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Borse europee, avvio in cauto rialzo:


#Spread Btp/Bund a 191 pb (dati MF)
#Gas a 124€/megawattora al TTF di Amsterdam
#Petrolio in lieve rialzo, Wti verso i 110$
#Bitcoin sui 20.000$
#UPDATE - Borse europee deboli a metà mattinata:


#Spread Btp/Bund a 192 pb (dati MF), a Piazza Affari bene il comparto bancario (Banco Bpm +3%, Intesa Sp +2,6%)
#Petrolio in leggero calo, Wti a 109$
#Bitcoin in recupero verso i 21.000$
#UPDATE - Borse europee in rialzo a metà giornata:


#Spread Btp/Bund in calo a 189 pb (dati MF)
Piazza Affari: bene le banche (#BancoBpm +3,2%, #UniCredit +2,9%)
#Petrolio in leggero calo, Wti a 109$
#Bitcoin in recupero: 20.844$ (+3,7%)
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15 takeaways from .@APompliano’s discussion with .@RaoulGMI that will make an immediate impact

= THREAD 🧵 =
Pre-2017 was #Bitcoin’s first season. It went from completely unknown to the first steps of mainstream adoption.

2017 was the beginning of season 2, which was a continuation of season 1, just on steroids.

2020 was the beginning of season 3, which is where we’re still at…
Season 3 brought in new players. Guys like Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, and Stanley Druckenmiller say they have #BTC in their portfolio

BTC’s holder base is changing. Historically they weren’t macro traders and just focused on DCA.

Now, #Bitcoin is very correlated to #NASDAQ
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À travers ce #thread, je vais vous raconter mon expérience perso, comment ces sectes de merde sont prêtes à tout pour que vous rentriez dans leurs pyramides de Ponzi, parce que oui, il s’agit bien d’un Ponzi !🧵

RT appréciés pour sensibiliser au max !
Tout commence mi-janvier, je reçois un message d’un mec sur Instagram me posant une question sur mes œuvres #NFT, jusqu’ici rien d’anormal, c’est une question que je reçois souvent ! Je lui réponds donc dans un message …
Deux mois après, notre ami revient comme une fleur dans mes mp, me demandant mes nouvelles comme si on était potes ! Déjà là, je commence à sentir qu’il attend quelque chose de moi 🤔 Puis il commence à me parler de la seule chose que nous avons en commun : l’investissement !
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In risposta alle sanzioni globali da parte degli #USA contro la #Russia, il portavoce Ministero Esteri, #ZhaoLijian, ha indicato che gli #USA sono l’unico “impero delle sanzioni” che utilizza questo strumento per mantenere la propria egemonia e difendere i propri interessi.
L'escalation delle sanzioni non aiuterà ad alleviare la situazione,ma creerà nuovi problemi nel mondo alle prese con la pandemia.
Il prezzo energia in #Europa è recentemente salito a livelli record e i residenti hanno iniziato a pagare prezzi più alti per le necessità quotidiane.
Quelli che soffrono ancor più degli altri sono Paesi in via di #sviluppo con basi economiche deboli. Il loro sviluppo economico e la stabilità sociale sono stati gravemente minacciati, rischiando turbolenze politiche.
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Economics 101 for you, your family, aunts and uncles:

A thread explaining why we need to reconsider how we deal with our finances in the current circumstances.

A thread 🧵👇
Situation: You owe money to X individuals currently.

You need to pay this back.

It is set at a variable rate, which means it can change over time.

If this is you, then keep reading.
Some basic concepts to establish first.

Central banks of every nation set the base rate.

Commercial banks that me and you borrow from, set their interest rate from the "base" interest rate.
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TOP 6 Must Read Books on Stockmarkets.

A Thread 🧵 :
1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

This is a classic book on investing, originally published in 1949. It's about value investing. A Warren Buffett favorite.

#investing #StockMarket
2. One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch

This book teaches you how to use what you already know to make money in Stock Market.

#investing #StockMarket
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Potential Insurance Industry Bust Over Excess Pandemic Deaths Part 2 - A mindblower for red-pill-hesitant plebes as former Blackrock portfolio manager & hedge fund maverick calls out the next big short - by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet #AdverseReactions… Image
#Disabilities #ExcessDeaths #AdverseReactions #InsuranceIndustry #LifeInsurance ‘Mass disability event’ warning as huge numbers diagnosed with long Covid…
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I have been in crypto since 2018 and I will list what's wrong with #crypto in #macro sense and how to fix them in this thread to start a decent, honest conversation. I wish to offend none. Here I go!
#1 Crypto is a hedge against #wallstreet #china - false. If #FED or #Xi tinkers with their toys, #crypto hurts bad! Crypto is massively dependent on #Hedgefunds and Wall Street & Chinese actions. So this is a fail for crypto's primary object -- freedom!
#2 BTC is controlled by big money and $USDT - as long as BTC maxis are in charge and $USDT is the safe refuge, crypto is broken! Crypto fails the second objective -- decentralization from monopolistic actions.
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#WallStreet split on #China’s recovery after the bubble burst - Thread

However, according to a report by #Bloomberg, the recent policies of the Chinese Government has caused a divergence between #China and other financial markets of the world.
As China is witnessing a major economic slump in 2021, major wall street giants such as JP Morgan are predicting a bull run in Chinese Stock Markets.
However, according to a report by Bloomberg, the recent policies of the Chinese Government has caused a divergence between China and other financial markets of the world.
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1/ It wasn't a conspiracy theory, it was a #CrimeAgainstHumanity...and it came from Florida. 🧵

The GOP started lying about COVID when Trump called it a "hoax". THAT lie has cost hundreds of thousands of American🇺🇲 lives. It also made them and their friends billions $$.

