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Let’s be clear: discussion of so-called discrimination without attention to contextual power dynamics & histories of oppression is meaningless & counter-productive.
Asking privileged folks to be aware of their privilege & to be responsible for their guests’ behavior in a space for marginalized people is not discrimination. It is asking folks to attend to & be accountable for power dynamics & histories of oppression that benefit them.
Further, someone being made to feel uncomfortable is not inherently discrimination. Accountability is uncomfortable. Being made aware of (let alone relinquishing some) of your privilege is uncomfortable. One’s feelings of discomfort are not facts/evidence of discrimination.
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Do unconventional academic careers exist?

Do I need to publish classical papers in order to get a permanent position in academia?

Over the past months I have been getting a lot of advice on how to build my career in academia. I rejected a lot of the advice I got. Partly because I did not want to hear it and partly because I did not believe in it.
By chance I stumbled upon this great talk my @mbeisen from @open_con 2015 (start at 1:03:00), which gives me hope:
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THREAD: Black students perceptions of police on campus (aka why you shouldn't call the police on a non-white student as a classroom management technique). I’m not an expert, just doing a little research. Feel free to weigh in! #AcademicChatter
1/ Policing on campuses (as opposed to unarmed security) started during— surprise surprise!— the campus uprisings (anti-Vietnam, Black Power) of the 60s and 70s.…
2/ Police departments on college campuses are becoming increasingly militarized, just like regular law enforcement…
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1. The only things that humans possess that are absent in the microbial world are humor, fantasy, and romantic love. A #SciComm thread with lots of metaphors. An easy to read, blog-style version of this thread is in the comments to this first tweet. #AcademicChatter
2. There are a number of things that we see as defining human, or at least animal, experience. Things like desire and evaluation, memory and society, communication and tools.
3. I am fascinated by how much complexity can be found in the microbial world. Read below to see how few things truly distinguish our lives from those of the smallest living things on Earth and what I think this means for us.
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I hope @niais doesn't mind me using this to branch of a discussion - but how many academics regularly suffer ability disabling overload?
Whether it is in the form of a panic attack, burn out, executive dysfunction or any other disproportionate response to over stimulation* this feels like a common phenomena

*let me know if that doesn't feel like a fair characterisation of your experience
How many hours are lost to excellent minds grinding gears? Is this inevitable in any academic situation, or is it something that varies with academic culture?

