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When Bill Clinton stayed on #EpsteinIsland (Little St James Island) he stayed in Magens Bay. (Top left image). However, US Customs officers claim they struck a rock while patrolling water near runway, on west side of island. (1) ImageImageImageImage
Locals, however claim the accident actually took place on east side at Cow & Calf rocks (right images) in a completely different location. Clean up repairs were done then. What was Clinton doing and why the lies / cover up? (2) #Epstein
The rocks that he hit. And the flight logs
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Goldman Sachs VP arrested for luring minor for sex 👀 #pedos
The corrupt asset manager frequently spoofs #AMC
They are evil! Why is this creep not fired? And why do they manipulate my investment with no action?
Goldman Sachs blares "Guilty Concsience" by Eminem in their office every morning while they spoof us

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#Deepstatemedia uses colour themes for comms. For example there's long been green and blue combo that is symbolic. Now, heaps of yellow. Likely sign of distress, or warning about health danger to globalists. Yellow Jack flag ("Q") seems relevant.…
Yellow often combined with black. I think it evokes #blacksun (eclipse). Just had one of those. Think of timing: Celestial corona featured in lead up to #coronation. Corona-virus, too. Along with Commonwealth itself, Commonwealth Bank comes to mind coz of colour combo.
Here are #comms related to this. From April 23's Failing Terrorgraph. #Bluedog and *Taylor* *Swift* feature. Headline evokes imprisonment. Big bucks mentioned. Note black, yellow, orange in photo taken by Wayne *Taylor*. Pooch snap is by David *Swift*. What are the odds? ImageImageImageImage
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In 2019, Amy Robach exposed how ABC News refused to publish her explosive Jeffrey Epstein exposé implicating Prince Andrew & Bill Clinton.

“Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known.”

A thread 🧵 for awareness
Apparently the show goes on. None of the #EpsteinClientList folks got indicted. Only Epstein & Maxwell were prosecuted. The pedophiles are still running the show as if nothing changed. Image
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#BillGates the tech billionaire, the founder of Microsoft, likes to see the human population decline.

He’s pro #Depopulation
He’s pro #Vaccines
He’s visited #EpsteinIsland multiple times and he’s a #ClimateCult member

A 🧵 for your awareness only👇

They don’t like the bugs
No problem… burn down food plants

They don’t like fake meats either
No problem… buy their farmlands & starve them to death, they’ll buy
#BillGates #WEF #KlausSchwab
#conspiracytheory Image
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130 names to be listed. I have put the flight manifest, the little black book, the household manual, and all court documents pinned on my Twitter. Most of the people he was selling with nobody will know -it’s not going to be familiar names. #Epstein #EpsteinClientList
I’m posting all the documents today under here. #EpsteinList

Epstein Client list 2023… #EpsteinIsland #EpsteinFiles #EpsteinClientList
Epstein’s little black book. Numbers redacted only. Names are available. #EpsteinCoverup #EpsteinClientList Epstein LBB…
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The U.N. is a happy organization?

This happynwo site is now the forwarding address for: (which was a blank site in 2020 with only "Ⓒ Copyright New World Order Project 2020" at the bottom.)

Ha! Found it. Image
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Jeffery Epstein: '...the future is for the way women think.'

#Epstein #EpsteinIsland #ChildTrafficking #Evil
WOW! @coffeebreak_YT breaks down the Gates & Epstein connection - how many other powerful individuals were close to him?
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WHAT is going on in the 'Fashion World'..& Related..
How many real women are involved...
How many Supermodels are actually real women...
How many designers posing as women are blokes?
What are the connections...👀💊💊💥💥📢📢
Donatella Versace...a bloke?
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@G8Sven @Debster11_3 @Denachtzuster1 Gerard 't Hooft! March 2006, physicists from around the world gathered on Car. island St. Thomas for a science conference. During the event, funded by Jeffrey Epstein Dr. Hawking joined a small group of theoretical physicists to visit nearby Little St. James for a bbq
@G8Sven @Debster11_3 @Denachtzuster1 Other guests at the party included David Gross, Gerard ‘t Hooft, Lawrence Krauss, Martin Nowak, Lisa Randall, and Frank Wilczek. Krauss was investigated for sexual misconduct by Arizona State University in July 2018 and retired in 2019.
@G8Sven @Debster11_3 @Denachtzuster1 Meanwhile, Nowak was placed on academic leave at Harvard University when the institution discovered Nowak gave Epstein access to the campus.…
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I feel no way or any form of #disrespect towards #TheQueen when I say this to the @RoyalFamily but I feel it's time now to #AbolishTheMonarchy as #thequeeniscoming to the end of her last years of life and #QueenElizabeth is no longer here to rule.

