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If your treatment variable has bunching, this is good news! It may be possible to use this bunching to build a correction for endogeneity. We show how this may be done in our new paper. Follow the thread. #EconTwitter #econometrics 1/
We focus here on bunching at one of the ends of the support, which turns out to be very common. For example, TV watching, enrichment activities, maternal labor supply, smoking amounts, all have bunching at zero, and the list of variables where this happens goes on and on. 2/ Image
Take the amount of time children spend watching TV. You can't watch a negative amount of time. Even if your characteristics would place you as a negative watcher, you will still watch zero, and you will be bunched with all the other extreme people. 3/
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With the loss of #RuthBaderGinsburg, let us all fight as vigorously as she has. No better place to start than my own profession #EconTwitter "Relative to their representation in the sample, Black and women respondents are overrepresented among disrupted participants,
which echoes the AEA Climate Survey results showing that Black respondents of all genders, women
of all races, and Black women especially are most likely to have experienced discrimination within economics and to have taken a costly action,
such as leaving a job to avoid negative treatment (Bayer 2020)."… Listen to people who have different experiences than you, and when what they share is painful and upsetting, don't make excuses for it. Make something new and better.
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(1) 30ys ago, Germany started one of historys most radical privatization programs. Transforming East Germany’s economy, its legacy lasts until today.

New paper: We analyze what happened (w @AAoritz @LukasMergele). Thread 👇 #EconTwitter #HistoryTwitter
(2) Founded by the last Communist government and shaped by Germany’s post-reunification institutions, a public agency called #Treuhandanstalt was responsible for privatizing East Germany’s state-owned economy. Essentially, it became the world’s largest holding company. 🏢
(3) The program remains hugely controversial. Millions of people lost their jobs. Fierce protests ensued. Miners went on hunger strikes. The #Treuhandanstalt’s director was assassinated. Today, less than 10% of East Germans consider the transition successful.
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New @CAPolicyLab Report:

Me, @TillvonWachter, @alexbellecon & Geoff Schnorr take a deep dive into the recent #UI claims data to shed some light on what’s actually happening in CA’s labor market.…
Thread --> (1/13)
In late August, initial claims for PUA skyrocketed, while EDD expressed concerns of a surge in fraudulent PUA claims. There was also a slight increase in initial claims for regular UI.


Prior to this, CA saw 5 consecutive weeks of a decrease in new initial claims. (2)
Coinciding with this surge in initial PUA claims was a change in the demographic profile of PUA claimants- Recent claimants are more likely to be male, white, and self-employed than earlier PUA claimants - whether or not this is driven by fraudulent claims isn’t totally clear (3)
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Hi #EconTwitter, here is a brief RDD update.
We recently moved rdrobust and all related packages to Github:
Besides R and Stata packages, we provide replication files for all publications:
We also plan to collect questions, bugs and requests in the Github repository:…
The new command to install/update rdrobust in Stata is: 
net install rdrobust, from(…) replace
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1/ Did the Sturgis bike rally cause 266,796 new cases of COVID-19? Probably not. Lesson- Beware viral studies that confirm your pre-existing beliefs so satisfyingly. (Long) thread:… @FutureTenseNow @EricTopol @slate @govkristinoem @DearPandemic #Sturgis
2/ Like most people working on COVID-19, I am of the strong belief that mass gatherings during a pandemic are a bad idea. When this paper came out, the huge figures immediately hit the "I Told you So!" button in my & many people’s brains.…
3/ The first red flag is the huge number itself-it doesn't pass the sniff test.
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“Understanding Persistence” by Morgan Kelly re-examines the historical persistence literature in economics from a spatial statistics perspective. I think the results are MASSIVELY important for social science more broadly so here is a thread on the matter (1/13) #EconTwitter
Firstly, if you are doing any empirical analysis where the units of observations are distributed in space it is VITAL that you perform a series of spatial robustness exercises (2/13)
These robustness exercises include adding “World Bank Region” fixed effects in cross-county studies. Most studies use continent fixed effects despite there being vastly different within continent geographical attributes (compare Sub-Saharan and North Africa for example) (3/13)
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part deals with building a #StrongerFairerEconomy
The economy is not working for the American people.Only 1 party has a platform for the next 4 yrs/the other has a loyalty pledge to a malignant narcissist who threatens our democracy1/15
The economy is not working for the American people. In a matter of weeks, the abject failure of the Trump Admin to competently respond to the #COVID19 pandemic erased all the job gains made since the Obama/Biden Admin pulled the country out of the Great Recession 2/15
President Trump inherited the longest economic expansion in American history from the Obama-Biden Administration, and he squandered it. 3/15
#DemPartyPlatform #TrumpChaos #EconTwitter
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Thread zu diesem @handelsblatt Artikel von @MartinGreive und @DonataRiedel der von @ThomasSigmundHB gepuscht wurde und einiges an Wellen verursacht hat im deutschen #Econtwitter…
Also: zunaechst einmal gebe ich dem Handelsblatt Artikel Recht. Es gibt diese Lagerbildung unter vielen deutschen Oekonomen, man sieht das hier auf Twitter in dem, was ich die Netzwerke @SDullien / @MFratzscher versus @FuestClemens / @Lars_Feld genannt habe.
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Can someone explain to me how endowments work like I'm five?

