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Patriots thank you so much for Watching, Enjoying, ReTweeting, and sharing the LOVE of my "baby-red pill" videos. I've decided to create a thread here with all the Videos in one place. Please enjoy, share if you deem them worthy. #TheGreatAwakening #wwg1wga
1/#AnswerTheCall Updated. I felt God-led and infinite chills making this. I'm so PROUD to be in the trenches with you, my fellow #DigitalSoliders 😍🇺🇸 #GreatAgainGeneration #TakeTheOath #WWG1WGA
2/Time To Rally the Troops Again! Infinite-Chills! This video in Tweet below was seen all around the world over 10k times from my little account. Here's Part Deux! #wwg1wga #TakeTheOath
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1)Christine Oxenberg, former friend of Maxwell and Epstein, the daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, and Prince Andrew’s 2cnd cousin. She’s speaking to the media, attempting to make Prince Andrew look more like a victim.
2) in 2019 Christina Oxenberg’s sister Catherine produced and narrated “Escaping the NXIVM Cult: A Mother's Fight to Save Her Daughter.”
Catherine claimed her daughter had been recruited into #NXIVM…
3) These were my thoughts on the production almost a year ago.
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6. Epstein and Trump were great friends for at least 15 years. @NarativLive

#TrumpIsNotWell Trump is a Ra_ist
6. Epstein and Trump were great friends for at least 15 years. @NarativLive
@ZevShalev #Epstein #JeffreyEpstein #AlanDershowitz
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@RealJamesWoods @Saltimark Hillary Clinton + Laura Silsby = Child Trafficking. ImageImageImageImage
@RealJamesWoods @Saltimark Hillary Clinton + Bill Clinton = Child Trafficking. ImageImageImageImage
@RealJamesWoods @Saltimark Hillary Clinton + Haiti 🇭🇹 = Child Trafficking. ImageImageImageImage
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@TheHammmerTime_ Mistaken Identity? Antifa? Cop? #IDK People are asking questions... rightly so.....🤔🍿 ImageImageImageImage
@TheHammmerTime_ Murder Hornets didn’t work, either. Image
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Judge: Woman defamed Steve Wynn by filing rape report with Las Vegas police…
Michael Milken #MichaelMilken @MilkenInstitute bigger part of this story about the global crime SYNDICATE of money laundering and human trafficking, through philanthropy and foundations, institutions and universities.

Milken Institute Global Conference -…
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#coronavirus test kits were ALREADY contaminated with #COVID19.
Reported by multiple sites at the begining of March.

All the test kits came from the same the @CDCgov

The test kits were recalled and the media blamed @realDonaldTrump
Signed into law, was a bill that made it mandatory for virus test kits to be approved by the @US_FDA before doctors could use them.

Even if doctors had the training and equipment needed.

The @FDA_Drug_Info requires extensive trial periods and large test samples.
Again the #FakeNewsMedia and the usual suspects took delight in blaming @realDonaldTrump
for the delay of test kits.
When the truth is @POTUS
removed those restraints and sped up testing.
@ABC @CNNPolitics @MSNBC and the rest of the MSM has been doing nothing but fear mongering
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This thread will prove conclusively that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein's plane with an underage girl on multiple occasions.

The identities & details of the flights can be verified with 100% public information.

Bill Clinton MUST explain and be held accountable for this
On July 13th, 2002, Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express with
-Ghislaine Maxwell
-Sarah Kellen
-Cindy Lopez***
-Doug Band
-8 Secret Service members.
From Morocco > Santa Maria > NYC
Cindy Lopez is listed in Epstein's Black Book which reveals that Cindy was a model working for an agency owned by Jean-Luc Brunel who 'procured' underage girls for Epstein.

The provider of the Black Book circled names he claimed were associated w/ pedophilia
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Mhh... do I get this right?

➡️Maxwell's NY home
= 116 East 65th Street
= sold by Lynn Forester

➡️Epsteins NY home
= 9 East 71st Street
= sold by Les Wexner

➡️Epsteins models
= 301 East 66th St.
= sold by Les Wexner

#QAnon #EpsteinCoverup
1. Tax records show that the Manhattan townhouse was purchased for $4.95 million in October 2000 by an anonymous corporation with the same address as Epstein's finance office on Madison Avenue.

The seller was Lynn Forester.…
2. Epstein has lived there at least part time since 1996, when the building was owned by Leslie Wexner. He signed a document for both parties handing over the 21,000-square-foot home for $0 in 2011.…
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#JustDoIt #Nike Might go over ppl heads but not us that know the dots ENJOY
I will give you the spider web on how the movie black panther(Bob Iger) gave revenue to the Dem Party and Deep state

I will show you the connections of Nike,twitter,Fb connections to Walt Disney and #BLM
I will show you how Nike is directly into politics and etc
Oh and here’s Nike ceo artwork taste..remember they always hav pedo art…
We showed you the pedo and satanic art of Mark Parker(Nike CEO) plus his child slavery labor
*Jazz Music Activated*🎶🎵🎷
A lot of children come up missing due to child slave labor and most of us know child trafficking ..which you will see later
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@TheRickWilson Did you know @BillClinton & @TheDukeOfYork rape children??
Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup "We had it all!” #JamesGoldston #ABCNews #BillClinton #PrinceAndrew #BradPitt #TheOscars ABC News Protects Pedophiles & looked the other way while Bill Clinton & Prince Andrew Raped kids. @CNN 👀🇺🇸
-Epstein didn’t kill himself.
-NXIVM Sex Cult
-Bill Clinton Rapes Kids.
-Prince Andrew Rapes Kids.
-Laura Silsby
-Marina Abramovic
-Allison Mack
-Harvey Weinstein
-Kevin Spacey
-Charlie Rose
-John of God & Oprah
-Epstein’s Island
-The Worldwide Satanic Pedo Club
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Big development- Virginia Giuffre calls out Kelly Bovino for sexual abuse.

