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I think about this diagram a lot, but to my shame I didn't make a note of the source. Image
and the source is 'Eureka! Physics of Particles, Matter and the Universe'... (thanks to @plindberg for going to look) Image
Perhaps the white space is defined by Koestler's 'Act of Creation' Image
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Arkadaşlar istesemde size milyarlarca yıllık tarihi anlatamam ve yazamam
2016 dan beri sürekli yazdım zaten
#visitors #fringe #drwho
#childhoodsend kurtuluş günü ve ve ve.... sayısız kitap ve film sizlere ImageImageImageImage
Farklı zamanlarda ve farklı kültürlerde ve farklı coğrafyalarda ve farklı dinlerde farklı isimler verilmiş varlık gruplarını zaten açık açık anlattı
Eski hesaplarımda çok detaylı floodlar yaptım

Günümüz insanı uzaylı ve ufo der = islam cinler ve cinlerin binekleri der
= eskiler tanrılar ve tanrıların arabaları/kayıkları/gök sandalları ve ve.. der veya melekler der...

İşte bu varlıklar bizlerden inanılmaz çok uzun zaman önce yaratıldılar ve bizim çizgi filmlerde gördüğümüz ZAMAN-BOYUT-IŞINLAMA-GÖRÜNMEZLİK-CANLI CANSIZ NESNELERİ BÜYÜTME
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This is playing on Tubi. I'll let you know if it's good when I finish it.

#DoctorWho #DrWho Image
So far, it seems like a James Bond adultified version of Who possibly played in movie theaters at the time.
Ugh, the music is totally inappropriate at times.
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I have just found a construction news article saying that HTC Wolfkran will be leaving it's Sheffield site for one near Doncaster by 2022.…
I appreciate why they are moving, the old site is no longer ideal for lots of reasons. I am going to miss the cranes though, especially when they are lit up at Christmas. Image
So if any #DrWho fans want to get a selfie at this iconic location (from the safety of the public footpath) you have until 2022 to do it! That should give us long enough WTIAO. Image
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I have not really mentioned this before on Twitter but, in addition to my many other hobbies, I also enjoy making cakes. I thought I'd share a few of my past creations, as a distraction from our troubles.

I'll start with this #LegendofZelda #WindWaker cake for @nomenloony Image
Cake for my Grandad's 90th Birthday. ImageImage
Hickory Dickory Dock cake for my niece. It contained a mechanism and was a fully working clock! Image
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I've been thinking a bit about #deltagreen and I've come to the conclusion that it's too optimistic. Specifically, I don't think it fully comes to grips with The Problem of Evil. And that's maybe a fault that goes back to Lovecraft, but I think the RPG format makes it worse 1/n
So let's think about the basic set up: #Cthulhu is real. Governments do what governments do. Life continues, until it doesn't.

But. Nuclear and biological weapons. Global warming. Genocide. The use of religion to justify vast destruction of human lives, violent and otherwise.
What's fucked in the world is fucked in ways which are really hard to capture neatly in the #Cthulhu framework; he's a pre-nuclear character, for the most part, and the human race hadn't shown its true colors yet, in The Bad Places of the Mid 20th Century. We can do much worse.
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#DianaRigg's 81st birthday today. Although it's fair to say no picture will do her justice, there are some very fabulous photos out there of her.
The woman can accessorise with a bird and still look amazing. #DianaRigg
Not the biggest fan of lace, but here's #DianaRigg in a ridiculous but beautiful jumpsuit.
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[THREAD] What if #DoctorWho was a French TV show instead of an English one? Which actors would have played the Doctor over the years?

Well... Let's get into it!
First Doctor: Jean Marais.

Famous for classic roles on the big screen (Orphée, Beauty and the Beast, Fantômas...), he was a great actor, stuntman and was able to play several different roles in one single movie using makeup.

His Doctor would have been more physical!
Second Doctor: Louis de Funès

Classic French comedy as its finest. He was able to make an entire audience laugh for several minutes without a word (like Chaplin). He and Troughton had the same energy.
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Fantastic presentation on current and possible applications of 3D printing in healthcare by Prof Gordon Wallace from the University of Wollongong.
Some advantages of 3D printing
An amazing array of potential “inks” both synthetic and biological.
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I'm an autism researcher and my husband @bfletcherwatson is a theatre researcher.

We've been trying to work out how to turn all the attention around #puppetgate to some positive effect, and so...

here follows a wee thread of autistic artists we've come across
@bfletcherwatson Disclaimer: this is just a collection of people who are working in the arts, or doing art in their spare time.

It's obviously not comprehensive - please add your own profiles and suggestions at the bottom

(and give us a few minutes first to get all the tweets out...)
@bfletcherwatson First up @SoniaBoue who first drew our attention to the #puppetgate issue

They are a multi-form artist based in Oxford - and a brilliant blogger incidentally
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1. OK..<EPIC THREAD> on making the Prowler 'Elephant' noise for #Spiderverse and other ELECTRONIC NOISES. I did some sessions with a good friend of mine Brian Dougans who has an amazing collection of electronic gear. You might recognise this sound...
2. We used a huge array of electronics both old - like the EMS Synthi (well known to diehard #DrWho fans) - and new - like the FSOL Digitana SX-1 (which Brian helped design!), through pedals and things to jam out a whole bunch of crazy noises...
3. The unstable and analogue nature of the gear would create a really unique and menacing sound that cut through like nothing else. The most recognisable of these is probably the Prowler sound which you can hear on this track here:…
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