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#MovieReview Just Watched #Lostcity which is a Romance and Adventure #Comedy .

And here is my 2cents on the movie.

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1. Stress reliever needed
I HAD A BLAST watching this movie, nothing to strain your brain but good enough to make you laugh in the theater or at the comfort of your TV!
It is just a stress relief and they delivered.
#Sandra falling off the car rolled my ribs off. Image
2. Awesomeness in this #movie and the #cast

The characters were top notch.
At first I was heck no to blonde Dash aka #ChanningTatum then it happened to grow on me. Great character development. Image
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Тред персонажи «Гарри Поттера» по описанию из книг, созданные нейросетью

Авторка: lettuceown

#гаррипоттер #harrypotter

Золотое трио:
Джинни Уизли, Полумна Лавгуд, Невилл Долгопупс
Чарли, Билл, Фред и Джордж Уизли, Флер Делакур
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JKR = TERF: Warum JKR zurecht kritisiert wird

CW #Rowling #JKR #HP #HarryPotter #HogwartsLegacy #FantasticBeasts #Transfeindlichkeit #MentalHealth
für den gesamten nachfolgenden Text.

Wird wütend, aggressiv, schmerzhaft, belastend, emotional, detailliert, persönlich. Und lang.
Brauchte Löffel, deswegen jetzt erst meine Äußerung zu diesem 🤬 Thema.
Da ich late to the party bin, erstmal ein kurzer Überblick, worum es genau geht, was Aufhänger für diesen Text ist:
Kürzlich kam ein Trailer für das neue Harry Potter-Game “Hogwarts Legacy” raus,

1/ +60
wodurch der HP-Welt, Rowling und den damit verbundenen Problematiken wieder einmal großräumig Aufmerksamkeit zuteilwurde. Leider waren nebst vieler kritischer Beiträge, vor allem aus der trans Community, zu der ich ebenfalls gehöre, auch zahlreiche euphorische Stimmen dabei.

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Daniel Radcliffe isn't hopping on his Nimbus 2000 again anytime soon 🧹 The actor says a film adaptation of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is “not something I’m really interested in doing right now.”⁠
“This isn’t the answer that anybody’s going to want, but I think I was so able to go back and enjoy it because it’s not a part of my day-to-day life anymore,” Radcliffe told the New York Times of signing up for the HBO Max #HarryPotter reunion.
“I’m getting to a point where I feel like I made it out of ‘Potter’ okay and I’m really happy with where I am now, and to go back would be such a massive change to my life," Radcliffe said.
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Hilo fotográfico 🧵

El cast adulto de #HarryPotter cuando era joven
Richard Harris (Albus Dumbledore hasta Harry Potter y la Cámara Secreta)
Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore a partir de Harry Potter y el Prisionero de Azkaban)
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“Think of a powerful memory. Make it the happiest you can remember, allow it to fill you up.”

The cast of #HarryPotter reunite in the television special #ReturntoHogwarts on Sky Max, but what have they been up to since the franchise ended?…
Returning to reminisce on the film sets on which they grew from inexperienced cherubic actors into fully fledged film stars, #ReturnToHogwarts is a warm bundle of magical nostalgia, writes @henryfabird Image
The success of the films was no guarantee, however. In the book Harry Potter: Page to Screen, the producer David Heyman says that he thought “at most, the first book might make a good, modestly sized British film”.

But it went on to gross more than $1 billion
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Worldwide Book Launch of "March to Justice: Global Military Law Landmarks", edited by @SinghNavdeep and @frankrosenblatt to commence shortly. Follow this thread and link in picture for updates from the launch. Image
The launch will be followed by a panel discussion on Global Trends in Military Justice, moderated and curated by Justice Rajive Bhalla and Maj Gen Neeraj Bali.

#military #law @SinghNavdeep @frankrosenblatt
Book is unique. Subtle difference between military law and military justice we'll come to know: Vikas Chatrath
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Hoje é aniversário de 20 anos do 1º filme de #HarryPotter! 🥳 E para comemorar essa data tão especial para os potterheads, separamos algumas diferenças entre os livros e os filmes da saga para você conferir.

Segue o fio! ⬇️

Ele é muito mais importante para a saga do que é mostrado nos filmes! A mesma profecia que aponta Harry Potter como o menino que derrotaria o Lorde das Trevas, também poderia se referir a Neville, por isso os Comensais da Morte foram atrás de seus pais.