Is it something that we could change?
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THREAD: Hoping that #antiracist education is coming along ok. Glad some of you're reading or bookmarking antiracist threads for later. Keep it up. Being antiracist is a journey, something we do for life. More resources below. #medievaltwitter #academicracism #shakerace 1/19
There are many ways & things to do to be antiracist. This thread may balance out @erik_kaars thread of horror Today’s list of resources includes shorter readings that won’t take up loads of time. #medievaltwitter #academicchatter #shakerace 2/19
Everyone’s busy, so these shorter readings can supplement your antiracist education & work as you grow. These are also good resources for classes if you want secondary readings. You don’t have to read these all at once. These readings are for everyone. 3/19
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Really excited that my first first-author paper (with @AtomicVirology) has been submitted and is available as a preprint on BioRxiv! Check it out:…
#phdlife #AcademicChatter
I'll summarise the main findings in this thread (1/8)
@AtomicVirology The paper focuses on pUL7 and pUL51, conserved proteins from herpes simplex virus (HSV)-1 that form a complex required for efficient virus assembly. We used small-angle X-ray scattering with @svergungroup @embl Hamburg to characterise the complex in solution. (2/8)
@AtomicVirology @svergungroup @embl We used X-ray crystallography to solve the atomic-resolution structure of the core pUL7:pUL51 heterodimer. pUL7 forms a single, compact, globular domain that is bound to pUL51, which forms an extended helix-turn-helix, via an extensive hydrophobic interface. (3/8)
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Adventures in academic publishing... a thread about creating my master book proposal template #AcWri #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #ECRchat #postdoc
There are so many resources on writing academic book proposals, so I made a color coded spreadsheet with templates from sample presses and other resources (e.g. @katelyneknox @ProfessorIsIn @tanyaboza @chronicle) to create a master template.
Though different presses/individuals suggest various things, there are some definite trends:
1. Short overview of project (like an intro to a grant proposal)
2. Descriptive table of contents: list of proposed chapters with (sub)headings, and paragragh-length description of each
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THREAD: In case you are sitting in the back: NOT BEING RACIST DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE ANTIRACIST. HERE'S A HANDY READING LIST PRESENTED IN SHOUTY ALL CAPS FOR ALL YOU MATURE READERS. #medievaltwitter #shakerace #AcademicChatter #twitterstorians #iloveoldenglish
2/22 Start with this book by @DrIbram on how to be antiracist. It is a fantastic guide. If you read nothing else, read: 'How to be Anti-Racist':…
3/22 Racism and its relationship with capitalism is something we need to think more deeply about. Start here with: Race, Nation, Class by Etienne Balibar and Immanuel Wallerstein…
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I've given feedback on 3 grad school research statements so far this fall. I do this every year for folks in my fields, and every year, I see really similar patterns! Here are a few of them:
Good paragraphs but bad/no overall flow. I tend to think that an application is all about showing exactly why you're a great fit for a program. So every experience is a step in the story of "...and that brings us to right now, me perfectly set up to succeed in this program!"
When people aren't used to writing about their own work experience it often feels very disjointed, big blocks of paragraphs describing separate jobs and no helpful linkage. Make your points explicit: THIS set me up to be a scientist, THIS taught me THIS skill...!
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I am not a great writer. But I am okay. I was not a great scientist. But I was okay. Yet since leaving school, I’ve done science and/or writing for over 16 years! Here’s the terrifyingly small amount of wisdom I have to share.
#academicchatter #sciencewriting #copywriting
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1/ [Thread] I review a lot of manuscripts that are academically 'thin'. Often well-written if they were a long essay, they lack the depth of research you'd expect from a journal submission. In Gulf history, this has been made worse I think by the.. #AcademicChatter
2/ availability of digital archives such as the India Office Records. Don't get me wrong, this digitization is a wonderful thing, but some scholars are going to source documents and cherry picking information without taking the time to do secondary reading or substantive
3/ delving into documents. This leads to analytical problems, misleading conclusions, and jarring assertions of cause and effect. It seems obvious, but if you're going to write about history, or political science, or media, you must be familiar with the country-specific
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If you are moderating a focus group, please be aware of the introvert participants. Extroverts would dominate the discussion and... #phdchat #qualitativeresearch #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #epitwitter #meded /1
is your duty as the moderator to verbalize any nonverbal cue of the introverts to invite them to participate. Example: “Mike I noticed you smiling when Karen mentioned … What do you think about it?”. #phdchat #qualitativeresearch #AcademicChatter /2
“I noticed that you put a surprise face when … was mentioned. What are your thoughts?” Everyone should be involved in the discussion as early as possible. #phdchat #qualitativeresearch #AcademicChatter /3
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[Mental health thread] So important to raise awareness of suicide, especially for fellow sufferers of depression/anxiety. I want to give a special shout out to those doing a PhD. #WorldSuicidePreventionDay #AcademicChatter
One period during graduate school was the worst for me. A particularly dark few weeks and months pushed me to the edge. Being a man brought up with normative masculine values it was hard to confront the problem, but I did. At the time it's almost impossible to imagine getting
to the next day, let alone having a future. However, much of what I have done that I am proud of in life happened after that episode.I know it is easy to think 'no one can feel as bad as I feel', but they do. So keep hope, seek help, and overcome the stigma.
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For novice interviewers in #qualitativeresearch, remember that the richness of the interview would mostly depend on your skills. But you could start by adding the following type of questions to your repertory:

