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Oh, how I would ADORE seeing #MaraLardo turn into a Museum of Anti-Trumpism. What I would not give to curate the gift shop and contribute to permanent mixed media exhibits and brainstorm special shows. Madame Tussaud wax figures. It's been a #shitshow, but the art has been 🔥🔥
This would definitely fly over the pool, and miniature ones in the gift shop. Naked statue of Trump in the fountain, with dashboard wobblers available your vehicle.…
Action figures of all the players (or maybe voodoo doll?) Curated Etsy maker room with handmade items, too--limited edition, rotating makers. Posters, dolls, shirts. Melania Barbie with I Don't Really Care outfit and more!
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Thread: I’m at El Paso County Commission meeting - grass-roots conservative revolt brewing against crony contract with controversial ballot-printing company Runbeck Election Services /1 Image
Shawn Smith/3
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“The government has launched a defensive social media campaign after MPs faced anger from their constituents over last week’s sewage vote”

We’ve noticed. And their tweets have been risible.…
“Martin Salter, chief policy adviser of the Angling Trust, said:
‘There is clearly going to be a battle between the Lords and Commons on this important issue and we intend to keep up the pressure for as long as we can’.”
Hear hear!
Hurrah! Lords has voted overwhelming to support D of Wellington motion, which now goes back to Commons. Not quite as strong as his original version, but still great progress to tackle #shitshow.
Fantastic display of people power (with a little help from peers)
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@Razarumi Just saw you interviewing Ejaz Haider Re: the present 'Selected' @ImranKhanPTI/Bajwa/Faiz #SHITSHOW. So, when it came to a huge crowd in Faisalabad, the Heart of Punjab, demanding the resignation of Faiz, the last of 'Selected's' #DGISI nannies, the byword is 'Course 2/
2/ Correction'! By ALL, eh? NOT course correction by the behemoth in the country, the Pakistan Army and its Generals who have from the very inception of the country given it grief? Why must one repeat oneself incessantly? Because every week more and ever more brainless, unread 3/
3/ foul-mouthed #Youthiyas and #ISPRtrollsAndFellows are manufactured and let loose on SM, the #Youthiyas sired by the disgraceful @ArifAlvi and the #ISPR wallahs by: you guessed it, a noble tradition started by PapaJani @AsimBajwaISPR and carried on admirably by #Ghafoora. 4/
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#Wahlbetrug #Hochrechnung #AzAudit #btw21
In der höchst informativen Präsentation der Ergebnisse vom #AZAudit gestern, haben wir gelernt, dass die Wahl eine riesige #Shitshow ist. Es wurde seitens der Ämter nicht nur der Zugriff auf zahlreiche verdächtige Aspekte verwehrt (1/5)
#Wahlbetrug #Hochrechnung #AzAudit #btw21
Nein es wurden auch noch Unstimmitkeiten und Sicherheitslücken auf #Skriptkiddie Level aufgedeckt, die eine Einmischung von Außen quasi von Haus aus erlaubten - Es wurden scheinbar Wahlzettel mehrmals eingescannt u. Sensible Log´s..(2/5)
#Wahlbetrug #Hochrechnung #AzAudit #btw21
direkt vor dem beginn des Audits (durch "Anonyme" User!) gelöscht. Updates / Patches grob vernachlässigt. Man denke sich nur, was bei einem deutschem Finanzaudit z.B. los wäre, wenn nur ein Bruchteil davon zuträfe. - (3/5)
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This #kabulairlift mission was a limited success.
Well done @dfat, @IRLDeptDefence and @defenceforces. Lives have been saved.

But, how many more could have been saved if we got there earlier.
This is about risk, about relationships (national and international) + rivalry.

A 🧵👇
Lack of knowledge about what @defenceforces can do - even in this #shitshow - lead to risk aversion last week.
Well known rivalry between @defenceforces and @IRLDeptDefence lead to a slow Policy response, putting forward options.
And a lack of professional relationships between @dfat and @defenceforces at working/desk level slowed it down too, because interdepartmental stuff is jealously guarded by @IRLDeptDefence.