How do schools have multi-million or billion dollar endowments and students are still on financial aid?

Where does the money actually go?

#edutwitter #econtwitter #soctwitter
Alright, some kind folx have already responded - so what I'm gathering atm is that super rich people donate to what they want and then no one can cut into the money because the rich people restrict what the money can be spent on...
I would love to know what percentage of endowments go towards funding students' education though.... like I'm seeing new buildings, but where is the $$$$??
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💥New WP: Hate Trumps Love💥
RQ: study behavioral-, belief- & norm-based mechanisms through which perceptions of closeness, altruism & cooperativeness are affected by political polarization under @realDonaldTrump

Findings: it’s grim

Short thread👇 Image

Rising political polarization is often linked to fractured societies rife with racial inequality, factional conflict & partisan animosity.

In the U.S., many issues yield a surprising partisan divide, think mask wearing (see also recent paper by @spbhanot & @dhopkins1776)

In multiple pre-registered *behavioral* experiments, I study the perceptional & behavioral consequences of polarization.

In particular, I examine the behavioral-, belief-, and norm-based mechanisms with which this political intergroup conflict materializes.
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📢New paper alert📢
"Defaulting on #Covid19 Debt: Domestic or Foreign?" my new paper coauthored with Kirill Shakhnov has been published in #CovidEconomics Vetted and Real Time Papers:
@cepr_org @voxeu
@cardiffbusiness @economicssurrey #EconTwitter
We start by observing that #CovidShock is special in two respects: is completely unexpected and causes GDP to fall and public expenditure to rise simultaneously and by large margins. The figure is based on IMF WEO June Update, axes are in percentage points:
We write a problem of a government unsure about productivity and expenditures and has debts to pay. Importantly, there are two debts: foreign and domestic. Taxes are distortionary and it can default on either obligation.
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🚨 updated paper on UI replacement rates 🚨

forthcoming in @JPubEcon

How did the $600 UI supplement affect UI replacement rates and what will alternative policies do?

w/@JoeVavra @pascaljnoel

Thread with 3 new results + 2 facts for policy today
Key reasons for update:
1) can use data on pre-job loss earnings of people unemployed during pandemic
2) zoom out to study changes in the labor market as a whole during the pandemic.
3) lots of feedback from #EconTwitter
This is the first time we have gotten significant feedback on our research from twitter. If you gave us feedback, thank you!

We spent as much time improving the draft to respond to q’s from twitter than from actual referees...
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This week’s #sundaybrief gathers policy lessons for and from India in #health #economy and #urbanplanning. 1/4
#EconTwitter @CafeEconomics compares the macroeconomic variables of India’s previous economic crises with the current shock. He argues that the #COVID-19 crisis is different, and calls for developing a new policy response. 2/4
What's adaptive control? Our fellows and collaborators @VaidehiTandel, @anup_malani,@BettencourtLuis, @satejsoman and @jonathangruber1 discuss a few lessons from India for tackling COVID-19 3/4