"Can you tell me...". #AcademicChatter #phdchat /1
"Can you give me an example?" "Could you say something more about..." " Can you give me more details on...". #AcademicChatter #phdchat #qualitativeresearch /2
"What did you actually do when ..." "How did your body react?". #AcademicChatter #phdchat #qualitativeresearch /3
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#PhD students trying to move out of #academia often struggle with what to put on their non-academic CVs. So here's a list of 6 sets of TRANSFERABLE SKILLS (THREAD)
#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #phdchat #JobSearch
Here's a link to the full article this thread is based on:…
1.Communication - You are extensively trained in oral presentation & writing. Data visualisation and condensing information with all the details is a valued skill set! And also at listening & improving based on feedback.
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A student in the audience told another student who told me what he said, "my experiments never work out like that. I don't feel like I belong in science" after hearing my talk. This was shocking and devastating to me and really made me think. (1/4)
When I give talks, I often try to tell a logical story, which means I don't discuss all the failed experiments and disproven hypotheses before reaching the ultimate finding. It's organized in such a rational way that has nothing to do with how we got there. (2/4)
However, I realize now that this may be inadvertently misleading and hurting students who get the impression that everything worked out the way I present it. That we somehow knew exactly what to do and how to do them. Nothing could be further from the truth. (3/4)
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Our lab’s inaugural manuscript is out (PMID: 31424293)!!! First #tweetorial (1/n) #chemtwitter #radonc #academicchatter #newPI #sciencetwitter #livercancer
We have been exploring molecules that can specifically bind to liver cancer to improve upon existing modalities for diagnosis and surveillance. 2/n
So, why liver cancer? About 800,000 people are diagnosed with liver cancer worldwide, with as many people dying from the disease annually. In the U.S., incidence and mortality appear to be increasing. 3/n
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Being a modern-day academic feels like being a stockbroker at times. I was browsing a journal rankings website (SJR): it has all the info and visuals you need to make a good 'investment' (aka journal submission) in our metrics obsessed miasma of stupidity #AcademicChatter
Cos it's really important to know the difference between 1st and 6th place for any given journal in a given year. THAT ALMOST CERTAINLY REFLECTS THE QUALITY OF YOUR SCHOLARSHIP AND THOSE OF OTHERS.
Also which sadist came up with this section, 'cited versus uncited documents'?? This is the journal equivalent to the 'gallery of shame'. How dare you tarnish their good name & soil our H Index. AND YE WHO IS NOT CITED SHALL BE CAST OUT OF THE ACADEMY AND SMITED. #SmiteTheUncited
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Hi, #AcademicTwitter! I just finished reading "How to Write a Lot" by Paul J. Silvia, PhD, and found it had a lot of tips that might be handy to others in the academic Twitterverse. So here you go: WRITING TIPS, A THREAD
@AcademicChatter @GradWriteSlack #AcademicChatter #phdchat
1. Set aside a specific time to write. Try starting with 4 hours a week of writing time - you'll be amazed at how much you get done!
2. Writing is not just the typing of words - Silvia says “any action that is instrumental in completing a writing project counts as writing”, so get your journal-reading or number-crunching done in that time you’ve set aside for writing.
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My friend, the brilliant & talented @CNortonDane is a GENUWINE project manager (like she is a certified proj manager, which is super cool!). In advance of a training she did for @CU_Nursing postdocs in Jan, we did a consult on applying PM to an academic context. /1
We talked through my list of projects (which she calls a "backlog") & some strategies for organizing, prioritizing, and taking control of them--to get things done! I had/have so many projects it can feel paralyzing at times, and can feel hard to make true progress on any. /2
After my consult with her, I slept better than I had in a while (as per my apple watch) and I felt like things were more manageable. In the ensuing months, I submitted (and resubmitted) my K and submitted 5 first-authored pubs (and multiple other pubs). /3 #AcademicTwitter
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I use interviews as an educational opportunity—for me and a future #UndergradInTheLab. I start each interview by saying, “You’re already qualified for this position-- after all you’re in college.” Then I focus on learning about them.

@NewPI_Slack My interview goals are to determine

1) If the student is genuinely interested in the available research project

2) If they will likely achieve their goals through the overall experience

#ScienceTwitter #AcademicTwitter
@NewPI_Slack Determining these, however, can be complicated. Often, students don’t have a well-defined goal beyond landing an undergrad research position. Or sometimes they have unrealistic expectations of what research will be like & what they’ll accomplish in a semester.

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THREAD: I’m a scientist and I gained 1K TWITTER FOLLOWERS in FIVE WEEKS. Here’s how I did it. #medtwitter #epitwitter #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdchat
1. I changed my mindset about Twitter. When I first started my account, I thought of it as a personal platform where people yell at each other (true). But it’s more than that. It’s a PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING tool. Use it to find your tribe. I’m looking at you #epitwitter.
2. I made my profile searchable and memorable. Does your bio describe you or does it sound like a canned bio on your employer’s website (or worse: a dating site)? Describe your profession. Add some dimension like #vegetarian #endocrinologist. Give people a reason to follow you.
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Some summer tips for young academics!
1) Start writing a paper by preparing the figures preferably in their final format!
#AcademicTwitter #phdchat
2) Use VERY big fonts in your figures (for axes labels, captions, etc). That often allows you to make your figures much smaller and still preserve their readability. Making your lines thicker could help too!

3) Reduce the number of figures. Multi-panel figures with are usually much more efficient and enable you to meet the space requirements of letter journals. We usually limit the number of our figures to 3-4 for letters and 6-10 for full-length articles. #AcademicTwitter
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