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Are you familiar with the 14 principles of #fascism? Theyโ€™re in the thread below. Iโ€™m going to begin putting current examples below each. #RT for help with #crowdsourcing, esp in #Florida. Iโ€™m working on a larger project and would love some help.

Fascist regimes make constant use of:
a. Patriotic mottos
b. Slogans
c. Symbols
d. Songs
e. Flags

Human rights can be ignored because of fear of enemies and the need for security. As a result, people tend to:
a. look the other way
b. approve of torture
c. approve of long incarcerations of prisoners
d. approve of executions and assassinations
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Most Americans forget that Roe was decided as a right to privacy issue, the privacy between a doctor and patient. In their ruling, the majority opinion basically stated that there is no right to privacy and therefore the right to an abortion was not guaranteed. The problem (1/4)
here is that the right to privacy is the basis for so many things Americans approve of and feel are part of their basic freedoms. Laws canโ€™t work if certain basic things like the right to privacy arenโ€™t applied the same way for many issues, therefore theyโ€™ve opened up the (2/4)
possibility that a large number of issues considered a right and a basic freedom by the vast majority of Americans can be voided. The law of unintended consequences is rearing it's ugly head and WILL bite us all, much to the detriment of the republic as a whole unless the (3/4)
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I see a bunch of sick, evil, twisted, uncivilised, barbaric, backward, delusional, damaged, brainwashed misogynist religious fundamentalist freaks, with all the intelligence, charm, compassion & grace of a leaking plastic bag full of sick at a funeral, have declared war on women.
Meanwhile, a modern, enlightened, fair, pragmatic, intelligent, compassionate & civilised country, which respects women & understands what REAL #freedom means, has just abolished a #Nazi-era law criminalising doctors who provide #abortion information.โ€ฆ
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Dear Fellow Americans,

Do you vote? ๐Ÿค” OK!

THIS is why the #January6thCommitteeHearings are so important.
A ๐Ÿงตentitled...
"Why we should all watch the #January6thHearings" or "The #BigLie = The Big Stupid!"

Warning: There may be some language here. I've had enough!

In the current political climate, MAGA Republicans, most of whom were complicit in the conspiracy to overturn the results of a free and fair election, continue to distract, obfuscate or remain silent while the #January6thCommittee patiently unravels..

..the entire story for the American public. It is a story that must be told and must be fully understood, in all of it's implications.

Because the current #January6thCommitteeHearings are NOT just about the events of a single day NOR are they only about a vendetta...

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Some people have asked me why I describe the UK Government as #neofascist, rather than just straightforwardly #fascist.

While of course there are many similarities, there are some crucial differences.

Like their fascist predecessors, #neofascists embrace populist nationalism & authoritarian values, attack Marxist & other left-wing ideologies, indulge in racist & xenophobic scapegoating, & portray themselves as protectors of traditional national culture & religion.
Whereas fascists assigned much of the blame for their countriesโ€™ economic problems to the machinations of bolsheviks, liberals, & Jews, British neofascists tend to focus on non-European immigrants, arriving in increasing numbers from the 1990s.
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Given the non-dom billionaire-owned Daily Mail's support for the neofascist #Rwanda plan, here's a thread about Left-hating Harold Harmsworth - 1st Lord Rothermere, owner of the Mail - specifically his vocal support for both Hitler, & Mosley's British Union of #Fascists.
Devised in 1896 by Alfred Harmsworth (Viscount Northcliffe) & his brother Harold (Lord Rothermere), the Mail has campaigned against Unions & the Left, & against all women & most working-class men being given the vote.

By 1930, they owned 14 national daily & Sunday newspapers.
Harold Harmsworth (Lord Rothermere) was a great supporter of Adolf Hitler.

According to James Pool, author of 'Who Financed Hitler': "Shortly after the Nazis' sweeping victory in the election of September 14, 1930, Rothermere went to Munich to have a long talk with Hitler."
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The average British voter's understanding of post-war #fascism is woefully inadequate, rendering them incapable of making informed judgements about, & therefore easily manipulated by, right-wing newspapers & the UK Government's divisive rhetoric.

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#fascism #fascist #corporatist #corporatism #italy #mussolini #fascist_italy
One of the things that is usually forgotten when discussing fascism has to be its economics, as usually most mainstream definitions of fascism either never mention it or are heavily reductionist, i.e. "fascism is just when capitalism"
But as you probably already know, that's pretty wrong. Fascism definitely has a certain economic policy which whilst rather flexible existsโ€”Corporatism, which can be defined as Syndicalism but without the antithesis between the syndicate and the state
as gentile puts it: (1)
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Want to thank @Bindestriche for the retweet. Inspired the need to vent my thoughts in this๐Ÿงต
An article on Peter #Thiel & his vision, to me a sign: we need to reclaim our #future & not let #techgurus take over.
Letโ€™s start to look at our daily routines: fast pace thru โ€ฆ 1/21
โ€ฆ #digital tools for working, shopping, researching, studying. communicating & more, made possible by mostly #SiliconValleyโ€™s tech companies for a โ€œconvenientโ€ life. And I wonder if this is really the concept of the #goodlife that I dreamed of in my childhood? โ€ฆ2/21
..& will it be favored by unborn generations? It seems we are letting a certain type of tech vision take over.
Let me try to look behind that future that seems to be favored now:
As I see it the few leading tech companies now are mainly white men in their 30โ€˜s & 40โ€˜s โ€ฆ 3/21
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TW; creeping Fascism, civil unrest, public violence, descriptions of police brutality.

