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Oh look, it's Elon Musk in 2017 striking deal with Epstein's close pal...Dubai businessman Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem—when Musk was totally not having well-documented meetings and dinners with Epstein or anything...… Image
Sulayem is also in the shipping container business, sth the Epstein circle has long taken a great interest in ImageImageImage
You may also remember Sulayem as the 'unaware' (yeah right) Middle Eastern businessman Epstein used to disguise his purchase of Great St. James Cay from the original owner in 2016—as the original owner (understandably) didn't want to sell to Epstein.…
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What's even more wild is how this Peter Thiel limited hangout spends a few minutes every month or so bringing up the most widely reported Epstein 'news' vs. several hours a month discussing 'life philosophy' with #epsteinassociates like Musk, Pinker, Gladwell, Perry Lang, etc
Magical how Rogan's podcast just 'exploded' around 2016...and that he was rewarded with a $100 million contract with Spotify.

(Just a big ol' coincidence that Spotify's funding came from Thiel's Founder's Fund, and that Sean Parker, also FB/Founders Fund, sat on Spotify's BoD) ImageImageImage
More magic (mushrooms). When Rogan isn't busy pitching TSLA's and SpaceX, he's hard at work turning his audience on to the 'life changing' benefits of psychedelics ImageImage
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This #EpsteinAssociate is as a licensed CPA and works for Jeffrey Epstein's company in the Virgin Islands, Financial Trust. Her current CPA biz still uses his VI address.

In the black book and listed as VP of Financial Trust

Jeanne Brennan Wiebracht… ImageImageImage
She and her family are part of a few current businesses operating in the Virgin Islands/New Jersey. The CPA one "Accounting Strategies Group" "See and Ski Powerboat Rentals," and "Maritime Yacht Sales"… ImageImageImage
Her husband Mathias originally from Germany, started See and Ski's in 1983.

Aside from Jeanne's accounting biz, See's also list its location on American Yacht Harbor which is co-owned by Epstein and Andrew Farkas.

Thread on him here.

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#EpsteinAssociates and brothers, Jonathan Barrett and Anthony Barrett are both involved in the real estate dealings surrounding not only Jeffrey Epstein but Leslie Wexner. They feature in the 301 E 66th section of the black book.… ImageImageImage
Jonathan was asset manager of J. Epstein & Co (later renamed Financial trust co) from 1992-1996. During that same period he was listed as VP/CFO of Ossa Properties, a real estate firm with ties to Leslie Wexner/Jeffrey Epstein and his brother Mark Epstein. ImageImage
Ossa was an affiliate of J. Epstein and Co. which was the vehicle that was used to handle Wexner's money.

Wexner sold the 301 building to Mark Epstein after a tip from his brother...

It also used Epstein's 457 madison address on filings ImageImageImage
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Grapevine Salon is circled in the black book in Epstein's Virgin Islands section.

Who are these people? #EpsteinAssociates Image
Not clear if this is the same Grapevine Salon, but honestly how many GS can there be in St. John VI?… Image
Karen and Lynn Gray from originally from Utah now residing in Sierra Vista, AZ. Both massage therapists ImageImage
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Another short #EpsteinAssociates thread.

This person worked as a personal assistant and/or secretary for Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jennifer Doyle. Image
As you can see, Jen Doyle is scribbled down there listed under "assistants" for the 457 address, with crossed out Michelle Campos there.

She might've also worked for Ghislaine in the 116 65th street address, but that one is not clear. ImageImage
Michelle Campos above is interesting as well for being crossed out because in the black book she is circled (showing importance) with the words that appear to say "Fired Secretary" so the line out might be because of that.

Thread on her here.

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This #EpsteinAssociate worked for Jeffrey Epstein starting as far back as 1998. Doing legal work for his J. Epstein & Co (which later became Financial Trust Co/moved operations to VI) That Co. handled the assets of his wealthy clients such as Les Wexner.