And then there's the issue of #airlift that @BerryCathal and others have highlighted.
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@Razarumi @murtazasolangi @M_Suharwardy @NadiaNaqi Excellent show today; most excellent ending, Raza. a) Everyone is still on the same page for the 10-Year Presidential/Army/Fascist/One-Party Rule: if not #Selectednikka, someone else. Note: there are many rats available: 2/
2/ @SMQ; #Shafqat_Mahmood; @JahangirKTareen (who is an old #DeepState man), etcetera; b) The only way forward is for democratic politicians to forget 'Mufahmat' (whatever THAT beast means, for Bloody Civilians and Generals are hardly equals!) and demand a new social contract 3/
3/ with the Political Generals, insisting on limiting them to the confines laid out in the Constitution. And then free and fair elections. NB: The condition that the country is in after 3-years of #nikka's ministrations does not lend itself to perpetuating this #Shitshow! 4/
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So @Asad_Umar WHAT in the bloody World made you say #SelectednikkaNiazi aka @ImranKhanPTI would dissolve the Assemblies if hurdles were put in his way? What hurdles? On his way to where? I mean, it is not as if you lot were not facilitated by GHQ/ISI as you stumbled hither and 2/
2/ yon destroying our country in every way. Your Godfathers went (and are going) as far as to give the Pakistan Army a bad name. So WHO is tripping you up? I mean we know you to not be very bright, and a crook to boot (recall the 6 Billion fine imposed on you and your 3/
3/ co-criminals of Fauji Fertiliser for price gouging on fertiliser and hurting poor farmers?) but what the devil do you mean by this statement? Was this meant to destabilise #nikka and stab the fool in the back? Or was it made in unison with him to send a message to your 4/
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Are you REALLY that dumb Excellency, to think these 3 clowns, ALL of them long-time assets of the #DeepState, had anything to do with either the decision to import, or the decision not to import from India?
2/ Or are you too terrified to face the fact that your paymasters/Chiefs first screwed up and are now trying to make amends, making our country the laughing stock of the World. Want to bet this will not turn a hair on anyone's head now that this #Shitshow has turned us into a 3/
3/ near basket-case, reduced to begging money from all and sundry to even pay salaries and pensions? Which is why the #Duffers tripped over their own feet in their stupid haste to become good little boys and girls!
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Excellent piece, Abbas. Indeed, if the Makers of Peace with India who conjured up the nonsensical 'DawnLeaks' when an elected PM wanted the same (and helped in his sacking on more nonsensical charges), really want the country to come together they should 1) immediately lift 2/
2/ the umbrella they hold over this #Shitshow and let democracy and fair electoral politics work; 2) forswear any role in politics and publicly promise to stay within the confines the Constitution in future; 3) put a halter on their mindless and foolish propagandists 3/
3/ such as @GenAmjadShuaib and @abasitpak1 who daily abuse political leaders on their fancy YouTube channels; 4) send a clear signal to the Judiciary that there will be no more #WhatsApp messages suggesting names of ISI and MI officers for JITs formed to investigate political 4/
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What in the World is @OfficialDGISPR playing at here, Mariana? As I said just yesterday, referring to @meherbokhari 's pathetic defence of #nikkaNiazi aka @ImranKhanPTI Re: the #DaskaDisgrace, it really hurts when our Rulers take us for amebae; or Slime Mould: brainless 2/
2/ life-forms, like, say, #Youthiyas! I mean don't we KNOW that the terrorist Ehsanullah Ehsan was ALLOWED to escape along with his wife and children from a safehouse in Peshawar belonging to Lumber One Intelligence Agency, the #ISI a whole year ago? 3/
3/ And that two days after his 'daring escape', the murderer of 140 of OUR children, most from soldier's or airmen's families and some from Bloody Civilian families and two teachers, one of them the wife of a serving Colonel (who was burnt to death in a toilet!) announced 4/
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Excellent MUST Read article. 'Such relentless destruction' I should have thought, Minister! The doltishness of the #Shitshow is mindboggling: remember the #Idiot minister trying to justify #Selected #nikkaNiazi's helicoptering 2/…
