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1. News: President Trump’s Independence Day Speech Was Not ‘Dark’ Or ‘Divisive,’ IT WAS AMERICAN!

He didn't launch this CULTURE WAR - Left-leaning Press, Political Foes, Marxist-Believing Activists & Corp & Educational Institutions did. ~Threads 6.6.20…
2. News: Catholic Schools, Cut The ‘White Privilege’ Lectures And Teach About Marxism’s Evils… #SaveTheChildren
3. News: President Trump’s Mount Rushmore Speech Has Already Saved Statues… #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump #PATRIOTS
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•What is your TV?
•What do you tune into?
CHANNELS: CONCAST, MSNBC, ESPN, Disney, Fox, Stern, Rogan
•What do you consume?
Your favorite PROGRAMMING: Hollywood, Netflix, Radio, Sports
2. The PSYOP of MindWar
The Psychology of Victory
-Colonel Paul E. Valley, Comnander
Headquarters, 7th Psychological Operations Group United States Army Reserve
Presidio of San Francisco, California
-with Michael A. Aquino
Lt. Colonel, Military Intelligence, USAR-Ret
Michael A Acquino is the Founder of the Temple of Set, an Occult initiatory order founded in 1975. A new religious movement and Western esotericism,
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Back in 2012 Trump said we had to help the missing children.
•I always wondered this? They can track and find everything, but we had 800,000 missing children last year in the US alone?
I had to look at this a few times. Interesting depth chart.
Pizzagate! The FBI papers have lots of info listed on this!
Oh and #Epsteindidnotkillhimself
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.@JesseBWatters exclusive: Jeffrey Epstein victim speaks about her attack.
She went to the police station and file a report. They asked her to come back so she did and nothing ever happened.
She filed the report all the way back in 1997. So it’s not like the police never knew anything about Jeffrey Epstein. #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself.
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02/14/2020 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
It's been 2 years since Parkland and Trump sends a comm about it. He fixes the word Piece ->Pierce

The change of course being he adds an "r" So, what does adding an "r" mean?
In past comms adding an r often meant flipping a republican from the cabbal. And this is the case here as well - as you can see the very next tweet after the fix is Trump thanking the famously republican Arnold.
So, he's just flipped.
He's a pretty big flip - and the context of Parkland perhaps implies his stardom may come in handy in helping bring some horrible truths to light (like MKUltra) <- Note past Arnold sending comms for the Clintons.
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1. Why do I now think that #KobeDidntKillHimself:

Today, @mcuban hid this tweet below and I was trolled by a Gov't bot, possibly GCHQ, telling me I should k*ll myself.

#CFACoverup #CryptocurrencyChallenge

@mcuban 2. No blackbox was recovered, so this is akin to #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself as surveillance footage was missing as well.

They also are blaming this on the fog but this should not be an issue for a highly experienced pilot.


@mcuban 3. Attacked for asking questions?

“He was as skilled and as talented as a pilot as you could get. With him, it was always safety first and above and beyond that, he was doing what he loved,” says Adam Alexander, who called Zobayan a former instructor.…
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01/25/2020 Bill Clinton's FCC Chair Admits Creating a Tech Monopoly Was the Plan All Along
"led the FCC 1993 to 1997"…

Bill Clinton was ushered into office in part thru Chinese military support, that is an objective fact…

1993- Epstein created a sex ranch in America to grease political wheels.… <- very detailed dig. This is before he bought "Epstein island" in 1998

Everything is connected
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Just my thoughts
Hillary Clinton is the boss of the largest crime syndicate in the United States
Obama is a jihadist who tried to destroy America
Ilham Omar is a terrorist along with the rest of the squad
Nancy pelosi has Parkinson's and Alzheimer's is an alcoholic
Who has no clue what's going on and is told what to do by her globalist Soros puppet aids Adam Schiff is a Russian asset
Bernie Sanders is a communist Elizabeth Warren wants to be a communist Joe Biden is a con-artist and will do any sleazy thing no matter what it is for
For money and is creepy AF
Tulsi gabbard plays the role of a centrist but is actually a full-blown socialist
Bloomberg wants to enslave all of mankind
Virginia governor Northam
Thinks he's a dictator and we'll find out what an uprising of the South really is
Gavin newsome is
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Last night Ricky Gervais said #Epsteindidnotkillhimself then on 60 Minutes Dr. Baden (hired by Epstein's Brother) releases new evidennce and photos to prove it was in fact, a homicidal strangulation


Warning graphic photo (it was on TV)

Dr. Baden says this was the alleged ligature that broke 3 bones in Epstein's neck.

Note the width, lack of transfer, and condition

Dr. Baden says he has seen hundreds of jailhouse hangings and bones are rarely broken, never 3.

Epstein had 3 broken bones.

The guards are on a gag order for a criminal trial in March/April.. for sleeping on duty??