Esse é um fato da vida de Hermione que foi completamente cortado dos filmes. Em O Cálice de Fogo, ela descobre como essas criaturas são tratadas no mundo bruxo e cria o Fundo de Apoio à Liberação dos Elfos.
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Mais que diable allait-il faire dans cette galère… Le vénérable Dom Augustin Calmet, abbé de Senones, grand historien de la Lorraine, commentateur de la Bible… et dissertant sur les esprits et les vampires ? Morceaux choisis à lire ! ⤵️
Luther face à un démon, récit de Melanchton…
Saint Martin et les spectres épisode 1
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Sorcières et sorciers. Troisième volet.
Si la chasse aux sorcières s’arrête dans les années 1520, elle reprend de plus belle à partir des années 1560. Mais cette fois, on trouve des opposants, comme Jean Wier, un médecin ⤵️
Wier attaque le Marteau des Sorcières dans son ouvrage De Praestigiis daemonum, des illusions du diable. S’il existe des démons, les sorcières n’en sont pas complices, mais victimes…
Wier croit tellement en l’existence des forces du mal qu’il réalise un peu plus tard la Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (1577)
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I'm going to tweet a little about #HarryPotter and the rule of law, so hold onto your butts, everyone...
Isn't it interesting that Rowling chooses to let Harry, her star protagonist, commit two out of the three #UnforgivableCurses during the course of the story, while still a teenager, and face no punishment?
Wasn't one of the huge red flags about #Voldemort that he tortured others with no remorse, just to satisfy his own curiosity or emotional desires?
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Puisque le jeudi, c'est Harry, petite recette sur le thème Harry Potter : je vous présente la calzone éclair ! ⚡️

Ingrédients : pour la pate : 200g de farine, 2 càc sel/sucre, 1/2 sachet de levure chimique, 1 càs d'huile d'olive et 25cl d'eau tiède

Mélanger le tout dans un grand saladier, si ça colle trop, on rajoute de la farine ! 😉 On forme une boule.
Pour la garniture, on prépare avec ce que l'on a sous la main, ici, ce sera jambon, trio de poivrons, quelques oignons, de l'emmental et de la crème fraîche. 🫑🧅
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Must read thread by Dr Bijayraj a Calicut based Family Physician..
#HarryPotter and #MedTwitter fans dont miss
News article doing the rounds: *Fake Remdesivir 'works' in 90%!*

_"This is just like magic!"_
- Gilderoy Lockhart, Chamber of Secrets
Not smelling something everyone else can smell isnt a good sign even in the wizarding world
Ron Weasley
Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live gasping, without oxygen and a bed.”_

- Albus Dumbledore, Deathly Hallows
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#MoviesForKids 😍🎬

பெஸ்ட் மூவிஸ் டு வாட்ச் வித் ஃபேமிலி அண்ட் கிட்ஸ். நிறைய மூவீஸ் இருக்கு அதுலகொஞ்சம் #IMDb ரேட்டிங்வைஸ் குடுக்கப்பட்டிருக்கு. இதுல அதிகபட்சம் இங்லீஷ்ல தான்இருக்கு சோ! தமிழுக்கு டெலிகிராம் (அ) tamilyogi[dot]cafe siteல தேடிபாருங்க கிடைக்கும்.🍁

1 #TheLionKing 1994
8.5 Anmtn,Advnte,Drma,Music

2 #BackToTheFuture 1985
8.5 Advnte,Cmdy,Sci-Fi

3 #WALL·E 2008
8.4 Anmtn,Advnte,Rmnce,Sci-Fi

4 #Coco 2017
8.4 Anmtn,Advnte,Drma,Fntsy,Music,Mstry

5 #Up 2009
8.2 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Fmly

6 #FindingNemo 2003
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy
7 #HarryPotter Seires (2001-2011)
8.1 Advnte,Drma,Fntsy,Mstry

8 #JurassicPark 1993
8.1 Actn,Advnte,Sci-Fi,Thrllr

9 #Monsters,Inc. 2001
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Fmly,Fntsy

10 #StandByMe 1986
8.1 Advnte,Drma

11 #InsideOut 2015
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Drma,Fmly,Fntsy
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1) Wherever I look these days I see #occult symbols and imagery. Was in Hyde Park yesterday and saw this bus with a big ad for #WitchesMovie. Image
2) There was this ad for #HamiltonMusical nearby in Elizabeth Street. Not about witchcraft, sure. But it still featured the star motif. This is basically an inverted pentagram. #symbolism #Sydney Image
3) This was display in boutique on Elizabeth Street. Has a #Christmas theme and it's not surprising that star (of Bethlehem) symbolism would be part of that. But what I think is interesting is that the stars are more prominent than the tree. Image
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What's the connection between Sir Walford Selby and Bellatrix Lestrange? 🤔

For 2.5 years I've been working on a riddle for my PhD that concerns @UKinAustria and @austriainuk, and resulted in an unexpected link to #HarryPotter!

