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A handful of thoughts on flyouts for job market candidates.
One of three 🧵s – threads 2 and 3 have tips specific to in-person flyouts and remote flyouts

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You have two goals in a flyout:

Primarily, you are still angling for an offer and therefore should mostly focus on making a good impression.

Yet you also need to gather enough information so that you know your own preferences.
Firm/employee match-quality matters.

Put thought into the attributes that will enhance your productivity & happiness, and conversely what traits you contribute to an institution.

Seek to gain info about the former and share the latter.
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Here is a list of questions I received most often during (first round) interviews, per request. Hope the list helps this year’s JMCs prep
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Questions about the JMP:

clarifications? What’s the significance/contribution? What are the shortcomings? How would you enhance it & (implicitly) what is stopping you from doing so? What is your main policy implication?
Qs about the JMP:

Where does this fit in the literature? How does this weigh against other evidence on the topic? What would <someone else who has written on the topic> critique about your work?
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We are happy to highlight Lena Song and her JM paper on #econjobmarket today

Her fields are: Applied Microeconomics, Development, Behavioral & Experimental, Political Economy
1/9 Dear #EconTwitter, today we highlight Lena Song’s work. #econjobmarket

Lena studies media and information technologies, with a focus on their relationship to diversity and inequality.

2/9 Lena's JMP studies persuasion. Her theoretical model predicts that the persuasiveness of a message is an inverted-U function of its distance to the audience's existing beliefs.
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Here’s a data download for first round interviews. Wisdom I received and things I learned along the way when I was on the JM last year. Please feel free to add your 2c! (I’ll post my notes on flyouts soon)
long 🧵 1/x
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Your goal is to convince them that you are smart, competent, & kind, that you have an interesting pipeline of work, that you would be a great colleague, and that you will come if they offer you a job. (Insight from @lkatz42)
Approach interviews with excitement--not dread. Interviews are an opportunity to share work that you’re excited about, an opportunity to chat with a handful of really smart people taking your research seriously. How wonderful!
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My JMP is now posted: “Labor Market Consequences of Domestic Outsourcing: Evidence from Legalization in Brazil”

Coauthored with my excellent classmate Mayara Felix. #EconTwitter #EconJobMarket 🧵 Image
Our contribution: While prior work uses *firm-level* variation to measure the effect of outsourcing on wages, we use *market-level* variation from Brazil's 1993 outsourcing legalization to assess the aggregate effects of outsourcing on wages, employment, and welfare.
Our focus: Security guards, who experienced the largest rise in outsourcing following legalization

Data: RAIS matched employer-employee data with industry and occupation codes to identify outsourcing
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A new memo from our AEA ad hoc committee on the job market has been posted. Happily, there is continued evidence of a major rebound in the demand for PhD economists. Summary w/ graphs follows... 1/7
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As of 2021-07-30, the # of job openings on JOE for full-time academic jobs in the US is up 58.5% compared to same time in 2020 and is even up 25.6% compared to this time in 2019 (which was pre-COVID). #EconTwitter #EconJobMarket 2/7 Image
The # of job openings on JOE for full-time academic jobs outside the US is up 87.7% relative to 2020 and up 26.9% compared to 2019. #EconTwitter #EconJobMarket 3/7 Image
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How helpful are socially connected parents for young workers’ who are entering the labor market? In my #JMP, I use administrative data from Israel to find out.


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A thread

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Social connections could help by

(1) Alleviating frictions by improving information flows about job openings

(2) Increasing the probability of a match, conditional on having information

I build a matching model to separately identify these mechanisms

For identification, I compare: (a) firms where a young person has an existing parental contact during their labor-market entry year, with (b) firms where the young person *used to* have a parental contact but left shortly before their labor-market entry year

3/ Image
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It's #econjobmarket season! Here's what I learned about interviews/spiels, hopefully still applicable this year:

Your audience has diverse interests, their questions can go on a tangent, it's your job to pull them back! Respectfully say "That relates to my next point..."
I learned this in a mock interview w/ our lovely John Geanakoplos. His questions threw me in so many directions, jumbled up my thoughts so much that I never got back on track.
So, have MANY mock interviews w/ faculty in many different fields, practice w/ friends, cats & dogs.
Signposting - "Now I’ll go into the data/model/identification" - can help anchor your thoughts, and help interviewers keep track of where you are and what to anticipate next.
Make sure you’ve finished saying all the important points in a section before moving to the next.
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