #Selectors. My young friend, the country is, in the words of my friend, @MalikRiaz_ saccrooed, unless our political parties stop striking attitudes and join Nawaz Sharif and his brave daughter in facing down the #Monster that we face. Mayhap THEY will 4/
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In the words of the great orator @javedjabbar45 'one' respectfully and humbly asks this👇man's #Selectors and #Enablers: 'Respected and Most Honourable Sirs: What did we, or our, yes your's too, country do, to be inflicted with THIS most deadly and unforgiving #Virus? I hope 2/
2/ you Gentlemen are aware that the newest forecast of the increase in numbers of that other Virus,Covid19 for Lahore City and Environs is 1.4 Million cases as I write this. You should also know more than us mere mortals that the economy has tanked and as another distraction, 3/
3/ yet another Finance Minister is being sought as if just a change of faces at the Ministry will miraculously retrieve an economy that has been pummelled into destruction through rank stupidity, arrogance, and wooden headedness (Barbara Tuchman's explanation of the term) 4/
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He SHOULD, immediately if not sooner, if he has any feelings at all for Pakistan. I mean who else knows oneself better than the person himself? Surely #SELECTED KNOWS how woodenheaded he is! How he was babied at Oxford by his tutor struggling through his essays! 2/
2/ How, due to his limited IQ he cannot discern right from wrong. He SHOULD also know that the mean streak that runs through his character cannot bring a country torn asunder by his own vengeful character. Soldier, if he has an iota of decency he will resign TODAY!!
3/ However he is #ARROGANT to a T and has the support of his #Selectors who simply cannot understand that the people are not stupid and that the blame for what their #Selectee has done will rest at their doors. So, wishful thinking, Soldier! #EverMoreSuffering is our fate
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