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Hello Muslim Twitter
Just pay attention to whats happening to Muslims around the globe.

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When Israel was created by the US & UN in 1948, from 750,000 to 1 million native Palestinians were driven from their ancestral home at gunpoint or panicked to flight by massacres & ethnic cleansing. Their villages were bulldozed. Since then they're being killed

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China (Uyghur)

In the last 3 years, Uyghurs have endured:
- Mass sterilisation
- Forced labour
- Arbitrary detention of millions in camps
- Denial of rights
- Destruction of Uyghur buildings
- Attack on Uyghur language, religion & culture

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What Has Happened In the Past Year in Kashmir: A thread
Disintegration By Gunpoint is a report by Kashmiri journalists, scholars, lawyers documents taking place in legal, policy and economic spheres #FreeKashmir
India unilaterally suspended the civil and political rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and imposed a severe lockdown and communication blockade for months, in the absence of legal authority to do so.#FreeKashmir @KReadingRoom
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To global citizens of the world, understand what the #FreeKashmir movement really means. It means breaking off one of the most ancient parts of India to create an Islamic State. In 1947, India was broken into pieces for Islam, millions of Hindus were slaughtered in the process.
This after centuries of genocides by Islam against Hindus where at least 80 million Hindus were slaughtered, the worst holocaust in our human history. They died because Islam is an inherently bigoted religion that refuses to accept the native Hindus & Dharmic traditions of India.
Islamic hatred for polytheists is well documented in Islam's Holy book, the Quran. It is the primary reason India has experienced centuries of chaos & genocide since the arrival of Islam. Stop turning a blind eye to the truth. How many more must die?
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Thread : Who is Dr Asif @Rising_REBELION?
A medico by profession, a proud Kashmiri citizen, human rights activist, an advocate of let Kashmir decide, #FreeKashmir, peace & unity. A kindhearted human, a voice of voiceless Kashmiris who supports oppressed & opposes tyrants.
A budding human rights activist & a revolutionary Kashmiri youth who via his social media platforms (Fb/Twitter/YouTube etc)exposed the evil plots designed by Indian regime against the oppressed Kashmiris. He has a more than 30K followers on Facebook & thus his video messages
& posts reach to huge audience. He speaks about daily happenings in Kashmir, speaks about Indian atrocities perpetuated on Kashmiris & unmasks the filthy plans of Satanic regime. He has been raising awareness campaigns, funding campaigns to support the victims in a
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Just like everytime, for the millionth time they snapped the phone networks and internet in kashmir. Amidst a global pandemic, when people are already suffering in more than one forms, how neccessary was this?
How important was it to deprive these common people of availing helplines in case of any emergency. What if someone dies amidst all this madness? Or is it that their lives do not mean anything to you? What if someone's child is hungry during the curfew?
What if someone's sick and they cannot contact a doctor? What if one of the family members is stuck somewhere else without any connectivity? Can you not sense this fear? The constant insecurity of losing your loved ones to this war? Can you not fell the frustration?
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I am back from Kashmir after spending 26 day's at home.
The experience as a whole was scary!
Kashmir has lost its charm completely with desserted street's and heavy deployment of security personnel.
There's a Civil Curfew in place.
A Thread.
#RedForKashmir #StandWithKashmir
1. Schools, colleges and universities are non functional. In some private schools parents are even asked for monthly fees without students attending the classes.
Students prefer private coaching as year end exams are nearing.
2. There is less movement of vehicles during day time in uptown areas of Srinagar. Local buses do not ply. Only private vehicles can be seen on the roads. There have been many incidents where private vehicles have been set ablaze.
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As expected Modi’s friend and fellow Hindutva @TulsiGabbard @TulsiPress ‘both-sides’ the very black and white issue of Kashmir: Kashmiris must get their right to self-determination #FreeKashmir @FriedrichPieter @SameeraKhan
@TulsiGabbard @TulsiPress @FriedrichPieter @SameeraKhan Tulsi parrots the RSS points: 1 Politicizing the exodus of Kashmiri pandits. If you want to look at the history start from the Jammu massacre of 1947 where 200,000 Muslims were killed, then go to the UN resolutions asking for a plebiscite to let the Kashmiris decide their future
@TulsiGabbard @TulsiPress @FriedrichPieter @SameeraKhan All violence in the valley including the killing of the 200 Kashmiri pandits she talks about is a direct result of the military occupation and denial of the right to self-determination of Kashmiris.
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2. Today I'm going to share stories of thousands of people whose future was stolen by the failed policies/oppression/corruption of🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷mafia states I urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of all 🌍& not let🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷continue with shit policies!
1. Today I'm going to share stories of thousands of people whose future was stolen by the failed policies/oppression/corruption of🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷MafiaStates I urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of all🌍& not let🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷continue with shit policies!
By @PressTV
US airstrike kills 14 members of one family in #Afghanistan
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From my birth, I have been surrounded by the military boots, and even my school functions were held at army camps. My elementary studies too have a military base. I was taught at Jawahar Navodiya Vidaliya – the educational extension of the Indian occupation in Kashmir
India was a trigger happy nation drenching my paradise into blood. The bloodbath was a consequence of politics of imposition, deceit and manipulation. My peoples’ will was an element of hate for the occupier.
#MannanWani #FreeKashmir
I left the pen and made a conscious decision to stare at Indian forces holding a rifle in my hand. Because only way India was holding my land was by her military might. My choice to fight ‘emerging superpower’ had to halt for more than a year
#KashmirBleeds #MannanWani
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