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Example of total lack of awareness, just because "she's a woman".

Fact: .@ewarren has lied about her DNA, her parents actions, her father's job, where her son goes to school, & about getting fired

All PUBLICLY proven to be lies

So tell me again, why should we believe her?
@ewarren Didn't have enough to add
Lying on her application to the Bar
Lying about the middle class paying more in taxes for her plans....
so many more to add.... but I think y'all get the point.
@ewarren I'd really like someone to point out one public "Lie" that Bernie told??

I'm obviously not a Bernie fan, but I'm a fan of fairness - and this #ShitShow for @ewarren, just cuz "she's a woman" is a just that.. a #ShitShow to save her campaign
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"Trump is THE CENTRAL PLAYER in this scheme."

DEMs 9 am announcement: two articles of impeachment
📌abuse of power
📌obstruction of Congress

The IG report just blew up Trump’s lies.

Crossfire Hurricane opened with sufficient lawful predication.

RU FM Lavrov meets Trump tomorrow—Zelensky still awaiting an invite.

In order to increase pressure on Ukraine to announce the politically motivated inv’nsTrump wanted, he withheld the coveted Oval Office meeting & $391 M of essential military aid from Ukraine

Trump used the power and influence of his office to pressure & induce Zelensky to interfere in the 2020 presidential elex for his personal & political benefit

Trump’s conduct sought to undermine our free & fair elections & poses an imminent threat to our NatSec.
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HELLO! I was Lord Buckethead in the 2017 Election but I have since renounced my peerage, partly because I promised to abolish the Lords and I'm a politician who keeps my promises, and partly because of an unfortunate battle on the planet Copyright. This has left me unbowed but...
I have a new-found appreciation of the likes of Boss Cat, @WWE and @AFCWimbledon. While I was at it, I thought I’d give myself a promotion (I’m not a fool) and so I humbly present myself to you anew! Because #ItsTimeForSurrealChange
Why am I back? Because I predicted Brexit would be a #shitshow and so it proved.
Will I bring back Ceefax? Obvs.
Why the sexy rebrand? Because I decided I could not remain in that bucket and so like Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve and Chuka again, I chose pastures new.
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1. We all have our opinions and this is mine:

There will finally be a chance at PEACE!!!
2. Look for this to be spun as:

• Russia is the winner
• Trump is Putin’s puppet
• Yadda Yadda Yadda

The people saying this are pissed bc they were dead-set from the start to get rid of Assad and it’s not likely to happen.
3. Also look for the ‘Fancy Pants’ to say that this will hurt Trump’s maximum pressure campaign on Iran. They’ll say:

• Assad is aligned/supported by Iran
• Assad wins = Iran wins

While there is some truth to that, it completely misses the forrest for trees.
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1 We still have a massive gap between what we were told about “Russian Hacking” of our 2016 election and reality.

Let’s take another look at an old (but good) video of Comey Testimony.

2 The video starts off with Rep. Elise Stefanik asking Comey about notification protocols...

Specifically, she is pointing out that there was a large gap in time between when FBI started their investigation and when Congress was notified.
3 At ~ 2:00 mark, Ms. Stefanik specifically asks, “... Why was there no notification prior to the last month.”

IOW, why did you treat this situation differently?
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#ShitShow “Mick Mulvaney, who became Trump's Budget Director and is now his acting chief of staff, has a striking assortment of "red flags," including his assessment that Trump "is not a very good person."
One red flag for Fox News host Laura Ingraham, considered for White House press secretary: "Ingraham said people should wear diapers instead of sharing bathrooms with transgender people."
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Poor democrats..
Today's Nadler circus is titled
2pm CPSAN3
here we go....
NADLER & the dems knows there will be no impeachment.
They said they need the "public" to demand it.
So they hold an infomercial carried by the Fake News media.

They want it soooooo bad.
But like everything they do, it will backfire.
They are losers

Joyce White Vance🤣
a resist political hack
with a twitter account attacking @realDonaldTrump
and retweeting MSNBC clowns like Joy Reid

This hearing is already a shitshow🤣
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I have reached a whole new level of #PISSEDOFF.

I didnt think such a #dark and #scary state, or level, could be reached. It may top 12-14-17's causation. It's. That. Bad. So, I've prepared a statement...…

#PascoSheriff #HaveYouAllNoShame @CigarCityBeer
Dear @FBI,
I must implore you ask your colleauges in @FBITampa to help research this new level of #PISSEDOFFNESS. As locals, they may offer a special indepth knowledge of this new level I have reached. This is not fair & law enforcement must #investigate. No one deserves this.
This is my #apogee of #Pissedoffness.
If #motherfuckers & #tears werent a noticable level.
If #HUSH or #INTIMIDATION tactics being deployed didnt strike a chord.
If #EVIDENCE, PROOF, or 30k Bonds didnt #WOW YOU.
If posting mom with no shred of investigatable value wasnt enough...
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Hey QB!