Bovino was pictured at parties in 02 & 03 with underage Epstein victim Banu as well as Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos & others

Thank you for your dedication to Truth VG!
Bovino worked for the Story Project which ostensibly provides 'mentorships' to underprivileged youth.

Was Story Project set up to access vulnerable youth and traffick them into pedo rings? Sure looks like it...
@Agenthades1 The executive director of the Story Project is film producer Todd Felderstein.
Listen to this interview (17:07) of him talking about child love and exploration... Meanwhile kids from his org were traffickd into Epstein/ pedo parties. @FBI
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Take a look at these creepy connections and decide for yourself.

FYI: I'm assuming you have an in depth knowledge of what was going on in the tunnels of #EpsteinIsland. If you don't, this may get confusing.

Let's go!
Westworld is a 1970's sci-fi movie by Michael Crichton about "a futuristic Disney-type fantasy land" where wealthy businessmen visit "to live out their fantasies" in a Wild West town full of android robots…
As most of you already know, it was remade in 2016 by HBO and is a pretty kickass show

Here's the trailer for anyone who hasn't seen it

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The Hollywood Pedophiles gather at the @goldenglobes and pat each other on the back for molesting and raping children.
@ICEgov @realDonaldTrump @DHSgov @russellcrowe @Oprah @DebraMessing @Alyssa_Milano @BetteMidler @kathygriffin @GeorgeTakei @BarbraStreisand @jamesgoldston PEDOS
@MissingKids @AMBERAlert @HillaryClinton @ClintonFdn @RedCross @HaitiJustice @HaitiNewsNet #MeToo Hollywood Celebrities Rape Children. Epstein didn’t kill himself. How many will save the taxpayers some money? Red scarfs & Doorknobs, eh? Symbolism will be [their] downfall. #Pedos
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This is a message, why lay out the 'scarf' to look like it is spelling CP?
Is it me, or does that cord look like so much force was used on it that it stretched?
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@jkbjournalist Well, maybe someone should investigate Hillary Clinton & Laura Silsby & Haiti. Where are the investigative journalists? @abcnews & @jamesgoldston killed @arobach’s story for 3 years while @BillClinton & @TheDukeOfYork rape children. Fake News Protects Pedophiles!
VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup "We had... @TheDukeOfYork @BillClinton @jamesgoldston @ABCNetwork “We Had It All!” & yet Bill & Prince Andrew still out here raping kids because mainstream media protects the wealthy Pedos!
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1. Epstein was Mossad, as was his handler Ghislane Maxwell. They ran a pedo-blackmail op for Mossad

He HAD to return to America and turn himself in,
so that he could be 'suicided' and his case could be closed/sealed.

He isn't dead...he was extracted
That's why there's no video
2. If I wanted to fake my death (extraction theory), I'd claim that someone was trying to kill me, and/or suicidal tenancies.

If Mossad wanted me dead, I wouldn't have voluntarily flown back to Israel's good buddy America to turn myself in

3. If the blackmailed wanted me dead, I'd have a dead mans switch, which hasn't yet been activated

“I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he (Acosta) told his interviewers in the Trump transition.

Credit to @Hayeknowlege…
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Here version 17 of the Epstein Network Map w/ 63 additions & 15 updates. Detailed are at least 45 victims & those connected to him in fashion, real estate, finance, Harvard, Sci/Tech, entertainment, politics, royalty, New Mexico, Florida, USVI & much more!…
Since this is a large file (52in x 54in) it can be DOWNLOADED and viewed as a PDF with hyperlinks to resources, articles and videos through my Google Drive link. It can also be viewed in the broken down sections below.…
The ARTIST & PHOTOGRAPHER connections including Rachel CHANDLER Guinness who has over 14 connections. Thanks to help from @entylawyer @TruthQanon95 ! #Epsteindidntkillhimself #EpsteinPedophileRing #EpsteinCoverup #epsteinnetworkmap #rachelchandler
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#DavidBoies law firm #BoiesSchillerFlexner crosses ethical line in #HarveyWeinstein case directing private intelligence company #BlackCube to spy on victims of sexual abuse and reporters who were investigating #Weinstein's actions.…
Fraudsters #Theranos board member #DavidBoies and his firm employed heavy-handed tactics, surveillance of witnesses, journalists, intimidation tactics, and other practices, acting as an extension of #Theranos, raising conflict of interest concerns.…
#DavidBoies and firm are also central players in #BidenCorruption scandal.

#HunterBiden was shoe-horned onto #Burisma board by first advising on "corporate reform initiatives" in his capacity at law firm #BoiesSchillerFlexner.…
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1. THANKSGIVING: Fake News Newsweek Slams President Trump for Golfing, Tweeting.. At Same Time He Lands in Afghanistan to Visit Troops



2. Army First Lt. Clint Lorance, soldier pardoned by President Trump in first interview since release from prison:

"I love you sir."… #TRUMP #NEWS #Vet #Veteran #Military
3. Afghan President Praises President Trump for ‘Eliminating’ Baghdadi, Says More Important Than Bin Laden… #TRUMP #NEWS
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