2/ Trump said it was a hoax on Feb 27, 2020. Community transmission was being confirmed in multiple cities in the US. Around the world, case numbers were increasing exponentially everywhere one was found, and economic disruptions began roiling global financial markets.

3/ Four Republican Senators on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee who knew how bad the virus was, sold their stocks ahead of a market collapse which saw equity valuations plunge up to 40% worldwide in a matter of weeks.

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Time for a 🧵 on two charts (at the end) that seem to tell an interesting #Bitcoin story.

For several yrs @CaitlinLong_ has openly discussed the potential negative impact of #rehypothecation of #bitcoin by banks, wall street, hedge funds & the broader #tradfi community.
@saylor has discussed and shown the need for sound money and the value that having a savings mechanism brings to the system.

@JeffBooth has shed light on the fact that #deflation isn’t such a bad thing when #technology is actually making our lives better and costs cheaper.
@saifedean taught the 🌏 the importance of time, effort, and energy & the value that living by the #Bitcoin Standard can bring to individuals and countries across the globe.

@FossGregfoss has done a phenomenal job helping to #educate on the benefits of owning #volatile #assets.
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Zero. Read text ⬇️ Revolution Populi: the leftist view (thoughts from Russian prison). $RVP
Only one NFT for sell… через @mintbase
@SeanCarrPhoto @SherZindaHai @exmalarky @BladesOfSins

RVP/ETH donate:
0x18cf2B3BD2E2107b64622f03B8696558F38b2722 Image
1. I first heard about @Rev_Populi already being in prison. I got a certain ideas of political economic meaning of Revolution Populi. In context of dark post-Deleuzian philosophy I am trying to outline my views now.
2. Fiat Economic Systems with markets of cryptocurrencies can be clearly explained by conceptions, which Iranian philosopher @NegarestaniReza uses for description of confrontation (and undercover complicity) of Global Capitalism with Islamic Fundamentalism #Cyclonopedia
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@ABABankers and @BankersPrez Rob Nichols are back at it: funding the #SeditionCaucus who sought to overturn the results of the 2020 election AFTER a violent assault on the U.S. Capitol. 🧵1/3

Hat tip: @AndyKroll @accountable_us
Context: ABA @ABABankers was the top corporate PAC donating to the #SeditionCaucus 2/3…
How #WallStreet supports racist, anti-democratic politics 3/END…
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Politico's @vtg2 has a brilliant scoop that underscores why we need Saule Omarova as head of the OCC 🧵 1/7…
Here we learn that the last Trump OCC boss, @BrianBrooksUS gave a secret legal imprimatur to allowing banks to hold cryptocurrency -- a wild-west asset if there ever was one -- under certain circumstances. 2/7
On on level, it's garden-variety Trump-era corruption. Brooks was chief legal officer @coinbase before becoming Acting Comptroller, and after he left, he was CEO of @binance for 3 months (Why the short tenure?) 3/7
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Biden nominated the brilliant immigrant Saule Omarova to oversee big banks. Opposition is a disgraceful mix:

➡️ Repub Red-baiting
➡️ #WallStreet scaremongering
➡️ Racism and sexism
➡️ Stupidity

Her real sin to them is speaking truth to Wall Street’s power

Here’s a 🧵 1/16 Image
Omarova was born in Kazakhstan and emigrated to the US as Communism collapsed. Smart as they come, she went from a small town in central Asia to an American PhD, law degree, banking law firm of @DavisPolkReg, Bush Treasury and academia. Wow. 2/16
A senior Republican and bank lobbyists slimed her with McCarthy-style tactics.

@SenToomey, the top R on the Senate Banking Committee demanded her undergraduate thesis from a Moscow university

@PatrickMcHenry, top R on House Financial Services Committee, joined in too

3/16 Image
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Today marks 2 yrs since I quit my job in investment banking at Wells Fargo where I was up for promotion to join a pre series A startup in enterprise sales. Some said this was a huge career risk.