All heightened to the extreme at the hands of this man.

#BorisJohnsonMustResign #BorisJohnsonOut #DictatorJohnson #ToryDictatorship #Fascism #Dictatorship

1/22 Boris Johnson, Prime Minist...
Preface: I've been in political events/national security monitoring for as long as I can remember. I've got an uncanny ability to forecast both national and local election results. If I tell you that now is the time to start freaking out, you sure as shit better listen.

2/ A woman walks through Edinb...
I'm starting to get extremely concerned about the British political system's ability (or lack thereof) to contain the despot excesses of the Johnson admin.

Mharhi Black was correct in what she said recently regarding British Fascism.

It is most certainly 'happening here.'

3/ Mhari Black giving the spee...'Overtly pro capitalist, th...
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There's much about #fascism that is largely hidden from us in Britain.

#Fascist ideas prospered politically only when perceived economic threats increased their appeal to members of certain social groups.

In 1928, before the onset of the Great Depression in Germany, Hitler received less than 3 percent of the vote; after 1930, however, far more votersโ€”many of them middle and lower-middle class individuals fearful of โ€œproletarianizationโ€โ€”gave him their support.
The economic anxiety underlying the success of Nazism was reflected to some extent in party membership, which was drawn disproportionately from economic elites and other high-status groupsโ€”especially for leadership positions.
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Thread ๐Ÿงต There is something about Twitter. Depending with what group you engage, how bad Twitter is. I have found that the crowd watching the Ukraine War are mature, have their head on their shoulders, and are mostly observing this with an Analytical eye
When you switch to American politics this is not the case. Posts, especially from far right politicians, are meant to mobilize, anger and activate.

Itโ€™s exactly one eighty from factual, calm or analytical.
These posts are looking to spread propaganda, misinformation.

In fact, some of the techniques are exactly the same we watch on Russian TV. Itโ€™s not about consistency or facts. In fact, at times facts change so fas5 your head could spin
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๐Ÿงต1. There is no #coalition as the NDP MPs are not in the Liberal cabinet., instead there is a supply and confidence agreement to provide stability and an environment to get important work done #supplyandconfidenceagreement
2. During a time when transitions from a pandemic financing to normalcy must take place Canadians will benefit from what the supply and confidence agreement provides. Federal #COVID19supports expired on May 7th.โ€ฆ
3. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada's surging job growth and record-low unemployment rate is evidence that ongoing pandemic support will not be needed. Those applying for workers' benefits have 60 days to submit their claims, while businesses have 180 days.
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#USCIRF will release its annual report today
degrading India as a Country of Particular Concern!


DisinfoLab Unearths a 50 year old plan hatched to Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts- Operation Tupac

Behind all the labels - #Islamophobia, #Fascism, #Genocide etc - there are always same set of individuals & fronts โ€“an intricate web of multiple fronts - all connected to a core network.

We will dissect all the fronts, but first the Core.
Fronts worried about Indiaโ€™s human rights -IAMC, Kashmir Civitas, OFMI, London Story, Polis Project, HfHR, Equality Labs, SWK - all setup in US/ EU & operate with same set of ppl with diff names.