2/ to and from BaniGala, saying it would only cost Rs. 6.50 a mile😠? I mean this is a huge tragedy with the country staggering from one disaster to another, led by a certified #Idiot and #Dolt who was clearly rigged into power by GHQ/ISI, the election being stolen in the dead 3/
3/ of night, robbing (are you listening, Master, and Future Senator, @YusufMoeed of @USIP fame?) the PMLN of a clear 2/3 majority. I had 4 friends, 2 couples from Penang, staying with me in Havana and we stayed up very late on the night of the 24th watching the results come in 4/
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T'is All A Great Big #SHITSHOW getting Shittier and Smellier by the Nano-Second!!
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But General Tariq Khan says ALL political partys are equal for the Army. That it gave the same support to the PPP and PMLN that it gives to the PTI🤤🤤
2/ More later...
3/ Indeed it is nonsense. In this case the Army/ISI are PART of the #SHITSHOW...first pulling down the Balochistan govt. Then rigging GE18 in broad daylight and on Live camera, and then manipulating the Senate elections AND votes in Parliament!!
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He has left his subordinates out to dry, my friend. He has access to Bajwa now. Does SHO Sharafat Bibi?
2/ The least the man could've done is to tell his subordinates that they are not to put their necks on the line; that it was his fight. Yet, he used the clout that comes from 50 leave requests and as soon as Bajwa speaks sweet nothings to him, backs down. Rs. 100.00 bet: The 3/
3/ '10 Day Inquiry' will be opaque; no names will be named; we won't be told the punishments if any; and most important of all there will be NO apology from the #ISI or the #Army. Result: Zilch!
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So, a while ago, I likened this present #Shitshow/#HybridRegime/#SamePagersMakingMoney to the Cosa Nostra, a crime family. However, even the Sicilian Mafia, the most deadly of ALL the mafias didn't ever do what this #Shitshow has done! Hit the women and children of their 2/
2/ opponents. After Maryam Nawaz Sharif's long imprisonment without charge, and Hamza Shehbaz's 15-month long, ongoing imprisonment without charge, these #Vile beasts have today issued non-bailable warrants for the arrest of Shehbaz Sharif's wife and daughter! What goes 3/
3/ around comes around! Mark my words, Godfather! Mark my words! #IkramullahNiazi is not forgotten!
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So. An old and treasured friend called me today to say that he had been approached by his friend and PMA course-mate, who is known to someone connected to @AsimSBajwa, to ask me to please lay off the #PapaJohn story and generally to take it easy on the chap. My immediate 2/
2/ answer. 'You know how fond I am of you; I so recall all the times we spent together over the last 50 years, the difficult spots we found ourselves in, and how we were inseparable! But, buddy, the way Lt. Gen. Asim Bajwa and the Institution he represents blatantly #RIGGED 3/
3/ GE 2018 and #ROBBED (listening Young Master @YusufMoeed listening @USIP?) the PMLN of victory; the way they have gone after my friends, mercilessly, inhumanely, savagely, enabling a #VileIdiot, I have no sympathy/respect for him/it. Indeed, the way he conducted himself in 4/
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@MarianaBaabar Except for allowing my friend, the brave #SalmanTaseer to mount his stupid assault on @CMShehbaz 's Constitutional government, Asif Zardari was a good President who, despite my other friend, @SSEHBAI1 ('Boss' to me)'s weekly announcements that the President 2/
2/ would be gone next Thursday on a stretcher; no, next Monday in an ambulance; no within two weeks to Dubai, lasted out his term. He also shepherded alongside Nawaz Sharif the 18th Constitutional Amendment, giving up his own powers to the Constitution by taking away the 3/
3/ dictatorial power of the President to dissolve the houses of Parliament. The two also got rid of #Mushy. What fun one had to poke our Ghairat Brigades in the eye at the time. I was invited to attend the farewell luncheon that the newly elected PM Nawaz Sharif held in honour 4/
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Pierre Poilievre is the most repugnant human in #Canada.