I thought I’d share 11 observations on my learnings #startup #WallStreet
1) soft skills learned in IB are far more valuable than the technicals. IB teaches you how to execute and work tactically across teams which is invaluable working in an unstructured environment of a startup. There is zero handholding in startups. #autonomy
2) In banking you are used to thinking about companies selling for 9-15x EBITDA. At SaaS startups you are building a company that could sell for 20-50x TOP LINE REVENUE. This is a game changer. #ToTheMoon #equity
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Okay... Let's talk about the decade in which I was born... [THREAD]
Now, you may well claim right from the get-go that I'm not properly qualified to talk about the 1980s in great detail, since I only lived through a little over 18 months of it in person, and much of my experience of it was second-hand at best.
Naturally, I'm not going to claim to be an unqualified expert on the decade - I'm not a professional historian (cultural, political or otherwise), and while I can claim to be the last generation to remember the #Berlin Wall, I don't exactly remember where I was when it came down.
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"Dimon’s statements disavowing responsibility show that #WallStreet firms will continue to funnel US money into Chinese companies regardless of the risks, collecting their fees with glee…"

Thread [Paragraphs worth pasting in full, 1/3] 🔥 by @joshrogin.…
[2/3] "Gensler’s response, in which he promised to push for more disclosure from Chinese companies, shows that the #SEC still doesn’t understand that #XiJinping has no intention of allowing that to happen.

The #CCP’s recent actions show clearly that the risks of investing…"
[3/3] "…in Chinese companies that have no real accountability & transparency are growing quickly—and steps to protect US capital markets must be hastened… #WallStreet firms & regulators who ignore this now are failing in their responsibility to protect the American people."
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(1\49) A Personal Memoir Perspective on my path and what I see for #Blockchain & #Crypto for the People?

I grew up in a cult religion. First exposure to mind-control & understanding of how profound belief structures were, due to the intensity of such an environment. $EGLD $CEL
(2\49) Upon reflection, while the magnitude was different much of the belief structures of the world were equally as harmful & deceiving. They could create a social construct that to everyone inside it felt like the most ideal way to live. They could make everyone stop
(3\49) questioning things. None of this felt right to me though. Even at a young age I had a skeptical mind, in part because my body was already sick and I hadn’t been on this earth very long, more on this in a future date but just understand the medical industry is full of
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1/ While we await @coinbase's listing, #InvestmentBanks are having record earnings. 10x the revenues of Coinbase in Q1. By that metric, given Coinbase is expected to hit 100B, all the #banks have to do is setup #cryptoexchange & volia! Trillion $ Banks:)…
2/Lets take @GoldmanSachs first: GS stomping expectations on both its top & bottom lines: $18/share: 510% gain TYoY. Revenues of $17.7B, a 102% YoY & +51% sequentially, leaving in dust the $11.97B estimate

@psb_dc @amitTwitr @thepsironi @cgledhill @ronitA380 @charlesdhaussy
3/@jpmorgan has close to half Trillion $ valuation: Adjusted EPS: $4.50 vs. $3.05 est. Revenue: $32.3 billion vs. $30.4B est. Q1, earned $14.3 billion in net income, up $11.4B YoY. That is 30x coinbase revenues. Markets? Revenue hit $9.1B, up 25%!!
Shine Bright Like a Di(a)mon!!
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1/ #Coinbase $COIN- The Big Cryptocurrency Revolution,
The world watches as the largest #cryptocurrency exchange is now set to go public on NASDAQ through #directlisting. With 56M users, the platform is bigger than its traditional counterparts (#Robinhood, #Venmo , etc).
2/ Opening New Doors for Investors
The day will be marked as a historical event in the books of #WallStreet as it bridges the gap between legacy investors and the #cryptomarket.
The quarterly results have already shown a surge of 847% i.e. $1.8B revenue
3/ Why is now the right time to go public?
This move takes advantage of the current market conditions.

The last two quarters have seen investments of $7B in #Bitcoin. Major companies like $TSLA and @elonmusk have also shown keen interest in Bitcoin & Crypto
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Mega hilo de celebración de 1000 seguidores:

Aquí va un "resumen" de la estrategia de investigación e inversión que me dio resultados top en Coinbase en 2020

También explico cómo la pienso aplicar a medio y largo plazo en 2021.

Menciono proyectos muy atractivos para 2021
A principios de 2020, tras varias malas experiencias con diferentes exchanges operaba casi exclusivamente con @Coinbase, que es el Exchange entry-level para la mayoría de personas nuevas en el mundo crypto.
Observé que los proyectos listados generalmente experimentaban un aumento inmediato de valor y también funcionaban bien a medio y largo plazo ya que Coinbase normalmente solo respalda activos que cumplen con sus estándares técnicos, regulaciones y pagan una tasa astronómica.
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(1/8) Aquí tenéis las empresas que creo que lo puede hacer /seguir haciendo bien durante las próximas semanas 👇

#WallStreet #wallstreetbets #StocksToWatch #StocksToBuy #Bolsa
(2/8) $FUV: Rotura de la tendencial bajista con punto de resistencia clara en los 21$-22$ (antigua resistencia) de superarla podríamos ir a tocar los 25$. Sigue siendo una empresa que me gusta a título personal y que tiene un potencial de crecimiento increíble.
(3/8) $RSI ya la comenté en el análisis que hice de su ER. Tiene un técnico bastante similar al de $FUV donde tras la presentación de resultados rompió la bajista y en este caso vemos como hay una resistencia en los 20$ que de romperla la próxima parada estaría entorno a los 22$.
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