Read on to follow my discovery! 👇 ImageImage
Selby was the British Ambassador to #Austria for much of the 1930s. Frustrated with the Foreign Office's 'empty promises of support' for Austria in the face of Nazi Germany, Selby sought the help of friends in high places in order to sidestep official diplomatic channels. 🆘
Early in his tenure in Vienna, Selby struck up a series of correspondence with a mysterious friend, 'VBC', with whom he confided his fears and hopes.

Now, 'VBC' is the vital link to 'the boy who lived'.

Dozens and dozens of letters were exchanged...but I needed a *name*! 🙃
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I knew that going into a senior committee position would mean having some days where something goes wrong or reality gets in the way of plans, especially given the lockdown, but I never thought that trouble would come from such an important figure, let alone repeatedly...
#IStandWithJKRowling continues to trend on twitter, with a blog post by the author herself yesterday. Now, I won't outline how exactly her points can be perceived as transphobic bc, as I'm cis, I can't fully grasp what damage it can do and even then, this thread would be massive.
I can say that members of the trans community have voiced their feelings on social media... What I do know is a lot of what she is saying falls into patterns that try to normalise discrimination: id-ing as a defender, claims a group is 'extreme', and ignoring anyone who disagrees
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Me and the family went to ZSL #LondonZoo today, had a great time and saw all the #animals. Here's a short thread. Some highlights: Western lowland gorilla, Sumatran tiger, Komodo dragon, Galapagos giant tortoise... ImageImageImageImage
Just a few of the literally 100s of birds at #LondonZoo: Woolly-necked stork, Northern crested caracaras (big, semi-terrestrial American falcons) and Red and yellow barbet. Barbets are members of the woodpecker group; some are close kin of toucans. #birds #animals #zoos ImageImageImage
Some #reptiles: the remarkably yellow Cuming's water monitor, an awesome Reticulated python (cue #HarryPotter link), Big-headed turtle (able to climb, prehensile-tailed) and Rio Fuerte beaded lizard... #lizards #snakes #squamates #turtles ImageImageImageImage
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Thread about this poster in Waverley Station, & why I approve it being removed. I am not employed by @NetworkRailEDB & know nothing about their internal decision-making.

This is just what I know abt the person who paid for the #IheartJKRowling poster, & her sources of funding.
The poster was paid for by Posie Parker, the name Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull used on Twitter before Twitter banned her for persistently harassing other Twitter-users. We know this because she talked about it on her Youtube channel. Links here;… /2
"Posie Parker" doesn't like trans people or Muslims. Her Twitter account has been permanently suspended, but I can personally confirm that she showed no indication of being any kind of #HarryPotter fan & I doubt if she is now. /3
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#futureneurologists, you asked & we heard! @NMatch2021

Top 10 things we love about our program:

1) “The University of Mississippi Medical Center, located in Jackson, is the state's ONLY academic health science center.”…
Pathology: Being the state’s big academic hub, our residents see such so much variety during their training, that when they 🎓 and practice in the real 🌎, they react something like this 👇
No discrimination: Our program led by Dr. Alissa Willis(@myelinmd) and Dr.@HartmutUschmann firmly believes that we don’t discriminate on the basis of race, color, region, religion, sex or orientation. We have always matched a good mix of residents - aka “A Mini United Nations”
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Abrimos hilo sobre increíbles #maquetas de sets de #cine, un arte tan antiguo como actual y fundamental en el 7º arte.
Comenzamos con esta recreación detallada de Manhattan para #EscapeFromNewYork (1981) del maestro John Carpenter, para la secuencia inicial y tomas aéreas.
#hilo ImageImageImage
Pocas maquetas tan impresionantes y efectivas como esta reconstrucción de Gotham City para el #Batman de Tim Burton (1989). Mi Batman favorito, por cierto (sí, ya sé que soy minoría). El nivel de detalle y la luz son alucinantes.
#cine #Gotham #HiloDeCine ImageImageImage
Esta genial recreación de una calle de Nueva York y parte de Central Park para #Ghostbusters (1984) me parece una delicia. Contaba con coches teledirigidos y estaba a la escala del traje de Marshmallow Man que debía llevar un actor. Maravilla.
#cine #MarshmallowMan #HiloDeCine ImageImageImage
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¡Hilo semanal de ilusión de productividad! Esta semanita de #contenido estuvo menos cargada, pero empezó con algo especial: una participación en el @podcastreboot de @Ed_Marin hablando dos horas x reloj del final de #TheLastOfUs2.…
El lunes en #TPLT hablé de TODO con @srlerner y @Angiedalessio: precios de juegos, el futuro de Warner, y el AAA de #HarryPotter feat. nuestro nuevo personaje favorito, Hermión.… Image
El martes terminé el especial de #ConsolasCondenadas en @culturageek con mi fracaso favorito: #SegaDreamcast. IT'S THINKING:…
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