Read their article in @apoliticalco
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INDICATOR BONUS FOR #ECONTWITTER!!! We had a bit of extra time in our chat with Janet Yellen to ask about the Fed's strategic review and NGDPLT (Cardiff couldn't resist.) Slightly wonkier than the usual Indicator ep. We'll thread the transcript here [1/9]
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#EconTwitter Beamer + OBS: I created a beamer template that includes a webcam window. You create a frame as usual but use \begin{frameOBS} instead of \begin{frame}. The zipped file can be found here, @paulgp @lukestein @EmilyNix100
I should add that this is easy to edit, you just change which webcam window you want in the preamble and make sure the png file is in the folder. I'm then using just adding a red chroma key filter on the display capture scene.
If you want to see it in action you're welcome to invite me to give a seminar 😉 I'd be happy to speak with JMCs about using OBS. If you're not interested in my research then I'm sure @EmilyNix100 or @lukestein would be open to seminar invitations as well 😁
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Debilitating uncertainty effects of July lockdowns and monsoons leveled off recovery in first fortnight of August. Check out our latest edition of Macroeconomics of India Series with @tulsipriya_rk #macroIndiaupdate #EconTwitter
31 states have received normal or excess rainfall Image
Air quality index as on 14th August indicated further improvement in majority of cities compared to pre-COVID levels. @tulsipriya_rk Image
Healthy monsoons continued to boost Kharif sowing area and water reservoir levels in the fortnight gone by. Image
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RCTs for Policy in India, a new working paper by the Institute's senior associate Sneha P, discusses the ethical and methodological considerations when adopting randomised controlled trials for informing policy decisions in India. (1/5)… Image
In recent months, #EconTwitter has seen a resurgence of debate about RCTs in the global south, and this paper contributes to this discourse by situating the debate in the Indian context. (2/5)
The paper discusses RCTs for issues like corruption, livelihoods, PDS and conflict etc, and reviews concerns raised about experiments in India previously by Angus Deaton, Nancy Cartwright, Jean Drèze, Ankur Sarin, Devesh Kapur, @N_Kabeer, @bijurao and @sabya_economist etc. (3/5)
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Ein trauriger Tag fuer's deutsche #EconTwitter Die beiden Netzwerke sind wieder mal stark. Alle ueblichen Verdaechtigen des entsprechenden Netzwerks finden nichts an @FuestClemens 's HB Interview, die Gegenseite kritisiert es. Alles reflexhaft, alles fuer den eigenen Stamm.
Bin ich der einzige, der findet, dass man (i) die Wirtschaftspolitik der Linken kritisieren muss und (ii) gegeben, dass fuehrende SPD Politiker offen rrg wollen, auch fragen sollte, was davon auf die Wirtschaftspolitik einer Regierung @OlafScholz auswirken wuerde
--- beides wird von Linkstwitter bestritten --- und (iii) schon fragen kann, ob es einem Institutspraesidenten, der ja schon irgendwo politisch unabhaengigen Rat geben soll, ziemt, Koaltitionsfragen zu stellen bzw. de facto Forderungen dazu aufzustellen --- was wiederum
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@MiriamShuchman @nberpubs @WorldJSurg @BHedtGauthier 1/ Problem is not specific to #EconTwitter, pretty much applies to many social/technical sciences (#SocTwitter, #PoliSciTwitter, #AnthroTwitter, #BioStatsTwitter) where theoretical and technical contributions are prized
@MiriamShuchman @nberpubs @WorldJSurg @BHedtGauthier 2/ In #EconTwitter, not uncommon for RAs to spend years collecting data and writing hundreds of lines of #RStats code. In return, they get named in Acknowledgments and (hopefully) a rec letter for grad school. But not authorship.
@MiriamShuchman @nberpubs @WorldJSurg @BHedtGauthier 3/ If you didn't prove the lemma, create the new conceptual framework, or devise the new estimator, your contribution is not a "real" contribution (or at least the kind that is valued in the field)
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This is outrageous - an RCT cutting off water to tenants in Nairobi "slums" to see if it induces their landlords to pay the utility bill. And reading the paper just makes it worse.
One issue common for RCTs in poor countries-
no informed consent. To me this is always serious, but sometimes people justify w/ experiment "does no harm" & allows potentially nb benefits for targeted population. In this case? *Massive* harms & completely unclear benefits

*Landlord* arrears of as little as $25 for one month mean *tenants* face water cut-off. Authors say *9 months* after the disconnection, many/most (unclear, & number not given) were reconnected. As if this is not so bad? Poor families with no water, some for >9 months.
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This is a thread on the single greatest urban paddle in the world that many chicago ppl don’t even know exists but which you can do even if you don’t own a kayak.
I brought my kayak down to the Ogden Slip which is right behind the Target on Illinois ave but you can rent or take a tour from the folks at Urban Kayaks right on the river walk in that green building.
Anyway, you come around the corner from Ogden slip and you are on the chicago river in the heart of one of the greatest skyline views in existence
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#EconTwitter Online teaching: OBS users, what are your recording/streaming set-ups? I'm using a mix of recording (video = 30fps, 1280x720, CRF=20, ultrafast, mp4; audio = 320 bitrate, lagged 180ms for audio/video sync) and streaming (OBS to Zoom using NDI). Any Alternatives?
I also created some png masks, which means you can do zoom like this! I think this will work well for teaching as well as for online seminars! A solution to 16:9 @paulgp!
What's nice with the OBS-zoom link is that you can seamlessly switch between doc cam, slides, webcam, stata, and other windows in zoom! Step-by-step instructions with common troubleshooting here
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New @CAPolicyLab Report:
Me, @TillvonWachter, @alexbellecon & Geoff Schnorr break down the rise in "Initial" Unemployment Insurance Claims (and much more)
--> (thread)
The recent growth in Initial Claims has largely been driven by an increasing number of additional claims —claims which are reopened after a claimant’s temporary return to work.
The number of truly *new* initial claimants has been flat since May — but at historically high levels
These "additional" claimants, who are experiencing *another* layoff, are different than new initial claimants.

We show that relative to the group of new claimants, additional claimants are more likely to be women, younger workers, and in Food Services
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