Lauren Kwintner Garber
She was part of the legal paperwork on Ghislaine Corp filling of dissolution in 1998.

Another associate Amanda Ellison on the filling of that.

Thread on her and her husband Ralph here
She was mentioned in the Epstein testimonial section created by his lawyers.

So she at least worked for him up until 2005.
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Darren Indyke who I still have no idea if he actually gave his deposition in the Virgin Islands case that was supposed to have happened on June 22nd...
Some movement on the VI case docket but mostly just about the appointment of Rosalie Ballentine as Master.

Still no signs of the Indyke deposition....
Subpoenas a flying.

Still no Indyke deposition. Hmm. 🤔
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This former MMA fighter was Jeffrey Epstein's bodyguard for 5-6 years, traveling all over the world with him. He acted as his personal driver to him and his friends, including during when Epstein was serving his cushy 13 month jail sentence.

Igor Zinoviev

Igor was a former commando in the Soviet army, later joining the municipal police force, where they he would do things such as protect airports from terrorist attacks and bust illegal immigration rings. He eventually found his way into the fighting world.
One of the most famous knockouts in the early days of UFC featured him getting absolutely wrecked by Frank Shamrock, who knocked him out cold with a powerful slam to the mat. His career never really recovered after this.

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These two motherFarkas were both close to Jeffrey Epstein both personally and professionally. Heirs of the department store, Alexander's, and its founder George Farkas, Andrew and his Uncle Jonathan Farkas. They are both in his black book.

#EpsteinAssociates ImageImage
Starting with Jonathan. He had been close friends with Jeffrey Epstein for decades. Supposedly meeting him first in 1976.

A Broadway producer, he has has numerous Tony award nominated plays to his credit. ImageImageImageImage
In 2010 he attended a breakfast set up by disgraced publicists Peggy Siegal, where he was quoted when asked about Epstein's crimes, "This side I've been reading about is a side I don't know."

He visited the dead pedophile while he was serving his "time" in Florida back in 2008. ImageImageImageImage
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More #EpsteinAssociates

Cheri Krape Lynch and her sister Nicole Krape Hesse both worked for Jeffrey Epstein. ImageImage
Nicole currently works as a hospitality professional in West Palm Beach.

Cheri is a massage therapist in Jupiter, Florida ImageImage
They are listed under "staff" for the Palm beach house. A note says that they are well versed in supervising and shopping for PB, when necessary. Image
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Andrea Stowell as she's now known, still follows Sarah Kellen's twitter account. She also has other #EpsteinAssociates comment/like her posts on FB.… Image
She's worked for some major organizations since her time with Epstein including the Clinton Foundation, World Bank, and as a consultant for RTI/Sanitation Technology Platform, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation initiative. ImageImage
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A few people have alluded to this very odd double homicide that occurred earlier this year and how it ties to Jeffrey Epstein. I want to put it out there now mainly because of the bizarre attempted firing of Berman, the main jurisdiction (SDNY) investigating #EpsteinAssociates.
Meet Jorge and George Maertens. They appeared in court released documents in relation to Jeffrey Epstein. They had star next to their names+numbers, meaning the authorities thought they were relevant to speak to. Image
Did the Maertens work for Jeffrey Epstein in some capacity? It seems rather obvious that they did, otherwise they wouldn't be included on this list from court released documents regarding Epstein.…
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These two #EpsteinAssociates Maren Calloway and husband Lance Calloway, from New Jersey, worked for Jeffrey Epstein on his rape Island, Little St. James.
From 2006 to 2009 Lance worked there, possibly as a Chef. His time on Epstein's island is strangely missing from his Linkedin... 🙄…
He stopped working on the island in February 2009. You can see the shipment of his personal belongings from the island back to West Palm Beach in January 2009. He now works as a COP specialist for Sysco, a company that distributes food supplies and the like to restaurants.
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Ha! I swear I was working on an #EpsteinAssociates thread on both Shulyak and Kalin the other day but held off, now this story comes out chalk full of some very interesting details.…
30 year old Karyna Shulyak from Belarus, who insist that she was one of his "serious girlfriends," was allegedly the last person who spoke to Jeffrey Epstein on the phone the night before he died.