Nunes Announces New Clinton Evidence, Burns Entire Swamp To The Ground…
Patterns and tactics.
Case handeling. Roadblocks. Witness interviews and authentication. These same patterns and tactics remind of something from way back too. Everything is a complete mirror. Including pinning hacks and cover ups.
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Cool story.
10+ emails asking for jail calls.
Roadblock after roadblock.
Then, BOOM!
Why roadblock?
Why lie under a subpoena?
Why hide hundreds of calls?
What else happened that day?
Why hush afterwards?

I'm not real happy about 12-14-17
Im not sure a CA in totality is enough. Especially after 12-14-17. I'm not trying to rake over coals, but this day hurt. The truth was known before this too. This wasn't honest in any way. This day hurt. Bad. Kind of a dick move. Really was.
1-24-19 and what Mark and everyone did, was little dick stuff. Like, creepy, sick, unhinged. Yet, Im somehow still the bad guy. No. Im not cool with things. Im not being a dick either. You people went really, REALLY, LOW.
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Do you realize how profoundly insane it is to lie to the police of stalking, give written & oral statements, pages of false evidence, but actually be with said stalker and he is buying butt plugs for gods sake.
But, to then also lie to his entire family of stalking but in reality they were with that person USING SAID BUTT PLUGS. FOR GODS SAKES.
That happened.
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Why do I have months of begging for this, literally, months, mid oct thru now, 6 months....for a discovery.
I, literally, begged and begged for this. For months with my previous attorney. Months. One digital copy, of my discovery. I've got the emails that show months of this. Why? When it's this easy?
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The 4AM email MP sent.
Someone instructed him to do so.
Violation of a/c priv.
What else?

I'm with someone, a witness no less, who helped get me an unhacked phone after a ruthless, malicious, highly criminal breach with implied intent of great, GREAT HARM.
Does it also show knowledge of, and continued conspired actions by the same force actively plotting and perpetrating such vicious acts? The implied intent of the hack, off the charts malicious.
A full breach. Phone(audio) and Social Media Breach. Then multiple party involvement with the post from ex's page. Accident? Oh, no. This, is by far, was criminal intent. Then...
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The Brady rule. For my own 1.5 yr old subpoena evidence. Spouted by my colluding public defender. I mean, its fitting. Deflated balls, cheating. But that's the culture here. Malicious. What else is possible? Hmmmm
What else is possible in a court, where public officials goad people to lash out at judges, recommend it even, per his words, where they work to avoid submitting evidences, even dodge and falsely allude to things while enabling the prosecution? Yep it happened.
It's the pattern My first public defender lied about getting my phone records, then when I got them ready for him, he flips out, curses me, refuses to get them, and says never call or email again. Those highly important too...he lied to me in jail.
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You know how much of a joke my proceedings are? My own public defender tried to goad me into an outburst today. Then, on the podium, quoted the Brady rule for my own evidence that just came back.
Why is that a thing? Well, he stalled evidence submitting, lied about filing certain motions to hide an investigation. During said time I asked to see it all. Including Brady rule.
These people are so high on themselves, they mocked it on the podium today, in official transcripts now., quoting the Brady rule FOR MY OWN EVIDENCE. AS HE LED ME AND GOADED ME ON TO AN OUTBURST THAT WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
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Putin's (and Trump’s) next goal is the destruction of NATO 🔥🔥🔥

There is an eyewitness who puts Cohen in a hotel room with members of the Solntsevskaya organized crime group in Moscow

Federal Facebook probe now includes FBI, SEC. #ZuckIsFuqqed

Senate Intelligence Committee Report confirms 2017 DNI Report

The EPA’s Ethics Officer Once Defended Pruitt. Then He Urged Investigations.

Congressional IT staffer reaches plea deal that debunks RW media conspiracy theories about illegal information access

Bipartisan Senate Panel Gives Middle Finger to #TraitorTot @DevinNunes aka #LajesBoy #SIGINTFuqqed

Glencore been subpoenaed by the U.S. DOJ to hand over docs related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act & U.S 💰 laundering statutes.
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💥💥 💥💥
WINNING!!! #TickTock
Sorry not sorry #Stonetear @GOPPollAnalyst
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#Qanon bible students re: #FakeNewsAwards
1) Let's examine a historical/biblical fact, and then retrace the past few days events. Could this be pure strategy to set the Media up for its final fall, clearing the way for the upcoming MOAB of TRUTH?
#qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
2) Historically, Cyrus had to conquer the Medes prior to Babylon. If His-story repeats, then Trump has to conqueror the MEDia first before he finishes off the DeepState/Elites. How would he do this?
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
3) By positioning them into a place where everyone can
see with no doubt they have LIED and spread a HUGE lie, that can be backed up with indisputable FACT.
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