Dr. Baden finds this odd
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.@JesseBWatters has on @GeraldoRivera to discuss new information about Jeffrey Epstein. Well it’s really not new #QAnon was talking about this a couple years ago. I’m just glad to see it’s finally made it to mainstream media.
Questions Linger over Jeffrey Epstein‘s death. @JesseBWatters
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Surveillance footage outside of Jeffrey Epstein cell during first suicide attempt briefly went missing. @TuckerCarlson

20 days before the Jeffrey Epstein cellmate became his cellmate he was caught with a cell phone. Now his lawyers is fighting The government from getting a search warrant for his phone record.
The fact that a maximum-security prison or under escape risk and suicide risk had a cell phone is unbelievable.
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Ari Ben-Menashe, former Israeli spy told authors of new book, Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales, that Epstein ran a “complex intelligence operation” at the behest of Mossad.…
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Bill Clinton was ushered into office in re-election in part thru Chinese military support, that is an objective fact… #MSM rarely looks into #ClintonCrimeFamily so it's hard to say how far back it goes or how extensive it is. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
What did China get in return? Well... for one thing the China economy went from decades of flat-lining to skyrocketing in the Clinton Years. Surely that's worth some donations to Clinton Inc. #ClintonCrimeFamily… <- source (I added POTUS photos) #MAGA
If that's not enough how giving them control of Americas 2nd largest container port?… Note how Clinton set the groundwork and Obama finished... that's a pattern, and it's not even the biggest property they gave them. #Qanon
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Here version 17 of the Epstein Network Map w/ 63 additions & 15 updates. Detailed are at least 45 victims & those connected to him in fashion, real estate, finance, Harvard, Sci/Tech, entertainment, politics, royalty, New Mexico, Florida, USVI & much more!…
Since this is a large file (52in x 54in) it can be DOWNLOADED and viewed as a PDF with hyperlinks to resources, articles and videos through my Google Drive link. It can also be viewed in the broken down sections below.…
The ARTIST & PHOTOGRAPHER connections including Rachel CHANDLER Guinness who has over 14 connections. Thanks to help from @entylawyer @TruthQanon95 ! #Epsteindidntkillhimself #EpsteinPedophileRing #EpsteinCoverup #epsteinnetworkmap #rachelchandler
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FBI Interviews Alleged Boy Rape Victim of Bill Clinton; Chilling Details of Sex Assaults & Satanic Rituals on Yacht…
“4 weeks after contacting the FBI, Jen Moore was found dead in a D.C. hotel room of an apparent seizure, though her death remains suspicious and the timing beyond disturbing. After Moore’s death, the victim, fearful for his own life, decided to not go public with that interview.”
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Interesting choice of ship: Harpers Ferry, the fuse that lit the Civil War.
Q: there will be no civil war, but informational warfare continues to foment in DC as the OLD GUARD is being destroyed.
Closeup of sailor’s names shows Q front and center and then MORALEs.

Decode: keep the faith (morale) and HOLD THAT LINE !

H/t @12BravoGran
That’s a whole lotta ROPE ya got there .... and?

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Hey guys, I published my very first article today and I would really appreciate it you would check it out and #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself…
The FBI is investigating whether a “criminal enterprise” played a role in the controversial jailhouse death of Jeffrey Epstein, the head of the federal prison system tells a Senate committee.

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1/Emoluments clause is grossly misinterpreted. Geo Washington still kept his farm at Mount Vernon when POTUS. It's not a Constitutional requirement to bankrupt one's self/stop all normal economic activity just to get elected.
2/ Politicians were NEVER intended by the Founders to have THAT has a 'career'. They were supposed to take turns at governing...take a short hiatus from farming, banking, shipping businesses, etc. to SERVE their country and then GO BACK and then abide by the laws they wrote.
3/ Our career Politicians spend DECADES in office, NEVER having to abide by the Laws they write. In fact? THEY EXCLUDE THEMSELVES from those laws they expect the rest of us to obey.

Disastrous Obamacare.
those BASTARDS exempted themselves.…
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1. New #QAnon today is related to ousted Ukraine Ambassador #Yovanovitch having ordered our country's State Dept. to spy on our own American journalists and Trump allies.
2. You see, "America is no longer for sale."
Because, "It’s been a long time since we’ve had a non-corrupt President who works on behalf of the American people and not himself." #QAnon #Q
3. #QAnon "You are witnessing the largest ‘organized’ disinformation campaign to ever be perpetuated on the public.
Trust yourself.
Be free in your thoughts.
The #GreatAwakening.
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"I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office." ~ Andrew Jackson
@threadreaderapp, please unroll this little diddy. Salute
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2. Brice Taylor, a Presidential Sex Slave, abused by many Presidents, was programmed at Disneyland. Her disturbing account is here… . #Disney #AliceInWonderland #Alice #Disneyland #WaltDisney #IlluminatiSymbolism #HollywoodSymbols #Alice #MickeyMouse
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#EpsteinCoverup #Epstein and #Epsteindidntkillhimself trending now.


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