Watching the #DemocraticConvention gives me hope.

Time to put these Cons and Republicans into the dustbin of history.

ENOUGH with the hate, division and negativity!

The #CPC lays out it's plan to get #Canada's economy back on track after #Covid19!

...Oh, sorry. It's just #PigeonPierre ranting and raving about bullshit again.

#cdnpoli #PissOffPierre Image
#PigeonPierre is proud of his collection and is doing a Liddle' "show and tell" for all of us!

He wants the "5000 documents" to be #Canada's "But her emails!" - or, at least, Harper does.

#cdnpoli Image
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I absolutely agree with Imad. Why should NS help his enemies to besmirch (in the literary sense) him in this unfair; cruel; fascist mileau in which there is virtually no recourse to appeal kangaroo court judgments before appellate courts; where there is no Judicial oversight 2/
2/ In which the press is in chains and the Opposition's views are banned from being broadcast; in which one's children are rounded up for no reason and clapped into prison cells. It is right and proper that NS is maintaining a dignified silence whilst waiting for 3/
3/ serious medical procedures delayed because of the Curse of Covid. Add to this the fact that the present #SELECTED #SHITSHOW is mired in its own excreta and is perceptibly sinking into it. Witness the rattled speech of #ImranAhmadKhanNiazi in the NA of yesterday. 4/
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Sir @ImtiazGul60 I know you have been given heavy responsibilities by #InfoCzar @AsimSBajwa to somehow help sell this #SHITSHOW . I understand. But, while you polish up the crude lies provided to you by your #Paymasters and which you pass on to the 'lady' aka #CynthiaRBitchie;2/
2/ will you immediately show us a Comparative Statement laying out the expenses on foreign trips of Army Dictators and those of Elected Civilian Leaders TO BACK UP YOUR OWN claim!? You made the charge, so now PROVE it or admit that you were #LYING to please your #Paymasters. 3/
3/ Also, do tell that 'Lady' that Jason Bhutto is #BilawalBhutto's uncle, being BB's First Cousin, Sahibzada Mohammad Mustapha Khan's son. So, can 'Bitchie' STFU! Sorry for using such language but if 'Bitchie' thinks she can get away by badmouthing my friends, whether of the 4/
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Sir #InfoCzar Lieutenant General @AsimSBajwa Sb. 24 hours and only ONE #Lie on behalf of the #ShitShow headed by the #ShamelesslyRiggedandSelected @ImranKhanPTI that you are now part of? You are failing SirJi. Might I suggest: 'Good News for Pakistani people: 'Lahore-Islamabad 2/
2/ Motorway to be inaugurated soon by Prime Minister His Excellency Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi...ANOTHER great step upwards for Green Pakistan. Imran Niazi Zindabad'! More suggestions tomorrow Chaudhry Sahib...C.c. #SA to #InfoCzar @shiblifaraz @MarianaBaabar @NasimZehra @JehangirJm
@threadreaderapp Kindly UNROLL
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@abasitpak1 Seen your latest fulminations on @newsonepk Basit. So, let me get this straight: you can say former PM Nawaz Sharif hurt Pakistan's imperatives in its relations with its number One bugbear; you can give out his Appointments Diary during his visit to Delhi; you can 2/
2/ VERBATIM tell the World your conversations as High Commissioner (Allah be praised) to India with the then Prime Minister of this good country; you can name names Re: visas which should be a Confidential matter; you can suggest without any proof whatsoever that the machinery 3/
3/ in the PM's family's sugar mills was Indian; you can actually suggest dark doings between our PM and certain Indian citizens and you expect Nawaz Sharif's friends NOT to call you a #Besharam and a #Beghairat and a #Backbiting #Snake. Actually Basit, since you Live and 4/
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If you tune into @NBCNews on @YouTube you get campaign messaging from #MadKing Trump's regime. America has never been more #socialist, so this must be a great pole poll for poling proletariat patsies.

"Official #socialism approval poll." I approve. What do I win?
Both #Nazi parties of the two-party system have been working furiously to redefine & destroy the concept of #socialism - because in reality, it’s a mandate for #HumanSurvival.

#ReadThisBook by #ManningMarable - “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America.” I studied it in jail.
"Truly blessed" Dumbass Low-Grade Lying Fool (#DLGLF) Pence stated Detroit's Mayor claims they tested 150 "exposed" #FirstResponders and "they're all back in the line of duty." They're just spinning a bunch of nonsense & Trump is playing malevolent moonlighting #FakeGynecologist.
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