What is she thinking
will happen to her son #PrinceAndrew and @SarahTheDuchess after @NSPCC @PeterWanless @InquiryCSA who have excluded from #iicsa denying #victims more importantly #BlackWomen altogether, knowing Andrew and Sarah being very close with #EpsteinIsland
for whatever reasons as @Keir_Starmer repeats the same @actionfrauduk when head of @CPSUK to protect @ClarenceHouse #PrinceCharles #JimmySavileABritishHorrorStory the whole world is still focusing on as the @RoyalHistSoc @APFactCheck has proved over and over and over again
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There are many who know just how @RoyalFamily are the opposite to what is being said controlled by people like yourself and #MSMLies @ChrisJack_Getty who have been seen blocking and ignoring a mother for 7 and a half years leaving
mum Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 with a body in @HaringeyToday over 7 of the worse kind of #CrimesAgainstHumanity by the #AbuseOfPower in @GOVUK, the #CorruptioninGovernment just in the past 7 years alone that we #TonisArmy have witnessed who point blank refuse to sit
back and allow the next week to be wasted without hearing the voices of those who matter the very same voices who were silenced and remained @Invisible 50 years ignored by #TheQueens @royalsociety when @ClarenceHouse #JimmySavileABritishHorrorStory continues on #socialmedia
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…. Whatever you do, Don’t talk about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop
🤔Trump made huge strides against child-trafficking.


“Do not kill the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.” Exodus 23:7
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Pedophile Epstein employed over 300 people. The clientele had to number in the thousands.

And the kingpin escaped to Florida.

The Justice Department and FBI are protecting these sick, evil, criminal, child raping pedophiles.

How many in Congress? ImageImageImageImage
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Labos militaires bio-chimiques américains en Ukraine et ailleurs

Une stratégie militaire (<2005) digne des scénarios les plus apocalyptiques

Tout ceci est bien lié aux événements de Plandémie

L'OTAN, CIA et pairs sont les pires terroristes

Beware !
#Metabiota: Tentative de "Fact checking" timide

<Attention à ces affirmations sur des prétendus laboratoires ukrainiens financés par les Etats-Unis pour produire des "armes biologiques">

#NathanWolfe > Epstein/Maxwell

#DARPA > Skynet !
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Uy, no sabía que Elizabeth Loftus, la reputada psicóloga que conocemos por estudiar la memoria de testigos, es perito de la defensa de Harvey Weinstein (pena de 23 años por acoso y agresión sexual)y de #Maxwell (acusada de colaborar en la red de pederastia de la #EpsteinIsland)👇
Cualquier estudiante de psicología estará familiarizado con este famoso estudio de Loftus y Palmer (…) en el que los investigadores mostraban vídeos de un accidente de coche y después hacían preguntas a los testigos sobre lo que habían visto. Descubrieron
que el tipo de preguntas que se hacía podía alterar el recuerdo de lo que se había visto. Ejemplo: si se preguntaba a qué velocidad iban los coches cuando XX, si en XX se usaba el verbo "aplastar", los testigos daban una velocidad superior que si se usaba "golpear". Esto dio pie
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From 2017

All these child rape images came from CIA servers

Wikileaks CIA whistleblower framed by the SDNY @TheJusticeDept scumbags and federal
This would take them all down!

Is this is why Pompeo and #Blackmailed #Perverts wanted to off Assange
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As the Federal #UniParty transports Unvaccinated, Unmasked, Untested Weaponized "Refugees" throughout America's heartland, Dirty Rat Mitch Mcconnell mumbles about vaccines made with Satan's Special Sauce in 3 fast tracked batches by #globalistpsychopaths 4 unprecedented profits
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So how many times did Cruz get Epsteined?
Take a lovely Cruz down memory lane...
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