She has refused to cooperate with the investigation.
She and Kalin were both spotted outside of his NYC apartment back in 2016. The same set of photos that later identified Ehud Barak and his sad attempt of concealing his face.

Kalin on the last pic with fellow Epstein girl, former MC2 model Svetlana Pozhidaeva in 2014.
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These two #EpsteinAssociates were caretakers of Jeffrey Epstein's Little St. James island from 1999 to 2007. Miles and Cathy Alexander.…
DailyMail has a good in depth story on them. So let's break down some of it.…
According to them, Cathy became disturbed by the various nude girls including obvious underage ones on the island to the point where they stopped working for him in 2007. Took 8 years and an arrest warrant to come to that conclusion apparently...

"I made myself switch off"
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It's past time that both parties come to an agreement:

Anyone with past business or social ties to Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell must not hold any federal public office.

They've already cast their judgement as flawed.

Let those who haven't lead.…
For every individual qualified to hold an office of public trust who has been besmirched by affiliation with Epstein, there are undoubtedly dozens of others who are equally qualified - without having shown their judgement to be tainted.
Now, I'm not talking about accepting simple campaign contributions here, which are often made and processed by lowly campaign staffers.

I'm talking about candidates who have visited one of Epstein's homes, or willingly engaged on multiple occasions (or a single time after 2006).
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Doing a thread on the updated court papers from the Jennifer Araoz lawsuit talked about here.…

link to the document…
Araoz, who like other victims, was having financial troubles, was recruited by one of Epstein's associates when she was only 14.

Lots of blame to go around, but the main one she points to is his 'second in command' Ghislaine Maxwell, who basically told the employees what to do.
Lesley Groff
Cimberly Espinosa
Rosalyn Fontanilla
Jane Doe 1 (recruiter)
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Check out version 14 of the Epstein Network Map; The Victims, Recruiters, Hollywood & Entertainment, Florida, Models & Fashion, Politicians, Royalty, Science, Financial, Hotel & Real Estate and so much more. #EpsteinUnsealed #EpsteinFiles #EpsteinBlackBook…
The Hollywood & Entertainment connections 👇 A lot of great info and blinds provided by @entylawyer ! #EpsteinUnsealed #EpsteinFiles #EpsteinBlackBook #Pedowood #Geffen #KevinSpacey #BryanSinger #TheSimpsons #JoshLucas
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Short #EpsteinAssociate thread on Louella Rabuyo, who was a housekeeper for Epstein at his Palm beach residence.

She is one of the many people whom Epstein paid for their lawyers during the initial 2005 investigation.
Her deposition is quite short. They mainly asked her about the day of the police raid in 05 and what she saw, time she arrived/left etc. She did however confirm like many others have (and the police video has) all said about the nude pictures of girls in his closet.
On her Linkedin she is listed as employed by Neptune LLC. If that looks familiar, it's because it was in this DailyBeast story about Epstein donations to former New Mexico AG and Governor, Gary King.…
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A little credit would've been nice @DailyMail but oh well, just glad that Jojo and Lynn are more well known to the world. 😎…
Hey @chrisonchris search #EpsteinAssociate and #EpsteinAssociates under my name and you'll find a bunch more :)
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Fucking Twitter put me in Twitmo for accurately exposing these lowlife #EpsteinAssociates because some family member complained. Not gonna stop me.
Lets see who all the members of Ghislaine's Terramar project board were shall we?

Larry Coben, who's in the black book and in recent interviews has the gall to say that he doesn't recall being on the board.
Ariadne Calvo-Platero, a very close friend of Ghislaine also in the black book. Her parents as well.
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Lynn and Jojo were Epsetin's house managers and would also drive the girls to their destinations.
They also appear a few times in the flight logs.
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