ALL connected to a coreโ€“Justice for All (JFA)!
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Small๐Ÿงตon peculiar thing about difference between #Ukrainians and #Russians. Separatist from #Crimea #Poklonskaya faces backlash in #Russia after calling Russia's "Z-swastika" a symbol of tragedy and grief as solders get wounded and die... 1/5 ImageImage
Wondering what can possibly be joyful about death, she shows the difference in mentality between even pro-#Russian but originally #Ukrainian separatists & #Russians themselves: where 'small Russian' is taught to be silent & agree with government, Ukrainian #Poklonskaya speaks 2/5
#Poklonskaya, despite supporting #Russian annexation of #Crimea, seems to genuinely not understand why would ordinary people want to wear the "Z-swastika" and be proud of it when it's really a tragedy for the Russians who are getting killed in the first place. 3/5
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A๐Ÿงตthread on #Navalny so that hopefully it is clearer to Westerners why Ukrainians are sceptical of him (and no, Ukrainians aren't fools who need stuff explained to them !NEWSFLASH! our opinion kinda matters). As a teaser: twit by the man himself criticizing arms support for ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ
Peculiarly, despite criticizing #putin, #Navalny somehow supports #Kremlin's strategies, first, most obvious, his stance on the matter with #Russian annexation of #Crimea (our "#Sudetenland" if you will) is pretty clear - he supports it!
One thing on Crimea annexation he's not happy with - he would like to legalize it internationally (and indeed he'd a handy figure to do so, after toxic #putin is done).
Although, he isn't really as liberal as Russian propaganda paints him (hm.. why would they do it, huh?)
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Seems to be a common #German and western european racist view of the #Russian people. Well, western europe is the cradle of #Fascism.
She is Florence Gaub.
Deputy Director EU Institute for Security Studies @eu_is
Member of @wef Global Future Council on Frontier Risks
Vice President of @forumalpbach
Via: @shrubbly1
Western war media 'disturbed' at 'pro-war' flags on #Irish highway. #Russia Image
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Insight into #Russian #fascism (really just #narcissism/#NPD on a grand scale). English translation a pro #Russia blogger- usual dehumanization of #Ukrainians ("evil, not to be thought of as humans"). Notably, this monster lives in #Europe teaching #Russians how to hate & kill us ImageImageImageImage
Ofc it's characteristic of these propagandists - they preach #Russia, "#Russian world" its #fascism, oppose #Europe's values, teach #Russians of horrors of democracy, yet prefer to abuse the same #Europe's values.
How exactly some of the Western #Europe (well, not geographically, #Germany also is included) can allow itself to patronize &"teach" Eastern Europe on problems of #Russian aggression at their borders, when they do business with Russia and have no issue enabling such propaganda
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This is the kind of racist BS they are now spreading in the EU: this #NATO advisor, @FlorenceGaub spews her version of Nazi-Germany's trope of "Untermenschen"

USA in the Vietnam War also claimed: "Asians just don't care about death, like us".
Disgusting dehumanisation
Where have we seen this racist arrogance before, this "exceptionalism", this supremacy?
Yes, in the Vietnam War: almost verbatim the same sick justification/lies, here from war-criminal
General William Westmoreland:
Americans were also "not European" when they invaded + bombed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc
strangely enough, nobody (not even a German) thought up a racist analysis of the USA psyche, life-style, or "how-they-look".
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You know WHY I try to only date other trans people?

Not a single cis friend is even remotely aware of what is happening today. No one wants to know how I or my friends feel.

Complete silence.

Meanwhile, three distressing messages from trans friends.

Are we human to you?
Fascists are talking about murdering trans folks openly.

Their accounts remain unsuspended.

Their tweets are not removed.

How many cis people in your world are aware of this and how many of them actually care.

Ask yourself: why is defending our humanity off your radar? ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€โšง๏ธ @mchooyah tweets as a father of three daughters, ill fucking
THREE states #Texas, #Alabama, and #Arkansas are forcibly de-transitioning kids.

Against their will!

This is horrifying. HORRIFYING!

โ€ฆ for trans people only it seems.

โ€œBut you pass.โ€

After they are done with the non-passing, they will come for the passing, too. Read!
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#fascists not only exists in #Ukraine, but also on the Russian side!
#Ukrainian #fascists against #Russian Fascists. The on in this picture is from #ั€ัƒัะธั‡, a Russian analogy of #Azov
Russia is not free from fascist tendencies, the #UkraineRussianWar + worldwide canceling of Russian culture led to a massive rise in patriotism within Russian civil society. Like the right tried to ride the wave of #COVID19 related protests, the Russian right now tries to ride
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While the focus is on #Putin's #UkrainianGenocide, let's not forget about #Xi's #UyghurGenocide and his support for Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Myanmar junta, MBS, and other tyrants. Xi Jinping is the world's #1 advocate for #HumanRightsViolations.โ€ฆ
The #UyghurGenocide includes "internment, forced abortion, forced sterilization, forced birth control, forced labor, torture, brainwashing, rape, and gang rape" as policy. No one deserves to be subject to such grave #HumanRightsViolations. Xi ruined #HongKong. #Taiwan isn't safe.
Xi believes #China needs to be strong to avoid the trauma it inhereted from the "Century of Humiliation" at the hands of Western colonial powers and Japan. But in asserting China's strength, Xi sides with the worst of tyrants and crushes those who believe in #HumanRights.
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1. Western #antifascists & #RT watchers may want to note the differences in the #Russian leaders' justifications of #Russia's war against #Ukraine for, on the one side, #Western, and, on the other side, non-Western & domestic audiences. @meduzaprojectโ€ฆ
2. Western audiences are fed stories about escalating human-rights violations by Kyiv. The internal war propaganda instead is informed by the idea of standing up against a Western and Ukrainian assault on Russian cultural traditionalism. @4freerussia_org @vneshpol @russia_matters
3. Here individual human rights are to be limited rather than defended. Whereas #Putin presents Ukraine with reference to Germany's Nazis who annihilated homosexuals, #PatriarchKirill sees #gayparades in #Ukraine as an issue demanding Moscow's military intervention in the Donbas.
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